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If lightning hits your boat, hope Zeus taps it lightly, like he did Soulianis. After a thunderstorm rolled through St Augustine, Florida, we weren’t even sure if we’d been hit. But the over the next couple of days, we discovered more and more electronics no longer working, and our VHF antenna had been vaporized from the top of our mast.
We start an insurance claim, and begin the business of getting to the bottom of our lightning mishap. The boat is hauled out for a survey and electrical inspection. Ultimately the damage found is minimal, and we decide to tackle the broken electronics and mast rewiring after our seasonal migration north to see family and friends.
Hope you enjoy!
Lauren & Kirk

FILMED: July/August 2019

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15 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Surly Cycler
Surly Cycler Il y a 2 jours
Oh man.... you folks are disaster magnets . :(
Denny Barlau
Denny Barlau Il y a 10 jours
Sailing into Freedom had lighting strike twice while filming put a whole in his boat terrified
John Il y a 23 jours
you came to my city !!!
Redneck Mfg.
Redneck Mfg. Il y a mois
NNNNNNOOOOOO !!!! You went right passed me and didn't even STOP !!!! If you come thru Delaware again Dinner is on me .....
Adam Brown
Adam Brown Il y a mois
I grew up in SW Harbor. I’m glad you had a chance to explore and hope you enjoyed the island!
Vern Gay
Vern Gay Il y a mois
Great vid, I could travel with you two all day on land or sea. Thank you for allowing us to tag along.
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Thanks for watching Vern!
Rex Yaw
Rex Yaw Il y a mois
hi guys. please use the intro you've been using while boating down the river
Rex Yaw
Rex Yaw Il y a 29 jours
to be honest i really really love watching your videos traveling down Mississippi to south. loved it so much i sometimes re-watched it.
Rex Yaw
Rex Yaw Il y a 29 jours
@Sailing Soulianis hi, been a watching your videos from the start for years nows, please consider using the intro music and style from this videos back then
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Hi Rex! What intro are you referring to?
StatTack Il y a mois
why do you have an electric motor on the dingy?
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Because it’s bulletproof, silent, we make all the free “fuel” we could ever need it starts every time. It requires almost ZERO maintenance and it’s extremely easy to get on and off the stern rail.
Shari Mahigab
Shari Mahigab Il y a mois
Watch Worldtowning FRvid channel. A USA family just bought a sailboat during covid. Taking sailing lessons now. Cool family
Luke Il y a mois
A lighting strike on a boat is such a wild card. I've seen boats take no damage at all, and I've seen boats be completely wrecked. The effects are not always clear right away either. We're currently working on a boat that was struck back in 2019, and system after system keeps randomly failing due to the damage done to the wiring and the subsequent corrosion that occurs.
Mark L.
Mark L. Il y a mois
I hope to be anchored there in april...Bridge of Lions. Did you guys get to experience the history in St. Augustine?
Mark L.
Mark L. Il y a mois
How is e propulsion holding up? What mask and snorkel do you use? What spear do you use?
Mark L.
Mark L. Il y a mois
@Sailing Soulianis Good to hear...I'm about to purchase.
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Epropulsion has been fantastic! We will do a follow up shortly. Not sure on the snorkel or spear... we bought most of our kit at a dive shop in Marathon.
Jeff Critser
Jeff Critser Il y a mois
"There's a hair in there." "I heard that!" 🙂
Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips Il y a mois
Glad to see you were able to get her hauled out and that the overall damage is relatively minor compared to what it could have been! Also very cool to see you up in my neck of the woods in Maine. My parents used to have our boat stored and maintained at Hinckley in Southwest Harbor, so I know the MDI area fairly well, and grew up not far from there. My sister and I have taken a more hands on approach with the sailboat now, and have it in a very DIY friendly yard on the Penobscot River. We still really enjoy visiting Southwest and Northeast Harbors though! Really enjoy your adventures, always look forward to new episodes!!
Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips Il y a mois
That would be great! Maybe we can meet up if you do make it back up to “the frozen north” again one of these days haha!
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Thanks for stopping in to say hi Paul! It was a cool area to explore! We will be back. Hopefully by boat. :)
Michael Duffy
Michael Duffy Il y a mois
You guys too far behind present day
Anthony Exton
Anthony Exton Il y a mois
Try some dry lube
Chi Chi
Chi Chi Il y a mois
I so like how you call each other " love". That's a relationship goal.
Curtis Prince Music
Cool to see you guys in St Aug. I lived there for seven years, actually laid at the Oasis, and surfed the pier many many times. Sorry about the lightning strike but St Aug worked out for you guys. Peace
Idaho Rider
Idaho Rider Il y a mois
No matter what gets thrown at you just remember to encourage one another love one another and give each other lots of hugs. Blessings and good health to you both ⛵😊
Steve Nikitas
Steve Nikitas Il y a mois
Way way way way too much work owning a boat.
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
It really is a LOT of work...
Anders Jakobsen
Anders Jakobsen Il y a mois
You got to love a girl riding a long bord Fair winds,,,, /),,,,,
For The Republic
For The Republic Il y a mois
For real? St. Augustine? I live and sail here! So cool.
TX Tomcat
TX Tomcat Il y a mois
You guys are great. Lauren is cute as a button, and is a goofy foot! What more can one ask for? 😀
robert olesen
robert olesen Il y a mois
I suggest you get rid of it and install a below the sole pilot ram, it is the only reliable solution. I had two versions of the wheel pilot, it never lasted.
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger Il y a mois
I got a little magnetic parts tray for then little parts
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Good idea.
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger Il y a mois
Your tight about lighting the couple over at sailing into freedom took a hit as he was actually filming and it cane down the mast blew two holes in the bottom where the propeller shaft comes through and ether bent the shaft or the heat and electric welded a gear in the transmission he was lucky enough to plug the leaks but he was couple days sail to where he could be hauled up on the hard but he had to wait like two and a half weeks before he can get the right wind conditions because he couldn't use his engine cuz the transmission of the shaft was screwed up
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Yea, we know we came away pretty lucky, and it was still a super frustrating experience!
Brad Kuether
Brad Kuether Il y a mois
Belt tension or outright replacement of the belt. Happened on my 4000+ as well. Except mine kept "slipping out".
Bradley Field
Bradley Field Il y a mois
Pro tip when you have a bird on your mast. Whack on the back stay. You will need to do that slowly. Once fully on release suddenly. It won’t come back.
Bayani Custodio
Bayani Custodio Il y a mois
Just wanted to ask, are there any surge protectors anywhere in the electrical supply lines of your boat? On the 12 volt supply lines or oven the shore power connector lines?
Kevin Fisher
Kevin Fisher Il y a mois
Most typical surge protectors will not protect anywhere near the amount of amperage that lightning puts out. You can get some though that would .... except is couple of issues with this. The entire boat is in essence a conduit. At best one might be able to save some specific equipment, but never everything on a boat. Nor would one want to even attempt this, because if you short the lightning current onto YOUR boat ... you might have lot more problems then simply frying some equipment. Like possibly even burning the boat. Stray voltage goes everywhere from a lightning strike, as it does when it hits a home as well. With that kind of high voltage, it can easily jump. It is better to attempt to funnel that high current right on through and out if one can.
R MK Il y a mois
So melancholy seeing all the pre-covid social interactions! Miss the days when someone comes by and “chats you up.”
Ve9a Centauri
Ve9a Centauri Il y a mois
Silicone dry lubricant for the helm.
Joann Shuttleworth
Joann Shuttleworth Il y a mois
Insurance payed for my haul out, ask for an extension of your claim for a year as the gremlins are not gone -yet.
Jim Sargent
Jim Sargent Il y a mois
keep up the good battle, hope you're back up and sailing soon . hugs from Montana
Christine Davis
Christine Davis Il y a mois
Im glad tgat your ship wasn't severely damaged by the lightning. ..... ⛵💕🌠 My wife and I are shopping for an inexpensive project full keel ship. If you happen to see one in the yard; please keep us in mind ... sincerely Christine & Crystal .... ✌
Bob Dupont
Bob Dupont Il y a mois
Any chance you could post when you filmed the episode?
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
We include filming dates in the descriptions. :)
Trishia Batterson
Trishia Batterson Il y a mois
Hey Lauren! Can you share your recipe for your brownie bite balls, please?
wiilillad Il y a mois
This was a good episode. =)
Daniel Guillory .time will bring out things peo
Add lots more grease for winches .special grease for water intense apps .
Bird Dog
Bird Dog Il y a mois
How did you cross into Canada with the boarders closed?
Jays African Cichlids
Hello from Sheboygan Wi !
Erich Huegli
Erich Huegli Il y a mois
You guys graduated to soon.
Cliff Mainor
Cliff Mainor Il y a mois
I'm sure you guys have considered it, but you likely want to drop the swing keel and inspect the hinge pin - just to make sure lightning didn't alter its integrity. My $.02. Glad the damage was minimal (but still expensive - ugh). Be safe.
Cliff Mainor
Cliff Mainor Il y a mois
@Sailing Soulianis yay! I figured you did.
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
We didn’t include it in the video but we did take it apart. All looked good!
TheZoidberg1119 Il y a mois
Finally caught up. Wanted to tell you as a person from Racine I love seeing it on the back of your boat. You actually sailed right by my parents house, they live on the lake in between the marina and the lighthouse.
Zachary Vicha
Zachary Vicha Il y a mois
Thank you for another amazing episode!
Ein Mensch
Ein Mensch Il y a mois
You're a nice couple with a great accepting attitude. Fun to follow you, now as parents too. Greetings from Berlin!
Pocket Sailing Hobbes
Been following for awhile now. Never would have thought you be playing in our waters. Exactly that spot in Montreal is our stomping grounds when sticking close to home. Mother Nature is moody. 2017, thé very water I love was also the exact same thing that flooded my house and lost everything I had. Whatever it is:, we all somehow plow forward despite the challenge.
Richard Clair
Richard Clair Il y a mois
Holy poop string of bad luck
lane Il y a mois
No coronavirus there. Nobody has to wear masks.
Paul Chapin
Paul Chapin Il y a mois
Russ Post
Russ Post Il y a mois
Sailors goes years and never take there boat out of water .....
s t
s t Il y a mois
You might try a light silicone based lubricant. NOT window caulking !!! It comes in a spray can and is usualy used for lubricating patio doors or car door hinges....
Karl Jensen
Karl Jensen Il y a mois
Lightning and tornado chasing you. Did you do something to tick off the guy upstairs or you’ve got some real bad luck.
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob Il y a mois
You need a new belt on the Autohelm. They all do that.
Pete Bernhagen
Pete Bernhagen Il y a mois
Hang in there guys. God is watching you....from a distance. Your good. He told me last night in a round table peace meeting
sgabriel Il y a mois
Why would you smack an osprey off your mast?! Seems like a blessing.
sgabriel Il y a mois
​@Sailing Soulianis​ !! Soooo...less of a blessing than I was imagining, then. Got it.
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Poop. Lots of watery poop and really loud squawking early in the morning.
Silas Marner
Silas Marner Il y a mois
You're the third boat I've seen hit by lightning. Every time it's a catastrophe. (Parlay, Sailing Miss Lone Star the other two). How does one COMPLETELY protect against direct strikes? Presume it at LEAST a semi-annual even if you live in the tropics or Florida and south.
Clay Farnet
Clay Farnet Il y a mois
You guys should look into lighting defusers that are placed at the top of the mast. It’s looks like a metal Christmas tree branch at the top of the mast. It’s my understanding it defuses the electrons in the air to prevent strikes. Good luck guys. 😜😜👍👍✌️✌️
Glenn edwards
Glenn edwards Il y a mois
You missed the most important ingredient hen you made your brownies - Rum!
Expedition Evans
Expedition Evans Il y a mois
That cliff hanger though! Excited is not the right word, but a TORNADO? after lightning? That's wild you guys.
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Yea it was an insane few months... really felt like Mother Nature had it out for us.
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Il y a mois
Have you considered a windvane? Great for longer passages. Uses no power.
Asen Naydenov
Asen Naydenov Il y a mois
I think is something wrong with the quality of the belt... Every time when start making this issue I am replacing the belt on the malfunction disappear.
Scott Charlton
Scott Charlton Il y a mois
Sorry to hear about your visit from lightening. Years ago, the sailboat across the dock and one slip down mine got hit. The lightening traveled across to the boat next to me and then to mine. The first boat lost their radio, the boat next to me, nothing. Mine? Fried every thing electric and cooked all through hulls. Good news was that I got to upgrade to newer and better electronics and some type of “plastic” through hulls. Total cost to ins co - $22K when that was a lot of money. Good luck on getting back in the water.
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Thanks Scott. That estimate sounds about right. Lightning is expensive!
David Sheriff
David Sheriff Il y a mois
What can you do to mitigate lightning ?
Larry S
Larry S Il y a mois
If the boat is insured for physical damage then damage from a lightning strike would be covered. If the boat isn’t insured the owner needs a lot of money in reserve or a lot of luck.
Joshua Fiske
Joshua Fiske Il y a mois
How did y'all get across the border into Canada? I thought all the land-crossings were closed.
gymcoachdon Il y a mois
This was recorded pre Covid
Kenneth Christensen
Please post your videos on Rumble.
Robert Oler
Robert Oler Il y a mois
you need a better ground system
Mike Colucci
Mike Colucci Il y a mois
if you're going to continue to do extended cruising, I'd really suggest a below deck AP....
Stuart Warren
Stuart Warren Il y a mois
Life is grand, with a boat. A Grand here, a grand there...
shakey Il y a mois
B.O.A.T. Break Out Another Thousand.
Søren Hansen
Søren Hansen Il y a mois
Had that autopilot on my boat - same problems. Tried 100 things, and some helped a bit, most did not. Short story: It will never be the autopilot you want. Take a deep breath and spend the money on a "real" autopilot with hydaulics directly on the quadrant. It´s expensive, but you will never look back. Quality is what you are left with when the price is forgotten.
Richard Burgan
Richard Burgan Il y a mois
Thunderstorm, check. Lightning, check. Tornado, check. What's next? A whole lot of great videos! Thanks for sharing your journey!
Tony Hill
Tony Hill Il y a mois
That's like the 3rd or 4th time a You Tuber has been hit by lightning in the last few months.
Sarah Wright
Sarah Wright Il y a mois
Lovely 🌟💗
Sergy K
Sergy K Il y a mois
👍👍👍Thank you all for the positive video it is very impressive.
John Robertson
John Robertson Il y a mois
What! Are you guys in Texas... Tornado? Wow..
Greg Chaney
Greg Chaney Il y a mois
It's good that the lightning damage wasn't worse. Cheers from Juneau Alaska, Greg Chaney
Nookumwoogy Il y a mois
Lightning forks when it goes to ground, so it's likely BOTH the building and Soulianis got struck With the autopilot, did you try re-lubricating those ball bearings?
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
The manual said it doesn’t need to be greased. I sprayed a little silicon lube but didn’t seem to have much of a positive effect. 🤷‍♂️
MrAmusgrove Il y a mois
Nice music
mymortonisms Il y a mois
I'm impressed with your ability to abstain from cursing. I'd be filth, floran filth. You're better then I. Keep it up kids, eventually you'll hit a sweet spot.
manchestermikec Il y a mois
St Augustine ... the home of another FRvid star, chiropractor Dr Brenda Mondragon. Could have gone for an adjustment and some bone crunching!
Mike Crutchley
Mike Crutchley Il y a mois
@Sailing Soulianis Sorry to hear that. If you check out, it's amazing. She's also the queen of leggings/yoga pants! Love your videos, hope you're both well. Stay safe!
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Awh really, I’m not familiar with her but I totally could have used it! My back was still giving me a lot of troubles. -K
John Reim
John Reim Il y a mois
River Surfing...A first for me. And what the, what the...
Brenden Ziemba
Brenden Ziemba Il y a mois
Do you think your copper bottom helped dissipate the energy from lightening strike better and help protect the hull?
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
It definitely crossed our minds. We asked one of the electrical inspectors that came to the boat and he was less convinced it had any impact.
Randy D
Randy D Il y a mois
River surfing? Crazy! Keep up the great adventures. And oh, my...your videography just keeps getting better and better. Great work guys!
JL B Il y a mois
Yep. When we were struck by lightning we had random stuff fry and other stuff just fine. Super crazy.
Manuel Festoli
Manuel Festoli Il y a mois
So you mispronounced SW Haaaaah-baaaaah. And yes, a tornado sounds like a train if you are really close but not in a tornado. In a tornado, JFC, it's a meat grinder.
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Bart Wesp
Bart Wesp Il y a mois
And it isn't even 2020 in videoland!!
Joel Delamirande
Joel Delamirande Il y a mois
Your autopilot can you lube it I’ll check west marine
Ben C.
Ben C. Il y a mois
So Cool. Thanks
John Smith
John Smith Il y a mois
Who would have ever thought that of all the cruising FRvid channels I follow, my favorite occasional nuggets would be a woman (not in a bikini) skate boarding? What a beautiful, graceful athlete.
WastedTalent Il y a mois
That doesnt make you sound like a creep at all....
ventureswithbob Il y a mois
I think I’ve seen the tornado video already? Are you keeping the boat now that the baby is here?
Keith Van Brunt
Keith Van Brunt Il y a mois
Philly. I hope you like it. The pics were good. I had a soling and in the summer we sailed in the delaware just about every day.
Rick Czainski
Rick Czainski Il y a mois
Thats as sad as I've seen you two. Hoping for the best!
Ed H
Ed H Il y a mois
Curious how you store your van when you’re sailing. How do the tires and battery not flatten? Would love to see you address that in your videos for people interested in maintaining a connection to land for parts of the year when sailing other parts. Love your videos by the way!
Ellie Il y a mois
I feel like i remember them saying they store it at kirks parents house. At the end of the vanlife video or right when they got back to their boat, the parents picked it up and they mentioned it.
sean murphy
sean murphy Il y a mois
I watch a lot of boating channels and seems that you aren’t the only ones that got stuck by lightning. It’s seems to be very common
James Sandman
James Sandman Il y a mois
Bellowing from afar like a booming echo across the Grand Canyon Chip could be heard "I've got no stinking seacocks and I am grounded so come ride with me!" Ah, Chip, Chip, Chips ahoy! I've made that trip from Florida to Maine and you guys sure made it look pretty. lol Stay Safe!
Ed Kleinstuber
Ed Kleinstuber Il y a mois
Man, I was holding my breath as you were working on your wench, I thought for sure something was going to roll off your deck. Cut the bottom off a bucket and put the bucket around the wench. Nicely done, though.
Tim Nell
Tim Nell Il y a mois
Sailing Soulianis
Sailing Soulianis Il y a mois
Good idea!
julien hunt
julien hunt Il y a mois
Okay maybe just a silly question, but why isn’t anyone wearing a mask? Sorry I’m not speaking about you guys, I get it if your filming, but even random other people in the background aren’t wearing masks. Why not?
Eloquence Il y a mois
I have the same drive unit with the Raymarine X-5 autopilot. There is a clutch knob below the motor to adjust the tension. If that doesn't work you need a new belt.
Brian Amoss
Brian Amoss Il y a mois
Seeing you swim in that current made my palms sweat lol (not for me)
SV Exit Strategy
SV Exit Strategy Il y a mois
Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls?
TheDawg Il y a mois
Hi guys, love the channel. Lauren, you are gorgeous! I am an avid boater from Indiana. Sorry you guys are having a run of bad luck! Safe travels!