The Ferrari 458 FINALLY gets Glass!

Tj Hunt
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Y'all have demanded it! So here it is! Plus, I give you a bonus look into my new house!
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA




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Commentaires 80
Ian Perez
Ian Perez Il y a mois
86 inch MEAT TV
Aniut Rahim
Aniut Rahim Il y a 4 mois
Yoon Tj bro, which company renovated your new house? You said something about it being built, did you fully get it built? Pls help I was thinking about moving to to San Diego in the near future. Interested about housing now lol
Bob A
Bob A Il y a 8 mois
Not interested in ANY of the house stuff or anything else really, except for Ferrari related content only. Drop the rhetoric will you. Too damn long winded at this point, cheesh! Peace and Cheers!
Alex S
Alex S Il y a 10 mois
One of my co-workers told me to download Apex Legends for PS4, I tried playing it and was confused. I'll just stick to COD BO4
Curtis Barker
Curtis Barker Il y a 10 mois
If you cant learn how to do these tasks man you gonna pay & pay & pay so easy to trouble ya self to get get trained on an auto glass job. You gotta stop thinking you need to hire a specialist to do every little thing. Do it ya self bro!. Dude kitchen on the 2'nd floor. Once you carry groceries up to the second floor 10k times second floor won't be ya favorite forever
The Inja
The Inja Il y a an
Congrats on the house, bro!
James Bailey
James Bailey Il y a an
$800 - $1,200 to install the glass? Oh, well. It's a Ferrari, not a Toyota.
Takumi VS
Takumi VS Il y a an
surprise you not a sim racer
sirpepperoni Il y a an
shoulda just done timber stairs, carpet wears out quick
ryan frey
ryan frey Il y a an
“A nice little shitter”
Ben Mari
Ben Mari Il y a an
Your girl is mad ugly tho and sounds like a dude
keep it zipped
keep it zipped Il y a an
Who skipped the house 🤣
Manrico Fern
Manrico Fern Il y a an
Good job and very nice FERRARI
Brian Baer
Brian Baer Il y a an
Is this guy rich
Brian Baer
Brian Baer Il y a an
Net worth say 600 grand but he has to have more than that to live in San Diego
Speed Junky
Speed Junky Il y a an
Why would you put speakers in the ceiling? Terrible idea, unless your installing a Dolby Atmos system. You should have asked for someone to help with your AV design rather than let the contractor con you into ceiling mounted speakers. Probably could have saved some money and got a better system. I'll laugh when you start complaining about how your sound system sucks and your installing a new one.
Speed Junky
Speed Junky Il y a an
Oh and your focus still sucks.
Mike Y
Mike Y Il y a an
I don’t know how strong 458 frames are, but I’m surprised they would change the glass while it’s on the hoist. If it doesn’t seal properly, you know why.
Ralph Macasaet
Ralph Macasaet Il y a an
Rename: tj hunt talk show channel
George H. Arnold IV
450 for glass is not a bad price especially for a super car
Aubrey Moshia
Aubrey Moshia Il y a an
can you make a special on the house please if you can start from scratch on that journey will be great. happy for you guys
Ramen Tony
Ramen Tony Il y a an
Ls swap the house tho
Ramen Tony
Ramen Tony Il y a an
I love the house I forgot about the car and started looking for houses 😂
Meegs304 Il y a an
Sexy haircut Teej
ClayK-47 Il y a an
Jerk Of All Trades
Thats a basic home with builder grade materials. You don’t even have crown molding. That’s the size of my duet in sf Bay Area, orinda - $1.7 million.
Jacob Vorster
Jacob Vorster Il y a an
dude, you talk too much
patrick roland
patrick roland Il y a an
Wow congrats on the house‼️‼️
MEL LOW Il y a an
don't you mean your subs bought your house for you.
jeremy jensen
jeremy jensen Il y a an
Jesus watching these videos is like watching the original Blair witch project movie. MOTION SICKNESS FROM ALL THE MOVING AROUND!! Don't you see it when you edit??
Jerk Of All Trades
The hooker found an idiot to buy her a house
Kyler Freitas
Kyler Freitas Il y a an
This video is a flex, change my mind
Baptiste Sanchez
Can someone give me reason why people dislike a video of a guy changing a Ferrari glass and filming a house tour ? I mean what tf is wrong with people ??
Khan Altamash
Khan Altamash Il y a an
Which would be youe next cat? I would like to watch a lambo
Spirit Anon
Spirit Anon Il y a an
How do you have so much money? To buy new houses and rebuild cars for yourself? You can't be getting all your money from FRvid.
slow burn351
slow burn351 Il y a an
Its confirmed teej is rich What do you do on the side teej???
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. Il y a an
Tj do a inspiration punch list before moving in you will enjoy your home more if you do that 🙏🏽😊👍 and you will save money 💰
El Espiaa
El Espiaa Il y a an
Bro i need supra content
Facade Il y a an
Supra content?
Christian Medina
calvin is getting rid of the 240?!
Carl Broughton
Carl Broughton Il y a an
I was one the glass ones , sorry TJ .... Looks so good and well done on the home 😁
Marvin Bruns
Marvin Bruns Il y a an
Very nice House teeeg! Where's the Supra Content?
lynx ts
lynx ts Il y a an
Splash back*
Allen Aberia
Allen Aberia Il y a an
When will the house be pimp?
Dylan Il y a an
Uh check that the Supra be sittin teeg it be sittin lol love you bro
Miguel Alba
Miguel Alba Il y a an
My Tio would’ve done that glass for $60 bucks
Don Saviano
Don Saviano Il y a an
Teej film ur cars bro... film u driving them...
Atelier Studios
Atelier Studios Il y a an
TJ, . .Happy Congrats on the house bro. The backsplash is stone veneer. Put a 120" automated 4K drop down projection screen Home Theater!
Deuce Treyz
Deuce Treyz Il y a an
Sabrina should get a pole... for exercise.
Super Slow
Super Slow Il y a an
Exept the supra liar
Nolan Canale
Nolan Canale Il y a an
Sabrina at the end shows how chill she is 😂 💍
Happy Lights Ramona
You'll regret the marble floor in the bathroom. {Looks great}. Had it in mine for a while then changed it. It gets slicker than shit when it gets wet.
Donald Piercy
Donald Piercy Il y a an
Your house is very small but I am very happy for you but ca house thing
callme G
callme G Il y a an
leave the long a lil bit top 9:41
Hunter Wilson
Hunter Wilson Il y a an
Sick cut!!! 👌🏽👌🏽
Hayden1107 Il y a an
Yellow tinted headlights please
Tony Gugliuzza
Tony Gugliuzza Il y a an
Your new neighbors are gonna think your a rich
Tony Gugliuzza
Tony Gugliuzza Il y a an
Who was the Glass Company?
Zahir Millard
Zahir Millard Il y a an
Congrats on the townhouse dude. You got a nice big workshop and home. Oh cars too, so glad u git the 458
Calle TTV
Calle TTV Il y a an
Congrats you deserve it! Proof that hard work really does pay off!
Xtreme Countertops
Hey bro that backsplash is supposed to go from the end of the countertop to the other end of the counter top on that side wall they clearly fucked that up I only know because I own a granite countertop cabinet company bro that looks horrible it looks stupid I’d be pissed if I were you
BANtheMAN Il y a an
Probably paid twice as much as Evan Shanks and got a condo looking place not even a house. That is why I love Texas! Cali real estate is dumb!
MK ULTRA Il y a an
BANtheMAN you probably couldn’t afford to live in Cali anyway
BANtheMAN Il y a an
Bought a house or a condo?? Looks like a condo rather than a stand alone house.
Brian Baer
Brian Baer Il y a an
It's a townhouse dweeb
2Smoke Cowboys
2Smoke Cowboys Il y a an
Slam the Ferrari on tarmacs and daily it
Matt King
Matt King Il y a an
You tubers and there houEs lol smh mad respect tho wish I hoped on in the beginning
Edward Fuentes
Edward Fuentes Il y a an
It's been a long time coming. -Brenton Wood
I think that the 458 needs a bigger ass, are you going to wide body ?
marom ginsberg-fletcher
Cant wait till "tj finally gets ass"
car moments
car moments Il y a an
Where is the supra content
Tanner M
Tanner M Il y a an
Just remember not all glass is created equal cheaper glass will alot of times have defect
Brandon Felkins
Brandon Felkins Il y a an
Who spends half a million on cars and crap before buying a home?
Dino Il y a an
Is the garage is big enough?
Dino Il y a an
Man, I'm proud on you. A house made by yourself? That's mans goals.
XxHell SpaWn
XxHell SpaWn Il y a an
" Leave the long a lil bit top" 😂
M3meK1ng Il y a an
“None of my cars ever just sit” looks toward corner at kawasaki 250😂👌🏼
Alex Dassen
Alex Dassen Il y a an
Try to get baseboard for the wood stairs! It will look much better
TyVarga28 Il y a an
Who needs a house when you have a Ferrari
hamik khachatrian
2:36 I thought Sabrina was about to hand TJ a blunt 😂
Dominick Hernandez
Yes Man
Yes Man Il y a an
Ooof, laundry room next to your bedroom, all im saying is i hope you dont have to do laundry while someone is trying to sleep in there
Muhammad Zahid
Muhammad Zahid Il y a an
congrats hope you guys happy n old that house with success n happiness
Muhammad Zahid
Muhammad Zahid Il y a an
I also like 2nd floor great move