THE BATMAN First Look Trailer'(2021) Robert Pattinson, Superhero Movie HD

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THE BATMAN First Look Trailer'(2021) Robert Pattinson, Superhero Movie HD
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Commentaires 80
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez Il y a 15 heures
Se ve vergas el traje
Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca
Jared Leto is the best Paul Allen.
Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca
Por último pongan "soon on theaters"
whatisyourname Il y a 13 jours
Looks like a daredevil from netflix
mws755 Il y a 14 jours
Fanboys can't wait to put shit like this out there lol
peter Il y a 17 jours
Please include this within the OST. Somewhere anywhere
Diana Prince
Diana Prince Il y a 23 jours
I like the look.
friggyk Il y a mois
*still not over ben affleck leaving* 😔
Robert Fullmer
Robert Fullmer Il y a mois
The one thing that's bugging me about this movie, is that they casted a black actor to play James Gordon. Not that I have a problem with that in itself obviously, but doesn't it kinda ruin the connection between this film and the rest of the DCEU?
Phamous Hip Hop
Phamous Hip Hop Il y a mois
Check out new BATMAN theme freestyle 🔥
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil Il y a mois
I love the intense music in the back but I hope I hope they don`t release another trailer this soon with the rest of the cast because I just had a new video for this film scheduled for tomorrow and it may come up live. I don`t know.
Жора Рояль
Best music remix version on this trailer
edharlds 411
edharlds 411 Il y a mois
RIP Bulky batman
Costa Junior
Costa Junior Il y a mois
Bruce Cullen is the Batvampire.
Krutikov Music
Krutikov Music Il y a mois
My epic version on batman theme
L. light
L. light Il y a mois
Paul Dano is the riddler. 😎 So, I'm thinking this could work. And Robert Pattinson might just pull this off. Hopefully.
DC Mata
DC Mata Il y a mois
Who ever said it reminds them of daredevil is stupid you have the bat symbol its clearly batman. Its like saying I see Superman but because I see blue and red it's spiderman!!! Or I turn off the light in my room to go to panther!! Daredevil doesnt break the internet batman does artards
Hannah Cameron
Hannah Cameron Il y a mois
Is it too soon to call him worse than Clooney?
Hunter Jumpysen
Hunter Jumpysen Il y a mois
The collar, symbol and ears look disgusting
Crackmomine1 Gamer
Crackmomine1 Gamer Il y a mois
Somebody now the ñame of the song
shaun fewell
shaun fewell Il y a mois
William Defoe should be the Joker of this universe. There's an image out there that someone has made which takes Defoe smiling normally and converted him to a Joker concept and it looks great! just do a google search. I also think this would work too as both Pattinson and Defoe have both recently worked on a project "The Lighthouse" I know this is a minor point but this could be the edge that provides the amazing chemistry needed for 2 roles like this! Although I believe Joker isn't in this film I hope this might be a new trilogy and this concept could be reality in a possible second film but that's thinking very far ahead. Either way I look forward to this new film!
Hughost Urban Ghost
No se ustedes, pero en mi opinión el Batman mamadisimo está muy sobrevalorado, pará mi me gusta esta nueva versión y estaría genial ver a Batman más delgado,le daría un toque en lo personal más estético y humano en el sentido de que si hacen a Batman como detective y se centran en lo psicológico hará que se meta mejor en el personaje Robert Pattinson dando un aspecto más deprimente , aún así solo toca ver la película antes de jugar,a ver cómo nos sorprende DC está vez :)
S S Il y a mois
His head moving up like that in the end, the way he did it, was absolutely genius.
S S Il y a mois
His head moving up like that in the end, the way he did it, was absolutely genius.
Logan Michael
Logan Michael Il y a mois
Daredevil much?
Jr Arellano
Jr Arellano Il y a mois
I was hoping he had a more BATMAN BEYOND look that would’ve been dope. IMO Best Batman is Batman beyond
Seth Grebbien
Seth Grebbien Il y a mois
All I got out of this was Lego Batman...start with black....
sowtis Il y a mois
Get Michael Keaton back! Be better than this Joker. 🥱
EXTREME Crafts Il y a mois
Tbh I love all versions of the Batman, they are all unique
fon fom
fon fom Il y a mois
да ну нахер, патинсон в роли бэтмена....😂, он светится в темноте будет, сука зачем опять эти епаные уши
Nancy Maybeth
Nancy Maybeth Il y a mois
Md Sohel
Md Sohel Il y a mois
Mr. Invincible
Mr. Invincible Il y a mois
*When you Know He's Back* 🦇 🖤
Erika Figueroa
Erika Figueroa Il y a mois
Cómo que este Batman es mas flacucho que el Batman de Christian Bale
Kuloni jole
Kuloni jole Il y a mois
Looks like a young batman
André Artur LET'S Drive
Christian Bale = Batman Pattinson = Edward END.
André Artur LET'S Drive
Robert Pattinson? Its no good choice... To be a new Batman!! Back to Christian Bale
RuDogg2880 Il y a mois
That's no trailer! You could barely see anything!🤷🤨
aisha sulaiman
aisha sulaiman Il y a mois
To anyone criticizing this , yall are bitter this the real batman music everything all of it
batsha Il y a mois
Hyun Il y a mois
It's just the lighting that's red. The suit looks great.
Mark Chase
Mark Chase Il y a mois
Why did I see the image of Robocop when looking at his cowl and his face under it? 🤔
RCtheblackmask Il y a mois
Should start making a damn batman beyond movie /universe
Andrea Lin
Andrea Lin Il y a mois
waste my time to tap this video....bitch...ass hole
Jessann Reece
Jessann Reece Il y a mois
For some reason I really think Rob is gunna nail this shit
Cesar Juarez
Cesar Juarez Il y a mois
Uuuufffff increíble
Pattinson will shine as Batman just the same way Joaquin shined as Joker. Its time the critics shut their mf mouth and stop acting like their word matters. Can’t wait to see the Batman confront Joker. 🤟🏻
Andrew Pope
Andrew Pope Il y a mois
Anyone else notice that the bat symbol on his chest is actually 2 removable weapons?
Jim Draven
Jim Draven Il y a mois
Um, did I see that right, his head and hair is exposed but he's got the eye mask and ears? Wtf?
Cezary Kłosowicz
Cezary Kłosowicz Il y a mois
"Wanna know my secret identity?"
Louie Spor
Louie Spor Il y a mois
Goin to be complete and utter trash sad so sad
Jair Quezada
Jair Quezada Il y a mois
El hombre barbilla
Godben Ben
Godben Ben Il y a mois
It looks pretty good but I hope they do a little more work on the Mask. Other than that, really impressed👍
Francis Figura
Francis Figura Il y a mois
He’s got big shoes to fill. I still think Christian Bale is the best Batman ever and I’ve been a Batman fan growing up.
Robert H
Robert H Il y a mois
The forehead looks a little weird and too much like the DareDevil, but everything else looks pretty cool from what I can tell
vipul kumar
vipul kumar Il y a mois
Looks like rip off of Daredevil
Brent Loverti
Brent Loverti Il y a mois
Clearly they are going to time stamp this movie into one of the past decades. If the Joker was late 70s - early 80s with Bruce as a kid then we will be looking at late 90s - early 2000s
djviewer Il y a mois
What... that’s it???🙄
Raven Il y a mois
First vampires and now this
JK MG Il y a mois
Why are people so angry at Pattinson for the role. The same was said about Ben Affleck & it turned out fine. Might be awkward if he flirts with Diana though as he looks much younger than her
NOICBODY Il y a mois
Finally, some good fucking Batman.
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Il y a mois
The Dark Knight Trilogy is untouchable. Although this franchise will be decent, it will never surpass the impact that the Dark Knight had.
retardomorph live
retardomorph live Il y a mois
Morbius Music was better
Arthur Rytus
Arthur Rytus Il y a mois
I dont understand why they keep casting skinny, emaciated actors as Batman. Ben Affleck was the first actor with the size ominous enough to pull off the Bat. But now we are back to the meek superhero in a costume Bat.
Mamba Mentality
Mamba Mentality Il y a mois
Stop hating Pattinson because of twilight... he was a kid and who would say no to an opportunity like that? Yeah twilight sucks but not every tom hanks movie is good... same goes for every actor
Pencil42_43 Il y a mois
I liked Christian Bale Batman.
Kathleen Igtos
Kathleen Igtos Il y a mois
Leon Flames
Leon Flames Il y a mois
Trash without Ben Affleck playing Batman.So I won't be watching this garbage
KH4444444444N Il y a mois
I can tell immediately that it will suck. Not even Batman can escape the testicle- cutting power of a "woke" society. Fuck this movie. Robert Pattinson? Pussy. Not a fucking Barman.
C Baker
C Baker Il y a mois
To say I’m pumped for this movie, is quite possibly an understatement. The moment I heard Matt Reeves was involved, I was sold.
Drew Griffin
Drew Griffin Il y a mois
He's gonna kill it! Go Rob Pat
Optitronous Productions
I like this already I can tell Robert Pattinson will be a great Batman or in fact the second best Dark Knight
Mike Maloney
Mike Maloney Il y a mois
Kurcius Il y a mois
Daredevil: season 4. Coming soon. I think John Williams is kind of angry with this music...
Chesstrify Il y a mois
I hope there Will be a new villun like The scarecrow or something
E.Allan B.
E.Allan B. Il y a mois
Triston Il y a mois
That’s the suit Ben should have had, instead of that other BS.
IAN WOLF TV Il y a mois
Bat, vampire, match!
Sanu Bala
Sanu Bala Il y a mois
I'll, take this as a sequel from joker movie
Varun Manivannan
Varun Manivannan Il y a mois
This definitely has Netflix Daredevil vibes to it !
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