The Curious Death Of Vincent Van Gogh

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Do we really know the life and death of this famous artist?
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Blank canvas on a artist' easel. Blank art board and wooden easel isolated on transparent background. Vector illustration.
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Casual man posing
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Man in various poses
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Protective Drop Cloth Draped Over Artwork on WALL
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Old wooden crate
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Welcome of the newborn baby by the family _ 1895
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Trees On Field Against Sky
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Garden and ancient Monastere Saint-Paul-De-Mausole, St.-Remy-De-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France
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Entrance to ancient Monastere Saint-Paul-De-Mausole, St.-Remy-De-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France
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Cloister of ancient Monastere Saint-Paul-De-Mausole, St.-Remy-De-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France
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Man behind a rain-soaked window
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Almond branches in bloom, 1890, by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
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City view of Auvers-sur-Oise village
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Incredibly Detailed People Silhouettes
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Restaurant scene
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Man Sleeping On Wooden Table
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Side View Of Man Smoking Cigarette While Lying On Bed At Home
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Van Gogh Au Fil De L'Oise : Exhibition At Auvers-Sur-Oise
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Male body lying in foggy field magical and beautiful nature
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Desk in a old military office
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Portrait of serious mid adult man
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hili pepper isolated
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Set of various sized dirty brushes
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Surroundings of Village of Piegros la Clastre at sunset, Drome, Provence, France. August 2018. Summer in the countryside.
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Young People Silhouettes
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Old man in an asylum
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Depression - man feeling depressive in an empty room
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Set the Clock Time
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Railroad Farewell View
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Red-covered book
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Businessman lying down on bed
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Vector silhouette of family.
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Portrait of businessman
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Modern Interor with Sofa Motochrome
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stories behind doors
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Men Sitting In Park
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glock handgun
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revolver isolated on white
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High Angle View Of Napkins In Plate On Table
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Concertgebouw and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Painting titled 'Farms near Auvers' by Vincent van Gogh
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A Woman Views Paintings in New Wing of Van Gogh Museum
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Woman walking through public park carrying a suitcase
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Man smiling at camera
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Pathology department in a hospital
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Cowboys having gun duel in old west town
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Ryan Moulton



10 mai 2019

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Liam David
Liam David Il y a mois
i know this is unrelated to it, but it reminds me of the death of Meriwether Lewis's death? wether it was suicide or murder? i had to write and essay on it in class before school ended and it really peaked my interest for a history assignment. personally i believe it was murder because there's no way he could've shot him self twice in the head with gun that made tennis ball wholes in things up close.
A C Il y a 2 mois
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I think you guys should do a vid on Ted Bundy. I live very close to Seattle and find the whole thing interesting
Avery Klima
Avery Klima Il y a 3 mois
Thoughts on Edgar Allen Poe’s death?? I say it’s rabies.
Diogo Reis
Diogo Reis Il y a 13 minutes
Hellen Axe
Hellen Axe Il y a 3 heures
The sadness will last forever.
Brittaney D
Brittaney D Il y a 3 heures
Why didn't they steal the mannequin?!
strangemovies Il y a 5 heures
I would like to see you guys discuss The Green Children of Woolpit.
Iria Loshi
Iria Loshi Il y a 9 heures
y'all need to do Kurt kobain
Ceilidh Spratt
Ceilidh Spratt Il y a 11 heures
always loved the doctor who episode where they show Vincent the he is appreciated and loved in the future
This acc Is useless
This acc Is useless Il y a 17 heures
emily x
emily x Il y a 20 heures
warner bros missed tf out ryan!!
tara heo
tara heo Il y a 22 heures
this is so cool how did i not know he was born in zundert that is literally a 20 minute drive from my city lmao
erik van roemburg
erik van roemburg Il y a 22 heures
Well ik weet het niet
Naeya Dudeee
Naeya Dudeee Il y a 23 heures
New subscriber!
Yasmine Elhachdani
Yasmine Elhachdani Il y a jour
GUYS WAIT what if a diffrent rising artist was jelous of van goh and shot him telling him to say it was him cause of gohs background, forcing him to stay shut
Brian Flores
Brian Flores Il y a jour
Sounds like bro got shot while being robbed on his way to the fields.
Nostalgia Il y a jour
I would have thought Theo maybe killed him because he didn’t want to be financially responsible for him anymore, as he was going to be starting a business
Kenzie Anderson
Kenzie Anderson Il y a jour
Please can you do the disappearance of Madeleine McCann? It’s so popular but unsolved
F.B.I Il y a jour
p u f f a l o p i l l
Gage Wendt
Gage Wendt Il y a jour
Is it weird that you guys help me and I quote “fall asleep” end quote but in a good way?
Alyssa Osada
Alyssa Osada Il y a jour
you guys should do a unsolved case about the death of Marilyn Monroe......There are a lot of interesting theories regarding it
David Wallace
David Wallace Il y a jour
It's not that the art comes from a dark place, it's how it's sold to the public to gain curiosity. Controversy always sells.
TYWI hi Il y a jour
Am I the only guy who wanted these kids to type get the death sentence
Shawn Izekiel
Shawn Izekiel Il y a jour
I’m late ONLY because I was released from jail the same day as this episode was released!! :D
Eleanor Limbaugh
Eleanor Limbaugh Il y a 2 jours
I liked how they pointed out that you don’t have to be tortured and unhappy to make great art.
The Gaming Joker
The Gaming Joker Il y a 2 jours
Or there’s a lost painting that was inspired by pain; he thought that shooting himself would of inspired a new work of art but his plan backfired
Josiah Van-Stolk
Josiah Van-Stolk Il y a 2 jours
robert delaloye
robert delaloye Il y a 2 jours
Sounds like he "buried" his painting equipment somewhere where he wanted it to be forever
Andrea Louise
Andrea Louise Il y a 2 jours
I’d love to see a case about Mozart’s death
kazman art
kazman art Il y a 3 jours
My date of birth is also 30th march
Kami Mikuta
Kami Mikuta Il y a 3 jours
Hey are we getting more Shane and Ryan with BUN!
Charlie Dawson
Charlie Dawson Il y a 3 jours
Shane says anything: Ryan: (WHEEZEEEE)
Minchangas Il y a 3 jours
Thumbnail looks like dr strange
Mehmetşah Sert
Mehmetşah Sert Il y a 3 jours
Maybe vincent was about to shoot himself then a man came out and said pls brother let me help you let me finish this suffer of yours and then shot him
Steve The Bandit
Steve The Bandit Il y a 3 jours
Why has no one mentioned he didn't cut off his ear?he lost it in a fencing accident but didn't want his friend to get in trouble
Dorrion 4thewin
Dorrion 4thewin Il y a 3 jours
whered my van go?
macaco maco
macaco maco Il y a 3 jours
what a pair of clownish imbeciles
s. M. c
s. M. c Il y a 3 jours
They do have a point with their theories, as with that, they add up to...
BestInClassJack Il y a 3 jours
It funny how my name is Jack
BLESS ME ACHOO Il y a 4 jours
vincent van gogh vincent van goghing vincent van *gone*
Eva Boersma
Eva Boersma Il y a 4 jours
do the dian fossey murder case pleaSe!!!
erica's explosion murder
Do the Papin Sisters next!
i’m not lay the sequel
i’m thinking vincent asked someone to do it or payed someone to do it. idk.
Zectsters Il y a 4 jours
teacher: Gogh him: van GO
n a
n a Il y a 4 jours
what is ryans laugh also hot
Chris Kline
Chris Kline Il y a 4 jours
Do an unsolved on the grafton monster, or the beast of bray road
Casey Il y a 4 jours
Soy is a hell of a drug
Secretly Soprano
Secretly Soprano Il y a 4 jours
y’all should seriously do an episode on the case of Violet Sharp. it’s fascinating! and i think it would be such a fun, and thrilling, episode to put out. please!!
ASDAPOI Il y a 4 jours
15:02 That is an excellent high five.
Cristal Ramirez
Cristal Ramirez Il y a 4 jours
You should investigate Bakersfield High School to see if there are actually ghosts. Bakersfield, California
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez Il y a 5 jours
My Theory Van Gogh went to kill himself but before doing that he gave Renés brother his art supplies because he was somewhat a mentor to him, and because he liked art as well. Van Gogh asked to see Renés pistol and tried to shoot himself in the head but they tackled him moving the gun to shoot him in the abdomen. They helped Van Gogh get up and he told them to leave.
Irfana Shariff
Irfana Shariff Il y a 5 jours
I heard that Vincent was colour blind
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Il y a 5 jours
Are they still making this vids?
Eve Kilgariff
Eve Kilgariff Il y a 5 jours
I highly recommend you do a video on the story of Madeleine McCann. Where did she go???
StarryNight Il y a 5 jours
Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite painter @-@
Ethan Jacob
Ethan Jacob Il y a 5 jours
Do an episode on kurt cobain
James Duque
James Duque Il y a 5 jours
Vincents brother was so nice and caring...thats a truly good brother.
Blackpanthe 25ishot
Blackpanthe 25ishot Il y a 5 jours
Do the London urban legend the lost passenger
Jade Miller
Jade Miller Il y a 5 jours
I always thought gogh was pronounced as goth
Wilson blaster gamer Chin
Vincent Van Gogh Died from a gun he murdered himself in the chest
Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones Il y a 5 jours
love ryans "wheeze" cup
Meagan Wheeler
Meagan Wheeler Il y a 5 jours
i miss these boys. when will they return from the war
Obi-wans Bulge
Obi-wans Bulge Il y a 5 jours
I swear all the weird ppl are really good artists.
Porschia Williams
Porschia Williams Il y a 5 jours
True crime Menendez brothers. It's my hometown of clementon, nj!!!! And the Jersey devil please.
Randy Barajas
Randy Barajas Il y a 5 jours
A good unsolved question I have is " Who really gave Easy E HIV". The Compton police nor the hospital that he was sent to have not yet confirmed who or what gave the famous rapper the virus. Easy E was the part of " The world's most dangerous group' also known as N.W.A!
min's coffee
min's coffee Il y a 5 jours
please do the Oklahoma girl scouts, Grimes sister, disappearance of the Beaumont children, Springfield three, or the 2009 taconic state parkway crash!!!
Anastacia Wickiser
Anastacia Wickiser Il y a 6 jours
I love the Office so whenever I hear the word “murder,” I just hear “mukduk” if u get it I love u. lmao.
Rio Agacy
Rio Agacy Il y a 6 jours
He did not cut it of.he got into a fight with another artist ted or somthing
Sophia Levett
Sophia Levett Il y a 6 jours
Maybe René wanted to shoot Vincent in the heart but before he could Gaston tried to stop him by pushing the gun down making him get shoot Vincent in the abdomen. Knowing that the boys would be up for murder and that Gaston was a struggling artist like Vincent at a time wanted the boys to live out their life. The boys take his supplies and burn them and Vincent states that he killed him self. Now no one knows the boy did it
Frazer Il y a 6 jours
Ted bundy
Sophia Pietrantonio
Sophia Pietrantonio Il y a 6 jours
Honestly Vincent Van Gogh is one of my best role models. I love him. He seemed like such an artistic and authentic and simple yet complex man. In a way it is sad to think that people have focused so much on the pain he has gone through which I am guilty of. His mental illness is not what defines him. He created such beautiful art over the years many of which when he was being treated and was in the hospital. He found magic in art and out his heart and soul into each and every one of them. I will always admire him. And I will admire him for him, who he truly was. A man with a heart of pure love and a head full of pure dreams.✨✨
Emma Hill
Emma Hill Il y a 6 jours
You guys should do the case of Nicholas Barclay if you haven't already, I don't know if you guys will see this or even if it would count.. I just read about it from something on Snapchat and I personally think its kinda interesting.
Ross Livengood
Ross Livengood Il y a 6 jours
Can you do the Lead Masks case?
Great Quotes Daily
Great Quotes Daily Il y a 6 jours
Similar to the JFK assassination! Not really.
Pancakes and ʝɨʍɨռ
*Vantae is shook*
Alexis Currier
Alexis Currier Il y a 7 jours
I was literally so unaware of this theory that when Ryan mentioned the gunshot wound was in his abdomen I sat in shock for a good three to five minutes
Sean Kav
Sean Kav Il y a 7 jours
It’s crazy how it was only 130 years ago I used to think he was from like 300 years ago but it was so recent
S k
S k Il y a 7 jours
If Ur dutch this is funny...
Dirtywork Gaming
Dirtywork Gaming Il y a 7 jours
y’all should go to the U.S.S Edson in bay city Michigan👌👌
Jake Ledbetter
Jake Ledbetter Il y a 7 jours
You guys gotta do one on Kurt Kobains death pretty sketch
ElChefe Il y a 7 jours
Wtf?? At 8:12 he said “who knows how they creep up on a person” and there is a dude standing in the back
Madison Laprise
Madison Laprise Il y a 7 jours
Reminds me of Boo Radley
The Demonic Bellaire House
Adressing the Rumours..