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This one is sweet so we hope you enjoy the treat! ;) Watch us make surprise DIY Valentine's for our SO's! Get our ltd. edition Always Bet On Gay shirt available now through next week ONLY and shop our V-day sale with up to 25% off everything on Happy early V-day to you all! We love you guys!💗
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12 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 4 593
Kristen Blair
Kristen Blair Il y a jour
Am I the only one that thinks that the try guys aren’t as close anymore
Ringlesa Ringlesa
Ringlesa Ringlesa Il y a jour
I love how Ned and Eugene are so opposite but just as extreme.
Diana Rose
Diana Rose Il y a jour
I think Ariel wanted soap
bby m
bby m Il y a jour
Why would anyone be into fisting lol that’s so gross. Especially if your a guy lol
Abigail Merhege
Abigail Merhege Il y a jour
Zach: “oh my GOD this smells TERRIBLE Also Zach: *Takes 3 more sniffs*
Selena Camacho
Selena Camacho Il y a jour
Poor Sally 🙃
totanot Il y a jour
its actually cool hw they all thought bout what there are going to make
Jessica Il y a jour
Cringey cute
Em R
Em R Il y a jour
Is Zak drunk?
XYZ Il y a jour
Zach is so annoying lol the other try guys definitely carry him
Hazim Amsyar
Hazim Amsyar Il y a jour
U can always bet on gay
Madison Walter
Madison Walter Il y a jour
What about kimbop Eugene???
Sydney Schultz
Sydney Schultz Il y a jour
ok but did emma like the treats?
Morrigan Marquise
Morrigan Marquise Il y a jour
Yall need to restock ur store!!! I need more stuff!!!! Please restock!!! Love u guys!! Xoxo
glenda chai
glenda chai Il y a jour
Tico Nice
Tico Nice Il y a jour
Scraping the bottom of the barrel for simp day dates 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mangina "R" Us 🤣🤣🤣
Rebecca Yang
Rebecca Yang Il y a jour
Almost every waman want soap as they’re gift
Lee Minho Knows
Lee Minho Knows Il y a jour
Wes just keeps getting cuter 😍😍
Megan Frasier
Megan Frasier Il y a jour
Is it just me, or does Matt look a bit like Richard Madden?
Michael Shipman
Michael Shipman Il y a jour
Keith is probably very good a sock puppets now that I think about it
Aruvin_ Il y a jour
Ariel: “is this soap :)” Ned: **inhales**
AthenaTV Il y a jour
Eugene is the gay male version of Rosa Diaz
Анастасия Никитина
Post-credits shot is great as always
Bangtxn_ 7
Bangtxn_ 7 Il y a jour
Zach in the intro: 🖐🏼👌🏼🤞🏼🖐🏼🤜🏼🤞🏼✌🏼🖖🏼
Eimear Il y a jour
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Il y a jour
Every time the goat comes up my dogs go insane....the cat doesn’t give a shite though 🤣
Victoria Mae
Victoria Mae Il y a jour
So many really satisfying high fives in this
taite wyld
taite wyld Il y a jour
Smoking with Zach and Keith sounds glorious
Itz GigiYe
Itz GigiYe Il y a jour
Question say 3 things you love about eachother. Zach: Keith I love smoking weed with you😂💕
gentlegirl88 Il y a jour
Matt and Eugene 😘+😘=🥰🥰
Diva marr
Diva marr Il y a jour
I would have been all up in that ball pit
Audrey Chavez
Audrey Chavez Il y a jour
Fact-I will always love you is not Whitney Houston song
SeKai KimOh
SeKai KimOh Il y a jour
And Zach smells it a couple of times more.... 🤧😂
Sarah Crain
Sarah Crain Il y a jour
I love how Ned’s, Keith’s, and Zach’s wides all like represent them in a way. Like Keith is goofy and smiles a lot and so does Becky. Ariel is sweet and caring but also protective just like Ned. And Maggie is low-key and chill, but also gets excited easily like Zach. And then there’s Eugene and little Pesto and Emma
Kayla Dickelman
Kayla Dickelman Il y a jour
You guys should play jack box
Tia una
Tia una Il y a jour
Ned is mos def 50 First Date 😂😭🥰
Anna Van Rijn
Anna Van Rijn Il y a jour
Omg I love this editing🤣
Saturday Projects
Saturday Projects Il y a jour
Great Job, the gift bags turned out really well!
aura lemuria
aura lemuria Il y a jour
the way eugene looked away from ned when he said " a present for wes is a present for ariel" sent me
Emily An
Emily An Il y a jour
"You gotta give it to Matt so Matt can give it to the dogs" "He doesnt really care" yep they're meant for eachother
Rocking Ultraviolet
Is it just me or does Matt look scared/concerned/nervous in almost every picture he's in with Eugene?
☆BlackRabbit★ Il y a jour
Ok but Ned and Eugene here, style icons
CrayonBabyLove Il y a jour
Don't some natural oils have nice smells? Couldn't Keith have used that?
Emily An
Emily An Il y a jour
I love this and the reactions were brilliant, so glad they were included
Kalei Kanekoa
Kalei Kanekoa Il y a jour
Eugene is like my boyfriend and I on Valentine’s Day. We spoiled the dogs and forgot about each other lmao 🤣🤣🤣
DC Infinity
DC Infinity Il y a jour
I feel like Keith and Zach are actually drunk in this
P Orch
P Orch Il y a jour
yup Il y a jour
what the heck this is so wholesome let me just
Whitney Hendrix
Whitney Hendrix Il y a jour
Zacks hair is looking so good!!
Eeejee See
Eeejee See Il y a jour
still waiting on asian of chaos shirt
AvaL Lee
AvaL Lee Il y a jour
You should do try guys wear chest binders for a day
chaosXxgachaXx 1234
Do latin lessons XD
Brechtje Van Duin
Brechtje Van Duin Il y a jour
zach: "Girls loveeeee suprise balls"
Quamble Bee
Quamble Bee Il y a jour
As soon as Eugene and Ned were about to clap I got a Bloomberg ad
lei lei
lei lei Il y a jour
Ned: editor, please just cut all of this out all 3 editors listed: no
Malkavian Il y a jour
ARIEL IS SO CUTE! Ned is super lucky
merry chrysler
merry chrysler Il y a jour
Zach: Tea for Maggie! Ned: Crayons for Wes and Ariel! Keith: Soap for Becky! Eugene: I'll just give dog treats to my dogs.
MnK Allison
MnK Allison Il y a jour
Love Eugene 👑. He's my favourite try guy 🙌.
Saskia Il y a jour
I love this and the reactions were brilliant, so glad they were included
Krispy and Krunchy BORITO
Zach: I was the new kid and everyone was like OMG who is this dude ppl in my school: da fuq r u doing here weirdo
Megan Amber
Megan Amber Il y a jour
Most romantic song of all time is I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith and my mind can not be changed