The Crazy Life of Jack Johnson

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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1594 with Yannis Pappas.



13 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Yanni LongDays
Yanni LongDays Il y a jour
This was such a fun hang.
Kenneth Curtis
Kenneth Curtis Il y a 15 jours
Tommy Burns was the fight was cut by police. It was the 1921 championship fight.
McTapoutos Il y a 16 jours
Nothing better then two drug 💉 addicts talking . Love it
D Will
D Will Il y a 21 jour
That's my great uncle. Crazy right?!
NEMO NASTY Il y a 23 jours
Bruh these white guys were bussin out these boxers like it was the space race and the goal was the moon
Mr Fix
Mr Fix Il y a 28 jours
These were filmed and broadcasted in theatres
Affinity_2k Il y a mois
F*ck Spotify bring back FRvid JRE!!!
z shep
z shep Il y a mois
I knew the 'speeding ticket' myth would get a mention
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Il y a mois
TV broadcast in 1910? No. The first ever RADIO broadcast was in 1921 from Jersey City NJ when Jack Dempsey knocked out Georges Charpentier.
S S Il y a mois
I, like most of you, haven’t listened to JRE as much as I use to, since the switch to Spotify, but I will say, this episode with Yannis had my laughing out loud left and right while driving.
o Il y a mois
Ryukishi Il y a mois
Joe checking out half naked black guys, yep it's your average JRE episode
dandagod official
dandagod official Il y a mois
Gold teeth are to show you are a freeman, back during slave times you could be captured again if you didn’t have gold teeth to prove you were free.
Jaelen Haskin
Jaelen Haskin Il y a mois
Did my first book report in 4th grade on jack. Had my teacher looking disheveled lmao
Hunter Klipp
Hunter Klipp Il y a mois
Gay AF Joe and Yannis
Charles Pup
Charles Pup Il y a mois
Jack Johnson one of the great ones
Tha_Batmane Il y a mois
gay af lol
RIcky Bobby
RIcky Bobby Il y a mois
yani papiiiiii
S Manku
S Manku Il y a mois
Fuck Spotify
Surge Mouradov
Surge Mouradov Il y a mois
Shitty version of a joe rogan podcast
Running with Scissors
i made a horrible video
Andy Rodriguez
Andy Rodriguez Il y a mois
I honestly thought they were talking about the musician Jack Johnson until they pulled up the photos 😂😂😂😂😂
Light Loop
Light Loop Il y a mois
Joe: Dude was not big Also Joe: look at the size of that man
J D Il y a mois
Bill Keefer
Bill Keefer Il y a mois
they cut the film in the movies.
Androo O'Brien
Androo O'Brien Il y a mois
I love how they automatically assumed 'a broadcast' would mean TV. Radio..... They had Radio.
SWERVE Il y a mois
His last 5 fights were in 1928 and after
Sherman Smith
Sherman Smith Il y a mois
“Guy got big balls like at that package!” Wtf 😂
Sherman Smith
Sherman Smith Il y a mois
Pyle Plays
Pyle Plays Il y a mois
"He banged a lot of white chicks" "He did! IN THEIR FACE!" 0_O
George Hennon
George Hennon Il y a mois
Anyone else wonder why Joe cut off Dave Rubin, like a specific reason? The only thing I can seem to find online is that Rubin (although he claims not to be an intellectual) mispoke a few time or something. Anyone have any ideas? Seems like we could do with his input right now
Lord Jole
Lord Jole Il y a mois
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MrDOwings Il y a mois
Jack was awfully tired when he fought Jess Willard who was huge. He probably tired out. It was after a lot of rounds. Back then you fought ungodly amount of rounds. But the Jeffries fight was the beginning of the great white hope term and then just like 70 years later it was money stupid as it was. Didn't die until after Tyson's era with the Klitshko's. About the same time boxing gave way to MMA. I feel like we're finally free of it for the most part.
Freethnkr Flick
Freethnkr Flick Il y a mois
Radio Broadcast TV did not happen till the 50s
AL Johnson
AL Johnson Il y a mois
They most likely cut the radio feed. It was aired on the radio waves.
Birder John
Birder John Il y a mois
4:06 They didn't talk like that. Popular movies from the 20's and 30's were gangster films, where the bad guy talked like that. Somewhere along the line people's only exposure to that time period was those old gangster films and we assumed everyone spoke like that. For the most part actors playing roles and broadcasters over the air spoke in a manufactured 'Mid-Atlantic Accent'.
Birder John
Birder John Il y a mois
3:25 1909 first images transmitted. 1911 CRT TV invented, the kind used right up to the year 2000. 1928 was the first dedicated TV station. 1928 first transatlantic television signal, between London and New York. 1933 first televised boxing match.
Green Mama
Green Mama Il y a mois
Radio broadcast
doloman77 Il y a mois
Only 6,1
Rick D Downing
Rick D Downing Il y a mois
1928 first televise broadcast
Tony Toon's Tours
Tony Toon's Tours Il y a mois
Racism killed him
BrickTop06 Il y a mois
Conflicted as a HHs glad Yanni got this but kind of a bum out they didn't talk about History Hyenas more. I mean, Yanni held his own and gave boring Rogies a long day but Joe could have asked Yannis about his shit a little more than Yanni just sitting there basically interviewing Joe.
Rob Erickson
Rob Erickson Il y a mois
We got the quick twitch and we got the slow twitch.
Robbee Flora
Robbee Flora Il y a mois
Famous last podwords
U. 2B
U. 2B Il y a mois
35mph? Joe is underestimating the speed of car back then. Jack Johnson got the speeding ticket in 1938, in the same year the Mercedes-Benz W 125 set a world speed record of 269mph. You had commercially available cars that could do 140mph since 1929 (Duesenberg Model SJ).
Joshua Woodcock
Joshua Woodcock Il y a mois
People still watch Joe ? Lol
Trevor Hopkins
Trevor Hopkins Il y a mois
Rogan: I don't think his fights were televised Also Rogan: when he lost I think he took a fall, there's video of it.
Wallee Il y a mois
They didn't televise fights at that time. The fight was just recorded
Enrique X111
Enrique X111 Il y a mois
Its crazy to think that ppl 100 years from now are going to be talking about fighters like Floyd Mayweather
indiidesign Il y a mois
2:39 “what’s a matter jammie?🥺” joe is a kind beast and jamie is a hidden king.
Richard Potter
Richard Potter Il y a mois
The first tv broadcast was Hitler speaking at the Olympics
Capulus NIGRUM
Capulus NIGRUM Il y a mois
The guy was right about the broadcast
Tex Parker
Tex Parker Il y a mois
Johnson put in jail. Ali put in jail. Tyson put in jail. All while near their prime and while world champions. Anyone else see a pattern?
Daniel Il y a mois
I love how we’ve reached a point as a society where we hear the word broadcast and immediately google when TV became a thing because we’ve apparently completely forgotten radio was ever a thing. Hahaha
GldStandrd Il y a mois
Jack Johnson is an icon
T Davis
T Davis Il y a mois
Galveston island stand up💯
Nicki Il y a mois
Caauuuuute CUZ!! It's a real life trans Puerto Rican girl fairy tail! Das it! From the courts on the streets of the lower east side to the red beaming walls of the mothership sitting across from this white boy! DAS IT!!
chris l
chris l Il y a mois
miles Davis did a album dedicated to jack Johnson.
W 9797
W 9797 Il y a mois
Miles davis was a big boxing fan
nukiepie Il y a mois
Mike tyson said he's cut from his cloth in his most infamous promo ever. Let that sink in.
Wallee Il y a mois
No he said jack dempsey and sonny liston
WRB-Berto Il y a mois
Joe “I won’t put a link to this cool shirt in the description “ Rogan
radcow Il y a mois
Radio joe radio ......
Jock James
Jock James Il y a mois
Would Joe Rogan have this guy on? I doubt it.
MrJdifranco Il y a mois
Hi everyone...we just had a member of provincial parliament removed from Caucus....Roman Barber for sending a letter to our premier....joe needs to speak to him as a guest(Canada)
Cleb Felm
Cleb Felm Il y a mois
Not the jack johnson I came here for
Bing Song
Bing Song Il y a mois
Can u talk about big cats in uk
Bryan Jensen
Bryan Jensen Il y a mois
Yannis - "Man Johnson was a beast of a fighter!" Joe - "Yeah but imagine if he had fought on DMT..."
zed sawan
zed sawan Il y a mois
andy 445
andy 445 Il y a mois
Rainy day boxing did a hell of a job by making documentary on him
andy 445
andy 445 Il y a mois
Tommy burns was the guy when they canceled the broadcast
andy 445
andy 445 Il y a mois
Jack Johnson - The original Baddest man on planet
andy 445
andy 445 Il y a mois
Muhammad Ali said i know I'm bad but he (Jack Johnson) was crazy
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Il y a mois
There where giants back then dumb shit go do some home work!!
Geep1778 NYC
Geep1778 NYC Il y a mois
Sunny Liston was also 1 helluva story
Kyler Janovec
Kyler Janovec Il y a mois
No shit he had a package his name was Jack Johnson!!!
Jayden Garrett
Jayden Garrett Il y a mois
The view count is like the Fighter without The Kid now lmao
xavikd98 Il y a mois
Joe Rogan is so much better than Howard Stern!!! This guy actually thinks!!
Drew Graham
Drew Graham Il y a mois
I didn’t see what this guy looked like until 3:25. Just FYI
m s
m s Il y a mois
"Jam-O look up the average hawg size in 190p"
Demond Rucker
Demond Rucker Il y a mois
Guest on JRE are starting to get increasingly more SUS.
CNS gains
CNS gains Il y a mois
The fight wasn't broadcasted but it was filmed. Thomas Edison was a fight fan so some of the first films EVER were boxing films. Watch "legendary champions" on utube if u want to see the fight he's talking about I believe it was Jim Jeffries fight when they stopped the film before he gets stopped by johnson. Great documentary if u like fight films
Clear Vision
Clear Vision Il y a mois
****History left this part out for some reason... **** ****
Eye 2 Eye
Eye 2 Eye Il y a mois
I read the Jack Johnson biography years ago. Good book. The Joe Louis one isn't bad either.
Austin Mac
Austin Mac Il y a mois
Joe “banged a lot of white chicks” Rogan
Ash R
Ash R Il y a mois
6ft tall... But tell you what, he had a great body
Scott Simon
Scott Simon Il y a mois
daedralord1 Il y a mois
This guy is just making shit up. First broadcasts and fast cars etc
Rotisserie fried Panda
They did televise a few of Johnson’s fights and there was one that was cut off because he knocked out a white guy. I forgot who it was though.
Primate Bluey
Primate Bluey Il y a mois
And the doses of vitamin D you push is shameful. You should qualify with "please consult your doctor first" you utter irresponsible heathen. You too Jaime.
Alan Chelnick
Alan Chelnick Il y a mois
Maybe on the radio
Sally Martin
Sally Martin Il y a mois
Stop shouting about spotify Jo, It is horrible
El Arizona
El Arizona Il y a mois
I'm starting to wonder if Joe Rogan has a problem with Chrissy D
Buddy Il y a mois
A couple Cheeseburgers!
Hunter Bramlage
Hunter Bramlage Il y a mois
Where is the full episode?
PTC Combat Fitness
PTC Combat Fitness Il y a mois
it is amazing how wrong they are on so many facts.
Nolan Bias
Nolan Bias Il y a mois
Big fan! Check out Dinesh DSouza Death of a Nation Roast review, shittiest movie ever lmao:
Big Fish
Big Fish Il y a mois
Jack was the man.
Liam R
Liam R Il y a mois
He'll be thinking about Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling when he talks about the broadcast being cut. Max had 2 of his vertebrae broken and was screaming so at first the Germans cut the sound. Apparently it's the most expensive fight tickets ever sold too. Obviously calculated with inflation.
Liam R
Liam R Il y a mois
@Wallee Ah did they. I know they did the sound of the Lewis fight as well.
Wallee Il y a mois
No they cut the camera when johnson was beating heavyweight champion tommy burns in Australia
Kamil 12
Kamil 12 Il y a mois
How amazing the Pod would be with Chrissy D in the mix
Noir Tesseract
Noir Tesseract Il y a mois
That shirt is the drawing Bob Lazar did when he described the UFO he worked on at S4.
Headshot Il y a mois
3:24 - NO it was not a broadcast! Who is this uninformed moron? It was being filmed. And it was Tommy Burns (real name Noah Brusso) who he was fighting in Sydney, Australia, December 26th 1908.
Lino Jaramillo
Lino Jaramillo Il y a mois
Yanni is at the wrong place to make up facts lol
Bryan Huggett
Bryan Huggett Il y a mois
No what they did was they stopped the fight before he could knock him out because they didn't want James Jeffries to go out like that guys a little off on that one there was no broadcast back when when Jack Johnson fought. also I mean I only heard of that. I'm quite certain though there's no broadcast of a Jack Johnson fight there wasn't no TV back when he fought in the 1920s n 1900s
wildphototaker Il y a mois
Joe “They didn’t have steroids back then” Rogen
Riskur Snapped
Riskur Snapped Il y a mois
Lmao watched this as I read THIS 💀