Dad, how do I?
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I just wanted to send out a quick thank you video to everyone.



19 mai 2020




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TypicalCutie Il y a 9 minutes
lol who here from sniperwolf
Jane Hunter
Jane Hunter Il y a 9 minutes
You are the father figure we all need right now! You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. Thank you.
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer Il y a 13 minutes
Now I can be a single mom!!
wyzmoon Il y a 33 minutes
This is an awesome channel! Uhm, do you have a wife who wants to make a mom channel? That would also be awesome.
atena rayi
atena rayi Il y a 39 minutes
You are a hero. Literally
My name is Jeffrey ;D
This man if so humble🥺I have a father but I just live the idea of this, may God bless you with the beat life ahead❤️❤️✊🏽
April Tucay
April Tucay Il y a heure
Thanks, dad!
Tsuki Tora
Tsuki Tora Il y a heure
I'm here thanks to Instagram, btw hello from France 🇫🇷 👋🏻
Kruscaya Via de Cayoja
He is my father ❤
Brittany Peterson
Brittany Peterson Il y a 2 heures
This is honestly beautiful. Thank you for stepping up!!
Brittany Peterson
Brittany Peterson Il y a 2 heures
Okay.. I love this..the world also needs a "mom, how do I? " I would do it but I'm only 32 and know nothing! Haha
Samantha Kennedy
Samantha Kennedy Il y a 2 heures
I love this so so much. I lost my dad when I was 13 unexpectedly, and I just bought my first house so this stuff could be useful. And I appreciate this and you so much. You’re wonderful. Thank you.
Joe Palmer
Joe Palmer Il y a 2 heures
Just learned about your channel but more importantly your character. Thank you!
Darek Mario
Darek Mario Il y a 3 heures
FRvid need to make way bigger like button for people like this.
Naomi Reid
Naomi Reid Il y a 3 heures
Can you beileve this guy got 2mil subs in a month!!
sharrona williams
sharrona williams Il y a 3 heures
You are helping the world one step a day
Myla Murray
Myla Murray Il y a 3 heures
this is so helpfull my dad left me and my mom when i was 3 months and my dad stole my money from my saving my mom dosant realy care about me that much so your like the person i need im 9 now this is so helpfull
Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell Il y a 4 heures
This is amazing I have a dad but I heard of your channel and it just made my heart feel amazing your a amazing
Asmaa Mohamed
Asmaa Mohamed Il y a 4 heures
Майрбек Сербиев
i love you dad!
Layla Martinez
Layla Martinez Il y a 4 heures
No Thank you so much my dad and my mom left me and my 2 half siblings when I was 2 and I saw this and i just want to thank you I never grew up with a dad and I never knew what I was missing till now 💕
aphcat 001
aphcat 001 Il y a 4 heures
Thank you for be there for me becuse my dad has never be there for me but he is mostly working
Username Il y a 5 heures
So glad that I came accross your channel♥️
Eden Bennett
Eden Bennett Il y a 5 heures
you are amazing
bitch hi
bitch hi Il y a 5 heures
you’re r our dad we love u so much. you’re amazing ❤️❤️❤️
Gangster Swagger
Gangster Swagger Il y a 5 heures
I love how there are also no conflicts in the comment section. Just kids and teenagers supporting each other :)
Kae Smith
Kae Smith Il y a 6 heures
You should be sooo proud of yourself!!!
Kenz G
Kenz G Il y a 7 heures
Thanks for creating this channel! Love from the Philippines. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Neeraj dude
Neeraj dude Il y a 7 heures
Can you make a video on how to repair a bike
sareth macias
sareth macias Il y a 7 heures
Hi Dad, When it comes to my parents, all i know is that at some point met, dated, got married and the rest is unknown to me. Idk if they got divorced before i was born, or after. The situation will always be a mystery to me. i dont mind not knowing why they arent together. Since then i have only spoken to my dad over the phone 4 times in 26 years. We've never met and i dont want to meet him. i never felt that i needed him or a male figure in my life. Now that i am older and stumbled on your videos, i cried so hard because now i realize how much life could've changed if he was there Will you adopt me? lol
Joanna Il y a 8 heures
Everyone with daddy issues is flocking to him...including me
Azek Ariman
Azek Ariman Il y a 8 heures
Спасибо и тебе, ты отличный мужик, и ты реально помогаешь даже не в том, чтобы научиться что-то делать, а почувствовать поддержку, восполнить пробелы P.S. i have a bad English, and can't tell it on another language...sorry
Sofea Wan
Sofea Wan Il y a 8 heures
Very inspiring! 🌻
FriedMilk Il y a 8 heures
I’m literally so happy for you!!!
FriedMilk Il y a 8 heures
Joanna you’d have to have no heart
Joanna Il y a 8 heures
Imagine disliking any off these videos
Kayla Roberts
Kayla Roberts Il y a 9 heures
your amazing. you’ve helped me so much. you have no idea. keep it up!!!
Kayla Roberts
Kayla Roberts Il y a 9 heures
please be my dad ❤️😭
Jody Wells
Jody Wells Il y a 11 heures
You are amazing. Ty for being there for all the fatherless kids, including mine!!
Runner2000 Il y a 11 heures
It’s a great thing you’re doing, brother. Wish you all the best.
Vreni Achatz
Vreni Achatz Il y a 13 heures
He is soooo cute ❤❤❤
VOYDXX Gaming Il y a 13 heures
It took me 3 yrs to get 200 subs this guy wrecked youtube
Caz Il y a 13 heures
Thank YOU. These are just nice videos for anyone who never learnt these things!
Ken H
Ken H Il y a 13 heures
y'all not gonna talk about how the video is 420
Ayushi Nair
Ayushi Nair Il y a 14 heures
Omg so pure❤️
Matt Graziano
Matt Graziano Il y a 14 heures
I think you focus too much on the negativity yet there is so little of it!!! Please just keep your head up we love you
Matt Graziano
Matt Graziano Il y a 14 heures
This man is a damn saint
Daisy Joaquin
Daisy Joaquin Il y a 14 heures
Ima be honest, I have a Dad but I’m still watching lol 🤔😂 but it’s cool yk 😎
Erica Robertson
Erica Robertson Il y a 14 heures
I lost my dad at 19- later than some here but like most teenagers, I didn't sit down and learn things from him because I thought he'd always be there... 'i don't need to know how to change a spark plug/oil dad will do it for me', 'I don't need to learn how to tie down things on the back of a ute/truck dad will do it for me', ... huge regrets about that now. thankyou for uploading these videos, they'll do a lot of people (me included) a lot of good.
Aya Mohamed
Aya Mohamed Il y a 15 heures
348 dislikes are dads who abandoned their kids and don't know how to show their frustration
Cooper Rayburn
Cooper Rayburn Il y a 15 heures
Imagine disliking any off these videos
Remco Bravenboer
Remco Bravenboer Il y a 15 heures
Please don't go out to buy milk
Armando Jimenez
Armando Jimenez Il y a 18 heures
I appreciate the Dad jokes 🤍
Amanda Guerrero
Amanda Guerrero Il y a 18 heures
I love the dad jokes!!!
Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown Il y a 18 heures
My G right here no 🧢
انا اميرة
انا اميرة Il y a 18 heures
Lucy Sellers
Lucy Sellers Il y a 18 heures
You’re such an incredible human, the world needs more people like you. Thank YOU 🥇🤍🤍
myra reyes
myra reyes Il y a 19 heures
Your videos are great! Appreciate all of it. New subscriber here from the 🇵🇭!!!
Z The_Boxing_Cat
Z The_Boxing_Cat Il y a 20 heures
The people who have disliked these vids are taking the poison themselves 😉
Sergio Il y a 20 heures
I would do anything for him to be my dad
Mafe X_O
Mafe X_O Il y a 20 heures
I appreciate u ur a amazing human been I wish the best 💖💖💖
Corrine Chavez
Corrine Chavez Il y a 20 heures
Could you do a dad how do i install my air conditioner (portable one and window one) thank you
CrAzY Gamer
CrAzY Gamer Il y a 20 heures
I also just realised he only made this channel 2 months ago and already has over 2 million subscribers! So impressive and it’s nice to see that FRvid is still capable of containing wholesome content
KriddaLu Who
KriddaLu Who Il y a 20 heures
What a wonderful channel this is and what a wonderful man you are ♥️♥️♥️
CrAzY Gamer
CrAzY Gamer Il y a 20 heures
He is literally so wholesome :)
thendino1 Il y a 21 heure
I really needed this! Thanks "Dad"
christy harris
christy harris Il y a 21 heure
I wish I had a dad like you ❤️ mine disowned me at 18 and blamed me for it and I find it very humbling that you mentioned how you have messed up but quick to fix it with your kids that’s so important
Edith Il y a 21 heure
We appreciate your sincerity! Pat brought me KEEP UP YHE GREAT WORK !!👍
FCG Games
FCG Games Il y a 21 heure
This man is an inspiration, I didn't grow up with a dad because mine was being a deadbeat. I feel like I missed out on so much knowledge and life advice being the oldest male with a single mom. I didn't know how to change a tire or had a hard time talking to females and had alot of things that were hard to share with my mom so I would just keep them to myself (my mother sucks with advice) but this is helpful for young teens and kids growing up with no father so thank you!
My Silly Channel
My Silly Channel Il y a 21 heure
*_When you say "THANK YOU" and get a million views_*
Brooke Michal
Brooke Michal Il y a 21 heure
I found you when I was on vacation last week with my mom. I cried because you remind me of the dad that I wish my dad would be. Unfortunately, he is extremely self centered, and my step dad is of no help either. Thank you for doing this amazing thing ❤
وصفات وتكات عالم دينا
Every one needs to send you cards for father's day
James McCrickard
James McCrickard Il y a 22 heures
I'm 64 and lost my Dad last month. It was unexpected and I miss him every day. Your channel makes my heart feel a little lighter. Thank for bringing some much needed light into our lives.
Sydney C
Sydney C Il y a 22 heures
Thank you for reminding me that good people still exist 🥺
ItzS34n Il y a 22 heures
This is the dopest channel on FRvid 💯
John_Seymore Il y a 23 heures
Hey, my names George, you don’t have to reply to this, and you probably get too many comments like this but still, hi, thank you for everything you have done, you have helped countless people (including me) who don’t have that father figure to turn to, thank you for being one of the last wholesome people on this planet, you give me hope in humanity
Nicole Armstrong
Nicole Armstrong Il y a 23 heures
You’re amazing! I’m a single mother of a 14 year old girl and I grew up without a father and sadly so has/is she. I recently used your “how to unclog a sink” video and we both did it together 😊 thank you for what you’re doing! ❤️
Barbara H.
Barbara H. Il y a 23 heures
You move me to tears. Thank you and take care.
YupItsMadi Il y a 23 heures
a week ago over 400k today 2.02 MILLION omg congrats :D what a wholesome channel
MissTeresa Lombrana
MissTeresa Lombrana Il y a 23 heures
Hello, has your wife thought of doing a Mom, how do i channel. Alot of girls need that.
Ignas Muliuolis
Ignas Muliuolis Il y a 23 heures
He has 2,02mil subs 5/28, tomorow i'll come back to see how fast he grows
rachel Il y a 23 heures
I am proud of you!
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