Tech N9ne - So Dope (They Wanna) ft. Wrekonize, Snow Tha Product, Twisted Insane

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31 juil. 2013




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Commentaires 80
cris lopez
cris lopez Il y a 8 heures
I just watched some mtv battles and wrekonize won the whole thing,roc a fella never signed him
Vicious Il y a jour
Vicious Il y a jour
Who came here for twisted insanes verse 💯💯🤒 niqquh killed it
SANNA_CLAWS_ 718 Il y a 2 jours
Yoooo not taking any credit away from my dudes because they all killed it ....but Snow ..yoooooo she's something different bruh I've been saying this for years too dope!!
Ann Wright
Ann Wright Il y a 3 jours
Science co m e from a weenie
Ann Wright
Ann Wright Il y a 3 jours
A. Aron the the. GOD
Omar Johnson
Omar Johnson Il y a 3 jours
Snow is arguably the best female on the mic today! HANDS DOWN! Her Flow is way to tight to fuck with!
Maria Robinson
Maria Robinson Il y a 6 jours
Queen👏🏽of 👏🏽rap👏🏽Honestly for those who know ya know👐🏽 she murders everything she does & top it off respectful
P-nut Insane
P-nut Insane Il y a 7 jours
Jacob Valverde
Jacob Valverde Il y a 7 jours
Snow needs to do another song with tech
Meghan Yellow
Meghan Yellow Il y a 12 jours
Shifali Juls
Shifali Juls Il y a 12 jours
I was waiting for a long time for snow's part !
Umar Shaikh
Umar Shaikh Il y a 15 jours
youtube be like: we cant make captions for this-\
ItsADuckThing Il y a 16 jours
Just got put on snow today thanks to Stevie Knight. 🥵🔥🔥
Calvin Il y a 19 jours
I keep coming back just to listen to snow's verse. It's fuggin lit
Raw Lings
Raw Lings Il y a 20 jours
tech 9ine be dropping bad ass shit all day long! steppin and sweeping for another man be tweaking for another public figure so weak. got you here to be speakin so deafening my ears be speakin under the world drop shit under the world raise shit talkin about zombies and race fuckit.
Enedina Cruz
Enedina Cruz Il y a 21 jour
snow is legend
Privat 2017
Privat 2017 Il y a 23 jours
So unnatürlich die frauen !! Voll eklig ! Aber sonst power song
Angela Z
Angela Z Il y a 24 jours
This hits so f'n hard! Finally Strange Music signed a Baddy to their label...
E and T squad
E and T squad Il y a 25 jours
When he said f**k I thought he said fall🤣
smash sawrian
smash sawrian Il y a 28 jours
lyrics are insane but why the "professional" women in the back?
Az Smoke
Az Smoke Il y a 29 jours
Damn song never gets old bring back good memories
jon willium
jon willium Il y a 29 jours
Snow show me
jon willium
jon willium Il y a 29 jours
jon willium
jon willium Il y a 29 jours
That's what they saying about you you scared I know you're not scared but that's what they saying
jon willium
jon willium Il y a 29 jours
I understand she's afraid of my rapper but you can she can hang with the best
Alien Il y a mois
Twisted Insane>1000 Lil Dumps
jiselle heart
jiselle heart Il y a mois
Josué Santos
Josué Santos Il y a mois
6 years already. Sheeesh, still remember when this video dropped. Crazy 😫
Danny Moore
Danny Moore Il y a mois
That friends n pivot bar 😂 🔥 🔥 🔥
Alien Il y a mois
Twisted insane- Slayed the song like he usually does.
The Teeth Of Cerberus
I want snow like fat kids want cake.
Snow is a beast extremely underrated her name isn’t mentioned in brackets when the tournament should be named after her
Olivia Il y a mois
Just now hearing/seeing this. Always late with good music. #2020
Roy Il y a mois
Twisted's verse is so cringe omg dude
Grimm 333
Grimm 333 Il y a mois
Snow the female rap God
consumer Ed.
consumer Ed. Il y a mois
Just saying this thumps on 2 12’s
Oh Kkar
Oh Kkar Il y a mois
2020 Quarantine?
Rebecca Padilla
Rebecca Padilla Il y a mois
Roxanne Hubbard
Roxanne Hubbard Il y a mois
How rude. I didn't like this song .they are just a bunch of dissrespectfull with no conversation piece worth getting at. They couldnt properly talk about their own middle piece right. ha ha. Bunch of low graded ass immature punks
Jacob Campos
Jacob Campos Il y a mois
O really for bunch of dissresteped people they have millions of fans and money something like you would never get so go cry Karen
Royale Il y a mois
Karen moment
Zeinxvior Il y a mois
Awwww Karen it's okay, go back in your shell and stay there while everyone laughs at you for making a fit out of nothing 😂😂
cacaktuaaa Il y a mois
here for Snow Tha Product yaaaas
Travis Du Toit
Travis Du Toit Il y a mois
Twisted Insane kinda look like Ice-T when Ice-T were younger
Chloe Cunningham
Chloe Cunningham Il y a mois
Why TF was Snow at the end, she had the best part in the song, beast boss ass bitch
Matthew Wayner
Matthew Wayner Il y a mois
This whole track was fire 🔥
alexaaa Il y a mois
Keep listening to Snow 🔥🔥🔥
Karina Rain
Karina Rain Il y a mois
I never knew Snow was this sick!! Wow. I’m behind. Just seeing this now in 2020.
Silent Bob
Silent Bob Il y a 2 jours
Blake Revis
Blake Revis Il y a 3 jours
You’re so late but I’m glad you found her!
Shifali Juls
Shifali Juls Il y a 12 jours
U r not the only one
Berlin Bower
Berlin Bower Il y a 17 jours
she's pretty nice, definetly can expand the rhymes. not a diss, she's awesome.
Itz Shader_0fficial
Itz Shader_0fficial Il y a 18 jours
She wasn’t that good
Healthy Criticism
Healthy Criticism Il y a 2 mois
0:52 I dont think tech was ready for that lick
Spajral Il y a mois
ahahahahahaha n1
Martha Alvarez
Martha Alvarez Il y a 2 mois
2 of my fav. Tech and Snow. Loved it. That's how we do it.
Royale Il y a 2 mois
How did I miss this masterpiece?
PaulTiX Il y a 2 mois
Yall piimps no doubt but who this girl? I think we need more bars 🔥
Angela Lopez-Flores
Angela Lopez-Flores Il y a 2 mois
I'm a nub to this shit this song is dope.
Joshua Scarlxrd
Joshua Scarlxrd Il y a 2 mois
Just a Classic
Никита Степанов
Kansas City ⭐
morgan mcpherson
morgan mcpherson Il y a 2 mois
Snow is so amazing and shes so slept on which is sad
Tech had the best verse still
Toxic Marlene
Toxic Marlene Il y a 2 mois
I’m very disappointed Snow was in this song. Guys just like to talk shit about women to feel better about themselves but why you Snow? (Sad)
JKL 9 Il y a 2 mois
wow, fiannaly a female rapper that doesn't a- sound like shit b-only rap about sex c- use autotune d-all of the above im fucking amazed, and happy
To tylko Rubryka
To tylko Rubryka Il y a 2 mois
Y'all tryin' to push allready completed form to what ? To RUin by e r's own wish ?? Good Łuck :d
To tylko Rubryka
To tylko Rubryka Il y a 2 mois
Ok Tech it's above time for lil exPLanation even if i know You ain't needin' it E.t's just for some dumb ass hornies just in case such appear Just Imagine Two forms One małe Second: female They are much stronger, better etc by interractin' with each others Funky :b And from other side just to compare Single MEN Or Women And that single one is able to generate such strong, PLeasurin' Such unimagined energy or just feelin' by e.t's own ... And whatever HE likes ..(cheers T.I ^^)
Tiboldi Dénes
Tiboldi Dénes Il y a 2 mois
Verse 1: Tech N9ne] Wanna sit beside a sick and seductive sinner, see Something so sinister seeking sookie somethin' like a centipede Slitherin', she's searchin' for synergy Suckin' my seed, chakra tease stickin' sippin' Hennessy, shittin' On the hissin' I'll spit you out of commission Position the bitch and dip in when I mention slip in submission All of this is to quicken the copulatin' and kissin' My operation is drippin' to the bottom, shakin' and strippin' Odd when I bust, KOD put 'em in Necropolis Givin' this rod to the good broads, and they givin' they bras to us With the gift to break up a couple that's monogamous Stop with the probs and take off your effin' draws, bitch and rock with us Been giddy 'cause them titties are on my chin-chinny Chin, did he pretend he was again kiddie? Suckin' the crème de la crème and the skin pretty Dim lit he, then hitting thee trim in Sin City Let it in, I'm the medicine, get her wetter than ever been Never better than a veteran, level that in the bed again Rockin' red, I been in my letterman, bright as Edison Like I said I sin, head I win at events and I’m fetishin' Open up, you hoes, you know what's up Told you when I bust, her clothes they wanna just Go right off her butt, for sure they wanna cut Explode, drop a load 'cause the flow is [Hook: Tech N9ne] So dope they wanna (fuck) so dope they wanna (suck) So dope they wanna (give it all up and really abrupt) So dope they wanna (fuck) so dope they wanna (suck) So dope they wanna (give it all up and really abrupt) So dope they wanna (fuck) so heroin, so cocaine So ketamine, promethazine, so X (so wet) So Thorazine, so morphine So dope that they wanna have sex So dope they wanna (fuck) [Verse 2: Wrekonize] She said "I heard that you was packin', I'ma fan of your rappin' I'm feining action, where you really from, Cape Town?" I said "Yeah bitch, and I was born in London So I'm thinkin' 'bout fuckin' you with the crumpets and some cake now" How did we get so stereotypical? Fairly so seminal now I'm flowin' to the pinnacle I see you got some friends who just lookin' to get it from the medic So I'ma 'bout to pivot on 'em and I make rounds Want a piece of the beast from the East? Complete in the sheets, release beats, got her man down Your boy just never could compete with us, please better believe We skeet, now wipe yourself off with a ShamWow Me and Nina run deeper than receivers I beat up all on her beaver now she wanna feed the meter! Speakers bumpin' tweeters from here up into Medina Leave us pleasin', all your nieces screamin' "Take Me to Your Leader" I'm trainspottin' the vein rockin' the lane off and came droppin' Serious game all on your brain, rottin'! Pick a million pricks and I'm pretty sure that you missed the one That hits you on the clit, quick drip, I be the main option Blowin' the slut up just for good luck And I'm fuckin' the kitty up with the angel dust in my nuts Trophy lovin' cup and that dopin' is such a must That it's troublesome to give up when they lust It's so dope they wanna [Hook: Tech N9ne] So dope they wanna (fuck) so dope they wanna (suck) So dope they wanna (give it all up and really abrupt) So dope they wanna (fuck) so dope they wanna (suck) So dope they wanna (give it all up and really abrupt) So dope they wanna (fuck) so heroin, so cocaine So ketamine, promethazine, so X (so wet) So Thorazine, so morphine So dope that they wanna have sex So dope they wanna (fuck) [Verse 3: Twisted Insane] Lovin' to get it up in it the back of the room and make 'em scream and Goin' up in it deep as she was feindin’ when she saw my weiner She told me she ready for anything, I'm talkin' anything I stuck it up in her jaws, I’m breakin' walls like I was Katrina Not even know me but she know my flow is OG She told me she like to play with the pussy when she get lonely Homie if I was only right there instead of a Sony You claimin' the pussy wet but don't tell me baby, just show me She ask if I'm comin' up with the mask in my entrance Sinner in a second, real spitter like every sentence She was there for repentance, ever since I was an infant I'm damagin' the vagina, remind you I'm filled with vengeance Hit 'em whenever they wanna run up and they doing it 'cause I rap and shit I really don't care, whatever it takes to get 'em up on the mattress I could have been the one that's on the run for busting a gun But this is way more fun to get up in these motherfucking actresses In bikinis and suckin' on my zucchini She told me she wanna be me while sippin' Apple Martinis Fuck it if I'm a meanie, she probably would never leave me Shit I can play eenie meanie from sly and cuff on my weenie And now I see 'em whenever I hit the stage They posted up in the audience, all of 'em filled with hope Knowin' they only wanna be in the presence Or get affiliated with you because you was dope So dope they wanna [Hook: Tech N9ne] So dope they wanna (fuck) so dope they wanna (suck) So dope they wanna (give it all up and really abrupt) So dope they wanna (fuck) so dope they wanna (suck) So dope they wanna (give it all up and really abrupt) So dope they wanna (fuck) so heroin, so cocaine So ketamine, promethazine, so X (so wet) So Thorazine, so morphine So dope that they wanna have sex So dope they wanna (fuck) [Verse 4: Snow Tha Product] Hey now Tech, you know I've been the type To not go all in on hoes I've been around But the flow I spit gets hoes all in the zone That I won’t talk shit but oh my damn they wrong And these men calling in, they're wonder if I’ma get with a little dick They got no common sense and with no collage in Their position is probably something insignificant If you think I’m a bitch 'cause I probably missed the game you kickin' They be hollering, hope I acknowledging 'cuz I have been methodically Dropping the common knowledge that I don’t get down like that Now they be hounding a bitch or probably get with a trick Or a treat 'cause they dogs and they all gon' bark like that I’m killing the game, killing the game, killing the game So he feeling me, he want to bang, I want to wait So he get at me, he want to say shit that make Me think that he gon' rape me if I don’t stay 'Cause I got that sickening style that built me a crowd And men and women feelin' me now and it's freaking me out 'Cause I’m just here to figure it out and what this is about But I’ma say it’s getting so wild that it’s tripping me out 'Cause I’m not here to kill the morale, just kill all these sounds But lately when I spit to a crowd, these men just reach out And they tell me that they women is down, they gettin' aroused And they be try to give me they child with a gin and a smile They say they wanna (fuck)
ReZolution Raps
ReZolution Raps Il y a 2 mois
1% of comments are about technine 2% of comments are about twisted insane 3% of comments are about wreckonize 94% of comments are "snow tha product" Tech N9ne - Most complex tongue twister lyrics Wrekonize - Best Voice Twisted Insane - Fastest Verse Snow Tha Product - Best Flow Soooo trueee!
0 1
0 1 Il y a mois
Tech has the best flow
MASTER DOAN Il y a 2 mois
da best at last
Damien Morton
Damien Morton Il y a 2 mois
Snow tightest verse don't @ me
majo nese
majo nese Il y a 2 mois
since when does master xehanort be dropin bars tho
Noname Nolast
Noname Nolast Il y a 2 mois
snow has a video called butter. go watch it NOW
Wow he is amazing and I did not Snow Tha Product was in this and she has been doing this for a long time. I am impressed & proud of them. TechN9ne is a Master of what he do. Snow is just a lovely & attractive woman.
Ricky Conner
Ricky Conner Il y a 2 mois
Bruh snow kilt that shit get it home girl
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain Il y a 2 mois
Twisted and snow are straight 🔥
Destati Il y a 2 mois
"Give it all up and really abrupt!" Lmfao.
Arela Wheeler
Arela Wheeler Il y a 2 mois
Of course I 💜 Snow, but that's half of why I'm here, but far ahead in being the best female rapper.
James& Nikki White
James& Nikki White Il y a 2 mois
# Tech # Snow # this song
Omar Gallegos
Omar Gallegos Il y a 2 mois
Snow Tha Product ❤️
Robert Barabas
Robert Barabas Il y a 2 mois
Whos also disappointed about Snow, she was cool here, look at her now....
Melissa Chartrand
Melissa Chartrand Il y a 2 mois
I aint giving for it. But I'll preach it till your ears take it in and keep it.
Rodrigo Cerna
Rodrigo Cerna Il y a 3 mois
Female flow tha brat
Katress Official
Katress Official Il y a 3 mois
That fuxkin' triplet delivery is...meow ;)
Jacob Barrett
Jacob Barrett Il y a 3 mois
Need a part 2 cmon twisted and tech kiss and make up
Sick Widit
Sick Widit Il y a 3 mois
I always skip snow the products verse cause i cant get down to her lyrics. DO SOMETHIN
arikelvara Il y a 3 mois
I'm just here for Armie and Marie!
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