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Discover what you can do for the world in The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!* Sustainable living starts with reducing, reusing, and recycling, but it goes far beyond that. Learn more here:
Every choice you make affects your community-and their choices affect you too! From the power sources you rely on to how you design your home to the Neighborhood Action Plans you vote for, even the smallest changes can have a huge impact. Will you go green or embrace the swarms of flies?
Available June 5, 2020, on PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4.
Learn more about this Expansion Pack:
Preorder now for PC, Mac, and Xbox One:

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19 mai 2020




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CChabaz XcX
CChabaz XcX Il y a heure
I want the sims 4 to have werewolves and fairies
holy Il y a 3 heures
Y’all be preaching about climate change but electricity to make this expansion pack could’ve went to paralives devs 🤦🏽‍♀️
Shw Aie
Shw Aie Il y a 4 heures
Can you add burglars and police toooooo?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Erika Michelle
Erika Michelle Il y a 5 heures
I translated this is into Simlish in my head 😂
Megan Bacinski
Megan Bacinski Il y a 5 heures
Tbh sims are already pretty eco... they don’t even use cars!
A_ s
A_ s Il y a 6 heures
Where’s this pollution even COMING from? There’s not even any cars in the game, one of the biggest polluters
reyslightning Il y a 7 heures
the only thing good about this pack is the hair.
Gabriel Alvarez
Gabriel Alvarez Il y a 7 heures
Nintendo switch needs Sims 4
Cecilia Thorne
Cecilia Thorne Il y a 8 heures
atp they’re just asking for people to pirate the game.
sssmm_ _mmkk
sssmm_ _mmkk Il y a 9 heures
Залайкайте чтобы американцы думали что я что-то крутое написал
Inmedlatez _
Inmedlatez _ Il y a 9 heures
What about an open world😳👌🏼
Citra Haywood
Citra Haywood Il y a 9 heures
Can you guys please make a grocery store that we can to in the game??
ClamDigger Il y a 9 heures
This pack is what happens when you sniff farts in San Francisco for way too long. I mean seriously wtf is this? I can't believe somebody at EA suggested this and it got the green light. Who is going to buy this? Very sad 😂😂
Cynthia Blanchier
Cynthia Blanchier Il y a 10 heures
Emma Il y a 10 heures
I feel like the only one actually looking forward to this pack lol. People are too harsh, it doesn't look that bad.
ΒΡΑΝΑΚΗ ΜΑΡΙΑ Il y a 11 heures
How can get this pack?
drewwy Il y a 11 heures
this is so hot😍😍🥰🤪🔥🔥 BURN IT😳😳
Exit Paradise
Exit Paradise Il y a 12 heures
Covid-19 secretly this update to real life ;)
Dan Mnz
Dan Mnz Il y a 12 heures
Hey everyone, do You want a real life simulator? With everyting the Sims hasnt done or did wrong? Go check out Paralives.. the Sims eater!!... Sorry for My English bye!
Agathe _
Agathe _ Il y a 12 heures
Waouh la quantité de joueurs mécontents est impressionnante personnellement je trouve ce pack très intéressant et bien plus dans une optique moderne, les dev commencent à nous écouter (il suffit de voir les sondages qu'ils nous on mis ) mais développer un pack prend du temps alors fallait pas s'attendre à l'avoir direct, c'est un pack qui touche beaucoup de choses et pas uniquement une seule ville et quelques objets et c'est super. Alors peut-être que certains voulaient une ferme (je ne comprend pas trop pourquoi étant donné que j'suis pas une fan de la vie à la campagne) mais moi je suis satisfaite et j'ai hâte de jouer avec ce pack
Sirena J
Sirena J Il y a 12 heures
Ребят, здесь есть кто-то из России? Если да, то отзовись! 😜
Sunny Chan
Sunny Chan Il y a 12 heures
Ok moi
Drax1s 7
Drax1s 7 Il y a 14 heures
Wait... They made BUG HARVESTING?! The thing that fanatics in our media want but nobody will EVER DO?! Why in the world didn't they go with plant based fake meat!?!?
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Il y a 14 heures
"Home grown, ultra-organic, fresh, farm-to-table fizzle juice" What the hell...?
Pika 98
Pika 98 Il y a 15 heures
Elena Tixomirova
Elena Tixomirova Il y a 15 heures
единственное, что удалось симс 4 лучше реализовать, это питомцы и вампиры. остальное мрачный недоделанный шлак. игра не стоит свеч, ЕА
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Il y a 14 heures
All I want is an afterlife expansion pack and I'll shut up.
Alex Jee
Alex Jee Il y a 16 heures
BlueIriz 0150
BlueIriz 0150 Il y a 16 heures
Uhmm, I know it's off topic but, I love the narrator's voice its so calming... Oh, and I'm so excited to have Eco Lifestyle pack😍😍😍🇵🇭
Francesco Fonderico
Francesco Fonderico Il y a 16 heures
Are we a joke to you?!?!??? Honestly it feels like you're trying to make ts4 the worst sims game because ts5 (if there ever will be a ts5) is not going to live up to the previous games but you still want it to look good compared to ts4.
Ilarina Chow
Ilarina Chow Il y a 16 heures
This is trash, you pollute the environment and raise your carbon footprint just by releasing this game, if you really wanna help go donate money and plant some trees
TheBioExplorer Il y a 17 heures
I just wish it would be playable starting today.... at least for those of us that already pre-ordered. I mean you know many of us aren't traveling for the holiday. A little surprise early release would cost EA nothing and be a better 20th Anniversary gift than the repurposed hot tub... Yeah were still cranky about that fiasco.
la magica Sara gameplay
la magica Sara gameplay Il y a 17 heures
No comment
finn makepeace
finn makepeace Il y a 18 heures
Did she really say weird flex but ok
Soph's channel 1
Soph's channel 1 Il y a 19 heures
I actually am getting excited
Asia Koter
Asia Koter Il y a 19 heures
not quite sure why this video has 10k dislikes!!
Yuki L. Spencer
Yuki L. Spencer Il y a 20 heures
Yeah we're two fully grown supposedly more mature adults than those two kids splashing in the trash at the start , let's go ahead and woo-hoo in the goddamn trash bin, makes total sense EA
gaming with shaun
gaming with shaun Il y a 20 heures
I can y'all add in abortions plz just plz don't ask why just plz
gaming with shaun
gaming with shaun Il y a 9 heures
@ogi sijak fr they add everything like why won't they add abortions plus if they don't believe in abortions don't use it
ogi sijak
ogi sijak Il y a 17 heures
@OurSaviour,Tangy it shouldn't be political. But you can have same sex relationships and trans sims so I don't see a reason why abortion would be more "political".
OurSaviour,Tangy Il y a 18 heures
That’s a bit too political for the sims... I support abortion but I just don’t think it’s something that should be in the sims
Artur Przybylko
Artur Przybylko Il y a 21 heure
Even the sims is getting politicised these days 🤦‍♂️ people don't even want dlcs like this...
Mark Galan
Mark Galan Il y a 21 heure
You people think your funny complaining about a pack that’s not funny at all they worked hard on every pack if you don’t like it don’t purchase the pack this pack looks really cool it revolves around things that happened in real life but you people constantly criticize them for creating something you didn’t ask for or didn’t want be grateful they even make packs for us at all
ogi sijak
ogi sijak Il y a 17 heures
We should not be grateful for such shameless monetization
Karine Stankovic
Karine Stankovic Il y a 22 heures
Sean Mariani
Sean Mariani Il y a 22 heures
Legendary Lemonzz
Legendary Lemonzz Il y a 22 heures
All I want is an afterlife expansion pack and I'll shut up.
yph army
yph army Il y a 23 heures
Ugh. It's in dub.
rtZ z
rtZ z Il y a jour
Need new sims
nuusinni nuusinni
nuusinni nuusinni Il y a jour
Ugly pack
Smash Bros Basketball
I feel like some of these could have just been added in to already existing packs. Like Tiny Living could have been added into the University pack. Eco Living could have been in the Get Together pack. And so on. The only thing that stops this game from being excellent is that a lot of gameplay is just recycled. There are new objects but just recycled animations for the objects.
Margosha Il y a jour
Can't believe we got "Home grown, ultra-organic, fresh, farm-to-table fizzle juice" before cars smh
Agathe _
Agathe _ Il y a 12 heures
we really don't need cars, like why we should we have cars if we aren't in an open-world
Kinney sanders
Kinney sanders Il y a jour
Bruh.. I voted not sulani wannabe
tired Il y a jour
can we just get what everyone wants and get sims 4 farm lifestyle or soemthing
Humancinnabon Il y a jour
All this and still no werewolves??
Raccoon Gaming Department
Why does she sound like she's about to say HOW DARE YOU! and cry she should be back in school?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Il y a jour
upon in Island living! What a wastte
Sai Uchiha
Sai Uchiha Il y a jour
Simmers: where are the cars!/ Ea is trash. Me and my infinite complaint: where are the robbers? Where are the brave and lucky trait? Shouldn't firefighters be in the base game? Starts to cry in simlish.😭
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Il y a jour
EA, this wouldve been the perfect oppertunity to give us farms AND HORSES!!! Theres barely anything "new" in this expansion pack AND this whole concept was already touc
Do the characters have an actual voice now or do they still speak gibberish?
FROGGY CHAIR Il y a jour
Funny that they’re letting you free move windows and doors soon as paralives starts to gain traction :/
Toxic Il y a jour
Females = Good Males = Bad
ignacio Il y a jour
Willian Nathan Santana
how to make this a lil bit more acceptable: cancelling it
Julia R
Julia R Il y a jour
This game pack is something I never considered in my gameplay style. For me the sims was always about family, romans and drama. I don't care about comunity or candles. Not to be hateful but I smell some vision about ecology and climat push on...-Ok it is a thing in real life and we should be more eco- ofcourse but sims problems and reality should be made by players imagination not EA
Ranada0923 Il y a jour
So excited for this new pack but when are y'all gonna have more hair styles for ethnic/textured hair. Its ridiculous. Other than that I'm on it.
Devon Il y a jour
Please let us assign 5 traits, instead of just 3!!
clover Il y a jour
as i said in the reveal; *_”hehe air cleaning vacuum go brr”_*
Bowler Hat Girl
Bowler Hat Girl Il y a jour
This Pack: (Exists) LGR and GrayStillPlays: Allow us to introduce ourselves.
CursedChad Il y a jour
Any sim who speaks English should be put in a house with no doors, and set on fire.
Sofy Shab
Sofy Shab Il y a jour
Ура, добавят самогон
lottie Il y a jour
ya’ll mad and i understand that, they could do things like farms but this pack has a LOT of good things inside it and almost is one of their best content wise and the lot is large! with apartments as well.
iMarley Il y a jour
So we're paying to live a healthy life.. Good Job EA
Roisin Stacey
Roisin Stacey Il y a jour
EA, this wouldve been the perfect oppertunity to give us farms AND HORSES!!! Theres barely anything "new" in this expansion pack AND this whole concept was already touched upon in Island living! What a wastte
Millie The memer
Millie The memer Il y a jour
y’all talking about paralives that’s how i know for SURE y’all ain’t see that sims 5 trailer
Reza Il y a jour
Cause of Get Famous pack and this, I would satisfied if they would include superhero pack, when the sims could be a superhero, helping people, and there would be a villain sims also then fight ‘em along others superhero sims, that would be incredible isn’t it? I hope they could consider this, we could create our own hero/villain/anti-hero, damnn. PLEASE EA CONSIDER THIS.
Túlio Felix
Túlio Felix Il y a jour
I love ameizey
Slavo Ashur Knight Of Templar
I hope ea made sure that people wont make multi purpose plots for the community lots. Yknow.. putting items on as if it was all of them combined? Also when ea makes those *fast forward put items into house* makes it look soo easy to furnish homes
Gaby Il y a jour
It doesn't matter what EA does. Ppl will never be satisfied. The comment section is what it would look like if Karen played video games. Smh
Jaden Conner
Jaden Conner Il y a jour
Gaby So true
kamara ellis
kamara ellis Il y a jour
sims could you please make a game for pc wich you don't have to pay ,if you pay to me your kind of driving costumers away and I actually want to play the sims game but you have to buy it ,and basically what im saying is make a FREE sims game for every device from pc ,ios to android and iPhone I hope you can persuade these actions and yes it might drive you out of a bussines but you can make the character lok a lil older and yes I know what sims mobile and sims freeplay is but its not accepted for my device so please persuade these actions and might even put them on every pc,ios,xbox and iPhone play store thank you for your time reading this and if you agree say agree in the replied section thank you and have a wonderful game
秋ちゃん Il y a jour
Kinda got TS3ITF vibes from this trailer which is GOOD
dolphin man
dolphin man Il y a jour
i’ve already preordered it! i love these new packs🥰
Aniek V
Aniek V Il y a jour
Hi EA, this trailer feels like you want to sell it to kids. A lot of sims player are teens and adults. I really love the sims and I have been playing since sims 1 since I was 8. All those years I.had al much fun with 1, 2 and 3. Sims 4 is different and has so many negative comments lately. I can understand why. It's not because I'm older now, I returned to sims 3 after playing sims 4 with 2 expansions. Still like sims 3. Because I love sims I want to point out what others are so saying so that sims will be a great game again . Take a better look at the older versions, sims4 is too much dollhouse and is missing so much. It's all too safe. Basics missing. It hurts to see what is happening , players will leave the game. That is why people are complaining so much. They see their beloved game going downhill. We care. A new fresh start with Sims 5, use this to win out hearts back. focus on somewhat older players, not children. The younger players will it. Just like i was 8, and so many other players rhat started playing at.young age.
x Il y a jour
still cant get over the fact that this is this an EXPANSION PACK :(
VanessaGuerreiro Il y a jour
Haha everyone is complaining (me too) but we all know we are going to buy this shitty game sooner or later 💀😂
Enni Hartikainen
Enni Hartikainen Il y a jour
ngl i kinda like this pack now that i’ve seen the items in build mode, cas and the world + the gameplay.... lowkey want it :D it’s not like i asked for it, i want the stuff others want as well but i’ll take this.