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If you’re looking for a fun car for not a ton of dough, this is the video for you. Join Nolan as he suggests a fun car for every budget, from the Mazda Miata, Honda Civic and way beyond! Every car in this video is a guaranteed fun-haver!

Hosted by Nolan Sykes
Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Alex I. Rodriguez & Zach Redpath
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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15 avril 2019

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Commentaires 9 688
Donut Media
Donut Media Il y a 2 mois
So which of these cars are you thinking about picking up? I can't choose! Let me know.
Kody Grabowski
Kody Grabowski Il y a 7 jours
If i can scrounge up 1000 bucks i want to buy back a car i should have never gotten rid of ......1987 volkswagen jetta diesel.......with a tow hitch xD
Su Goi
Su Goi Il y a 8 jours
@Emir Trump el-Amriki HAHA NICE!
Ethan Obenauer
Ethan Obenauer Il y a 8 jours
Will North The only Mustang’s you’ll find in this price range are either the 4.0 6-cylinder which will be driven the shit out of, or a early to mid-2000’s 4.6 that’s been also driven driven to shit. There may be a very rare decent deal in there, but he said at the beginning, he was trying to find cars commonly available at that price and commonly a good deal.
Ethan Obenauer
Ethan Obenauer Il y a 8 jours
Alexis 200SX Uh, have fun finding a Challenger for less than 10k bud, ain’t gonna happen unless you feel like repairing a salvage title.
ahmed mohsen
ahmed mohsen Il y a 2 heures
Subrcibed after this video
Marty Mone
Marty Mone Il y a 2 heures
audi a4 2009 1.8t. good for the price looks agresive and nice interior
Daniel Blaniel
Daniel Blaniel Il y a 2 heures
Honda prelude is underrated
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Il y a 2 heures
5.7 ls1
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Il y a 2 heures
Breckon Carter
Breckon Carter Il y a 4 heures
I got my charger for 8200. 07 sublime 120k miles
Angel Dejesus
Angel Dejesus Il y a 5 heures
350z better turns better 😊
Jeremy Searcy
Jeremy Searcy Il y a 8 heures
Any ls400
Alexander Alldredge
Alexander Alldredge Il y a 8 heures
G35 coupe...that's all.
DJ 12
DJ 12 Il y a 9 heures
U didn't say anything about Nissan 350z and Mazda RX8 those're really cheap Nissan 350z price 5000-3000€ Mazda RX8 price 5000-3000€.
Jason M
Jason M Il y a 9 heures
Personally I think subarus are overrated, I am a car dealer and subaru buyers are obsessed with the timing belt. And if you have to change it every 60k or whatever, then other than AWD, what is so great about it? just my personal opinion. I myself think the mazda 3 is fun, reliable, and the best bang for your buck well done video
JK Jadd
JK Jadd Il y a 10 heures
BMW m3 1995
carter8352 Il y a 12 heures
4th gen camaro z28?
Martin Boehmer
Martin Boehmer Il y a 12 heures
I just picked up a 2005 Saab 9-2x Aero for $4,000. around 185,000 miles but all maintenance records came with the car.
Mathias Martel
Mathias Martel Il y a 13 heures
Ok so where is the 2006-2010 Dodge Charger with a 3.5 v6? You can get a good one for 5K
XxDDL2008xX Cool
XxDDL2008xX Cool Il y a 13 heures
My dad owns a 2014 Fusion and we smoked a S 2000
S_for_Short Il y a 14 heures
What about old doges or mustangs, especially 90s mustangs?
INFERNOCAT Il y a 16 heures
what about a Mitsubishi Evo 6. It has style, still off-road/road car... idk its my opinion
Christopher Wah
Christopher Wah Il y a 18 heures
Four different cities 1. LA, California 2. Denver, CO 3. Nashville, TN 4. New Jersey, ?
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen Il y a 19 heures
At my country , Old S2000 goes for $25,000 USD + , even if it's got high mileage .
Korean Wannabe
Korean Wannabe Il y a 21 heure
This vid didn't help me...cuz every shit in Singapore is expensive as f*ck.
Edited Gaming
Edited Gaming Il y a jour
Where’s the Mazda RX-8
anthony west
anthony west Il y a jour
I got a 2008 bmw 335i coupe with 93k miles for 8500 At 100k now running like a beaut just replaced vanos, spark plugs, coils, injectors and valve cover gaskets and head gasket. Puts me at a little over 10 but i didnt have to so most of the replacements they were just precautions
giovanni scalia
giovanni scalia Il y a jour
B5 S4, 2005ish WRX wagon or Late MKVI GTi the best sub-10k cars imo
sad_cowboi Il y a jour
TheCarBrothers Il y a jour
Crown Vic is the best one.
chris kary
chris kary Il y a jour
You missed the RSX and the RSX type s also the prelude
Ness Rosenbrad
Ness Rosenbrad Il y a jour
The Infiniti G35 coupe is all one can need under 10k, preferably 2006/07.
Logistic Juice
Logistic Juice Il y a jour
Where’s the gs430?
Vardges Mkrtchian
Vardges Mkrtchian Il y a jour
W124 e classes
Mild Mannered Hate
Mild Mannered Hate Il y a jour
Fite me Nolan, my 350z ALL DAY babee
Chill Il y a jour
Your mom: handles stick, reasonably reliable, dtf, and no where near worth $1000.
Juan Chachagua
Juan Chachagua Il y a jour
mk3 supra
Jack Bauerle
Jack Bauerle Il y a jour
You forgot the Volvo S60R
APLife Gaming
APLife Gaming Il y a jour
Rx8’s are also really cheap and very similar to the s2000
ReaperzAMVs Il y a jour
Where the fk did u find a s2k for under 10k lmao
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar Il y a jour
I have a 2009 lancer ralliart (Evo’s smaller brother), it is showing less than 10 grand on Kbb. I wouldn’t sell it for that much though.
Bulevard Service
Bulevard Service Il y a 2 jours
bro,you showed us the most expensive,unreliable and hard to maintain cars in the world...especially the jap. cars...the parts for the Civic are the same price as the BMW and if you need to live with civic every day is not as comfortable and practical...sure they are good for a first car for 18y but nothing more....and they always end with blown gasket and sold for scrap...and believe me,i've been there...i owned 12 cars for my 34 years and i have worked on hundreds more...just got with the bimm or a merc...yes,they break too but you know you have a CAR..p.s. im a c fan of Subaru but they are....OMG they are the most expensive cars in the world...:) mmm yeah i need a maf sensor please..we dont have sir,im sorry
4G63 Talon
4G63 Talon Il y a 2 jours
I was with you until you said the mini
mexican bullfighter
mexican bullfighter Il y a 2 jours
Chris fix bought a del Sol under $1000 and got it for $300
TheyDidntBanMe Il y a 2 jours
Where da 350z at
The Otherside
The Otherside Il y a 2 jours
Fuck the Z/Gs and that stupid bitch.
The Otherside
The Otherside Il y a 2 jours
V70Rs... and they're wagons!
Almedin Mujanovic
Almedin Mujanovic Il y a 2 jours
You can buy a 535 i e60 for 10k or less
KINNSTER Il y a 2 jours
Just bought a brand new 2018 Mazda 3 hatchback for $18,000. Lifetime powertrain warranty, Bose speakers, 2.5L engine it’s a lot of fun to drive as well.
mickey Willis
mickey Willis Il y a 2 jours
Mk5 Jetta 2.5 or gli
Neil Craig
Neil Craig Il y a 2 jours
Don’t buy a sports car under $10k ... you clearly can’t afford to buy a sports car so you’re hoping to buy an older high mileage one. I was there, I understand the want for one and as a younger guy my budget is tight. But let me tell you, get an established job, save your money, buy a reliable non-sporty car for under $10k and save, save, save until you can actually buy one!
Nathan Segura Kennedy
Nathan Segura Kennedy Il y a 2 jours
jecsi Velasquez
jecsi Velasquez Il y a 2 jours
e92 bmw 335i
Special k
Special k Il y a 2 jours
I had an 05 mini cooper s and loved it. It was broken half the time, but the most fun car I've ever owned and I had an evo. 2300lbs and 165hp made that thing fly and it was like a go kart. Also, what other car had a better dash than the r53 mini? Go ahead, I'll wait.
Chase Cormick
Chase Cormick Il y a 2 jours
Alright Nolan, stick 'em up. Let's do this.
Owen Lee
Owen Lee Il y a 2 jours
Sentra SE-R(stealth, LSD, lightweight) Mk3 Supra (handles amazing for it's weight, make sure you retourque head bolts) IS300, BMW 540i, E36 M3, beat up E46 M3(best engine for a >$10k car, 340hp ITB 8k RPM I6), beat up E39 M5(ITB 400hp 7k RPM V8) 335i, RX-8 (premix it and it won't blow up). Also, regarding the R56 Mini Cooper, not only is it supercharged, it outhandles basically anything street legal under 50 grand. BMW chassis and suspension design applied to an ultra light FWD chassis makes something supernatural. there's videos of an R56 beating an s2k, c5 Vette, and 300HP Civic type R on FRvid. probably the most slept-on car on this list.
Rony Tróchez
Rony Tróchez Il y a 2 jours
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1999 ❤️
Josh Zimmerman
Josh Zimmerman Il y a 2 jours
You can always find a good deal if you look. I found a 79 berlinetta camaro with 350 sbc running paid $1,500. Numbers matching and clean title. Building a supercharged 383 for it now
Josh Lad
Josh Lad Il y a 2 jours
In the UK if you bought any of them and you are less than 25 you're insurance will be more than the car
plotwist 2
plotwist 2 Il y a 3 jours
Y u no proton saga
David Castro
David Castro Il y a 3 jours
Toyota celica gts
Mystic Faint
Mystic Faint Il y a 3 jours
My brother got a wrx for 3,500k
WAVEY COB Il y a 3 jours
350 is better
BoostAddict Il y a 3 jours
B5 S4. Average prices are like 6-10 grand for a good one.
Neil Craig
Neil Craig Il y a 2 jours
Terrible idea ... $6- 10k in repairs afterwards too 🤣
henry06x Il y a 3 jours
I’ve had my g35 since 2007. Still love it. And the trunk in a stock coupe has a diagram for fitting 2 sets of golf clubs. They had their priorities right
paula danyi
paula danyi Il y a 3 jours
Mustang LX 1992 6000$
Aryan Hamdard
Aryan Hamdard Il y a 4 jours
When u show the AMG y do you have the building from THE OFFICE in the background?????
Ethan Vue
Ethan Vue Il y a 4 jours
What about the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipes?
Alexis Gil
Alexis Gil Il y a 4 jours
What about the Nissan Sentra a 2000-03
HansSpeilm Il y a 4 jours
It makes me sad to see what most g35's have become. Once they became affordable, they turned into the new generation's s-chassis and the vast majority that I now see are run into the ground with tons of Ebay crap stuck to them and a pizza-faced kid at the wheel.
Kizna Il y a 4 jours
Buying wrecks is a good idea. I got a 2012 impreza for 2k after parts.
Crunchy Dip
Crunchy Dip Il y a 4 jours
300zx tho?
Shane Sexton
Shane Sexton Il y a 4 jours
BMW E9x 328 or 335
Mar D. Chafee
Mar D. Chafee Il y a 4 jours
Eclipse GT 2010?
Nexa Iggy
Nexa Iggy Il y a 4 jours
7.53 I sure do love me some STI's
Smile Step
Smile Step Il y a 4 jours
My dad drives a c35 amg!
AMX 40
AMX 40 Il y a 4 jours
If u think G37 is better than 350z then I'll 1v1 u to death
Ali Yahya Madridista
Ali Yahya Madridista Il y a 4 jours
not a single Golf...seriously?
Brandon Mantle
Brandon Mantle Il y a 4 jours
Sn95 and f body Camaro, cheap reliable and v8 rwd
Parsa Dehghani
Parsa Dehghani Il y a 4 jours
An mazda rx8 is pretty cool too
Z/dos Il y a 5 jours
In the UK, i think the best fun car you can buy for under £10,000, would be an original mini cooper.
big boother
big boother Il y a 5 jours
BMW 525i
Jeff Rodrigues
Jeff Rodrigues Il y a 5 jours
all this cars in brazil u can't buy under US$30k. (exept civic) idk, maybe we have 5 S2000 on this fucking country
Panda man💩
Panda man💩 Il y a 5 jours
Terrance Pace
Terrance Pace Il y a 5 jours
2000 Audi s4/ a4
Brian Vos
Brian Vos Il y a 5 jours
2008 Acura TL Type S!
Josh Youngblood
Josh Youngblood Il y a 5 jours
Nobody else noticed the g35 didnt have door handles? Lmao
ツxKevin Il y a 5 jours
8:43 Bruhh what is that rear bumper 🤢🤮
ツxKevin Il y a 5 jours
hypebeast 87
hypebeast 87 Il y a 5 jours
R53 squad out here
Yazan Sakran
Yazan Sakran Il y a 5 jours
Nolan looks better with long hair
walwain binns
walwain binns Il y a 5 jours
Honda civic si
stckshift Il y a 5 jours
e30’s 100% belong on this list :/
Thomas McGaha
Thomas McGaha Il y a 5 jours
Bought a Ford F150 4x4 XLT Super crew Cap for under 6k and fixed it up with the left money saved (2k), new suspension, tune up, full pro detail and a few rust spots fixed and then everything protected with under spray liner and dyi ceramic coat off Amazon. The truck runs great and looks good as new. Oh and I got the 4.6L over the 5.4L due to the issues of the 5.4.
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson Il y a 5 jours
High school full time job yeah right
Tom Kord
Tom Kord Il y a 5 jours
On the whole cop-car-shenanigans theme; in Australia, we never got the Crown Vic, so we have the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore instead. The conversion rate is crap, so US$10k is roughly $150k in Dollarydoos (or "Shrimps" as they're commonly known; AU$1000 being equal to two Cooberpedys or 1.618 Tuggeranong-Murwillumbahs). So 150,000 Shrimps these days will get you a special edition Falcon called an "FPV F6," and if you don't know what that is then just highlight the word, right-click, and choose the "Search Google for..." option (I'm not ya mum, look it up yorself). Now these black-eyed sons of gurrung-gurrungs came with a Garrett GT3582R from factory, plus a high-capacity fuel pump and upgraded undertorqueable ("rigid" in the old way of speaking) conrods and wrist-pins, and some even suck nitro and have Phase 4 heads, which makes it a great platform to start cranking the Barra all the way up to 25psi (around 17.2 Whitlams) to make about 600-800whp (450-600 nullarbors). If you can't afford that, spend about 10k Shrimps on a stock beater off gumtree or carsales from some bloke named McPhillamy or whatever, usually from Point Piper or Morganville (formerly known as Shelbyville, renamed after the war) or equivalent povo suburb. Then you tie an onion to your belt, as that's the current style, and spend a Woomera to take the ferry. Woomeras have pictures of bees on them -- "gimme five bees for a quarter" as the kids would say. Then you spend another 50k Shrimps on mods to make it as fast as (or faster than) an F6, and have 100k Shrimps left to spend on sex workers and Bolivian marching powder.
Space Il y a 5 jours
iLikeNoodles Il y a 5 jours
trans am?
606nate Il y a 6 jours
2009 corolla xrs
Stolen Instagram Memes
Stolen Instagram Memes Il y a 6 jours
you can find older camaros for well under 10k
Cat named Scamper
Cat named Scamper Il y a 6 jours
2006-2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT..... very underrated and neck to neck with a 350z
Colo Vert
Colo Vert Il y a 5 jours
Fwd kills it
jambo shiz
jambo shiz Il y a 6 jours
You missed the Mazdaspeed6
spicy noodle
spicy noodle Il y a 6 jours
i only came for that nero sticker on the car
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