Tech N9ne - So Dope (They Wanna) ft. Wrekonize, Snow Tha Product, Twisted Insane

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1 août 2013




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Commentaires 3 310
Brian Blevins
Brian Blevins Il y a 8 minutes
Brian Blevins
Brian Blevins Il y a 8 minutes
Heaven is gonna drop on ur head like a big rock falling from space but my body is the temple
Valpuia Twista
Valpuia Twista Il y a 2 jours
Daamn Twisted and Snow killed it
Kripsis Il y a 2 jours
Why he black tho?
Ninjia King
Ninjia King Il y a 2 jours
Tech N9ne fan for life dead ass
doesitmatter D. I. M.
doesitmatter D. I. M. Il y a 3 jours
Snow is hard as f...... Love her. She works her ass off. Didnt sell out. Hot as hell and can rap better than all the gals n most the dudes out there! And tech.... Fuck.... Whats to say???? Mad respect.
Steven MOSTWANT3D Zehnder
Still 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Chad Levell
Chad Levell Il y a 4 jours
Snow killed this shit no cap
Ruby C.
Ruby C. Il y a 6 jours
Bomb 💕💕
Lisa G
Lisa G Il y a 6 jours
No naked girls just pure talent............... Well pure talent anyway.
stop crying over nothing
am i the only one that thinks the guy with the corn rows is garbage, or do they put him in to make the others look way better
EricSurf7 Il y a 8 jours
Wanna sit beside a sick and seductive sinner, see Something so sinister, sick as succus, I'm like a centipede Slithering, she's searching for synergy Sucking my seed, chakra tease thick as sipping Hennessy, shitting On the hissing I'll spit you outta commission Position the bitch and dip in when a mitch is slipping, submission All of this is to quicken the copulating and kissing My operation is ripping to the bottom, shaking and stripping Odd when I bust, K.O.D. put em in Necropolis Givin' this rod to the good broads, and they Givin they bras to us With the gift to break up a couple that's monogamous Stop with the props and take off your effin draws, bitch and rock with us! Been gitty 'cause them titties, are on my chin-chinny Chin, did he pretend he was a gin kitty? Sucking the crème de la crème and the skin pretty Dim liddy, then hitting the drim in Sin City Let it in, I'm the medicine, get her wetter than ever been Never better than a veteran, leveled that in the bed again Rocking red, I've been in my letterman, bright as Edison Like I said a sin, head her when events end and I'm fetishin Open up, you hoes, you know what's up Told you when I bust, her clothes they wanna just Go right off her butt, for sure they wanna cut Explode, drop a load, 'cause the flow, is [Hook: Tech N9ne] So dope they wanna (fuck) So dope they wanna (suck) So dope they wanna (give it all up and really abrupt) So dope they wanna (fuck) So dope they wanna (suck) So dope they wanna (give it all up and really abrupt) So dope they wanna (fuck) So heroin, so cocaine, so ketamine, promethazine, so X (so wet) So Thorazine, so morphine, so dope that they wanna have sex [Verse 2: Wrekonize] She said "I heard that you was packin' I'm a fan of your rapping I'm feining action where you really from, Cape Town?" I said "yeah bitch and I was born in London So I'm thinkin' 'bout fuckin' you with the crumpets and some cake now!" How did we get so, stereotypical? Fairly so seminal, now I'm flowin' to the pinnacle I see you got some friends who just lookin' to get it from the medic so I'm a 'bout to pivot on 'em and I make rounds Want a piece of the beast from the East? Complete, in the sheets, release beats, got her man down Your boy just never could compete with us, please, better believe We skeet, now wipe yourself off with a Sham Wow! Me and Nina run deeper than receivers, I beat up all on her beaver Now she wanna feed the meter! Speakers bumpin' tweeters from here up into Medina leave us pleasin' Are your nieces screamin' "Take me to your Leader! "? I'm train spottin' the vein rockin' the lane off and came droppin' Serious game all on your brain, rottin'! Pick a million pricks and I'm pretty sure that you missed the one That hits you on the clit, quick drip! Probably ya main option Blowin' the slut up just for good luck and I'm fuckin' the kitty up With the angel dust on my nuts Trophy lovin' cup and my dopin' is such a mustered It's troublesome they give up when the lust is so dope they wanna-! [Hook: Tech N9ne] [Verse 3: Twisted Insane] Loving to give it up in it in the back of the room And make em screamin' go up in it deep as she was feindin' when she saw my weiner She told me she ready for anything, I'm talkin' anything I'm stuck it up in her jaws, I'm breakin' walls, like I was Katrina Don't even know me, but she know my flow is O.G. She told me she like to play with the pussy when she get lonely Homie if I was only right there instead of the saw me She claimin' the pussy wet but don't tell me better just show me She ask if I'm comin' up with the mask in my entrance Sinner in a second I spit it like every sentence She was there for repentance first is top of the infant I'm damaging the vagina, reminda I'm filled with vengeance Hit em whenever they ever wanna run up and they doing it because I rap and shit I really don't care, whatever it takes, to get em up on the matt-er-ess I coulda been the one that's hunting run bust with the gun but this is way more fun to get To get up in these motherfucker actresses In bikinis and sucking on my zucchini She told me she wanna be me while sipping apple Martinis Fuck it if I'm a meanie she probably would never leave me Shit I can play eenie meanie from fronting from my weenie And now I see em on every record and stage They posted up in the audience and all of em filled with hope Knowing they only wanna be in my presence Or Affiliated because truth is you are Dope [Hook: Tech N9ne] [Verse 4: Snow Tha Product] Hey now Tech, you know I've been the type To not go all in, on hoes I've been around But the flow I spit gets hoes all in the zone That I won’t talk shit but oh my damn they wrong And these men calling in, wonder if imma get with a little dick They got no common sense and with no college in They position, is probably something insignificant Dick you think I’m a bitch 'cause I probably miss the game you kick it even Hovering, hope by acknowledging 'Cause I’ve been methodically droppin the common knowledge that I don’t get down like that Now they be houndin' a bitch to probably get with a trick or a treat 'Cause they dogs and they all gon' bark like that I'm killin' the game, killin' the game, killin' the game So he feeling me, he wanna bang I wanna wait so he get at me He wanna say shit that make me, think he gon' rape me if I don’t stay 'Cause I got that sickening style, that built me a crowd And men and women feeling me now and it’s freaking me out 'Cause I'm just here to figure it out and what this is about But I’mma say it’s getting so wild that it’s tripping me out ‘'Cause I’m like here to kill their morale, just kill all these sounds But lately when I spit to a crowd these men just reach out And they tell me that they women is down, they getting aroused And they be tryna give me they child, with a genital smile They say they wanna fuck
HiHowAreYou Il y a 9 jours
0:16 TechN9ne 1:20 Wrekonize 2:25 Twisted Insane 3:28 Snow Tha Product
Yofue Yofue
Yofue Yofue Il y a 9 jours
Snow the best female rapper !!!!! No cap 🧢
Trey Dotson
Trey Dotson Il y a 10 jours
It’s December 2, 2019 and this still better than most of the music out today.
Daniele Granvillano
Daniele Granvillano Il y a 7 jours
IKR one of my favorite songs.. 2013 first time i heared snow.. and i knew it she gonna kill it in the future and she does.. love her :D since day one, never heared a female rap like that.. just WOOOW <3
slave 12
slave 12 Il y a 10 jours
Ok this Snow chick just killed this song like Eminem killed forever that girl is fire 🔥 how has she not gotten more notice but we got trash like cardi b ruining rap
Kc Dgaf
Kc Dgaf Il y a 14 jours
🔥🔥🔥 still dope!💯 like if tech should drop anothaa with snow!!
Keonte' Blind
Keonte' Blind Il y a 11 jours
Idk. Lmfaoooo
Keonte' Blind
Keonte' Blind Il y a 11 jours
Kc Dgaf
Kc Dgaf Il y a 11 jours
well it would be coolio if she were in strange tho! tech & snow spit dope musical/lyrical flow, they goo together🎶💯
Keonte' Blind
Keonte' Blind Il y a 11 jours
Tech wanted to sign her but she was already signed with somebody else by that point.
Kc Dgaf
Kc Dgaf Il y a 11 jours
& there's also how I'm feeling tech ft snow & nave, which was a year ago.. but what I'm saying they should make more songs together, or even better sign her to strange music!👌 lol #woke #neverslept
achumo uzamaki
achumo uzamaki Il y a 15 jours
Came here for Snow
konabud Il y a 15 jours
snow the PRODUCT
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander Il y a 15 jours
Snow is the sh@t
jaime Bryant
jaime Bryant Il y a 20 jours
Stfu about Cardi it’s a reason she more famous than Snow ass 🤷🏽‍♀️
Niffer Il y a 21 jour
How the fuck didn't I even know about Snow tha product, she's a beast?!
Ccanadian threat
Ccanadian threat Il y a 21 jour
This is so dope...
PILAR WA: 081.2828.0.2626
this music is bass
Hydro ._
Hydro ._ Il y a 23 jours
0.75x 🔥🔥
Carl F-UP
Carl F-UP Il y a 23 jours
this got 2 of my favorite things... fast clean rap and big titties
Caesar Romero
Caesar Romero Il y a 24 jours
Snow makes Cardi B look like hoe 😂
Jonathan Urena cherry
Jonathan Urena cherry Il y a 26 jours
Snow is severely I underrated for sure, one of the best rappers alive male or female in my opinion This however is not one of her best verses
Alex Frost
Alex Frost Il y a 27 jours
This put me on techs music
PrinceTheRealest1 Il y a 27 jours
Twisted Insane a monster !!!!
Baran Karakoc
Baran Karakoc Il y a 27 jours
Cranston Marques
Cranston Marques Il y a 28 jours
Trash 🗑
HeartBroken NintyFour
Twisted insane murdered this
wikiwikiwee1 Il y a mois
I like how he calls his penis his wiener
paused at 1:57 me: Looks locked on.....wait, hang on, centre screen ENLARGE Me: Confirm Me: That playa looks like snoop dogg!!!! hahahahahah XD
when you fall into the internet in 1995 after being born..... OH SHIT
Minecraft Bees are goats
2:52 is he even speaking English?
Don't Believe Everything That You Breathe
I met Snow in the bar I worked at in Vegas like 2 years ago, and she was cool as fuck. Very humble and normal person. I wouldn't have known she was in our bar if my coworker wasn't a huge fan of her. He was losing his mind until we ended up chopping it up with her.
Thriva Avirht
Thriva Avirht Il y a mois
I ain’t try ta come here SO I DARE ALL YOU. To call America’s pawn country Russia’s military and ask are get them to speak with me.... are take my 60 days are I die deel .... test just how hard this town do it best to fuck Russian intelligence/children on technology on perpose police and 4 others over. 1 year constantly keep me and break my brain future callers. Check my channel. I FUCKING Request/goddamn beg you phone Russian military be a hella fun after All my deel if I can’t prove is my death
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