Technotronic "Pump Up The Jam" Rebuilt

Doctor Mix
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Today I deconstruct “Pump Up The Jam” By Technotronic!
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Commentaires 80
Bruno Marques
Bruno Marques Il y a 23 heures
very good, man! Really very good
Carlos Lasprilla
Carlos Lasprilla Il y a jour
It's not fair he makes it look easy
Fatiha rdk
Fatiha rdk Il y a jour
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos Il y a jour
Elijah 1985
Elijah 1985 Il y a 2 jours
I'd love to see a Madonna song rebuilt on this channel like this! Perhaps, "Into The Groove"? ;-)
Alex Van Greyps
Alex Van Greyps Il y a 2 jours
кольца и браслеты
Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson Il y a 2 jours
This was extremely entertaining to watch. As an avid Cubase and HALion user myself, I was extremely excited about that 909 instrument you have loaded, to use. Did you make that yourself? Is it freely available?
timomastosalo Il y a 2 jours
That ambient bass, bass ambience. It creates like a surrounding athmosphere where you're in - a club hall size cocoon for dancing. At least when it blasts out in a club.
timomastosalo Il y a 2 jours
7:25 for the bass
Julimar Cardoso Alves
Julimar Cardoso Alves Il y a 3 jours
DoctorMix TOPPP ... it is exciting to watch your "rebuilt" this is the best for me ... Talent that I would like to have, equipment and will already have! Top!!! May God enlighten your life!
Klaus K
Klaus K Il y a 3 jours
how about Darude - Feel the Beat?
Jay Carr
Jay Carr Il y a 3 jours
Do this: 2 unlimited - Get Ready for This (aka Y'all Ready)
TurboPepsi Il y a 4 jours
Hahaha the outro oh man you dottrel I love it! Well done Doctor!
Stephen Stone
Stephen Stone Il y a 4 jours
DM, How do you go through airport wearing all those rings?? :) x
Marcellus Kimontait
Marcellus Kimontait Il y a 5 jours
Uhuuuu, awesome dud!!!
Сергей Ермаков
Hello sorry for my English made Beverly hills cop
ToxicTrump Tube
ToxicTrump Tube Il y a 7 jours
It’s like watching a guy waxing his carrot while he is watching a video of himself waxing his carrot. Awful attitude....
D dj
D dj Il y a 7 jours
When you say yeah it seems that all of us are making your progress, great. Ja ja ja !
D dj
D dj Il y a 7 jours
Very Very Nice. Incredible wonderful. Congratulations you are an absolute genius. From Asuncion - Paraguay. David Dj
Maria Olivia Elias
Maria Olivia Elias Il y a 8 jours
aaaaawww yeeeeaaaa
Daina Marie
Daina Marie Il y a 8 jours
You keep hooking me with those titles! I am part Baby Boomer & part Gen X but love Millennial music (2 kids grown!) & also Hip Hop Eminem, JayZ, Grunge, even Louis Armstrong (Wonderful World) the Bee Gees... synth pop New Wave like Information Society & News Order ... one bit wonders like Kajagoogoo & Take On Me, hair bands lol, Led Zeppelin, The Firm, Bad Company, the Moody Blues, pop songs (mostly older I was born in 1960) but love Imagine Dragons, Coldplay. Culture Club, Tears For Fears, PM Dawn, Badfinger, Kraftwerk, Fripp & Eno, Tangerine Dream, most Techno, New Wave. British Invasion (Dave Clark 5) tired of the Beatles but loved as a child .. Jethro Tull, Duran Duran, Level 42 Something About You... Tainted Love... Human League...I bet you know so much more than me as an artist I'm only a listener with a long memory :) I loved Grease & Olivia Newton John, Andy Gibb, Cliff Richards. We Don't Talk Anymore (yes I'm old!) Styx Loralei...ABBA, Elton John especially 60s & 70s... talented people like you make me remember every song I've ever loved & still do!
Da Li
Da Li Il y a 8 jours
CR-78 !!! Use a physical R-8 instead of Plugins.
Trevor Okafor
Trevor Okafor Il y a 9 jours
Self-isolation 2020! 😷🙌🏿
manchmal79 Il y a 10 jours
Yeaaaaahhh!! 👍👍😎
Balboa Beat Lab
Balboa Beat Lab Il y a 10 jours
Please do Hot Like Sauce by pretty lights
Simon Aldred
Simon Aldred Il y a 11 jours
What a wonderful creation.....boooom😎😎😎
Brooklyn Carmelena
Brooklyn Carmelena Il y a 13 jours
You stepped in jam, stepped in jam, wipe your feet or sumptin'.....
Kevin Kehlet
Kevin Kehlet Il y a 13 jours
the song that this was derived from "this beat is technotronic" is close to me that a good friend of mind that passed a way loved the song
egulley11 Il y a 14 jours
Media Buster
Media Buster Il y a 16 jours
Please be less annoying... otherwise good..
HomeTheatreJunkie 71
HomeTheatreJunkie 71 Il y a 17 jours
Wech Gros
Wech Gros Il y a 17 jours
Génial from France ☺
Greg Winfield
Greg Winfield Il y a 18 jours
god damn. i grew up to that shit. well done mate. thats AWESOME
Tom Lahaye
Tom Lahaye Il y a 19 jours
Haven't see you doing the snare, but it was in the end result.
DjClimamusic Il y a 20 jours
Awesome! thumbs up Doctor Mix. :D
Kacper Roman
Kacper Roman Il y a 21 jour
Recreate Cool James & Black Teacher - Dr. Feelgood. This might be interesting.
Frankie ForReal
Frankie ForReal Il y a 21 jour
You’re a beast !!!
Frankie ForReal
Frankie ForReal Il y a 21 jour
Can you do a rebuild of larry heard mystery of love? Chicago house at it’s finest.
Rain Club VIP
Rain Club VIP Il y a 22 jours
Play “I can’t help myself” - Lucid ( Tim mason remix)
Rain Club VIP
Rain Club VIP Il y a 22 jours
Play Yazoo “situation” and “don’t go”
tubeutubeuful Il y a 22 jours
poimp opp the jaym...
Tony Weston
Tony Weston Il y a 22 jours
PLEASE!..... Jack that house built
Billy Hill
Billy Hill Il y a 23 jours
God I remember them playing this at our high school video dances, and the intro would drive everyone to the dance floor, it was crazy!!!!
Le Med Student
Le Med Student Il y a 23 jours
Well done
Giovani Bringhentti
Giovani Bringhentti Il y a 24 jours
Perfeito. Sem palavras.
amojak Il y a 24 jours
nice to see how the original progressed itself too >
100percent Successrate
100percent Successrate Il y a 25 jours
14:09 to go straight to the jam
Yhgu Gio
Yhgu Gio Il y a 25 jours
12:39 Eb. Cm . Isnt it ? Félicitations de France
Oli1974 Il y a 25 jours
How about rebuilding the two famous tracks of Felix? Don't You Want Me and It Will Make Me Crazy. Y una pregunta, ¿eres latino? Tienes un acento así jeje
Enrique Soto
Enrique Soto Il y a 26 jours
Stuart Suther-Baker
Stuart Suther-Baker Il y a 27 jours
Black Box pleeeze
Human Centered
Human Centered Il y a 27 jours
Dude. This is completely delightful
Jason Basson
Jason Basson Il y a 28 jours
A correction: My friend Patrick De Meyer ( T99, Tragic Error ) added also things to the music so he is also composer of this track.He was credited for additional keyboards on the record cover but never got any royalties for it from his "friend" Jo....
Jason Basson
Jason Basson Il y a 28 jours
I talked to Jo Bogaert - the maker of this great track - years ago and for Pump Up The Jam he used the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. A synth that s on my wishing list!
Mike Meengs
Mike Meengs Il y a 28 jours
Great job! I kinda think the original open hht sounds like the CR-78.
Dirk van der Merwe
Dirk van der Merwe Il y a 29 jours
You know ur stuff maaan... 👍👍👍💥
Marco Angelici
Marco Angelici Il y a 29 jours
You win....😊
i think you need to Humanize the mix. but its awesome!
Conor O'Sullivan
Conor O'Sullivan Il y a mois
Cool shows / TREPANIC
Briand A
Briand A Il y a mois
Talented? Nah, doing covers is not. Just a copycat!
SizZ1eR Il y a mois
Im pretty sure the OHH is from the 808, it has kinda the same sound of the one he chose, yet the 808 sounds more tight and to me it sounds more like the one in the actual track?
Fernando - Bonded Stripes Productions
Dude you know your thing and I am going crazy here. Made my morning whit the I feel love self chorus. You killed me. Authentic like only few people know how To. Where is the rest? 😂
Fernando - Bonded Stripes Productions
I feel like a Guatemalan in Miami when I see this. And I subscribed because your accent is so pleasant to put attention to. The sounds you make before reproducing are lit. This is my kind of tutorial. Adds character to the already strong personally. This is the kind of teacher I needed. 👍🏻
88GURP Il y a mois
You too sick dog good job mane!!!
Yute Hube
Yute Hube Il y a mois
I got a legendary one that could be rebuilt: _2 Unlimited - Get Ready for This_
Yute Hube
Yute Hube Il y a mois
9:58 Doctor Mix I dunno how you do it I really don't :p
Holger D
Holger D Il y a mois
This Beat is Technotronic!
Gorkinovich Il y a mois
30 years later, still a groovy song. 😎
Orhan ŞENGÜL Il y a mois
Well man, you're great
D33Lux Il y a mois
This shit pumps me up, makes me wanna dust off the synth and make some music.
Ilgam Galimzyanov
Ilgam Galimzyanov Il y a mois
Amazing mix.
Hugo Carrera
Hugo Carrera Il y a mois
This is possible with the technology resources we have today. Great evolution. Interesting.
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat Il y a mois
That was fucking genius! YUM!!!!!
Damarys Merino
Damarys Merino Il y a mois
openworld poland
openworld poland Il y a mois
Ricardo Yánac
Ricardo Yánac Il y a mois
Magnifico my Friends estupendo congratulation
Jenya Arpov
Jenya Arpov Il y a mois
you are a cool man! And very positive! This is awesome! I wish you happiness and success in everything!
Robert Noneofyabusiness
I have an old cassette with an original version of this song. I used to love this!!
Rene Lopez
Rene Lopez Il y a mois
Im a designer, I don’t make music but amazing talent like this is so inspirational. Awesome vid!
Aleksandar Kaseres
Aleksandar Kaseres Il y a mois
I'm really impressed, there are so many sounds! I hope to see something like Herbie Hancock-rock it done soon?
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