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v Nestorr
v Nestorr Il y a 8 minutes
said his beard on a fast break 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
v Nestorr
v Nestorr Il y a 10 minutes
he don’t even know the nigga name stfu flight😂😂😂
Jaylon Miles
Jaylon Miles Il y a 37 minutes
Kyrie should be a 95
ChrisDaMastah 21
ChrisDaMastah 21 Il y a 39 minutes
Flights livin in 2014
Bomm Stey
Bomm Stey Il y a 58 minutes
Yo, i'm a Steph Curry and a W's fan, and even i wanna punch this nigga to puts his brain into the right place
C0brazz SZN
C0brazz SZN Il y a heure
"You can't give someone this high of a rating if they cant make it to the third round of the playoffs" The very next slide he says Anthony Davis is "fair" and he missed the playoffs lol
GhosT Il y a 3 heures
Flight is definitely a highlight nigga he don’t watch basketball at all. That shit mad annoying to hear a nigga talk that dumb
jahmi ifill
jahmi ifill Il y a 3 heures
yes curry do got mvps cash you delusional
Graydon Trujillo
Graydon Trujillo Il y a 3 heures
Cash y r u reacting to someone who lost 2 lnu in a one v one
Graydon Trujillo
Graydon Trujillo Il y a 3 heures
TLJ Gaming
TLJ Gaming Il y a 4 heures
This man said Giannis should be a 90 overall let that sink in...
Jamari Holmes
Jamari Holmes Il y a 5 heures
Joel is at at good rating
Sam Sellers
Sam Sellers Il y a 5 heures
David Padilla
David Padilla Il y a 6 heures
No cap KAT don't deserve no 89ovr
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Il y a 7 heures
And im not saying im a flight fan but like leave this nigga alone shit
Jye Prime
Jye Prime Il y a 8 heures
no offence but i think lebron should be a 96 overall giannis is MVP has 96 lebron really good cash but is like 35 and has 97 wich i dont agree with kawhi 97 overall well deserved but flight guessing curry a 98 is pretty sad and im a curry fan! HE A 95 BTW
Pinky The Unicorn
Pinky The Unicorn Il y a 8 heures
Russell westbrook Flight - Russell westbrick And claim to have a high basketball knowledge what the hell do you watch top 10 highlights on a yearly
Lil' Nelis
Lil' Nelis Il y a 8 heures
Iknow basketball he says, and doesnt know 2x dpoy rudy gobert
therealmamba 25
therealmamba 25 Il y a 9 heures
get off flight dick😂😂🤣
ReziGames Il y a 10 heures
Flight going off of nba 2k basketball he only watch nba 2k games and base that in real life facts
Lamarcus Griffin
Lamarcus Griffin Il y a 10 heures
Chesse a clont chaser
BIG ERV TV Il y a 11 heures
It’s pisses me off
Donte 4l
Donte 4l Il y a 11 heures
This man said curry should be highest overall 😂😂😂 he smokin mojo
Fandango Fernando
Fandango Fernando Il y a 11 heures
Flight given out my team ratings
DeAndre Jayson
DeAndre Jayson Il y a 12 heures
is flight on drugs?
DUB _ADAPT Il y a 13 heures
Did i hear flight calling russel selfiah and then talk about he gets ao many triple doubles what
Boston Celtics Fan
Boston Celtics Fan Il y a 13 heures
I hate kyrie
Mykeil Blair
Mykeil Blair Il y a 13 heures
Okay so look giannis wins mvp Flight: 90 overall Stephen curry wins mvp Flight: 199 overall
Mykeil Blair
Mykeil Blair Il y a 13 heures
Ok flight as much as u play 2k19 u can saw how many moments cards paul George got u think they just gave him those cards
Mtd Jay
Mtd Jay Il y a 14 heures
Mtd Jay
Mtd Jay Il y a 14 heures
AKumpo 😂😂
Ferrell Smith
Ferrell Smith Il y a 15 heures
Why is Kash suckin flight on Blood
Payden Glass
Payden Glass Il y a 15 heures
What is flight on
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Il y a 15 heures
I cant believe that they made a emoji for flight, here it is 🤡🤡🤡
izak curley
izak curley Il y a 16 heures
ankumpo is 7 ft 8 and can handle the ball
KyLeNaToR YT Il y a 16 heures
20:56 uhtukpo is 7’8”
jahmi ifill
jahmi ifill Il y a 16 heures
yo if you keep hating on people just stop reacting to their vids
Jacob Marsaw
Jacob Marsaw Il y a 17 heures
BobPlayz Il y a 17 heures
Why does flight blink so much
Jamie Elizabeth
Jamie Elizabeth Il y a 18 heures
PG was 3rd in MVP voting, How is he an 88. PG had the best season of his career.
Chase Holtzman
Chase Holtzman Il y a 18 heures
The sad part is that this guy does this for publicity and we give it to him. This is exactly what flight wanted to happen. We are just giving him money for saying controversial statements
Gavin Can’t come to the phone right now
21:53 just made me wake up my mom from laughing so hard
Isaiah Woods
Isaiah Woods Il y a 19 heures
Cash here to be talking sh** 😂 How Cash and Flight friends fr. They act like they enemies. 22:00 You HIGH Flight I’m dead. Cash funny asf
Davareyess Landers
Davareyess Landers Il y a 21 heure
that z-on willamson
T R Il y a 22 heures
Atleast u broke his ankles
Caden Il y a 22 heures
No one: Literally Absolutely no one: Flight: bEhInD sTePh CuRrY
Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker Il y a 23 heures
This guy is dum
Isaac Alvarez
Isaac Alvarez Il y a 23 heures
Paul George is better than Russel easy bro he is a 94
Isaac Alvarez
Isaac Alvarez Il y a jour
Jimmy 90 and Karl 90
Ronald Black
Ronald Black Il y a jour
Tell this clown to go back to school.. The boy can't read!!! Lol. He truly doesn't know basketball.
lukas wuorinen
lukas wuorinen Il y a jour
Zeeon. J.A. More int. 😂😂
DatzJahhGaming Il y a jour
"Stay off the weed" Stephen A. Smith
Debo Wavy
Debo Wavy Il y a jour
Yeah everything he say piss me off
Mo Jordan Gamer
Mo Jordan Gamer Il y a jour
This nigga is dumb
Paul Radmer
Paul Radmer Il y a jour
Did nobody hear him shit his pants at 0:43
Brendan McRoy
Brendan McRoy Il y a jour
This pained me to watch him say all these things
dago gonzalez
dago gonzalez Il y a jour
I love rewatching this video 😂😂 and idk y flight wonders y he didn’t get a face scan or FRvid badge on top of his my player because of this video 😂😂
Griffin Morey
Griffin Morey Il y a jour
Btw igudola stole Curry’s finals MVP when he was shooting under 40% from the free throw right?
djxhdbdbje hddhdjd
djxhdbdbje hddhdjd Il y a jour
14:37 Vegeta going super saiyan
SxLiDClout NGU
SxLiDClout NGU Il y a jour
He’s telling me that Zion is better then Jason Tatum and Kyle lowry
big clap
big clap Il y a jour
Bro I wana smack flight bro this dude sounds like dead fish
Jayden Shaffer
Jayden Shaffer Il y a jour
Flight makes my brain wanna throw up
golddust21 black
golddust21 black Il y a jour
Jose Osorio
Jose Osorio Il y a jour
Like or get crossed be flight 👇🏽
gamer wolf luke
gamer wolf luke Il y a jour
Does this video make anyone else just genuinely mad
Murph Watkins
Murph Watkins Il y a jour
TeAo Niha
TeAo Niha Il y a jour
1v1 him cash!
TeAo Niha
TeAo Niha Il y a jour
I'm unfollowing flight the fool just said Joel Embiid should be 83 now I'm mad!
TeAo Niha
TeAo Niha Il y a jour
You got twitch homie?
GAMER WOLF PRO Il y a jour
I watched this for the 5th time
EOS Bloby
EOS Bloby Il y a jour
Wait nba 2k came out in 20001999?
Blake Ngo
Blake Ngo Il y a jour
how does he know kat but not rudy gobert?😂😂
Andrew Thornton
Andrew Thornton Il y a jour
His face when he said Westbrook lead okc 18:19
Dave Lane
Dave Lane Il y a jour
Flight is smoking pack
Cryosword Il y a jour
Does he know that Giannis shot over 200 3s last year? He's working on it.
Justin Miles
Justin Miles Il y a jour
Labum James 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cink 21
Cink 21 Il y a jour
James harden lead his team to a winning season ... at least if not 3 seasons in a row..
Jeremy Lohmann
Jeremy Lohmann Il y a jour
This nigga hasn’t watched basketball since 2016
UglyKid Swendy
UglyKid Swendy Il y a 2 jours
Cash you have to talk a bit louder I can barely hear what your sayin
xGalaxyHD Il y a 2 jours
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