The Fall Of The Cabal, Riots, Police Brutality & Race Wars

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3 juin 2020




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Espensado Juarez
Espensado Juarez Il y a 2 jours
Smazzit SEO Training Institute
We not even the richest country either.
Smazzit SEO Training Institute
What about Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia? They have more freedom than us. We are not the freest country.
Louie one3
Louie one3 Il y a 7 jours
💪💪💪for putting tha kid$ in
Suzette Porter
Suzette Porter Il y a 8 jours
Chaddrick Fletcher
Chaddrick Fletcher Il y a 13 jours
This dude here dont know what he want to day its he dont back down then the next day he backing down, na hes back on bashing, I guess he gon be apologizing to TI TOMM, smh, he got some good points and alot of bad points, but mostly its like he all abt a dolla, not mines, aint no different than the rest of these FRvidrs, every video they will remind you to like, subscribe and share, #GTFOH
Isreal Isreal
Isreal Isreal Il y a 15 jours
True words 💯
Isreal Isreal
Isreal Isreal Il y a 15 jours
Isreal Isreal
Isreal Isreal Il y a 15 jours
I can hear you
Brand Ham
Brand Ham Il y a 17 jours
Your a great man and father champ we need our children to be to be informed and prepared reminded me of my lil princess big love and respect
Lavish Dee
Lavish Dee Il y a 17 jours
Bro theirs a whole video with his face being blown off ... how could u not believe it
Jason Gibbons
Jason Gibbons Il y a 17 jours
Soeak that Real Shit Hassan 💯 your Words are Honorable keep spitting 💯 that Fire eweeeee gotta turn my homie up on this channel 🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅
Bassman 1000
Bassman 1000 Il y a 19 jours
I like what Hassans stands for, but anyone that thinks JayZ's 800 million net worth is enough to make every black American a millionaire, I really can't take seriously.
420cal smokeout
420cal smokeout Il y a 20 jours
yo shit fire fam always on point keep going hard
Weed N Shrooms
Weed N Shrooms Il y a 22 jours
I been saying for a while now, the real world is in space, and people should pay way more attention to the movie Avatar
Weed N Shrooms
Weed N Shrooms Il y a 22 jours
U on point, but trust n believe they will kill a real men for their planned agenda. They dont need to fake no death my G. They will kill a real men if that's what they want to
Who Dat Dude Iz
Who Dat Dude Iz Il y a 23 jours
I Love The Information Bro, Same Reason I Listen To Pharaoh (Information) Both Of You Touch On Important Subjects... Keep It Up Bro You Tough With It... 💯✔
Lipstikk N 'Leathr WWG1WGA
Some of your hand gestures are known Illuminati symbolism so becareful of how you gesture cause some people will see the gestures and then associate you with the Illuminati and I am *not implying* a directive that you are Be Safe Be True Stay Gold
Lipstikk N 'Leathr WWG1WGA
The actual "Fall Cabal" videos start watching from the bottom up Don't add fuel to the fire, today this is about the HUMAN RACE. The Democrats who are lluminati satanist's are targeting everyone in America. They STAGED the George Floyd Death to have a reason to unleash their riot's. They had the antifa groups bused into each city that where Democrat Mayor was in on the plan to let their city be on the front of the violence. Its not a WHITE ON BLACK OR LATINO'S etc war. WE ALL are A Target to the Dems Plan on turning America into a Islamic Deep State Country & Bill Gates has created a vaccine that they want to force us ALL TO HAVE that will elimate God from our thoughts and our memories its called "fun vox" research it. The only way that none of this can happened is that ALL OF US REGARDLESS OF RACE We have to ALL COME TOGETHER AS ONE RACE THE HUMAN RACE. WWG1WGA where we go 1 we go all JFK #Q #QANONS are real and are fighting together With Us to destroy the satanic Illuminati
Terminator X
Terminator X Il y a 28 jours
notice Geroge Floyd didn't have an open casket?
Charity Brown
Charity Brown Il y a 29 jours
Red Sunshine
Red Sunshine Il y a 29 jours
El-Hajj El-Shabazz
El-Hajj El-Shabazz Il y a 29 jours
Hassan is getting it in here
El-Hajj El-Shabazz
El-Hajj El-Shabazz Il y a 29 jours
Fuck all of these lame ass celebrities
El-Hajj El-Shabazz
El-Hajj El-Shabazz Il y a 29 jours
Well is the Jackson family all child molestors too, is Janet dirty too?
El-Hajj El-Shabazz
El-Hajj El-Shabazz Il y a mois
We all are going to taste death so I rather die as a man standing on my feet than to die as a coward down on my knees
El-Hajj El-Shabazz
El-Hajj El-Shabazz Il y a mois
The fear to fight is the means of our destruction
El-Hajj El-Shabazz
El-Hajj El-Shabazz Il y a mois
Katy Williams has warned us back in 2011-2012 that the shit is about to hit the fan and that the nigga Obama looks like he knows some shit that he can’t tell us
El-Hajj El-Shabazz
El-Hajj El-Shabazz Il y a mois
It wasn’t George Floyd, he’s been dead and buried in Texas that was an actor
Mayra Pozo
Mayra Pozo Il y a mois
Word up
zanthony c. k.
zanthony c. k. Il y a mois
I make him my girl 😍
zanthony c. k.
zanthony c. k. Il y a mois
He cute
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson Il y a mois
Aye my G no disrespect but you all clean and shit and baby girl in the camera looking like she just woke up and got on camera I fuck with your messages heavy but I don't like that this is not different from a chick in the hood hair done but the kids all noddy just saying mane damn
choppingwithshano The Talk Show
Because it was a set up a movie like Hollywood
choppingwithshano The Talk Show
Waschopping fam
choppingwithshano The Talk Show
Please subscribe to my channel I’m have subscribed to your FRvid channel
choppingwithshano The Talk Show
Thaddeus Johnson
Thaddeus Johnson Il y a mois
MikkeBaxWar Il y a mois
rdenn5 shapes
rdenn5 shapes Il y a mois
All brewing up over here in the UK as well
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez Il y a mois
Check out 'The First Purge' movie made in 2018. It was showing us what was to come. Riots, killings, depopulation, dividing races, government corruption, NEW PRESIDENT..etc etc. Also, Trump was killed during his term on the Simspons. We all know now that the Simpsons have shown us ALOT in plain sight. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually take him out before November.
Lovely Lady422
Lovely Lady422 Il y a mois
I tried so many times to explain to a number of people what you're saying about this Spiritual War and how these "people" are moving, and I was told I am crazy or it's some conspiracy theory and they don't exist....I began to digress because it makes my head hurt, so glad I rock with the Most High, much love and thank you again❤ 🙏🏾💯😎
Victoria Dawson
Victoria Dawson Il y a mois
She is your twin! (your daughter) God Bless!
Lovely Lady422
Lovely Lady422 Il y a mois
I appreciate all of the education you are disseminating, in an effort to save our people, we are truly in the Spiritual War He speaks of. Much love and prayers up🙏🏾always for you and your family❤
Rissa Bad Ass
Rissa Bad Ass Il y a mois
Lol 😂 that’s so my son
Tyra Loya
Tyra Loya Il y a mois
Appreciated all the knowledge u been giving out.. ppl are so ignorant nd blind there is this movie we would like for u too see cause everything u been saying is true movie is called the last American crime it jst came out on Netflix 2020 nd within the first 5 mins of the movie ita talking about new world order government controlling minds nd playing god.. appreciate u God bless u nd ur family.. keep that knowledge coming.. u the truth
Ah Il y a mois
All those non corporate businesses that can’t afford to open up will now be bought by the wealthy. They not only control the income that we bring in, but now theyre going to control the income they we’re going to spend. They don’t care about being equal or ending racism. This is America. Everything is about money. There will be no middle class eventually
Tyrone Augustine
Tyrone Augustine Il y a mois
Here in L.A. we didn't burn our neighborhoods we still got our stores and all ..we still in business out here...all that shit happened in Downtown, Santa Monica, Fairfax district, not here in South Central Mid Wilshire, Inglewood, Compton etc. I didn't see one National Gaurd in my neighborhood yet
Wezzzo Tu papa
Wezzzo Tu papa Il y a mois
Traela como es Hassan,they divideing us and conquering us bro .I'm Boricua and very proud of my African,Taino ancestors.any Boricua or Dominicans who deny their roots and go against our Black brothers y'all killing yourself you're own people's and that what they want.white ,black,Latino and Asians we all in this toghether like you said bro ,they don't really care about us...use your God given common sense and your eyes will begin to open up.COMMON SENSE.
Michael Morales
Michael Morales Il y a mois
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith Il y a mois
I wish I could like this 1000 times
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith Il y a mois
That’s right Dad!! 😁😁
Mark Virgo
Mark Virgo Il y a mois
Always remember that we can serve two masters. This is the moment where we as a people can fight but make no mistake about it what ever happens we all need to get right with the most high. This world has a timeline in which the spiritual war that is here is explained in the holy scriptures.
Mark Virgo
Mark Virgo Il y a mois
We can't serve two masters.
Shakera Il y a mois
It's going to be a Purge! People trying to survive to eat!!! More deaths!!! That's what they want
Shakera Il y a mois
Laura Silsby runs part of the Amber Alert system. No wonder kids aren't being found
Shakera Il y a mois
The Simpsons said Trump will die....
MAnAger Ankh
MAnAger Ankh Il y a mois
Netflix right now has a movie called "LIVING IN BONDAGE BREAKING FREE" i dont think its going to be up there for long because it supports most of what your speaking on as far as the rich and powerful goes.
Lamarr Lanham
Lamarr Lanham Il y a mois
Keep keeping it real bra✊
Lamarr Lanham
Lamarr Lanham Il y a mois
The Simpson's had an episode on kobe helicopter crash before he died. Bottom line this is all set up for us to fall into a trap I'm not wit it. Sounds like to me we has humans are our worse enemy, were so bent on destroying ourselves because of greed jealousy & envy. 😞
New Noise
New Noise Il y a mois
The hood wasn’t looted, the white folks hood got looted(atleast in LA)
Joyfully Blessed
Joyfully Blessed Il y a mois
Yer, you're right. We love you and family.
Joyfully Blessed
Joyfully Blessed Il y a mois
You look good. I like your yellow and navy blue colour combination. You are so sensible. I like your mind set. Thanks for helping to wake people up.
Michael Blackmon
Michael Blackmon Il y a mois
Quit talking and get yo bitch made azz out there. Puzzy.
Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne Il y a mois
Thanks Hass
Trini Star
Trini Star Il y a mois
Showing you support and love just to let you know as a hispanic myself, majority hispanic people from hispanic countries are MULTIRACIAL, triracial people! Dominicans and puerto ricans are included. Idk who in the world told you were west african that is far from being truth. Nothing wrong with being black but accepting us for who we are needs to be the number 1 goal here. Accepting us as multiracial people and not being racist towards us or trying to deny our ancestry because you would like us to be black because we are people of color aswell just like native americans were and are. Still doesnt make us black and that is something that we cannot change nor want to change its in our Dna we have the best of all worlds and on top of that we are proud of our hispanic cultures. All i am saying is RESPECT GOES BOTH WAYS. P.s Dominica and Dominican republic are 2 very different countries by all means i hope you arent getting them confused as the same, how ive seen people do.
Israel Rodriguez
Israel Rodriguez Il y a mois
You're full of shit.😆😆
Christopher Benefield
And that's why we as black people say we have no friends in this world our fight is not yours.
Joyfully Blessed
Joyfully Blessed Il y a mois
They actually use some sort of sorcery and magic. Looks like they cast a spell for the protests to turn into such violence/ rioting. It has a spiritual aspect to it. They cast spells and use sorcery and magic to achieve their aims.
Jula Vision
Jula Vision Il y a mois
The broadcast spells through news channeling via the media, goddess of illusion. These celebrities are casted in movies to cast psychological warfare on those who watch
DaViNciii LoveLightEternal
yo Hassan before they kick you off this evil youtube, i highly suggest that next time you post you link your Lbry and Bitchute accounts so that you can maintain your following on those sites too! :)
DaViNciii LoveLightEternal
Gematria Effect News here on youtube has in depth numerical and keyword descriptions of what is happening during these NWO times. Much love brotha man
D. T.
D. T. Il y a mois
Floyd's death got it cracking but its more then just him this shi# been brewing fam man up!!!
junglist maroon
junglist maroon Il y a mois
The baloon knot
Beloved Meeka
Beloved Meeka Il y a mois
J Copeland
J Copeland Il y a mois
If you want to know the truth about our past read the Quran.
Ruso Smith
Ruso Smith Il y a mois
Family Beautiful! God Bless Bro!
Stephen Butterfield
Hass you keep it 100 % real 🙏🏾💪🏾 you’re just real , raw and rugged unlike other people on you tube . Other FRvidrs just beat around the bush and nit pick on a topic. Keep on spitting that facts .
Peechu Garcia
Peechu Garcia Il y a mois
Also, I seen that fall of the cabal, I don't agree with everything but a lot of things make sense. Don't know about the house arrest stuff but something is going on I think. Could be staged, planned, "predicted" stuff, or, it could be something that is happening out of cause and effect and no one knows how it is going to play out.
Peechu Garcia
Peechu Garcia Il y a mois
Hassan Campbell I was feeling this until you started to pick and choose what you want to be true. That picture of Trump that girl and Epstein is photoshopped. That part with Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump can be researched. That is his daughter, you are reaching bro.
Amarie Il y a mois
You're daughter is beautiful. She looks just like you. Yes it is important we teach our children the truth, when they are young.
Jordan Stopper
Jordan Stopper Il y a mois
Ur kids r cute
Tommie Jackson
Tommie Jackson Il y a mois
Boy y"all twins much love too from detroit