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Commentaires 80
shero kikito
shero kikito Il y a heure
9:59 to 10:00 i sware that's alora and lotor and thats the story ark for voltron
wendy hixon
wendy hixon Il y a jour
I'm watching dis in 2020 ;-;
Obelisk Sage
Obelisk Sage Il y a jour
fossil fighters is fun shame Jaiden didnt mention the character who cannonly has 50 dino masks on
Michelle Kludt
Michelle Kludt Il y a 2 jours
Here is when the video starts 0:45
Animalix 11
Animalix 11 Il y a 9 jours
Ori Levin
Ori Levin Il y a 12 jours
he looks like ice king
Andrew Chian
Andrew Chian Il y a 13 jours
king dynal looks like king lotar
Andrew W
Andrew W Il y a 16 jours
yo what happened to your shirt it was going weird on the yelloe
Oscar Alejo
Oscar Alejo Il y a 18 jours
Its a pokemon emarld knok off
Iamnuketastic Il y a 21 jour
There's a sequel.
Don’tsaymename Or something
She misspelled them because she didn’t want to be copyrighted
John Lalhmangaiha
John Lalhmangaiha Il y a 22 jours
Wow so cool I love this
shinyglaceon1234 Il y a 23 jours
Omg king dynal looks like vaati from the legend of zelda
maddie Il y a 23 jours
She called it that so she wont get sued
Ozymandias2x Il y a 24 jours
Trapped in the Dimmadimmadome.
Jiya Il y a 26 jours
Go watch "my childhood crushes 2" by emirichu please !
TheOdd1sOut Il y a 27 jours
3:39 is good
Dark Grim Reaper
Dark Grim Reaper Il y a 29 jours
Shake those hips ...isn’t that twerking?
Recaldo Warde
Recaldo Warde Il y a 29 jours
Christened verbase Droped a new vid
BT_Pandalove_YT Life
BT_Pandalove_YT Life Il y a 29 jours
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming Il y a mois
i played the game and beat it a while ago :D
Darrion Murrow
Darrion Murrow Il y a mois
Pokemon sword and shield now do it now
Tessa Meusen
Tessa Meusen Il y a mois
he looks like Lotor from Voltron 10:10
Yasmin Solano
Yasmin Solano Il y a mois
Them hips Don't lie 😂😂😂
Jayden Liberty
Jayden Liberty Il y a mois
Ashamed to admit the final boss took me 8 tries and a guide
WolfyWolf Dog
WolfyWolf Dog Il y a mois
Night Snatcher
Night Snatcher Il y a mois
But one of them is not a human
EleDC QweamBoba
EleDC QweamBoba Il y a mois
blood. Sweat. and tears??? .... HmMHmHMhmHMhmHm...
Carver Ze Derp
Carver Ze Derp Il y a mois
Another suggestion that'll be buried. Meet the Team by Valve/teamfortress.
Jettett07 Il y a mois
Bruh I remember this game!! It was so good!
Pie1o1 Morris
Pie1o1 Morris Il y a mois
The other game she played was that Spongebob gameboy game from when she was younger
katelyn cevallos
katelyn cevallos Il y a mois
He kind of looks like trigon from teen titans
the awesome gamer kid
Is jaiden turning into a gamer
faith soft
faith soft Il y a mois
To me the king looks like vati from the minish cap
Mohini Stalker
Mohini Stalker Il y a mois
He looks like that prince LOTOR from voltron legendary defender
Giggle 147 AJ
Giggle 147 AJ Il y a mois
I asked for a shout out hmm
WichTheAxple ;P
WichTheAxple ;P Il y a mois
Hay! Don’t joke on my name! (My name is google)
Girls Nation Gaming
King dynal looks like that guy from a kingdom hearts game, i forgot his name-
Rhonda Y. Zander
Rhonda Y. Zander Il y a mois
Do it pizzazz
Rhonda Y. Zander
Rhonda Y. Zander Il y a mois
See gamer Chad the wild letting zoo baby Alan cartoon
Derpy Bony8774
Derpy Bony8774 Il y a mois
Blanca Cruz
Blanca Cruz Il y a mois
Yu su mu a close you’re eyes and Escape you’re Dream
Ashley Gacha
Ashley Gacha Il y a mois
The reason its fony and that for copyright issues
Aamn Il y a mois
01:07 the prince from Voltron?
Aamn Il y a mois
Please, lower your intro volume!
McKinley Vanias
McKinley Vanias Il y a mois
Is it just me or does anyone else want to play this came just to turn rosie to stone??
Angel Beas
Angel Beas Il y a 16 jours
@Meta Nightmare445 thanks for spoiling it
Meta Nightmare445
Meta Nightmare445 Il y a mois
She doesn't get turned to stone if you pick her. Instead she gets amnesia (thus somehow becoming even more helpless) and you fix her basically the same way.
KingBardOG Il y a mois
You missed the Scottfalco shout out
Ruth Abreu
Ruth Abreu Il y a mois
GamerGuy25 / Devlin Ford
AyChristine’s intro: 3:39
AceOfSerberit Il y a mois
Regarding the Fony at the start. It's a common thing within anime and Japanese culture to avoid copyright by changing something just a tiny bit. And considering Jaiden makes other anime references in her videos I think she was pulling a that
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez Il y a mois
Love your sailor moon shirt
kuir dagoot
kuir dagoot Il y a mois
Watch just shapes and beats please
kuir dagoot
kuir dagoot Il y a mois
KingBardOG Il y a mois
She mentioned that the start looked familiar because it's nearly the exact same as the Pokemon gen 3 games: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
RedK5 Il y a 25 jours
KingBardOG but I kept calling Rosie Lily. Lily’s from Sun and Moon
Anthony Baker
Anthony Baker Il y a mois
Yeah i was on vacation for a while.
VCP Stowos
VCP Stowos Il y a mois
During the last part there jaiden was a hippie while saving duna
Amanda Arreola
Amanda Arreola Il y a mois
Duna: give me the idols! Jaiden: NO! Duna: *turn into a dinosaur* GIVE ME THE IDOLS! Jaiden: NO...what your a dinosaur now? Jaiden: oh wait were fighting now? *Defeats Duna*
Tariq L
Tariq L Il y a mois
Can you watch this
Mr finer diner
Mr finer diner Il y a mois
:) Get likes
Kevin GarciaR
Kevin GarciaR Il y a mois
Did jaiden curse
Mike Buston
Mike Buston Il y a mois
Here another thing a comments song Aka: made by mandopony Begin: So many years, so many dark memories So many fears we've now put to ease.., pain make you do things You never knew you could do Is this all real? Or just madness? . . But now the party's over... Now the guests are gone... It's already past your bedtime It's already almost dawn... Just like balloons, they sour on their own Finally free from the pain of our home And just like balloons, that no one will hold free from the truth That no one will know... no one will know . . Just little children Not at all strange Until the light went outs And everything changed Alone and afraid for oh, so long wondering what.. did i do wrong...? 'Cause now the party's over... And everyone is red I feel sick to my stomach... ... or am i sick in the head? Just like ours minds, we sour on our own Finally free from the pain of our home And just like ours park's, that no one will hold on Free from the truth That no one will know... (no one will know)... (no one will know), (no one will know), (no one will know), (no one will know) no one will know.. no one will know.. . . . All of that pain... far in the past... yet echoes of sceams... forever will last. Just like our hearts, we soar on our own Finally free from the pain of our home And just like balloons, that no one will hold on Free from the truth, That no one will knows... no.. one know... End
Ender Lord69
Ender Lord69 Il y a mois
I played this game as a kid
Aanyia Poindexter
Aanyia Poindexter Il y a mois
Lol he look like lotor from voltron
tiina rantamaki
tiina rantamaki Il y a mois
Can you reakt to more overlysarcastic productions or to kilian experiense
Idk what to call myself
AyChristene DAGames released a new song for the game Boris and the Dark Survival
Emil Serezlic
Emil Serezlic Il y a mois
Amina Tof
Amina Tof Il y a mois
ckeck out the new Emirichu video
[ Sly Ari ]
[ Sly Ari ] Il y a mois
I think the king guy in the game looks like lucious Malfoy, from Harry Potter! Idk y.. 😂
Chara Carol
Chara Carol Il y a mois
Clumsy Mess
Clumsy Mess Il y a mois
Sheryl Sison
Sheryl Sison Il y a mois
9.6 k views 696 likes And This is the 96 comment
Sheryl Sison
Sheryl Sison Il y a mois
95 comment
Cyberia NANI
Cyberia NANI Il y a mois
Btw its true know thing video reacts cute and funny 😋
I hate stupid people Garcia
This reminds me of weird version of Pokémon
grace li
grace li Il y a mois
Riley Leben
Riley Leben Il y a mois
Plz play a game Called pizza game it's done by the same company made epithet erased!!🙏🙏😔😭😭😭
Fuzzy's Clips_43
Fuzzy's Clips_43 Il y a mois
Next do stay inside by Gingerpale
Carter msm
Carter msm Il y a mois
I am fat
Tim McLaughlin
Tim McLaughlin Il y a mois
Like the Sailor Moon t-shirt.
magical girl
magical girl Il y a mois
Reacts to help me
coming clean
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