The iPhone 11 Pro Just Got Better...Again.

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The iPhone 11 Pro Just Got Better...Again.
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13 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 1 493
Jonathan Morrison
Jonathan Morrison Il y a mois
Sup! 😎 If you're tired of iPhone this one
RagingTiger Il y a mois
Mahesh STFU
Mr. Know-All
Mr. Know-All Il y a mois
@Dennis Schmitz best camera performance? Get education
Mr. Know-All
Mr. Know-All Il y a mois
You are bastard servant for a reason
A Il y a 17 heures
I notice that when I record 4K 60 on my XR, it uses HEIF/HEVC format. Does this cause any degradation in image quality?
Zak Shah
Zak Shah Il y a 12 jours
Good video thanks
Mint FN
Mint FN Il y a 19 jours
Does anyone know what res this is
TheJosh9150 Il y a 19 jours
Anyone else dealing with extreme lens flare and light reflections in pics / videos ???
Afisha Carter
Afisha Carter Il y a 20 jours
My camera is grainy 😢
Bernardo Salinas
Bernardo Salinas Il y a 27 jours
I can't seem to be able to change the frame rate on the iPhone 11 (non pro) in the camera app. Does anyone know if this is something apple is only giving to the pro or is it my iOS version 13.1.3? Thanks!
You're running out of time
Seeing this on iphone 11 pro max got me goosebumps. I was still contemplating the fact that i paid a fortune to get this phone and this guy here consoling me. Thanks bro!
Sreyes Srinivasan
Sreyes Srinivasan Il y a mois
Damn this camera is impressive
Tanzid Mahmud
Tanzid Mahmud Il y a mois
What’s the best video editing software for iPhone
Rayz Graphixs
Rayz Graphixs Il y a mois
Baback Ashtari
Baback Ashtari Il y a mois
Erick Il y a mois
heavily endorsed
Cultural Visions
Cultural Visions Il y a mois
When does this update for FPS change drop for regular people who don’t have the beta version
Gamer Studio
Gamer Studio Il y a mois
It's 2160p 30 not 60
Tamz Sha
Tamz Sha Il y a mois
I really enjoyed watching this on full screen on my iPhone X. I’m definitely leaning towards buying the iPhone 11 pro , particularly watching some footage a filmmaker friend of mine took on his iPhone 11 pro recently. I was blown away.
Matthew Hughes
Matthew Hughes Il y a mois
I got my 11 Pro about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been loving it! My last phone was the iPhone 8 so I’m still loving the larger OLED screen and better contrast from my 8. I’ve gotten some pretty decent landscape shots using the ultra wide on this phone and it’s awesome
Bible Cosby
Bible Cosby Il y a mois
Smh love camera upgrades but wish upgrades were more innovative
Jake Stumbaugh
Jake Stumbaugh Il y a mois
I have the one plus 7 and I love it but some things just piss me off and the camera quality is just ok and even with the pixel port it helps but if things are moving or if it's not the best lighting it suffers. The video quality on the 11 is way better and is more capable.
KDcars Il y a mois
I absolutely love my new pro max! Battery life is out of this world !! I have yet to be able to kill it In one day!!!
Techdaddyy Il y a mois
I recorded a video with my iPhone 10 front facing camera , and it looks the same . Honestly not worth giving up my $1000 dollar phone AND paying $600 on top of it ...
Ziyad Malibari
Ziyad Malibari Il y a mois
I'm not sure why people forget about this but the camera app used to have the ability to change the fps in the past but then Apple removed it for unknown reasons
Vikas Vashisth
Vikas Vashisth Il y a mois
Like for redmi note 8 pro
Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry Il y a mois
The iPhone 11 pro Max is camera with a phone
Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry Il y a mois
I'm f*cking blown away by Apple's camera this year, gotta give them their props (I'm an Android user)
Mad1 Jules
Mad1 Jules Il y a mois
I just got mine last Saturday coming from an iPhone 8plus switching to 11pro i must say it has changed by a mile. I’m in awe with the pro.
gtrmusic69 Il y a mois
His favorite word: "Crazy". but... 1st 3:35. "it seems like (Apple) is listening" Then....immediately "..feature missing from ios pretty much since the dawn of time and we've asked and asked and asked and asked and and asked. Yeah Apple is busy listening. When are they going to redesign the notification center? When will they add haptic feedback to the keyboard? When will they add suggestions from the address book when you're dialing a phone number? We've asked and asked and asked and asked and asked and it's never happened...
CloudDayLight Il y a mois
I use both sides. It dosnt really matter to much. But tbh this year's iPhone is just best phone you can get for now.
Macroverse Media
Macroverse Media Il y a mois
Is this the beta for 13.1.4?
Mayur Amaidas
Mayur Amaidas Il y a mois
Hi there what editing software do you use on your iPhone? Thanks for the great video 👍🏽
Shahul HasanAli
Shahul HasanAli Il y a mois
Apple said iOS 13 to have upto 50% lesser apps’ size. I don’t notice this at all. My storage is every bit as full as it was in ios12. Do you feel the same ?
Donaven Snowden
Donaven Snowden Il y a mois
Wow looks like it’s time to hop back into that beta, thanks for the vid!
My Dad
My Dad Il y a mois
Fuck you 🖕🏻 you are outside that’s why they look good. Bitch go inside the house and take videos.
Az Swaye
Az Swaye Il y a mois
Kali Meli
Kali Meli Il y a mois
No just another expensive piece of s*** and people are stupid enough to buy it.
patty_12 Il y a mois
So you record on an 11 pro and don’t upload in 4k
vesuvius x
vesuvius x Il y a mois
boboshimmy89 Il y a mois
I still can't seem to change settings while in the camera app even after tapping on the current frame rate in the corner but nothing will come up
Russell Sandivar
Russell Sandivar Il y a mois
2:24 what the actual Fk?
Denny Ordinary
Denny Ordinary Il y a mois
so the frame drops or jitters or whatever you wanna call it exist on the iphone 11?!(check starting @ 2:12 ) thought only my 8plus having that problem🧐
Sarthak Tyagi
Sarthak Tyagi Il y a mois
How is your iPhone working on 5G?
R Sam
R Sam Il y a mois
where was the location in LA where you shot on the Iphone with the young lady?
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox Il y a mois
my gf just got iPhone 11 and my god that thing is a monster, battery last forever. We both started a day with 100% battery. 8 Hours later she still had 75% battery with 6 hours on screen time meanwhile i was already at 30% with 4 hours on screen time. This is insane! and this was just normal day in University with light usage.
iCanGrowaBeard Il y a mois
Oh, hi Mark 🙋🏻‍♂️
Smart Phone Fix
Smart Phone Fix Il y a mois
NO ! Huawei Mate 30 Pro is better AND BEST !!!
Soheil Il y a mois
Could you please share with me the Amazon link of that 22$ stabilizer?
Patrick Thomalla
Patrick Thomalla Il y a mois
Apple did it this year. 🔥
Zodice Il y a mois
He said there was extended dynamic range in 4k 60fps, but didn't he or MKBHD say there was no extended dynamic range in 4k 60fps ? It was in maximum 4k 30fps ?
ginaloveian Il y a mois
I’m jealous of everyone who got iPhone 11 😔😔😔😔 dam I really want one 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔
Carlo De Luca
Carlo De Luca Il y a mois
What microphone did you use?
Sartin Il y a mois
What is the stabilizer called
RAJPAL SINGH Il y a mois
Are we getting night mode for front camera and a deep fusion for front camera?????
gagan bains
gagan bains Il y a mois
Hey.. Just wondering can you send me the link for the handheld stabilizer you're using in this video. Thank-you
Maribel Nolasco
Maribel Nolasco Il y a mois
How do I change the camera quality from the app. I’ve been clicking but nothing has changed.
Renovatio Il y a mois
Please stop this insane review of yours, it will only ruin your reputation. Stop sugar coating iPhones, IT'S NAUSEATING!!! Some youtubers admits APPLE DEPOSITED ave. of $738 in their account in FRvid. Some are task for the camera, battery, etc. How much did you get? More than enough to lose your credibility. It's a shit phone to be honest, it's heavy, ugly and poorly design. No FULL HD display on the iPhone 11 until now and No Quad Display for the Pro/Max version. NO Corning Gorilla 6 Glass display, only frosted glass for cheaper cost, No more 3D touch display and still offers 64GB of base storage. to much to mentioned, figure out the rest.
Vasudev M
Vasudev M Il y a mois
Pixel 4 is actually shit compared to this
Kuldeep Kalgonde
Kuldeep Kalgonde Il y a mois
Awesome I don't Belive this Phone Camera Very Impressive result I like That
laxus Il y a mois
I will still wait for next years' iPhone just for usb type c.
jacob Il y a mois
wow, the quality is really impressive
Appzolutely+ Il y a mois
yeah i dont think Google brought it this year... so might try this phone out .
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