the new iOS 14 broke my iPhone...

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In today’s video, I downloaded the new iOS 14 unreleased beta ! If you guys don’t know betas sometimes have complications. So enjoy me downloading it, going through the confusion, and the exciting new features new to iPhone! Hopefully, this video helped you either wait patiently or be like me and download it despite the smallmouth functions! You can click the link below If you want to find out how to download the beta now. What do you think of the beta? What's your favorite part so far? If you found this video entertaining please give It a huge thumbs up and subscribe! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next sarahgracesaturday!
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27 juin 2020




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Commentaires 80
Scarlett Otsutsuki
Scarlett Otsutsuki Il y a 14 minutes
Why are y’all android users sour af I’ve had these features for so long blah blah blah guess what no one cares or asked 😁😄
Ilija Jevtic
Ilija Jevtic Il y a 42 minutes
nobody: apple: nah you dont need to pause the video just stop it and struggle to merge them
Sofia Barreto
Sofia Barreto Il y a 2 heures
ciaran burke
ciaran burke Il y a 2 heures
I have the beta mine works fine
mkn mkn
mkn mkn Il y a 2 heures
you can do the screen with a screen on ipad too ! it works for netflix facetime amazon prime ect but without having to get the update :)
Jewel Chokder
Jewel Chokder Il y a 2 heures
She's just a brat nothing to say she's a brat she what's everything to be perfect like girl No!
Ayla Gemmell
Ayla Gemmell Il y a 3 heures
my iPhone is blowing up my notifications telling me to update it I’m not going to
Makeup by Emma
Makeup by Emma Il y a 3 heures
Where do the apps go like what is the library
ItsxAri Il y a 4 heures
You can do both of the multi tasking things on ipad
charlo in ur box
charlo in ur box Il y a 4 heures
I haven't had any problems weird.....
I dont know what username to choose
i downloaded the update before and i saw this
Mack Sause
Mack Sause Il y a 6 heures
Does she have only fans?
Dosage Music
Dosage Music Il y a 8 heures
My music channels has great music please check it out
Synix_08 Il y a 8 heures
It dors the sale
Tanya Escurel
Tanya Escurel Il y a 9 heures
it looks like a samsung now
Sabinabean Sabean
Sabinabean Sabean Il y a 10 heures
wow. why does it sound like they turned apple into an android?
nick castle
nick castle Il y a 11 heures
_ NiteFort _
_ NiteFort _ Il y a 11 heures
I got click bated
PUBG GAMEPLAY Il y a 14 heures
Cause you have youtube premium
Kaname The Fanboy
Kaname The Fanboy Il y a 14 heures
Android has had all those features for years but apple just got it 5 years ahead more like 5 years behind 😜😂
R a i x x n y
R a i x x n y Il y a 15 heures
Janela Pamine
Janela Pamine Il y a 15 heures
I wish i have iphone 11 pro max too😔
c00u3h1e lv3r.
c00u3h1e lv3r. Il y a 16 heures
i restarted my phone and it broke literally the whole phone broke bro omfg
Francine Medel
Francine Medel Il y a 18 heures
Stephanie Vlog
Stephanie Vlog Il y a 18 heures
Rangi.marsden Il y a 19 heures
I got the iOS 14 beta 2 and it’s so buggy
Playboi humi
Playboi humi Il y a 20 heures
I have it and I don’t have problems
Carmel Evans
Carmel Evans Il y a 21 heure
so updating to ios 14 wont hurt the phone but its bc she did the first beta before it was released?
Jose Miranda
Jose Miranda Il y a 21 heure
Does this work on my iPhone 12 max pro se Xr plus nano?
Katisha Smith
Katisha Smith Il y a 21 heure
She is so so cute♡♡
Hope Macdonald
Hope Macdonald Il y a 21 heure
Me with my Galaxy A20 and already been having these features lol
D_IRVEE Il y a 22 heures
Thank god I’m not the only one. I have an IPhone XR and I got this beta 2 testing yesterday. It’s not been even 24 hours into it and my phone is very hot all the time and now I’ve noticed screen burn in. I’ve got a permanent imprint on my keyboard. I always have a dark background and I would have noticed this prior so it must be the update
Megan Megan
Megan Megan Il y a 22 heures
Lol I can do the same thing while face timing and watching FRvid at the same time
Jayden Callear
Jayden Callear Il y a 22 heures
Okay but like.. Get the free year of Apple TV+!!!
Stefi Lămâița
Stefi Lămâița Il y a 22 heures
Wait y’all have ios 14? I have to upgrade to 13.5.1
ChrisRBLX Il y a 22 heures
The wallpaper that Sarah put is from iOS 13 actually... (I have an iPhone that is on ios 13 and has the same wallpaper lol)
Cryptic Alter
Cryptic Alter Il y a 23 heures
Who even uses widgets
Cryptic Alter
Cryptic Alter Il y a 23 heures
Why does she have so notifications
Charles Vanek
Charles Vanek Il y a 23 heures
Yea this update is just breaking the phones and idk how apple is gonna fix it
Anna Ortiz
Anna Ortiz Il y a 23 heures
they have added highlights
Haxor Clay
Haxor Clay Il y a 23 heures
Who’s gonna tell her those are iOS 13 wallpaper...
Hmmm Ntah
Hmmm Ntah Il y a jour
Iphone user: ios14 has widget on homescreen Android user: pfft, kids
Square Zero
Square Zero Il y a jour
That's why it is "BETA"
osazemen bello
osazemen bello Il y a jour
but the FaceTime thing,u can do it on whatsapp tho,but no hate sarah is my baby👍🏾😂🙂
osazemen bello
osazemen bello Il y a jour
seems like the update is really good,does apple even need to bring out a new phone????
ArQ-YEYI Il y a jour
Kinda clickbait
osazemen bello
osazemen bello Il y a jour
i think when something say beta u should avoid it tho
Hailey Il y a jour
Does the double tap feature to screenshot also work on the iPhone SE 2020?
Noah Magana
Noah Magana Il y a jour
She forgot to mention that AirPods are getting surround sound!
Dexy Dexxx Gaming
Dexy Dexxx Gaming Il y a jour
It’s because it takes lots of space
Jessica Montes
Jessica Montes Il y a jour
I had to downgrade
Francheska vlog L
Francheska vlog L Il y a jour
yoh can do that on Netfix and disney +
Rhianna Thorpe
Rhianna Thorpe Il y a jour
It update with out me knowing I was crying because I hate the update
Brendan Crouts
Brendan Crouts Il y a jour
You should of been on public beta, not Dev.
Tasnim Jannat
Tasnim Jannat Il y a jour
Mimi Albawardi
Mimi Albawardi Il y a jour
This update will release after a couple of months I think 6 months or more! And then we all can update our phones normally So excited!!
hello it's luciana
hello it's luciana Il y a jour
I don't understand why people always say Apple is better than android like these 'new updates' android users already had like 2 years ago
Meicee Rodelas
Meicee Rodelas Il y a jour
*Android users enterd the chat*
RxspxctChop Il y a jour
Samsung had all this first
Jam Il y a jour
Who wants to tell her that wallpaper not new 😐
she looks like Pokimane
Zamira Campbell
Zamira Campbell Il y a jour
My phone works fine idk why it’s messing other people’s phones up
Jovanny Guzmam
Jovanny Guzmam Il y a jour
Me asking my parents when can we go to San Antonio to meet YOU
hontvedt hontvedt
hontvedt hontvedt Il y a jour
Is somebody gonna tell her she could have saved $1000 on a phone with all that aka android and also I have knew this already and I have had my android phone for 2 years now 😎 😎
Delilah Roses
Delilah Roses Il y a jour
IT MESSED UP MY PHONE TOO! i literally had to get a new one
Forever With Brianna
Something happened to my sister phone just like 10 minutes ago and it’s was glitching, she couldn’t click anything, don’t update your phone until September .
Nala Sadiki
Nala Sadiki Il y a jour
You can do highlights on your Memoji click on the hair color then the highlight option will appear
Axel - Roblox
Axel - Roblox Il y a jour
Kinda clickbait
Euridis Amarante
Euridis Amarante Il y a jour
My eyes hurt 😞
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Il y a jour
There is no iOS 14
Miller Callahan
Miller Callahan Il y a jour
How do I do the FRvid thing
demardre williams
demardre williams Il y a jour
Do people not realize the fine print when installing says you are able to tell us problems with the beta it’s a beta for a reason
Rihanna Jenkins
Rihanna Jenkins Il y a jour
I got the iOS 13 update & my phone is randomly playing music by itself
Jason Roulias
Jason Roulias Il y a jour
me watching Sarah call the iOS 13 wallpapers new 👁👄👁
Jason Roulias
Jason Roulias Il y a jour
me watching on ios 14 beta 2 👁👄👁
Andrew Banks
Andrew Banks Il y a jour
Miller Callahan
Miller Callahan Il y a jour
Doesn’t it coz $99
Jaleana Solis
Jaleana Solis Il y a jour
Omg the avocado is so cute :) and done
xo Il y a jour
my iphone xr is stable, keyboard is a bit laggy & my calls arent going through but thats it
Shanu Lashman
Shanu Lashman Il y a 2 jours
Too late lol 😂