The Ending Of Stranger Things Season 3 Explained

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Now that we've all binged Stranger Things 3, let's talk about the season's ending. Toast some Eggos, turn on the boombox, and watch out for the Mind Flayer. From shocking deaths to shifts in the status quo to what we can expect from season 4, this is the ending of Stranger Things 3, explained. Spoilers ahead.
After a lengthy battle, Stranger Things 3 ends with an emotional departure, as the Byers family sells their little house in Hawkins for a new life somewhere else. Will has to say goodbye to his friends, Jonathan has to say goodbye to Nancy, and El has to say goodbye to Mike and the life she'd been building with Hopper. We don't know exactly where the family will settle, but it's a tearful upheaval that changes the landscape of the show forever. This whole story began with four friends Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas as they were swept up in an otherworldly adventure after a night of playing Dungeons & Dragons.
Now, at the end of Stranger Things 3, the state of "The Party" has changed in a major way. Will the gang reunite in season 4? What could bring Joyce, Jonathan, Will, and Eleven back to Hawkins? Perhaps another crisis taking place over a holiday celebration?
Watch the video for more about the ending of Stranger Things season 3!
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Stranger Things 3 split the Party | 0:19
Welcome to Hawkins | 1:12
Eleven's long recharge | 1:39
Stranger Things 3's Upside Down Russians | 2:19
Hopper lives? Or someone else…? | 3:05
Looking past Stranger Things 3 | 4:22




9 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 1 978
Looper Il y a 3 mois
Which season of Stranger Things is your favorite?
Christian Francis
Christian Francis Il y a 16 jours
i like all of them but season 3 was my favorite
Rafael Ventura
Rafael Ventura Il y a 17 jours
S3 is the best imo
Exot1cBeast 22
Exot1cBeast 22 Il y a 20 jours
3 or 2
Semolina Pilchard
Semolina Pilchard Il y a 29 jours
@Looper Season 1! It had a Twin Peaks like quality. Season 2 was okay, but season 3 was terrible, like a shitty 80s comedy.
Thanos Il y a mois
Rxsetta Il y a 4 jours
Castle Byers
Castle Byers Il y a 6 jours
Wait so eleven left with will and Joyce to Maine? Someone please explain.
Kyla_ Angul0
Kyla_ Angul0 Il y a 6 jours
Bobi Dechev
Bobi Dechev Il y a 8 jours
Well Suzi wasn't that hot haha She is fat... wtf and around AVERAGE face looking
Shashwat Agrawal
Shashwat Agrawal Il y a 7 jours
Cuz of her neverending story two people got killed
Cornelius- Terb- flex capacitor
I wil miss Chief Hoppers character like crazy!!!! Stranger Things is the first TV show I really like in 7 years! I'm crazy about Stranger things. But if Chief Hopper is really dead then I wish I never knew about the existence of this TV series!!!!! Chief Hopper was a really lovable,cool and realistic character. He played a father figure extremely convincingly! You can almost feel the love he has for 11!! If they don't bring him back for season 4 l will be more disappointed then I've been in something in many, many years!!
D Bustillos
D Bustillos Il y a 9 jours
They went to mane like bob said
ii_LostThoughts - Racing And More
S1: my boy will ): S2: my boy will ): S3 magnets )): I aint that unoriginal The pattern shows S3 is not the end of magnets. S4: magnets )): S5?: my crackers )):
ShoalBear Il y a 10 jours
Hopper didn't die. Hopper ain't the American! Hopper is in the down under. Murray is the American. You're welcome.
A RandombOi
A RandombOi Il y a 11 jours
"we're not in hawkins anymore"
Spectre 4k
Spectre 4k Il y a 12 jours
My theory: If the upside down was a parallel universe, then it’s a parallel universe
Gacha Artic
Gacha Artic Il y a 20 jours
DerpThug Il y a 20 jours
Why Hopper didn't run when the key is going to turn it on? Duffer Brothers is idiot.
Rebecca Coopwood
Rebecca Coopwood Il y a 25 jours
So I’m only ten so I can’t watch stranger things but why is it that my sisters 14 and watches it and I know so much more than her?
Tom Travels
Tom Travels Il y a 25 jours
Just as long as it’s set in Hawkins again and Eleven, Will, Jonathan and Joyce all return, with Eleven and Jonathan still in love with Mike and Nancy respectively, then I don’t care what happens.
Futuristic Faze
Futuristic Faze Il y a mois
Hold on What if the new demogorgon was Dustin’s pet but captured?
Johan 요한
Johan 요한 Il y a mois
stranger things only kills significant people with names that start with "B". (B)arb, (B)ob, (B)illy. Hoppers fist name is Jim so if they killed him it would have screwed up the streak.
Josh Taylerson
Josh Taylerson Il y a mois
Did she move with the Byers
AgentWuT Il y a mois
Hopper is still alive he's in the upside down world
tipsy ilodibe
tipsy ilodibe Il y a mois
hopper still alive and eleven will get her powers back with more abilities due to the mix of her blood with the mind flayer
Jimmy Perez
Jimmy Perez Il y a mois
Wow this season was awful and I'll pass on season 4.
French Pugs
French Pugs Il y a mois
Anyone lse Ball their eyes out on the last episode No just me..
Little Wolf
Little Wolf Il y a mois
I still don’t understand why El had to leave at the end?????
Angel Harris
Angel Harris Il y a mois
When will season 4 come out
TR0naL0G1cAl 814
TR0naL0G1cAl 814 Il y a mois
I think December time next year is season 4
gamester06 Il y a mois
Everyone who died begins with B... Bob Barb Billy Therefore, it could suggest that Hopper isn't dead as it doesn't follow that pattern, and normally it's only 1 person who dies each season
xxsapphirexx Il y a mois
Is anyone triggerd by the fact that he says *DeMiGoRgAn*
Auzuline Il y a mois
i'm only at season 1... what am i doing to myself
natethegreat94 Il y a mois
Maybe the Russians kidnapped him and are holding him hostage if you saw the video at the end it showed a guy who got killed by the demagorgan maybe hopper will end up there and they have to try and save hopper and bring him back home
Joe Jeep
Joe Jeep Il y a mois
Could 011's mom be 001 and her mother (her conscience) the builder of the upside down?
Ori Ronen
Ori Ronen Il y a mois
It was an amazing season! but it felt that too many times there are no other people in Hawkins except the gang and the russians... like there is a giant MIND FLAYER in town that almost no one expose to 🙄
Alice 1919
Alice 1919 Il y a mois
MR.Zieniu :D
MR.Zieniu :D Il y a mois
All i want really is Nancy and Jonathan together I just wanted from the start to see them doing thinks together , hope Nancy won't find new BF
infires guk
infires guk Il y a mois
i think el’s powers will come back stronger and at the end of season 4 they will have hopper back
jordan doherty
jordan doherty Il y a mois
Did anyone else notice will was the only one without a girlfriend and when joyce was saying about love to him he thought it was disgusting I think that's because they where talking about Jonathan and Nancy also he was so angry when everyone got girlfriend SO I think ... Will is gay
Leon Čarapović
Leon Čarapović Il y a mois
Hoper didn't die he went in the upside down because when doctor and Will's mom looked at gate it wasn't fully closed and it looked a bit active and thats why Eleven lost her powers so we should prepare for Jim's return in season 4
Leon Čarapović
Leon Čarapović Il y a mois
The best ones die. You all should prepare for death of Eleven at the end of 4th season
erithra cyan
erithra cyan Il y a 2 mois
Last episode:After tfios,it was the first time when I literally cried like hell. I said LITERALLY....
Wierd Tuber Pro
Wierd Tuber Pro Il y a 2 mois
Reason why hopper might still be alive: when joyce was closing the gate he wasn’t there so it might have a chance that he could still be alive
Kate Parra
Kate Parra Il y a 2 mois
Am I the only one on season 1?
zoe Il y a 2 mois
i hope hopper is alive he’s honestly my favorite😭he’s probably in the upside down
User 1234567
User 1234567 Il y a 2 mois
My theory is that hopper is still alive maybe in the upside down, he could have gotten blown through in the explosion, so something has stopped elevens powers so she can’t find him. I think “The American” is Murray (the detective/scientist) bc his number could be tracked as hopper gave it over the phone. The gate must not be closed or if it is Murray has explained to the Russians how to get into the upside down another way ( like through another portal) but No matter what a door to the upside down has to be open somewhere bc otherwise the demogorgan would not be living ( remember you close the gate the army dies) I don’t know whether the US government or the Russian government opened the gate but it has to be open for the last scene to make sense. They would not want to kill an American who had tons of knowledge on breaking into the upside down. Season 4 could even turn political like USA vs Russia fighting for the underworld like a replay of world war but in a different dimension
Arctic Haze
Arctic Haze Il y a 2 mois
I'll explain it to you. The thing Eleven holds in her hand is the handset of a stationary phone. People used such cable connected devices to communicate in the era the series is set.
Aine Whelan
Aine Whelan Il y a 2 mois
Everyone in my family thinks Hopper is still alive
Ryan's & Kyle's FNAF World
I only saw Stranger things 3 final battle
Valeria Perez
Valeria Perez Il y a 2 mois
I wish I was Millie she is so pretty and a much a good actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😩😭😩😩😭😩😩😭😭😩😭😭😩😩😭😩😩😭😩😭😩😭😭😩
Vanessa Galdamez
Vanessa Galdamez Il y a 2 mois
hXD JEWEET Il y a 2 mois
Deathcounter Season 1: Benny ,Brenner ,barb Season 2: BOB Season 3: Billy Hipper has no B lol
Frozone. exe
Frozone. exe Il y a 2 mois
Why did joyce leave hawkins
THE REAL MAD DOG Il y a 2 mois
The 3rd season was pretty weak in very honest opinion
Myles Lee
Myles Lee Il y a 2 mois
Russians aren’t bad guys
Strxwberry _ Bubblegum
Guys. Jim (Hopper) could still be alive. The song that was played during Will’s are death was also played when Jim “died”. Although, the American in Russia could be either Dr. Brenner, Eight, or a new character, because how else would the Russians know about the Upside Down? (I’m not saying I don’t think it’s Hopper, though..) Edit: Oof, someone already commented about the song thing. Just noticed that-
R.p Singh
R.p Singh Il y a 2 mois
I'm really confused is there gonna be a season 4?
YUNG FLY TY Die Il y a 2 mois
Wonder how the people names that start with B all died bob Billie and Barbara
Feltic Il y a 2 mois
Alexei!!!!!! Why u die
Mr. Satyre
Mr. Satyre Il y a 2 mois
Are people really so brain dead they need to be spoon fed like this?
Myah D
Myah D Il y a 2 mois
At the end seen when she’s driving away you can see the mind flayers shadow on her face
Bvb King sero el mero
Bvb King sero el mero Il y a 2 mois
Am i the only who likes billy
McJahnxie Zafra
McJahnxie Zafra Il y a 2 mois
Where did Joyce Will and Eleven moved at? Where did they moved?
Niamh Barry
Niamh Barry Il y a 2 mois
Well I think hopper jumped into the upside down at the right time and the American the Russians have is the AV teacher because wouldn’t they need a new scientist That’s my opinion
I got her pregnant...
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