THE INFINITY SAGA: Road to Endgame - A Marvel Cinematic Universe Retrospective (2008 - 2019)

Yoko Higuchi
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Every journey has an endgame.
DISCLAIMER: When originally uploaded, the segment on "The Incredible Hulk" was struck with copyright restrictions, so I was forced to condense the entire segment into just a few minutes. In a perfect world, I'd like to include more of "The Incredible Hulk" but sacrifices had to be made. I sincerely hope you understand.
In 2008, "Iron Man" kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2019, "Avengers: Endgame" will end the 3 phases of the MCU, now titled "The Infinity Saga". This is the culmination of 11 years of comic book storytelling. As Captain America says, "This is the fight of our lives." It all ends here. In honor of this huge cinematic event, I present to you this retrospective of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, beginning with "Iron Man" and ending with "Avengers: Endgame".
I sincerely hope you enjoy this retrospective.
"Avengers: Endgame" is just around the corner!
No Copyright Infringement Intended. This Is A Non-Profit Amateur Tribute Video.
Footage: "Iron Man", "The Incredible Hulk", "Iron Man 2", "Thor", "Captain America: The First Avenger", "The Avengers", "Iron Man 3", "Thor: The Dark World", "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Avengers: Age of Ultron", "Ant-Man", "Captain America: Civil War", "Doctor Strange", "Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2", "Spider-Man: Homecoming", "Thor: Ragnarok", "Black Panther", "Avengers: Infinity War", "Ant-Man and the Wasp", "Captain Marvel", "Avengers: Endgame"

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23 avril 2019




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DJ Ba Bore
DJ Ba Bore Il y a jour
Good editing skills. Especially the color grading was excellent. You've got my attention for 1 hr
n2theson2 Il y a 3 jours
Stan knew he was on borrowed time, I'm glad he finished his project.
deke76 Il y a 4 jours
This was well done. Nice job!
khwezis Il y a 4 jours
MCU forever!!!!
boogiekwest Il y a 4 jours
wrong thors friend who was stabbed through the heart
Iwan maickhel Maickhel
Iwan maickhel Maickhel Il y a 5 jours
Me like anvenger end roat to game
Oj Blackcat
Oj Blackcat Il y a 8 jours
If the clothes you are wearing vanish when you get snapped out of existence, why doesn't the pager you're holding also vanish?
Oj Blackcat
Oj Blackcat Il y a 8 jours
Every time I see Brie Larson it always amazes me how such a physically beautiful girl can be both boring and unappealing. She is incredibly pretty and yet I couldn't give less of a shit about her. It really is a testament to how little charisma she has and how unattractive her personality is.
Casto Robles garcia
Casto Robles garcia Il y a 8 jours
Is ey yulou aau
MOHAMAD HUSNI 2014 Il y a 9 jours
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Gomer Haefen
Gomer Haefen Il y a 9 jours
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Charplin Camedian
Charplin Camedian Il y a 10 jours
I'm big fan of avenger
Movie Hunter
Movie Hunter Il y a 10 jours
Sadly its can't 1080p
Sunny MANGO Il y a 11 jours
Man I love the MCU Iron Man The Incredible Hulk Iron Man 2 Thor Captain America: The First Avenger The Avengers Iron Man 3 Thor: The Dark World Captain America: The Winter Soldier Guardians Of The Galaxy Avengers: Age Of Ultron Ant-Man Captain America: Civil War Doctor Strange Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 Spider-Man: Homecoming Thor: Ragnarok Black Panther Avengers: Infinity War Ant-Man And The Wasp Captain Marvel Avengers: Endgame Spider-Man: Far From Home
Archit Bhardwaj
Archit Bhardwaj Il y a 11 jours
I appreciate your work It's too amazing...
Edward Weiszbeck
Edward Weiszbeck Il y a 12 jours
Holy thank you for putting these in order. Great video
cliff bird
cliff bird Il y a 12 jours
they havnt finished it all yet.. The TV shows done by netflix were supposed to tie in as well. But netflix changed the storyline. So marvel has got rid of netflix and r going to remake the TV shows how they were supposed to, to fit in with the storyline and release them through disney plus along with all thier other stuff. End game is not the last film in the set either. spiderman far from home is part of the set and comes after endgame. that came out in july 2019. So they might be adding more later. out of all the TV shows only agents of shield actualy tie in. But references to the avengers is made in several of the TV shows and were supposed to fit in with the films. But netflix decided to rewrite the scripts so they didnt tie in like marvel wanted them to. So endgame had to be rewritten to deal with that as all the heroes in the TV shows were supposed to be in end game as well. So marvel might rewrite and rerelease some of the films if they remake the TV shows. So far the series is 22 films and 21 seasons of TV shows. But most of the TV shows got cancelled by netflix before they could fully tie in. Shame they could'nt tie in the Xmen and fantastic 4 into the storyline somewhere.
Ho Ho Chi
Ho Ho Chi Il y a 13 jours
You know, this is the best Marvel-related videos I have ever seen. VERY WELL DONE. 👍 Making all the MCU movies definitely connected without any cut.
Robert Angus
Robert Angus Il y a 14 jours
MCU viewing order 1. Captain America: The First Avenger 2. Captain Marvel 3. Iron Man 4. Iron Man 2 5. The Incredible Hulk 6. Thor 7. The Avengers 8. Iron Man 3 9. Thor: The Dark World 10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 11. Guardians of the Galaxy 12. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 13. Avengers: Age of Ultron 14. Ant-Man 15. Captain America: Civil War 16. Black Panther 17. Spider-Man: Homecoming 18. Doctor Strange 19. Thor: Ragnarok 20. Ant-Man and the Wasp 21. Avengers: Infinity War 22. Avengers: Endgame 23. Spider-Man: Far From Home
bruh moment the final reckoning
this whole thing is wrong
CAPTAIN AMERICA : THE FIRST AVENGER ▶▶ Historien i detta fall är ganska solid. Huvudpersonen visar en stark utveckling, och för det mesta av filmen har du verkligen roten till honom. Det finns inget mer spännande än att se underhunden ta över handen.
Phil Curran
Phil Curran Il y a 16 jours
Absolutely brilliant job!
Amana Khatun
Amana Khatun Il y a 16 jours
djollyrodjeur Il y a 16 jours
FYI It's "without further ADO" as in Shakespeare's Much ado about nothing. Adieu is French for (more or less final) goodbye.
Paco Brito
Paco Brito Il y a 16 jours
Feel i just watch the best movie ever in 1 hour,thanks!!
Paco Brito
Paco Brito Il y a 16 jours
Never like cap america until endgame,he was a bit of a dick that's the truth!!
Shawn Winkler
Shawn Winkler Il y a 18 jours
Can you please, please PLEASE!?!?! Reupload this but tag on Endgame. Your art deserves the final act of the Infinity Saga to be included. It just feels so incomplete without it. I beg you please.
Patrick isaac
Patrick isaac Il y a 21 jour
That was amazing to watch again , it’s so good the music just makes my day, I can’t say enough except, thank you marvel studios, and Kevin and the gang, but most of all , Stan the Man Lee, I was in school reading Spider-Man and I knew one day , these comics would hit the big screen , when the fx, caught up so even though I’m 55, I’m a happy man, thanks Stan,. Excelsior
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Il y a 23 jours
Absolutely Fantastic!
manish mk
manish mk Il y a 23 jours
In hindi bro plzzz
Sunil Pramod
Sunil Pramod Il y a 27 jours
Thank you, your efforts are truly incredible
Turd Flinging Honkey
Turd Flinging Honkey Il y a 27 jours
I had to stop watching with BRIE LESBIAN at 1:07:39 WHAT A USELESS CUNT
MR Sosisi
MR Sosisi Il y a 28 jours
1.7K dislikes are all DC fans lol
ThEMiChElLe11001 Il y a 29 jours
this will definitely change the mind of my loser friend, he never saw the mcu films cuz he THINKS he doesnt like them
The Roger Report
The Roger Report Il y a mois
This is very good work.
Derek Cantu
Derek Cantu Il y a mois
I love this 3,000
Jerry Jansen
Jerry Jansen Il y a mois
I'd pay good money to watch this with Drax, Korg and Luis from AntMan doing a Director's narration of it.
Epillon Il y a mois
Alot of these mashups I've seen are just trailers/clips wiping in and out with some new age or EDM music. This is honestly great with the flow of the movies establishing the story instead of some nasally narrator parroting every scene. A very well deserved thumbs up sir.
Numba Two
Numba Two Il y a mois
That was sexy!!
Fikri Saputra
Fikri Saputra Il y a mois
BEST RECAP, Atough not long enough, you shoul make again for 3 hours rekap of the whole avenger Saga.... arigato...
Cars High School The Series
"I Love You 3000" -Tony Stark aka Iron Man
Joel Mutuma
Joel Mutuma Il y a mois
like this movie
Alex Ruiz 3D Artist
Dude.. love it! thanks!
cuộc song thương ngay cstn
N B Il y a mois
Haha thats a lie 24:47
Randall Hill
Randall Hill Il y a mois
59:39 as Thor did not see ANY of the Warriors Three killed, his BEST FRIEND was obviously Heimdahl. Whom Thor actually witnessed being stabbed through the heart.
Hajime Zero
Hajime Zero Il y a mois
I watched this 3 times now epic shit are u gonna do an update to include endgame clips and far from home
Edie Babcock
Edie Babcock Il y a mois
Nick Furie Spiderman Grout Mantis Star lord Drax Wasp Scarlet witch Falcon Black panther Winter soldier Doctor strange All GONE SAD MAN
starchildarryl Il y a mois
OMG... NO body could have edited a more comprehensive culmination of all the films the way you did. I felt like i missed nothing from the movie story line. you condensed it perfectly. wow just wow
ryan mcneil
ryan mcneil Il y a mois
greatest story ever told in movies!
Ben Kyalo Muli
Ben Kyalo Muli Il y a mois
NONCENTZ100 Il y a mois
I think it would have been awesome if there could have been like all of Stan Lee's cameos somehow incorporated into this video. I still think this is a phenomenal editing job
NONCENTZ100 Il y a mois
I just don't see how the MCU can possibly top the infinity Saga series
Israel Favila
Israel Favila Il y a mois
Previously on Avengers
DEK9 Il y a mois
If you think I’m gonna sit here and watch trailers and post credit scenes of movies I’ve already watched your damn right I am
cocoblack González
muy buen video 😭😭😭😭😭😥💔
Junior Rodrigues
Junior Rodrigues Il y a mois
K?. La 9 9l
sweetchaos Fox
sweetchaos Fox Il y a mois
when Thor's expression says ??wtf?? 33:01
cjmmjc Il y a mois
Yondos funeral broke my heart
MD.Arafat 2002
MD.Arafat 2002 Il y a mois
full move koi
Deshen Hwang
Deshen Hwang Il y a mois
Best MCU-Compilation I've ever seen. Great stuff right here.