The Pixel 4 XL has 4 little problems...

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Its time to durability test the Pixel 4 XL! Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video. Click here to start using LastPass: The systematic durability test from JerryRigEverything is a rite of passage for any upcoming smartphone. Todays Pixel 4 XL is no different. Most phones survive my durability tests without any major damage. This Pixel 4 XL is not one of the survivors. Google's smartphone has cracked in four different places along the frame. Each of the antenna lines covered by thick paint cracks when the phone is bent. The Pixel 4xl should not be placed in your back pocket, or anywhere where the the phone can be flexed.
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5 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 9 968
Raven Il y a 33 minutes
I love the work being done here on this channel but by god do i feel bad about watching things be intentionally destroyed
Ross Waters
Ross Waters Il y a 56 minutes
the note 10 plus is beautiful, go for it.
Whisky Papa
Whisky Papa Il y a heure
Google, step the fuck up! 2 years in the roll coming out over priced mediocre products. WTF? Stop hiding behind your software team and get your hardware game back on the market.
Abdul Kader
Abdul Kader Il y a heure
Google's aim isn't the hardware quality at all, it's the data they can mine through these things that's their target
Caleb Harinarain
Caleb Harinarain Il y a heure
Get the iPhone 11 Pro, I know you don’t like Apple as much, but maybe give them a chance.
Donnie Hosein
Donnie Hosein Il y a heure
Google Trash Expensive
rajendra bhurkud
rajendra bhurkud Il y a 2 heures
DLAROC Il y a 3 heures
Tdawg Gaming
Tdawg Gaming Il y a 4 heures
When they said it has a snappy core, I didn’t think they meant it like that...
M R Il y a 4 heures
But it’s Google so nbd
Jim James
Jim James Il y a 6 heures
If you ever have issues with FRvid, look into voiceover work. Your voice is perfect for it.
gmax876 Il y a 6 heures
ryannrjohnson Il y a 7 heures
Spent a billion dollars on an HTC unit to make your new phones and they come out with phones that don't even compare to the earlier models. Smh.
Daniel Lecourt
Daniel Lecourt Il y a 8 heures
Can you do the Samsung A70
Electricnick Il y a 8 heures
I'd buy my Moto G7 Power 10 times over before buying a flagship phone. As long as a company like Motorola keeps making good cheap phones there's no reason to get the latest and greatest in my opinion. Cameras are nice but quite frankly if you spend $800+ on a phone for the camera you shouldn't be trusted with money because anyone who gives a damn about photography knows that for that price you could get high end camera or a high end lens for a camera you may already have that takes significantly better photos than any smartphone could take. As long as the camera is decent (like on my G7 power) there's no reason to spend extra on a phone that costs as much as the high end flagships. The performance of the high end phones is definitely something that I could see interesting someone. Battery life as well. and Build quality. But my G7 Power has a 2 and a half day battery life at 75% brightness with running multiple battery demanding games such as World of Tanks Blitz and Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest(the game isn't demanding on hardware but will suck your battery dry like a vampire). This thing also has withstood multiple 3-5 foot drops onto solid pavement and does fine. So build quality and battery life are present even in my $60 phone I got on a plan with Cricket Wireless. The customer service is bloody amazing too which I can't say for most higher end manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Google, or Apple. If I have an issue with my G7 Power I have an app I can open that will take me to a direct link where someone will help me resolve the issue within 24 hours. Gaming phones interest me because I play a lot of games on my phone, but other flagships aren't worth the price just to get a better camera. At least gaming phones are doing something innovative with their technology rather than just saying "Hey look at me I've got a pretty camera." Still aren't worth the price though.
James Kappos
James Kappos Il y a 8 heures
my Pixel 4xl screen broke after 1 day from the smallest of falls. Very week. Haven't found any screen break tests yet
Christian Hannah
Christian Hannah Il y a 9 heures
I greatly anticipate when Jerry will say "And this screen is no diff- oh! this one scratches at a level 8 with deeper grooves at level 9"
Wyatt Rownd
Wyatt Rownd Il y a 10 heures
The next phone you should scratch to level 10 and not stop where it starts scratching
Jordon Burkman
Jordon Burkman Il y a 10 heures
Reviewed and destroyed hundreds of phones but still rockin his lcd burnt s8+😂
S H Il y a 11 heures
Hey Jerry. Love these videos . Could you do a waterproof test on these phones with future videos ?
Wes Perry
Wes Perry Il y a 13 heures
+1 for 60p 👌🏻
GodzillaPlayer9 Il y a 13 heures
5:53 meme reference 🤔
Dilkash Rana
Dilkash Rana Il y a 14 heures
Buy latest iPhone at very cheap price COD available all over india contact me -9852324254(Sonu) iPhone XI pro at just 50000
Nikhit Adibhatla
Nikhit Adibhatla Il y a 14 heures
zack's phone has a screen burn
ganesh mirisker
ganesh mirisker Il y a 14 heures
For me pixel phones line up is just great for its camera and guess what it is also nearly expensive as iphones
Ed Gingi
Ed Gingi Il y a 14 heures
Worst ASMR ever!
Nikolaos Loudaros
Nikolaos Loudaros Il y a 14 heures
They used to make the affordable Nexus 5 that sold like crazy at 280 euros. Today they make 1000 euro phones that they look outdated. I will stick with my pocophone...
Janarthanan Subramanian
Janarthanan Subramanian Il y a 15 heures
Unacceptable at this price point ....... you're right.....
Voltex Il y a 15 heures
If I would want to get drunk as quickly as possible I would take a shot every time you fanboy Apple's dumb designs and call them superior
Shreddly Nick
Shreddly Nick Il y a 15 heures
4 little problems easily avoided by common sense. USE A PHONE CASE!
AlphaSnake01 Il y a 15 heures
An Google Pixel 4XL but LG G FLEX edition
Mohan Ram
Mohan Ram Il y a 16 heures
I think Google don't how to do it's hardware business,
trust me, I'm a cat
trust me, I'm a cat Il y a 16 heures
after apples bendgate I feel like it's absolutely unacceptable for any phone to snap like that.
Jasminder Singh
Jasminder Singh Il y a 16 heures
screen burn test last 40 seconds . which helps NOBODY lmao hahahaha
karthik ch
karthik ch Il y a 17 heures
The entire pixel line is so redundant and pointless at this point. They should've stuck to the Nexus ideology and phones. I loved my Nexus 5 but I'll never buy a pixel if these are the kinds of phones that Google wants to make.
EffecT P
EffecT P Il y a 17 heures
screen burn on your s8...
Хуやма おекапович
Го на следующий краш тест линейку XIAOMI REDMI 8A,8,NOTE 8,NOTE 8 PRO.
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar Il y a 20 heures
So are you not planning to drop a teardown video of pixel 4? I wanted to see those special chips this phone has.
daniel NN
daniel NN Il y a 20 heures
Usted tiene un serio problema psicológico
Ezra Redgwell
Ezra Redgwell Il y a 23 heures
I’m still gonna go with the Samsung s10 plus ;)
Nics Arnaudov
Nics Arnaudov Il y a jour
My ears are exploding, I'm using headphones
tyler tapanes
tyler tapanes Il y a jour
I think the phone design is a flaw but the overall aesthetic is very pleasing and googles OS is an easier form of android. Whish I could afford one and seeing it ripped apart was very good to see, any chance you could send one to me lmao?
Anthony 3force
Anthony 3force Il y a jour
Note 10+ phone becomes on person computer
robert wheeler
robert wheeler Il y a jour
i absolutely loved my pixel 2 i feel like they failed on this one
Quang Curry
Quang Curry Il y a jour
That means last pass has access to my bank account password....
Quang Curry
Quang Curry Il y a jour
That means last pass has access to my bank account password...
Kayleigh's Corner
Kayleigh's Corner Il y a jour
I hate that sound from the razor.
Michael Keith
Michael Keith Il y a jour
Google Pixel is as much of a joke as FRvid’s algorithm!
SRT 8 TEAM Il y a jour
You should the razer phone when it come out!!!
3llis YT
3llis YT Il y a jour
Who else is here on an iPhone 7? ( do you like apple or google )?
AR_119 Il y a 11 heures
I hate apple but at this point I don't like Google either lol. I have a one plus 7 pro
Nicknamedguy Il y a jour
Finally you upgrade from s8 i dont😑😑
squazz Il y a jour
It amazes me that a company as big as Google can make such a disappointing phone in so many avoidable areas.
Red Shift
Red Shift Il y a jour
*Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah Saves.* We are praying for ALL of you. Peace and love, TJ & Mercy x
Nathan Dugas
Nathan Dugas Il y a jour
Copy iPhone 11 pro
Grudzień Il y a jour
One plus is much better this times and after all updates I started to hate new "features" added to my Pixel 3 especially activating Google assistant from corner, God it's annoying AF. Only one thing that is better on pixels it's phone sizing, there is just one phone that's better in terms of sizing, it's Galaxy 10e but it does have Samsung's android overlay (if that's a good word for that) and I don't like it.
rickenteroloco Il y a jour
Wolf From YT
Wolf From YT Il y a jour
plss test redmi note 8
William James
William James Il y a jour
Does anyone know what scratch test kit he uses?
Robert Hosein
Robert Hosein Il y a jour
Good video.
Thiên Tuệ Nguyễn Lê
Next can you do a durability test for vsmart live ?
9mm Guys vs 45acp Guys