The Fall of Constantinople

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How exactly did the Roman Empire come to an end? Well, in today's animated educational cartoon we are looking at how the Byzantine Empire overtook the incredible Constantinople as their new capital city, making the final nail in the coffin for the Roman Empire.
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8 juil. 2019

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Commentaires 2 456
Imran Zikry
Imran Zikry Il y a 15 minutes
This is clearly one sided. The fate was true but in case Mehmed II order his army to plunder the city is totally fake. Try to reconsider base on both side story
John Sanvictores
John Sanvictores Il y a heure
*Britain* and France in the Hundred Years' War?
Buffed Rick
Buffed Rick Il y a heure
Y r turks dressed as arabs n romans as jacked up wrestlers lol
First Last
First Last Il y a 2 heures
*After three days of plundering the sultan looked upon the city and wiped a tear from his eye saying, "That is one spicy meatball!" and that is how a force of teddy bears took down the largest empire the galaxy had ever seen.* - Indiana Jones The Holy Bible
Omar Al-farouq Jaafar
Omar Al-farouq Jaafar Il y a 5 heures
i like that everybody says this is misinformation how would they know this is misinformation were they alive back then
Barış Kaplan
Barış Kaplan Il y a 6 heures
And no the population of constantinapole didn't became slaves. Actually Mehmet the 2nd had a public talk about how everyone in the city was free to practice their culture and religion. It's better to add that most citizens saw being around muslims less irritating than idea of catholic help.
Barış Kaplan
Barış Kaplan Il y a 6 heures
The four ships that broke thorugh ottoman fleet that you were talking about were 6 or more times bigger than the biggest ships the ottomans have, it did not humiliate the empire. It just got it angry.
datuputi777 Il y a 6 heures
Last part was most likely a lie to make it sympathetic to the loser. I think it's more like bragging statement. Well it's the fate of all European cities soon enough and murica won't survive as long as byzantine since at the very moment I'm writing this their moving ever faster to self destruction.
Ian Hovenden
Ian Hovenden Il y a 7 heures
gadsgdaf dsfghsdfgh
gadsgdaf dsfghsdfgh Il y a 10 heures
Why did constantinople get the works
Amir Abedrabo
Amir Abedrabo Il y a 11 heures
Loukas Notaras "I would rather see a Turkish turban in the midst of the City (i.e., Constantinople) than the Latin mitre" ; The Byzantines simply preferred for Muslims to rule than Catholic Christians! It was a Byzantine coup over their emperor; There were 5 Greek Christian Orthodox Phalange fighting on the side of the Muslims, etc...
EarthHound Il y a 11 heures
-If the wall is breached, Constantinople will fall. -Even if it IS breached it would take a number beyond reckoning. Thousands to storm the keep. -TENS of thousands -But Sultan there IS no such force!
burningfeet 57
burningfeet 57 Il y a 13 heures
Constantine was a power hungry hypocrite, basically a tool(reminds me of Trump) so of course he was going to fall over time!
Random weeb_89
Random weeb_89 Il y a 13 heures
The fall of Constantinople? Oh you mean The liberation of Istanbul
Felix Balulu
Felix Balulu Il y a 13 heures
What about the fall of North and South America.
Hasan Ibn Husayn
Hasan Ibn Husayn Il y a 14 heures
The last part is so wrong ! You should definitely stop doing things that wrong
Muhammad Azmi
Muhammad Azmi Il y a 15 heures
why do i feel your sources are questionable?
Kolega Ramić
Kolega Ramić Il y a 15 heures
Obviously one-sided video. But I guess, history has versions, everyone telling his own story...
Depressed Optimist
Depressed Optimist Il y a 15 heures
misinformations turks were showed like arabs urban doesnt look like any hungarians sultan mehmet was 14 at the time A BEARD?
Depressed Optimist
Depressed Optimist Il y a 15 heures
stop showing turks with beard and no mustache traditional arab clothes and brown skin stop we are not arabs
Comrade -Rashka
Comrade -Rashka Il y a 17 heures
This video is a total joke xD
Harodo Il y a 17 heures
We will retake the holy land.
Turkic Federation
Turkic Federation Il y a 18 heures
Do why did Kazan fall to Russians now
Ethan Prescott
Ethan Prescott Il y a 18 heures
Why Constantinople fall??? Blame Islam the barbaric religion due to military expansion.
Firdaus Sorong
Firdaus Sorong Il y a 18 heures
Because Muhammad Al Fatih
Axl Alan
Axl Alan Il y a 18 heures
I dont understand why he made the ottomans look so evil, while calling constantin volks "Christians" , i feel like I've watched a racist video, not a educational one.
Tarmizi Teguh
Tarmizi Teguh Il y a 19 heures
Do some research before you make another video....
Ricky Vebian
Ricky Vebian Il y a 20 heures
he shouldve change the city name to mehmetopolis
Turkish Guy
Turkish Guy Il y a 21 heure
Constantinople: exists Ottomans: *this is mine now*
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton Il y a 22 heures
1500 years of history and culture. Crushed by the ambitions of a few.
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan Il y a 23 heures
Stop saying these hated words towards the sultan and triple check your resource saying that sultan did violence and disrespected the women and all of those hateful things that Islam forbids .In Islamic war you can't hurt women ,child, old men even if they attack you. You can't cut tree without purpose ,Islam has set strict set of rules for warfare. who are you "islamophobic"
Septian Rico Hernawan
Septian Rico Hernawan Il y a 23 heures
Miss information : the sultan seige the city on the news of the minorities were being oppressed. About the slaughter, it wasnt right at all, in fact they were given a choice to keep their believes or convert, its all freedom. The true version as far as i know and not being biased or anything is that the citizen and also soldier basically all residents were given the chance to survive, also if they want to stay they also allowed, most of them convert but those who dont convert was still okay, no such murderous act or anything. Now about the free looting, im not sure its entirely true but, it shouldnt be free for all to take, only military asset and or something from the empire not the citizen goods or such. This is also different during the fall of europe where the muslim was forced to convert or killed, im sure of it, and if i made mistake please enlighten me. Idk where u got the info, but at least my base statement is trustworthy
crimsonlightbinder Il y a 23 heures
horrible graphics, horrible narration
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor Il y a jour
SO what your saying is whites were slaves and need reparation
Mason Pafunda
Mason Pafunda Il y a jour
7:07 That noise he makes.
youtube commenter
youtube commenter Il y a jour
bill 012
bill 012 Il y a jour
The Defenders wrote that they filled the light cannons with small pellets and it was deadly against the Ottomans- like early shotguns. They also rolled barrels filled with explosives with a delayed fuse to destroy Ottoman Siege Towers. The Ottomans refused to leave any dead outside of the walls so if one fell two more ran up to take the body away and if they died then more and more would go get them.
Avcı Avcı
Avcı Avcı Il y a jour
So many lies be shamed
Avcı Avcı
Avcı Avcı Il y a jour
The ottoman soldiers dont even look ottoman and u have some miss information in ur video
Sam Lin
Sam Lin Il y a jour
where's your resours?
Jovan Lee
Jovan Lee Il y a jour
There's way too much inaccuracies in this video
elyakubu Il y a jour
so many wrong informations...i just watched to end to see more inaccuracies.
Rain Man
Rain Man Il y a jour
"What you gonna do, walk ships at me?" - City that had ships walked at them
b3s1kt45 Il y a jour
Did a 10 year old racist script this? So much hate, prejudice and inaccuracies throughout the whole thing. Read several more history books to get a less biased and more accurate version. Shame. Unsubscribed.
Vinícius R S
Vinícius R S Il y a jour
Why Monarchical France's and England's flags are the current Republican France and the UK?!?!
Dragon Kung
Dragon Kung Il y a jour
السلطان لم يكن شرير هذا خطاء
cyrutvirus Il y a jour
biased vid
Huzaifah Shaikh
Huzaifah Shaikh Il y a jour
Urban the Hungarian was not a black person with "Hindu" like red dot on forehead + Ottomons were not "like" Arabs, they never used crescent moon on their flags, it was adopted from Byzantine symbolism after defeating them..
Bora Özerdem
Bora Özerdem Il y a jour
Jesus man as a turk i must say this video is very one sided and racist.
Jam TheBirb
Jam TheBirb Il y a jour
Britain didnt exist back then..... It was england and scotland
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