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2014 was a turning point in the national conversation around police violence after the killings of Michael Brown, Laquan Mcdonald, and Eric Garner. Five years later, Hasan examines the systems in place that protect and sometimes incentivize police misconduct in America.

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9 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 2 755
traking 123
traking 123 Il y a jour
mi_sally Il y a jour
These police shootings are frustrating & I'm not even American! I just watch it. It's so stupid. US police looks like they're looking to shoot someone for no reason.
Chief Il y a jour
I’m the future racism isn’t going away. It just going to shift from hating colored people to hating white people
John M Latzo
John M Latzo Il y a 4 jours
Totally agree with all this. But who employs Cops? We do the citizens. But the cops bosses do nothing, the politicians.
NICHOLAS REED Il y a 10 jours
That 'finger banging" line had me in stitches
Enoch Brown
Enoch Brown Il y a 11 jours
Hasan is better than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Sixty Minutes and The View all put together and shaken up for good measure. He is THE BOMB that this country needs. God bless you, Hasan.
Masud Abdulaleem
Masud Abdulaleem Il y a 14 jours
Prophet Muhammad said " do NOT respond to wrong with wrong. "
Shahla Bozorgzadeh
Shahla Bozorgzadeh Il y a 15 jours
viva hassan
thejubieexperience Il y a 15 jours
I worked for several years as a crisis manager with a lot of similarities to police work. I'd come in and deescalate serious, violent people. Had I acted like a cop every time someone tried to punch me, I'd have gotten fired. I, instead, learned to deescalate violent people. I've talked people out of holding big knives and all kinds of stuff. I felt that's how police should be for years. Also everyone should watch The Wire. It's an eye-opening look at how the police behave in the real world.
John Lindquist
John Lindquist Il y a 17 jours
Watch Live PD for 5 episodes and see how hard it is. The biggest problem is combative civilians and MM telling them resisting is okay.
Thermal Chill
Thermal Chill Il y a 18 jours
If government didn't wanted them to act like criminals, they wouldn't and till there is an all out war on cops, nothing will change but only will get worse .
Sasidhar Reddy
Sasidhar Reddy Il y a 18 jours
Bang I did it before you
Jhansy Sudevi
Jhansy Sudevi Il y a 19 jours
There's gotta be a better place to live, fk this dumb ass country.
jauxro Il y a 4 jours
I've heard good things about Norway and New Zealand
Jhansy Sudevi
Jhansy Sudevi Il y a 19 jours
In case we needed new reasons to hate cops
Zach Westerfield
Zach Westerfield Il y a 20 jours
My only issue with your conclusions is that as long as the police in general protect bad cops it is perfectly reasonable to be anti-cop in general.
No One
No One Il y a 20 jours
*I love The Patriot Act!* Thanks for *no ads* and all the articulate, detailed, informative videos with factual accounts of what's going on in this world!
Zephyri LaBelle
Zephyri LaBelle Il y a 21 jour
I don't know if this has come up, but if part of the problem is Prosecutors? Why not just bring them from areas where those sets of police officers have no influence? Like if a cop has done something in say Northern California, bring one from Southern California where they would have no reasonable correlation with that division? Or have prosecutors who only deal with police cases and don't deal with other forms of cases. Just a suggestion but it may help with the conflict of interest.
Arwa neutral
Arwa neutral Il y a 21 jour
Oh wow we hv our own version of US cops.... Music cue enter UP and Delhi police...
Funky Babazozo
Funky Babazozo Il y a 22 jours
Exactly why I celebrate every cop death as karmic justice.
Sharaya Smith
Sharaya Smith Il y a 22 jours
Major shout-out for this episode!
Obviously True
Obviously True Il y a 23 jours
Living in a shitty country + too many guns = American death culture. It ain't rocket science.
Peter Paj
Peter Paj Il y a 23 jours
He raises interesting points, and the tragic consequences of poor judgment, mistakes, unpreparedness, ineptitude, and malice on the part of some police decisions do indeed reverberate throughout the communities affected by them. And the families are traumatized in ways that are irreparable. But, as per usual, Hasan's tendentious portrayal of the overall issues as stake is emblematic of the arrogance and ignorance of SJWs, who ostensibly portray themselves as sophisticated, crusading intellectuals. Yet, they fail to see the embarrassing impotence of presenting arguments that ignore the broader context of the problem, and instead of searching for plausible solutions to the problems that occur in the day-to-day policing of our communities, he claims to have divined a deeply-ingrained, intractable structural deficiency within our social institutions. Not only is his case weak, he employs the sort of sanctimonious sophistry that has resulted in liberals crying in our lattes on the first Wednesday of every fourth November, and whinging with indignant fury until the next election. He ignores the fact that cops are not paid well and are feared, disliked, and even hated by the majority of people they encounter. They DO have to be in a state of constant vigilance, sadly. And even good cops can make mistakes that forever change the lives of the communities they serve, as well as their own and that of their families.
Mind Over Matter Lifestyle
This needs the same amount of shares on Facebook as it has views on FRvid
Kyle Il y a 23 jours
How does this not violate the 14th amendment right to equal protection under the law?
Anonym Il y a 24 jours
Well, even as somebody who doesnt live in america I think this is a rather difficult topic. As soon as you let police officers get charged for using their guns they will start to think about using their guns which, especially in america, will most certainly lead to police officers getting killed more often. The police killing people is just a symptom, the fact that you can buy guns pretty much everywhere is the main problem. It's not unreasonable to train your police to shoot as soon as they feel threatened in a country where pretty much everybody can pull a gun on you anytime.
Linus Testicle Tips
Linus Testicle Tips Il y a 24 jours
i hope you make an episode on Kashmir unless you are afraid of modi and BJP like rest of indian muslims ?
Moha Amip
Moha Amip Il y a 26 jours
"Killing isn't that big of a deal" so many evils on this planet! F*ck old man.
Tamia Luster
Tamia Luster Il y a 26 jours
Why hasn't anyone else ever talked about this?
Bubby Rink
Bubby Rink Il y a 26 jours
Wow cops are fucked up
Ican FeeLIt
Ican FeeLIt Il y a 27 jours
If one cop shoots in the leg or something someone by mistake and u win a case against him all the murderers will be able to sue cops. Don't trust this guy. He wants drug pimps to rule the country
BALD CAT Il y a 22 jours
@Ican FeeLIt um now what ur saying is if some guy gets shot in the leg and sues the cop rightfully for harming him is wrong cuz now the cop cant help people well the issue what ur saying is a cop can shoot a criminal yes if it was deemed as necessary but he cant shoot an innocent person and get away with it
Ican FeeLIt
Ican FeeLIt Il y a 22 jours
@BALD CAT well now how he gonna do that if he is afraid that the criminal is going to sue him?
BALD CAT Il y a 25 jours
ey the cop mistakenly shot a gun in the leg he should get punished his job is to keep citizens safe not hurt them at least have a good argument
humpapa Il y a 27 jours
lulz... do about porn...
tiyenin Il y a 29 jours
"That's like if Michael Vick's favorite movie was Air Bud. Why would he like that movie? It's about basketball!"
William Sikora
William Sikora Il y a 29 jours
In the last five years I'm gonna guess that unwarranted policemen killings have gone down do to all the protest and hype. How many homicides happened in that same five years in those respected cities? Chicago had like 3 people maybe, Baltimore had like 4 and St.Louis some how had added people I bet. So, take those guns away from the cops it's a no brainer. Cops are like bad or something!
dumb thicc wizard
dumb thicc wizard Il y a mois
I'm anti cop sorry The bad cops are employed and many because of the bad system
ronak narkhede
ronak narkhede Il y a 26 jours
Anti cop? Are you dumb the country will be in shambles.
Stefan C
Stefan C Il y a mois
I agree with the points of the video but Dyson is an imbecile & a racist, Exhibit A: Maybe not the best example when trying to make a point about racism.
Lowes Brown
Lowes Brown Il y a mois
I just realised calibre press is the same organization that made surviving edged weapons which was featured on redlettermedia's best of the worst series. Wow they are some fucked up people.
Shady treetops
Shady treetops Il y a mois
5:07 alright so I missed this the first time watching this but wth kind of attitude does he imply when saying that action is faster than reaction with so much conviction? Frankly I think this entire video is pretty disturbing--- important to know and nicely packaged but quite scary all in all
Japonesa Il y a mois
Coworkers, just like everyone working at the DMV Judges and the PD.... #iloveny
Hugh LaRoche
Hugh LaRoche Il y a mois
Thank you!!!!
Ransored Il y a mois
Lmao that john wick joke at 10:25 was amazing
pixelmato Il y a mois
Doodelay Il y a mois
So the murders of black people by police is usually racially motivated plus bad training, but their acquittal is a systemic issue? That's my takeaway here
Zayboy108 Il y a mois
I feel like that ratio between training with violence vs deescalation is due to the war on drugs that happened
Vegarot Fusion
Vegarot Fusion Il y a mois
The fear based training affect of the latest decade of graduates from the police academy is quite noticeable in Australia as our country becomes more and more Americanized. Cases of police brutality, excessive force and fire arms usage has significantly increased. Their people skills have remarkably dropped. With most having an ego and sense of self worth that was once only reserved for Parking inspectors. There are still some good cops out there. But they are all just one day from retirement.
Shad Il y a mois
moral of the story: all cops are bad, and the system is even worst
George Washington
George Washington Il y a mois
Bruhhh. A harley Davidson and scarface poster in the union reps office. WHAT A FKKN TOOL.
Darkman Studios
Darkman Studios Il y a mois
I say dissolve every police force and arm every sane adult.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
I am actually surprised that police aren't trained in de-escalation. I remember when they were called "Officers of the Peace." I guess I can forget that.
jon deme
jon deme Il y a mois
Guns are not the problem, bad pig police are....
Uni Amni
Uni Amni Il y a mois
So the police union is a organized crime group under the definition of law.
Emperor Nimbala
Emperor Nimbala Il y a mois
They're trying to make mindless, desensitized, killing machines; all whilst pushing mob-style family values in the guise of their unions.
Perplexed Bystander
Why didn't he go into the history of police??
Ricky Evans
Ricky Evans Il y a mois
Too many times I have met cops like this.
Griffin Chalem
Griffin Chalem Il y a mois
14:30 Your message may be important, but you should never use Aljazeera as a source.
Chris Valade
Chris Valade Il y a mois
Being anti bad-cop means ... being anti-cop! If you're a cop, and you tow the line, BUT don't speak out against misconduct, racism, brutality, or ANYTHING, well, you may have well have just committed the act yourself. And how many cops have ever spoken out against such things??? The few that do get harassed, threatened, etc. If you want to be a 'good cop,' you just don't have the option, period.
Ja Ich
Ja Ich Il y a mois
I have a question: why is the police union so strong and the teachers union not.
Ja Ich
Ja Ich Il y a 21 jour
@rewer Thanks for the answer!
rewer Il y a mois
They got support from billionaires and politicians.
Ja Ich
Ja Ich Il y a mois
How are US American police men and women one of the best trained in the world? How long does their training take?
Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins Il y a mois
This is crazy these episodes are more detailed and have more information and points of view than a regular broadcast on any mainstream media show. On any topic.
Y'all sleeping on the gem of the episode, "Why would he like that movie? It's about basketball!"
shaghayegh mnf
shaghayegh mnf Il y a mois
I'm so angry and dissatisfied rn and I'm not even American .
rainbow unicorn
rainbow unicorn Il y a mois
Wow so the police protect their union NOT their prosecutors who protects us then damnit