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We learned how to tap into our mind, body and spirit auras through Tai Chi! Who's adding this to their morning routine? Thanks to #GooglePlay for sponsoring a part of this video! Download Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross from the Google Play Store #StayHome #WithMe
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25 mars 2020




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Commentaires 100
Aika Tungol
Aika Tungol Il y a jour
7:07 HAHA
Aika Tungol
Aika Tungol Il y a jour
Can you please go and try a diet of an immunocompromised person just like Zach?
Betsy Blount
Betsy Blount Il y a 3 jours
Does Zach ever talk about anyone but himself??
Madeline Stevens
Madeline Stevens Il y a 3 jours
ok listen, when they were doing the “china plate” exercise my mind went straight to firebending
Janani Karthikeyan
Janani Karthikeyan Il y a 6 jours
Jessie Bella
Jessie Bella Il y a 8 jours
When Zach started listing all the things wrong with him, I cracked up 😂
Pikit 31
Pikit 31 Il y a 8 jours
They look like they're training to battle the Huns 🤣
DarkSpiritMorrigan Il y a 8 jours
Instructor: "You run out of chi when you die." Keith: Cannot feel his chi. Me: "So, Keith is dead inside, yeah?"
Anežka Sixtová
Anežka Sixtová Il y a 8 jours
Love how Eugene uses kime... Also standing in zenkucu dachi for most of the time.. you had to be devastated!!
Ashwina Kumar
Ashwina Kumar Il y a 9 jours
Ned: YOGA SUCKS Me, an Indian (eventhough I dont do it on my own): 👁👄👁
asmhan sma
asmhan sma Il y a 9 jours
this is so dope guys 😂😂😂
shane mason
shane mason Il y a 13 jours
Fun fact! The “Chi” in Tai Chi has nothing to do with Qi (pronounced Chi), which is the energy thats described in the video a lot. Just a coincidence
msnicoleleeee314 Il y a 13 jours
anyone feel a bit of cult vibe from this place? the practicing session is fine and great, but the aurora detector thing is a bit weird???? Tachi is a very popular thing in my country but I have never heard anything about the aurora? It is just more about the exercise and choreography
Shruti N
Shruti N Il y a 16 jours
Normal youtuber are sponsored by Dollar shave club and Honey, etc. Try Guys are sponsored by Google Play, Google, Samsung, Sensodine, etc. Really shows you how fancyyy our bois are❤️
Amberdawn Sese
Amberdawn Sese Il y a 21 jour
i think i read somewhere that waterbending from avatar: the last airbender is based around the martial art of tai chi... now i want someone to edit the try guys waterbending
Aeyn Kill
Aeyn Kill Il y a 22 jours
Any resources on Aura photography? Curious to learn how it works and what the machine they used was.
Jessica Blomberg
Jessica Blomberg Il y a 24 jours
I heard Keith whisper “grilled tai cheese” and immediately liked the video
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau Il y a 27 jours
Could you imagine if the guys grew up together and were those kids that somehow always ended up with the same teacher as one another every year? Imagine how much trouble they would get into 😂 who would be who? (Class clown, teacher’s pet, etc.)
Sarah Ellison
Sarah Ellison Il y a 28 jours
Does zach have ibs?
Hallee Rorabough
Hallee Rorabough Il y a mois
Can we just point out how uncanny old Ned is
Matt Il y a mois
Amazing. I teach tai chi and you guys NEED this in your life. Once you start, you'll never regret it
Ms. Hunter
Ms. Hunter Il y a mois
I cant NOT see waterbending
Jetaime Sooshi
Jetaime Sooshi Il y a mois
Seven Deadly Sins? Cool!
halcyon5zippo Il y a 2 mois
How does Ned feel about Yu-Gi-Oh?
kalyn Miranda
kalyn Miranda Il y a 2 mois
rockefeller street
Lyan Crown
Lyan Crown Il y a 2 mois
I'm trying to figure out that guys accent??!!!
Marco Gallares
Marco Gallares Il y a 2 mois
Pls what’s your name I wanna friend you in 7DS
edgeofthemoon Il y a 2 mois
I think this just proves the Try Guys are better together
Diego Lara Olguín
Diego Lara Olguín Il y a 2 mois
Zac can be so cringy it makes me uncomfortable
yellow queer babie
yellow queer babie Il y a 14 jours
so is ur attitude
Jboy Ortega
Jboy Ortega Il y a 2 mois
I quit school because of this 4:51 "that is chi !!!.." it feels like education, science, friction & temperature is all bullcrap. But what if CHI is science all along?
Isaac Ollero
Isaac Ollero Il y a 2 mois
Y'all should have edited you guys waterbending
NyxErebus Il y a 2 mois
Fun fact, tai chi was the martial arts inspiration for waterbending in Avatar.
War N Love
War N Love Il y a 2 mois
So idk I've tried meditating but i never see auras or feel anything i just feel my body get warmer because i know how meditating helps blood flow so idk
Kuroe6 Il y a 2 mois
OMG, this guy knows next to nothing about Tai Chi or Chinese martial arts.
Harmless Human
Harmless Human Il y a 2 mois
am... i the only one losing my shit ‘cuz tai chi is basically waterbending without the water???? am i the only one?????????? THESE MADLADS JUST LEARNT FUCKIN WATERBENDING HOW AM I THE ONLY ONE FREAKING OUT ABOUT THIS-
TBQ Il y a 2 mois
what they felt rubbing their hands are blood vessels dilating (more blood going rushing towards palm) from the heat generated.
hey_im_ eliza
hey_im_ eliza Il y a 2 mois
i did the stuff with them and at the end i actually felt the chi when i rubbed my hands when i didn’t at first. this might be something i’m interested in doing
Sarah Seriah
Sarah Seriah Il y a 2 mois
I love how not into it Ned looks for some of this, it makes me feel better about my skepticism
L D Il y a 3 mois
Nobody gonna mention that lady has sooo beautiful dewy glowy skiiinnn
Yumi Amuro
Yumi Amuro Il y a 3 mois
Grilled Tai Cheese lol
KH Il y a 3 mois
Zach Kornfeld making all these sexual jokes? nah that's Zach Hornfeld
Eilzmo Il y a 3 mois
Uhmmm did somebody confuse graphics or was it a conscious decision to manipulate Keith’s readings to make it look better 😂😂😂 6:42 & 13:05
SLA KE Il y a 3 mois
this is a Zach lead episode I can tell before even watching. edit: combat tai chi is like waterbending in ATLA. because water bending is based on tai chi. Firebending is northern Shaolin kung fu, earthbending in southern hung gar kung fu... I forgot what airbending is based on also: chi is the electromagnetic field around a living thing? weird
TheStarryArcher1213 Il y a 3 mois
This was pretty cool! I got to learn a bit about tai chi, and it looked like you guys had fun with the exercises. I didn't know there were aura reading machines like that. I wonder what my aura would look like… Thanks for sharing this with us! ^_^
CheerfulRose Il y a 3 mois
Anybody else feel their chi after they did
Jada Barnett
Jada Barnett Il y a 3 mois
Watching this after watching The Last Airbender just makes me think that this is the way of the Airbenders.
nice paprika
nice paprika Il y a 3 mois
no offense but Ned without beard looks like the guy bearded Ned would bully.
CoolScribbledPinaple :D
That one braincell in my brain- Tight cheese
Selina Li
Selina Li Il y a 3 mois
Did anyone notice the dislikes have 666 dislikes?
Ciro Gomes News news
Ciro Gomes News news Il y a 3 mois
Kudos for the video content! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Zenatthew Planning Paradoxal (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one off guide for building your Chi energy minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work colleague finally got excellent results with it.
R C Il y a 3 mois
I think Keith's "grilled tai cheese" joke is underappreciated 😂😂
Ardeilys Media
Ardeilys Media Il y a 3 mois
Dudes learning some waterbending. Awesome, soon they will bend that water like Katara
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki Il y a 3 mois
Wait who actually plays 7DS grand cross and has watched the anime??? 😂
Luanda Tavares
Luanda Tavares Il y a 3 mois
"cultivating your internal energy" my mind immediatly: THE UNTAMED
CeeCee Il y a 3 mois
Zach, welcome to the autoimmune aura club!
JoeChoreo Il y a 3 mois
8:12 "Wherever you put your focus, that's where your energy goes" Energy by Disclosure "Where your focus goes, your energy flows"
Addie Welch
Addie Welch Il y a 3 mois
Tai chi sounds like you were trying to say chai tea but messed up
williams man
williams man Il y a 3 mois
This is not Tai Chi... an aura machine really? How very American to snake oil legacies from other countries' culture. Why not sell healing crystals while they are at it? they can probably store chi 🙄
loveless ai
loveless ai Il y a 3 mois
Its a cult developed by ilchi lee
Alexandra Dao
Alexandra Dao Il y a 3 mois
Uh, there is 666 dislikes on this video-
loveless ai
loveless ai Il y a 3 mois
Those guys are dealing with dahn yoga that's a cult that uses yoga and tai chi as a front but tries to mix it with Korean ideology claiming korea is 5k years old.
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron Il y a 4 mois
U guys are ready to become waterbender
BeachGnome Il y a 4 mois
I love it when the guys get sponsors like yeah get that bank but man the sponsorships are always so weird. I guess because their content is so general its harder to get sponsors that mesh in seamlessly with their brand.
Angelo Hosana
Angelo Hosana Il y a 4 mois
"The sound is familiar" 8:25 if you know what I mean 😏
Angelo Hosana
Angelo Hosana Il y a 4 mois
I LOLed at 1:28 HAHAHAHAHA great job editor!
Haydensnowbe Il y a 4 mois
This is great! More updates on Tai Chi Class Update! more! LOVE THIS! I’m totally going to Tai Chi too!
Mykki Oliva
Mykki Oliva Il y a 4 mois
13:57 That guys just popped up like "Woah what's up? lemme see---opps sorry, got in the frame there for a sec," 😂
The Potato
The Potato Il y a 4 mois
The way Eugene said “anime” at the beginning though Have I been saying it wrong my whole life?
Laurenlittl3 Il y a 4 mois
i would actually love to see them do this again
rachel mehl
rachel mehl Il y a 4 mois
can the tryguys please try mrs.michelle moon's skincare routine because she is GLOWING this entire video, glass skin WHO
Betty A
Betty A Il y a 4 mois
I have a similar mix of health problems to Zach, and I do a form of Tai Chi called Shibashi. it helps so much! my balance has improved a lot and it's the only meditative practice I've found that works with my anxiety/ADHD. honestly those classes are what I miss most during quarantine, highly recommend to anyone!
Stephanie Zhang
Stephanie Zhang Il y a 4 mois
It really does heal, my dad had spine problems or shoulder problems, but he started doing Tai Chi and it's virtually non-existent
Felicia Nichole
Felicia Nichole Il y a 5 mois
10:25 My heart broke, my name is Felicia and I feel everywhere I go everyone even on videos I always hear my name along with bye. The fuckin struggle 😂
I Don't Know Dude
I Don't Know Dude Il y a 5 mois
When Zack said "we're excited to be anyone's first" I literally snorted water through my nose xD Also now I kinda want to try tai chi. Maybe it's a good exercice for depressed, fatigued, in pain me
Hao Style Taijiquan Research Institute
Very entertaining, good job had me in tears. 😂
garrondumont Il y a 5 mois
Regarding the rubbing hands thing... Have you ever stood in a doorframe and pushed against the sides for a bit, then moved away and your arms automatically lift up. Yeah, they're the same phenomena. That's not chi, it's biology.
Luna Longbottom
Luna Longbottom Il y a 4 mois
Was about to say that lmao
Cuddly Bear
Cuddly Bear Il y a 5 mois
Well yoga is different than what you typically think. It is a combination of exercises and meditation which helps you to open all the chakras in you body.
Miles Mealz
Miles Mealz Il y a 5 mois
Miles Mealz
Miles Mealz Il y a 5 mois
Meliodas Elizabeth Merlin king gowther
h k
h k Il y a 5 mois
LOL zach was like we all want to do this again....the look on eugenes face
lovelylinds Il y a 5 mois
We learned the energy thing between the hands during high school from a random Hawaiian guy while training for a middle school mentoring program. It was crazy because it actually works. I had no idea Tai Chi was about all that. Really cool!
Lotsoflovefromchloe Il y a 5 mois
Anyone else see Coronavirus in Zach’s Health Problems?
Ichiban_5416 2.0
Ichiban_5416 2.0 Il y a 5 mois
from mixed martial to tai chi. try guys trying to kick some ass
Famous Nath a.k.a. Big DONG Nathaniel
Really fuccwid Arthur’s vibes lol 😂
Yanling Lin
Yanling Lin Il y a 5 mois
Try guys try table tennis?
Eugenia Ronco
Eugenia Ronco Il y a 5 mois
If you think that yoga is “slow” you have completely missed the point and concept of yoga, Ned.... 🙈🙈
Genevieve Donaldson
Genevieve Donaldson Il y a 5 mois
My fear is that if I met Ned at a dinner party I would flirt with him.
Logi Il y a 5 mois
8:25 “this sound is familiar” 😂😂
Deadeye Crow Airsoft
Deadeye Crow Airsoft Il y a 5 mois
Lmao! I love how Zach quotes Obi Wan! He even did Ewan McGregor’s accent perfectly!
Luna Longbottom
Luna Longbottom Il y a 4 mois
loli_chann Il y a 5 mois
Next on the try guys: Finding your nen ability
Someone Is here
Someone Is here Il y a 5 mois
Laughs at already starting SDS Grand cross and being a pro
snicks Il y a 5 mois
Now I'm really curious about what my aura looks like.
Luna Longbottom
Luna Longbottom Il y a 4 mois
Same. I guess I'm a body mind mix bc I do sports but I'm also kind of a quick thinker/learner. But I'm not into spiritual stuff that much tbh
Breanna Palmer
Breanna Palmer Il y a 5 mois
Esme Hudson
Esme Hudson Il y a 5 mois
Why does zach remind me of Adam Goldberg
ItsLemontree Il y a 5 mois
Likes nickleback lol
Fab Trinidad
Fab Trinidad Il y a 5 mois
Im only interested in tai chi because it was the inspiration of waterbending in avatar
neha bandi
neha bandi Il y a 5 mois
I was thinking of kung fu panda this entire video
Taylor Compton
Taylor Compton Il y a 5 mois
The ending so cute!
Abbigail Owens
Abbigail Owens Il y a 5 mois
I always get tai chi and chai tea confused haha
Abbigail Owens
Abbigail Owens Il y a 5 mois
I’m sad i love seven deadly sins but I have apple products :(
Ms L
Ms L Il y a 5 mois
Why so creepy zach?
Cam N
Cam N Il y a 5 mois
Can the Try Guys do one with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lol
The Try Guys Try Boxing
The Try Guys Try Debate Club
The Try Guys Try Karate