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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer - Michael Shayne
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Production Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Junior Editor - Lewis Bown
Narrator - Lewis Bown
JonTron Remix by Tom Ryan




28 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 14 390
Cups on my ears
Cups on my ears Il y a 51 minute
Its History! so the funnies thing to me is its a longer video because its boring thanks jon for "more" content
Jacob Pourchot
Jacob Pourchot Il y a heure
Someone worked hard to make everything on the that table and set that table just for Jon to destroy it with a book
LeXxX Il y a heure
Best history lesson ever.
Rn Spurgn
Rn Spurgn Il y a 2 heures
Are you saying that “This Is America Charlie Brown” is INACCURATE????
David Stickles
David Stickles Il y a 2 heures
Jon please I don’t want raid shadow legends oh god oh fuck please dint hurt me
NyanKuriboh Il y a 2 heures
Dang Yankees, don''t even realize that, here in Virginia, we spend way too much time learning about Jamestown
PoshNoodles Il y a 3 heures
S T O P H U R T I N G M E!
ManuelPeDel Il y a 4 heures
1:39 Noooooooooooooo!
Zach Brenner
Zach Brenner Il y a 5 heures
Plymouth Rock used to be bigger, but people kept chipping pieces off to keep as souvenirs, so they caged it off so people would stop doing that
David Leverington
David Leverington Il y a 5 heures
The point of Thanksgiving was to unite all Americans in a sign of togetherness and thankfulness based on a dinner in the 1600's that is well documented to have happened in which the local tribe and the pilgrims shared their food. It was made a national holiday by Abraham Lincoln to unite all people after the hardships of the civil war. It is about the symbol of togetherness. It is probably the most all inclusive holiday there is.
Zach Brenner
Zach Brenner Il y a 5 heures
I know about Jamestown, but that’s because I grew up in Virginia
SMJS Il y a 7 heures
ye no shit that raid is popular, by now every person has seen that ad like 500 times due to them mass advertising waay too much. I literally don't wanna play it because I just know that probs more money went into the ads instead of the game
SandSparrow Il y a 9 heures
I really like this type of video. Wold love to see more!
Transformers stop motion br
Tisquantum when he sees the separatists: Hello There
matthew mallows
matthew mallows Il y a 10 heures
Jon in his video thumbnail looks like a chunky Harry Potter with a lifelong butterbeer addiction
PurpleFreezer Il y a 11 heures
This video was better than your recent over-produced stuff. Remember we like you more than any props or sets ~ so just do what you genuinely find funny
ChaoticProductions Il y a 14 heures
I learned this in 5th grade. But Jon is better than any teacher.
MICROSOFT HQ Il y a 17 heures
What's funny over Time the rock will be destroyed because the dam power wash it was probably slightly bigger before
It's kinda hilarious how he choked on the word "Free" and since free games are pay to win Lmfao
Curtis LeBlanc
Curtis LeBlanc Il y a 19 heures
Done watching the video. So. . . one layer deeper into the spiraling insanity of the mind of JonTron, right? We all on the same page here? I don't f***in' know.
Curtis LeBlanc
Curtis LeBlanc Il y a 19 heures
" _I'm NEVER gunna leave d'Dutch alone!_ " - JonTron
Curtis LeBlanc
Curtis LeBlanc Il y a 20 heures
1:40 Me: *Sees human Shrek toss a giant-ass book onto the table* Also Me: SomeBODY ONCE TOLD ME!
Albert M
Albert M Il y a 20 heures
who's your copywriter?
Dylan Armstrong
Dylan Armstrong Il y a 20 heures
Jontron does American history the series?
DaxterJack 3D
DaxterJack 3D Il y a 20 heures
*all my family eating at thanksgiving* Me:”Grandpa how did they made thanksgiving traditional” *Grandpa smack the book on the table*
MegaReaperking Il y a 21 heure
Radical Puritans founded America... It actually explains the merciless expansion taking land from the Indians and exploitation of Africans as slaves. How about that.
Nate Turkov
Nate Turkov Il y a 23 heures
3:30 In APUSH we spend a day on the Jamestown colony.
Aidin Walton
Aidin Walton Il y a 23 heures
Holy shit va my home state is very important
Persephone Black
Persephone Black Il y a jour
There's a road in my town called Squanto rd (I live next to Boston basically) and all I ever think about is how he should have let the pilgrims starve.
SuperMaDBrothers Il y a jour
normally good channels have a certain style of editing they keep to. your editing is like a 90s tv show and history of the universe editing had a fight and both of them lost
Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes Il y a jour
I love it when he just slams the book on the table with no regard for the other stuff on the table.
Acrsicles Pedrcles
Acrsicles Pedrcles Il y a jour
2:38-2:40 *NEW MEME FORMAT*
Kian Curatolo
Kian Curatolo Il y a jour
I have no idea whats coming, but keep it coming.
Chris H.
Chris H. Il y a jour
I actually am dumber for watching this.
Robert Moran
Robert Moran Il y a jour
This truely feels like old school jontron bravo sir! bravo!
Stephanie Peterson
Stephanie Peterson Il y a jour
Stephanie Peterson
Stephanie Peterson Il y a jour
Watch lemmylemlem videos
Ryan Knutsen
Ryan Knutsen Il y a jour
I love this new content
Dawson Gebhart
Dawson Gebhart Il y a jour
For the up coming holiday jon should wear his Tim Allen sweater that Jacque got him.
FTC Il y a jour
Thank god he didn't just get this information from the internet!