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The new season of The Mandalorian starts streaming Friday, October 30, only on Disney+.
The Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey, facing enemies and rallying allies as they make their way through a dangerous galaxy in the tumultuous era after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. “The Mandalorian” stars Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers and Giancarlo Esposito. Directors for the new season include Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rick Famuyiwa, Carl Weathers, Peyton Reed and Robert Rodriguez. Showrunner Jon Favreau serves as executive producer along with Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy and Colin Wilson, with Karen Gilchrist serving as co-executive producer.
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15 sept. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Lord, Faucet Failure
Lord, Faucet Failure Il y a minute
This is the way
alexis barrera
alexis barrera Il y a 43 minutes
t pain
Wesley Bosworth
Wesley Bosworth Il y a heure
that is this one episode per week that silly.
YouTube Is An Influencer
I'vrvnot even watched this trailer as I've tired of modern trailers way too much to the point the ruin the overall enjoyment of Films & Tv shows but what I'm on to go over is that Season One delibaretly on aired the First 4 Episodes in the First Month that this Tv Show was aired then in the released the Next 4 Episodes in the following (2nd Month) which meant you had to keep your Disny+ payment up front rather than watching the first 4 Episodes in 1 Week or if they released all 8 Episodes in the first week then most (anticipated fans of this new series) would have watched all 8 with that week or sooner... This was definitely a decision that was made to make sure current or new subscriber's keep their membership paid for each month & now were are being spoon fed 1 Episode Per Week, which is clearly an attempt by Disney+ to keep maximising their profits... Now like most I love on all the films on the Disney+ Channel but once I'd watch all the movies I wanted to there was no point in keeping a monthly online subscription as I had seen all that they had to offer, which is a huge selection CGI action movies & CGI Animation Movies but that was it & (maybe it's just me) but I don't think many people are going to want to keep a subscription to a streaming channel going if has nothing more to over... Now we come The Mandalorian Season 2 which like most fans of this show had been eagerly awaiting this 2nd Season but instead of them releasing 4 Episodes in the first month & then the last 4 In the 2nd month we are being drip fed (even more now) as they are onky airing 1 Episode Per Week & that to me is just ripping people off & delibaretly making sure that already current Disney+ Subscribers & New Customers will have to definitely keep their Subscribtion paid upfront & ongoing... Now I know it's the Disney+ Channel & therefore will only have films & Tv Shows aimed at kids & while this will work fine with parents with younger kids in their family happy as they will have all those films to keep them quiet & glued to the screen but for others the Disney+ doesn't have a long term time feel to it & I had literally just cancelled my Subscribtion 8 weeks before Season One of The Mandalorian was aired & if it wasn't for that Tv Show I would never have needed to feel compelled to take out a Subscribtion to Disney+ again as, apart from the Disney combined children to adult based movies to watch as a family I feel Disney+ doesn't have enough various content on its channel to warrant my constant ongoing Subscribtion... It's that old saying of " Each To Their Own " but I'd rather wait until all of Season 2 Episodes have been aired & then take out a 1 Monthly only Subscribtion to watch those episodes as this Channel isn't worth having a constant subscription going & until they add more content to help pull old & New Customers back in with shows like The Mandalorian then I see no need to keep my Subscribtion constantly ongoing... Anyway enough of that & I hope that Season 2 of The Mandalorian is as big a hit as Season One & you all enjoy it, " As This The Way " In light of this still ongoing coronavirus outbreak stay safe and healthy wherever you are in this world... .....
Sarlacc Breath
Sarlacc Breath Il y a 2 heures
Too bad the music in the actual show was more like the soundtrack of this trailer.
Zipply Il y a 2 heures
love it, this is one EPIC SHOW!
YouKnowWho'sBack Il y a 3 heures
Me to my friends explaining to watch this series: 'This is the way.'
steve t
steve t Il y a 3 heures
thank you for steaming it yesterday it was my BIRTHDAY
MLGTrueIncarnate Il y a 3 heures
Ugandan knuckles: Do yu kno de wei? Mando: This is the way...
Atanur BOZ
Atanur BOZ Il y a 3 heures
Best of Star Wars warriors Mando👑🔥👍🙏
Chen Richard
Chen Richard Il y a 4 heures
This is the way
W rex
W rex Il y a 4 heures
0:59 do you know da wae?
Brian Siu
Brian Siu Il y a 5 heures
Y do I have one show? Literally just one!?!?!
Johann Oniegin A. Tantog
Johann Oniegin A. Tantog Il y a 5 heures
1:14 this audio really got stuck into the heart of dIsney
Colton Quinn
Colton Quinn Il y a 6 heures
LONGSTRIDER Productions Il y a 6 heures
Is it just me or is that fett’s ship @1:23-1:24?
Šᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ ᴛᴇxᴛ † †
you might be right
Canard Colbert
Canard Colbert Il y a 6 heures
This is the way.
LiangHuBBB Il y a 7 heures
this is the way!
Roopnarine Deonarine
Roopnarine Deonarine Il y a 7 heures
OMG OMG I needs to watch to see if Boba Fett comes back
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
It was someone else who put Fett armor.
You Ryse
You Ryse Il y a 7 heures
But there's no sound in space
Juan Llanes
Juan Llanes Il y a 2 heures
we are talking about starwars here , it isnt ment to be realistic
You Ryse
You Ryse Il y a 3 heures
@oke Thank you my mom said the same thing
oke Il y a 4 heures
Youre so smart
Jake Chow
Jake Chow Il y a 7 heures
0:12 Why’s the back door open?
pguerrreroИ Il y a 7 heures
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
@卂丂ᗪ千 i didn’t recognize him.
卂丂ᗪ千 Il y a 5 heures
@star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever Its temura morisson the guy who played jango and since boba is a clone of jango he can play boba
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
@RubyCreeper 77 ah because It doesn’t look like what I was imagining boba fett.
RubyCreeper 77
RubyCreeper 77 Il y a 7 heures
@star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever mate it's boba fett at the end
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
@pguerrreroИ i saw the season 2 first episode and it was someone else who wore fett armor😈😈😈😈
Ansh Gupta
Ansh Gupta Il y a 9 heures
Here I play PES 2013
Patrik Il y a 9 heures
1:32 Oh boy, here we go again
James Dyer
James Dyer Il y a 10 heures
Woo boy the hype sure is real
James Cannizzaro
James Cannizzaro Il y a 11 heures
Stefenski Il y a 11 heures
lame story trying to defeat a giant worm by tying up banth for it to eat , when there are androids with laser weapons that could hunt it Down laughable. the dialogue is b movie wont last the season if this is sign of things to come
Šᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ ᴛᴇxᴛ † †
They Shot Lasers at it and it didnt do nothing...
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
i love it personaly. and at least they didn't bring back boba fest.
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
i have seen the first episode
Orion Slaver
Orion Slaver Il y a 12 heures
Me: 2020 sucks and there's no way anything good can come out of it. Mando: Hold my child.
sanduel Il y a 12 heures
is that Ahsoka ?
K L C Il y a 13 heures
Awesome! This is real Star Wars The last five movies were very disappointing
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
@HighGround Obi-Wan Lucas said he didn’t count legends EU while making the prequels and as I said the only bad Star Wars is Star Wars Holidays.
HighGround Obi-Wan
HighGround Obi-Wan Il y a 7 heures
@star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever nah sequels did nothing for the lore, the prequels added a whole new layer
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
that is what prequels haters said about the prequels, being disappointing, and the clone wars, being real star wars. besides the only bad star wars is star wars holidays.
CWI Reviews
CWI Reviews Il y a 13 heures
My predictions of season 2 episodes: *(Tell me later how well this comment aged)* Episode 1 (CAME OUT! shots: 0:23 , 0:35 , 1:11 , 1:20 , 1:25) Episode 2 (Continuing to search the other mandalorian and getting chased by X-wings, shots: 0:40 , 0:42 , 1:21 , 1:07, 1:09) Episode 3 (Going to the water planet and finding the mandalorian from the harbor, then going to the boat, shots: 0:00 , 1:24 , 0:46-1:05 , 1:!8) Episode 4 (Some standalone stuff, no shots in this trailer) Episode 5 (Getting to the mission by seeking help from Cara and Greef, shots: 0:00 , 1:12-1:13 ) Episode 6 (Facing the imperials again on the mission, escaping from them, shots: 1:13 , 1:14 , 1:15-1:17, 1:18-1:19) Episode 7 (Some big reveals, no shots in the trailer due to spoiling) Episode 8 (Same as 7)
C F Il y a 14 heures
Juan Llanes
Juan Llanes Il y a 2 heures
The Chessguy
The Chessguy Il y a 14 heures
Season 1: This is the way Season 2: The Way this is Season 9: This might be the way Season 34: This will be the way Season 176: This will not be the way Season 9999: Way this not is
The Chessguy
The Chessguy Il y a 14 heures
Mum: *Stop eating all the cookies in the cookie jar!* Me: *This is the way.*
Minimiesman Il y a 17 heures
sAsHa BaNkS oMg
Zoltán Kiss
Zoltán Kiss Il y a 18 heures
boring boring boring boring boring boring boring
Darkstar Il y a 19 heures
You know that special metal helmet you had made for you by a strong woman? Well it just so happens it ain’t gunna help, when you get punched in the face by another strowng woman. That space puss is so tough she whooped the galaxies baddest bounty hunter
SnakeTheJake Il y a 19 heures
When you realize that Cyclops guy is Sid from Ice Age
THE DROID Il y a 20 heures
Jonathan Muncherian
Jonathan Muncherian Il y a 20 heures
How much you wanna bet Baby Yoda's first words are going to be "The Way, this is".
BzeLL77 Il y a 20 heures
Who’s here after watching episode 1
Diggernest Il y a 19 heures
me! It's soo GOOD!
jwang604 Il y a 20 heures
Ok Disney, you win. Take my monies!!!
Karl Gonzaga Salud
Karl Gonzaga Salud Il y a 21 heure
SuperJackster01 Il y a 21 heure
Jon Faverau should become president of Lucasfilm
Brandon Kipta
Brandon Kipta Il y a 21 heure
"You want me to carry the weight of this franchise on my shoulders?" "This is the way"
Benjamin O'Keefe
Benjamin O'Keefe Il y a 22 heures
I saw sabenne from rebels
Spooky Is 1000 IQ
Spooky Is 1000 IQ Il y a 22 heures
TheYpatroL Il y a 23 heures
finaly a good show that i can watch s1 was dope s2 ep1 seems to be the same hella good
Edo Purwanto Purba
Edo Purwanto Purba Il y a 23 heures
This is the way...
Omar Salgado
Omar Salgado Il y a jour
Anyone watch the new season
Nightwalker Il y a jour
Watching ch 9 now now season 2
S. L.
S. L. Il y a jour
The cool factor of Mando rivals Darth Vader, the other famed masked character in the SW world.
j karnes
j karnes Il y a jour
4.8k people don't know the way
Ronald Gomez
Ronald Gomez Il y a jour
We got him in the end there is you now how boba he is alive YES
Red Baron productions :V
Season out today!
andy morris
andy morris Il y a jour
why does mandalorian look tons better than last few star wars films ? assuming it was because K K wasnt involved..or was she?
Madoc Lee
Madoc Lee Il y a jour
This is the way
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Il y a jour
IkeMarkle Il y a jour
My friend: You couldn't get THAT excited for The Mandalorian Season 2! Me: *sees Imperial troops crawling all over the place*(not really crawling) Also me: :D so excited!
Triops Studios
Triops Studios Il y a jour
*Among Us player discovers body and reports it* Everyone : 0:35
Hw.- Il y a jour
Así es la weá
Triops Studios
Triops Studios Il y a jour
Seeing a Krayt Dragon in action for the first time was so awesome.
friedbacon Il y a jour
just watched first episode 👌
JB Gaming
JB Gaming Il y a jour
And it was amazing
DJaySplitSecond Il y a jour
Watched the first episode to this season and it was really good!!! Man I need a Mandalorian movie soon or something
Voidmaster1899 Il y a jour
Can someone help me ? Is Mandalorian set before the prequels or after the originals or somewhere in between ?
Bear ASE
Bear ASE Il y a jour
In the early years of the new republic
Jonas G
Jonas G Il y a jour
5 years after the originals
Korus Airsoft
Korus Airsoft Il y a jour
-I just watched- I HAVE THEORY BOBA FETT I STILL ALIVE!!!! You can see the "Marshel" has Boba Fett's armour then at the end it shows someone that clearly looks like a clone at the ending shot of epi 1 season 2.
Korus Airsoft
Korus Airsoft Il y a jour
@BloW ұ ok?
BloW ұ
BloW ұ Il y a jour
That not a theory it's him
V4L30 Il y a jour
Anyone here after episode 1?
Electric Productions
Electric Productions Il y a 11 heures
It was amazing it blew my mind, the ending was the best can't wait for the next episode 🔥🔥🔥
Carolyn Irick
Carolyn Irick Il y a jour
I love everything about Star Wars. The Mandalorian is EXCELLENT. So glad my sister introduced me to the series. Keep up the Awesome work. I just wish I could be there to watch all of you at work. What a dream come true.
Ice_man 2
Ice_man 2 Il y a jour
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera Il y a jour
I hope season 2 gets an actually good plot
RadicalRick Il y a jour
Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man! This is going to be great no question about it!
Ariel Conde
Ariel Conde Il y a jour
Last time we had a season of The Mandalorian, we end up with a global pandemic.
Erik Torell
Erik Torell Il y a jour
If it wasn't for the Mandalorian I would have completely and utterly given up on Star Wars entirely.
V4L30 Il y a jour
Mandalorian is the only good thing to come out of disney star wars
Worth the shot if i haven't seen any of the Star Wars film?
Karvo Il y a jour
yep, you dont really need to follow star wars to understand, its very much a spaghetti western mixed with aliens and space. where this is disconnected to the films and is its own thing.
Markus Mustermann
Markus Mustermann Il y a jour
If you played KOTOR before, you actually know exactly what happens in the first episode haha.
Dallyingtoast Il y a jour
This is the only good thing from recent disney star wars
Thatgamer pro97
Thatgamer pro97 Il y a jour
*First Episode was Great*
Vanya G.
Vanya G. Il y a jour
Revisiting this after the premiere of the first episode is amazing
S S Il y a jour
qtstatus Il y a jour
pls tell me there’s more episodes
SithAssassin25 Il y a jour
Maya Abdaljawwad
Maya Abdaljawwad Il y a jour
Yea each episode comes once a week
Wickerboy243 Il y a jour
I haven't even finished episode 2 of season 1 yet and it is out now
Wickerboy243 Il y a jour
@V4L30 lol
V4L30 Il y a jour
@Wickerboy243 your catching up lol
Wickerboy243 Il y a jour
@V4L30 lol now im on episode 4
V4L30 Il y a jour
My guy your behind
Shawn Deninger
Shawn Deninger Il y a jour
Who’s here after that MINDBLOWING first episode!?!?!
BRUH 14 Il y a jour
Who is here after watching the new episode
S. Ahmed
S. Ahmed Il y a jour
Legend says he is still saying "I have spoken ".
t lam
t lam Il y a jour
This is the way
Bear ASE
Bear ASE Il y a jour
I just watched season 2 ep 1 and I won’t spoil anything but it’s better than I expected
120473pc Il y a jour
Mohamed Anwar
Mohamed Anwar Il y a jour
🤩Waiting to see some jedi masters🤩
Michael Paul
Michael Paul Il y a jour
Are you people ready!!!!!!!!!!? Today is the day! This is the way!
Sibel Akyel
Sibel Akyel Il y a jour
Yani pek heyecanlı değil
Ashlynn Whitman
Ashlynn Whitman Il y a jour
welp seen it loved it gonna drop class so I can see the premiere of the episode
Manjunath manju
Manjunath manju Il y a jour
Hindi dubb plz
Fishstick04 Il y a jour
This is the Day
Calvin Dusava
Calvin Dusava Il y a jour
Live with Vigor
Live with Vigor Il y a jour
I have NEVER laughed harder than I laughed at 1:28 !!!
Aashi Mehrotra
Aashi Mehrotra Il y a jour
Duy Linh Nguyễn
Duy Linh Nguyễn Il y a jour
hey is that sasha banks
Aravinda Vikum
Aravinda Vikum Il y a jour
cant wait........
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