Taskmaster - Series 8, Episode 4 | Full Episode | "The Barrel Dad"

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In this series 8 episode of Taskmaster, Iain Stirling, Joe Thomas, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha and Sian Gibson try to impress Taskmaster Greg Davies by getting loo roll through a toilet seat, making something to engage a toddler and getting the most weight into a hammock.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.




14 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Emily Helmick
Emily Helmick Il y a jour
Sian just hopping into Alex's arms because she's so tiny
jakecardwell74 Il y a jour
Has anyone else noticed that Lou was standing outside the starting circle? Somewhere Joe Wilkinson shed a tear.
Tomas Green
Tomas Green Il y a 2 jours
That price task judging was a beauty!!! :)
jakecardwell74 Il y a 2 jours
In one task Nell said hello to Alex more times than James Acaster did in an entire series
Jakob Smith
Jakob Smith Il y a 4 jours
What were her parents thinking naming her "Nell" !!! It's an odd enough name to begin with (and kind of an ugly name in my opinion), but then on top of that you have the movie "Nell", which means she is going to get people saying "tay in the win" for her entire life. Is that the kind of association you want with your child's name?
Jwixom Il y a 6 jours
am I the only one who saw Lou step out of the circle when throwing her pan?!
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong Il y a 7 jours
The pan was clearly a paid actor
Shail Il y a 8 jours
Am i the only one super pissed about Iain getting 5 points for the toilet task?
Philipp Aachen
Philipp Aachen Il y a 9 jours
40:54 is it just me or is Lou standing half outside the circle?
Peanut the Lion
Peanut the Lion Il y a 12 jours
I know everyone's pissed that Iain got pissed during the group task but at the same time I'm not sure anyone else has wanted to win as badly as him and I'm seriously hoping he wins.
7nefsea Il y a 13 jours
Whenever Iain throws his little fits I wonder if it dawns on him that he's literally playing for various bundles of trash?
Samuel Torres
Samuel Torres Il y a 13 jours
32:57 Joe and Sian's team task where they match boots. I don't know how this will be productive, but I can only imagine it will.
Jax Il y a 15 jours
Iain is experiencing a severe process of ego death after watching that team task 😂😂 You can literally see his entire life is flashing before his eyes for the rest of the episode....incredible.
kathy thai
kathy thai Il y a 17 jours
nell is such a sweetheart!! even when bashing in the head of a helpless plastic duck ;(
Ty Grenier
Ty Grenier Il y a 18 jours
"It's hard to sneakily weigh people." "Iain, your next task is to stand as still as possible on this bathroom scale for 30 seconds. Person who moves the least wins." There, job done.
danceswithdirt Il y a 19 jours
Is Lou Sanders playing a character?
DenCTi Il y a 20 jours
"Again" -Nell
sfshinz Il y a 22 jours
Iain and Lou are teenagers trapped in adult bodies.
Etson Barentine
Etson Barentine Il y a 25 jours
Ohhhh Greg!
KelpTheGreat Il y a 26 jours
What was with the broken glass on the grass near the hammock during Joe and Sian's attempt?
Affenhirn_auf_Eis Il y a 26 jours
I hate this Iain guy. God, is he annoying
Dreadful Il y a 28 jours
wait I might have a problem. I only see people complaining about Ian's behaviour and the fact that he's annoying. But I on the other hand thought Lou was being and is really annoying. Still Ian is fairly competitive and act on it but besides that.
Liz Brewster
Liz Brewster Il y a 26 jours
I thought Lou was being and kept being annoying. Ian though immediately apologized, looked like he was going to cry, and was shut-down for the rest of the show- I just wanted to hug him.
nathan podsakoff
nathan podsakoff Il y a 29 jours
Mommy, daddy, and the threshing shark should definitely be the name of the episode.
magicoA Il y a mois
Nell nailed the timing on the "hit the ducky" song
Shane Hoover
Shane Hoover Il y a mois
To be fair, the idea of putting the bathtub under the Hammock was actually incredibly smart, because then by focusing all of the weight in the middle, it would cause the hammock to bulge into the bathtub, giving an extra "wall" allowing things to not fall out as easily.
GreenMassai Il y a mois
Series 8 is consistently good
HelloJessie Il y a mois
4:25 She's not wrong
Nick Georgiev
Nick Georgiev Il y a mois
The little kid is so freaking cute! My ovaries exploded and I don't even have those.
Tim Dungan-Levant
Tim Dungan-Levant Il y a mois
Bicycle, My Xcellent bicycle
Mr. Peapoo
Mr. Peapoo Il y a mois
That Ian dude's really bringing this season down. There is no single more unattractive quality than people who can't read the room and ratchet the competitiveness to an uncomfortable place. Like bro save some of it for you therapist, good god. We get it: someone at some point, probably when you were very small, made you feel like a loser and you've spent the entire rest of your life trying to run away from the scary belief that they may have been right. Not something I want to be repeatedly made to think about in a comedy show.
Julia E
Julia E Il y a mois
Ian may have been ridiculous during the hammock challenge, but Lou was also extremely ridiculous when she was screaming I caught it! repeatedly like a petulant child. I haven't really liked her attitude in any of the episodes so far, she's obnoxious (as is Ian don't get me wrong). Oh well some series just don't have endearing contestants....
Stephanie McCoy
Stephanie McCoy Il y a 26 jours
I find her endearing because she has fun doing tasks. She obviously knew she did not catch the book and didn't really want to let her team down. In her reddit AmA , she says she didn't mean to come a cross like she had an attitude when she was joking around most of the time. Oh well.
Rhubartu the Saiyan
Might be the smartest and the most polite toddler I have ever seen...
golden pony
golden pony Il y a mois
Loving the 'tosser in a bathrobe-pjs' looks more and more as the series go by
William Il y a mois
I genuinely dont understand why everyone supports Lou so much here.
emmeeemm Il y a mois
Alex, to Nell: "Are you engaged?" Mr. Horne, I think that child is a bit too young to be engaged! Also, RE Prizes: "BMX'ing!"
Hedvig Andersson
Hedvig Andersson Il y a mois
Watching Lou apologising when she'd done nothing wrong, and being sweet and calling Iain "baby" and stuff made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. It's like textbook abusive relationship....
Joanne Kelly
Joanne Kelly Il y a mois
Nice . Thank You 😀
Alene Houghton
Alene Houghton Il y a mois
The toddler task was the best thing and I loved it so much. But honestly, give kids a bowl of water and some ducks or an iPad and BAM engaged. Also Iain is just hysterical and I love him
Lily McDaniel
Lily McDaniel Il y a mois
these guys would be terrible at Toomer's corner
golden pony
golden pony Il y a mois
Just about to catch up with the latest episode as I plow through the episodes accumulated through Christmas... Wish it lasted more!!
242sighting Il y a mois
The real toddler was Iain all along.
June W
June W Il y a mois
When you want a toddler to be engaged, give them water and floaty things. Works everytime. But you need to watch for the mess.
golden pony
golden pony Il y a mois
Point indeed proven, will remember for when the time comes!!
Jonathan Pal
Jonathan Pal Il y a mois
Asks the toddler: “are you engaged?” I’m dead. 😂🤣
irondasgr Il y a mois
I was so expecting for someone to later go for : "She was not engaged, man. She was wedlock married."
Lee Bradshaw
Lee Bradshaw Il y a mois
Paul standing in the background with the barrel while the two arguing is such a mood
Sarah no
Sarah no Il y a mois
I would've dumped him outta the hammock after saying "got you babe" Props to Lou for being very reasonable.
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller Il y a mois
Jessica was right, Nell is happy
Harrison Smith
Harrison Smith Il y a mois
I'm really hoping Iain reflects and turns it around from here on out. He's annoying but something makes me want to root for his redemption
Mr. Peapoo
Mr. Peapoo Il y a mois
Gee I wonder what could possibly underpin your desire to root for this person in spite of the fact that he's utterly humorless and brings the entire room down with his megalomaniacal insistence on his own superiority
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Il y a mois
Is it just me or are the girls this season 10 fold dumber than the others, so cringe.
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Il y a mois
They learned from hometasking to put cute kids on haha
Ontario Traffic Man
This season = 2019 Hometasking = 2020
Angelika Maria Morris
herbs? greg davies do you indulge in the 420? you are such a fine specimen of a man...heehee
Van essa
Van essa Il y a mois
Honestly reading all this comments I expected much worse. Iian got a bit competitive in the group task, but it wasn't that bad either honestly. But who knows, maybe that's just because I'm German , who are known for being direct and somewhat rude, and I'm not used to polite Brittish sensibilities.
Van essa
Van essa Il y a mois
@Mr. Peapoo lmao please chill. My comment had nothing to do with ww2 and neither was I in any shape or form claiming Germans are better. I simply observed some cultural differences as Germans tend to be more direct, which often is perceived as rude my other people. That's it. I didn't even condone Iians behaviour. I just said I expected something else from the comments than what was shown in the end and that it was not that bad. Not that bad does not equal good. As the comment above me mentioned being rude and loud is not why Hitler gained power either. That's not even a in accurate simplification anymore but a plain wrong statement.
Spoonie86 Il y a mois
I'm German and you two are talking about two very different things. She is right about German mentality. But Hitler didn't rise because he was rude and direct....
Mr. Peapoo
Mr. Peapoo Il y a mois
Yes I suppose we as a species are inured to the image of a German loudly and enthusiastically proclaiming their superiority and primacy over other people. Perhaps something for which there is infamous historical precedent
TheUnknown3399 Il y a mois
Joe’s little smile at making his shot through the toilet seat
Unoriginal Username
It was precious
Matt Laptop
Matt Laptop Il y a mois
If Iain ? came to TaskMaster because “it would be good for his ‘career’ ”, I think it has spectacularly back-fired - worst TM contestant ever.....?
Norm Rayos
Norm Rayos Il y a mois
This is the worst game of curling I’ve ever seen! 🤣
Rizwana akhtar
Rizwana akhtar Il y a mois
I really wanna know who Nell is
Voytee Il y a mois
Joe was standing on a tub, and then walking on grass so i think its fair to say he "fell" from it at some point
Keaton Fox
Keaton Fox Il y a mois
I'm so upset. I'd been looking for this episode for weeks and it was not appearing in the channel. I figured there was some copyright issue on YT, so I found it elsewhere in a decidedly lesser bitrate and something like a day later it comes to YT, I'm so bitter lol.
wich Il y a mois
I’d love me some fairy Sian, she is so friggin adorable
Ricky Carrillo
Ricky Carrillo Il y a mois
Lain being a competitive asshole has made me reconsider everything about myself
mj ph
mj ph Il y a mois
Listening to Paul's explanation, it seems he had just performed a psych experiment on the child. Nature vs Nurture.
Viv Vivier
Viv Vivier Il y a mois
Big ole crush on Joe right here.
lnfreeman Il y a mois
That opening 😱 and Greg questions why people write fan fiction about them
JOB'd Out Wrestling
Having watched series 1-7 (and 10) + champion of champions and the new years special - I've never found a contestant I've actually disliked more than Iain.
BaoBou's Music
BaoBou's Music Il y a mois
I've seen it before and Nell again makes me smile in the happiest way possible. She is beyond adorable.
A Hobbit
A Hobbit Il y a mois
Nell is absolutely the best guest they’ve ever had on this show.
Elizabeth Il y a 11 jours
When she ran back and forth when They showed Joe’s Dough it was so adorable!! We need Nell back!! 😂🥺
Spoonie86 Il y a mois
True. The Mayor of Chesham wasn't bad either :-P.
Anushka Sen
Anushka Sen Il y a mois
@Fin Miles Reid I saw these comments before I knew who Nell was and I felt slightly defensive about Rosalind but once I saw Nell I knew she had to be the best guest.
Fin Miles Reid
Fin Miles Reid Il y a mois
she juuuuust nudges Rosalind The Fucking Nightmare and Swedish Guy into second and third place spots. Stiff competition, love it
Grace Holland
Grace Holland Il y a mois
The kid smashing the tray of ducks immediately was so choice 👌
Payaso Artwork
Payaso Artwork Il y a mois
Will somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give Paul a turtleneck shirt?!?! Jesus 🤦🏽‍♂️ has he not seen his own neck?
Jeremy Shapiro
Jeremy Shapiro Il y a mois
Wow 4 episodes in Lou has won twice and been in a tie break the other 2 times. Talk about dominance.
TheyreMaking MeDoThis
Thank you from Chicago! More please! I’ve already watched every episode!!
Joe Klarr
Joe Klarr Il y a mois
Sian has joined the illustrious ranks of middle aged women who appear sweet but in reality wake up every morning and choose violence
spaceracer23 Il y a mois
Five points go to Alex for keeping the toddler fully engaged.
Jeremyk 541
Jeremyk 541 Il y a mois
Ian = confrontational 😂
Raya plays games
Raya plays games Il y a mois
I love that this is being uploaded on FRvid since this is the only way I can watch the show from Germany :/
Whatever Il y a mois
It`s uncanny that many of these tasks seem to be lockdown / COVID-related: There`s discussions about loo rolls, Sian is "fab at jabs", there`s a bored toddler (and a workout video) and lots of booze....
andrea Il y a mois
only just realized the painting of greg this season is inspired by fullmetal alchemist, not just generically anime. lol
andrea Il y a mois
@lnfreeman besides general style, the metal arm from edward and the eyepatch from that wrath guy
lnfreeman Il y a mois
What makes you say that?
Bowie E
Bowie E Il y a mois
I want Lou's shoes so bad
Aaron Monroe
Aaron Monroe Il y a mois
The barrel dad...yes
cambe cambe
cambe cambe Il y a mois
I’m sorry but I haven’t really seen many comments on this - what the heck is going on with the “generally asian” theme this season? i’m really confused.
Spoonie86 Il y a mois
I also think it's kind of cliché.
- Manuela
- Manuela Il y a mois
I find it actually quite funny when Ian is getting angry
JackDManheim Il y a mois
I think that she meant she caught it "before it was flat on the ground". However she failed to catch it before it had made contact with the ground.
Ontario Traffic Man
And even if she had caught it before it hit the ground, it wouldn't have mattered since it had already fallen out of the hammock!
San Steen
San Steen Il y a mois
When the toddler said JoeDoe it sounded like JoJo ;)
Skittleburst223 Il y a mois
I don’t think I’ve ever seen iain look SO angry.. hilarious
Zev Feitelson
Zev Feitelson Il y a mois
She blatantly didn't catch it
Zev Feitelson
Zev Feitelson Il y a mois
You have a limited amount of time to get stuff in the hammock you don't have time to stand there plan and not grab anything
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson Il y a mois
Lou really found her range. What a sizzling throw! She handled that steel discus with the deadpan expression of a champion athlete. My nerves were fried! Iain is lucky that she didn't stove his head in.
A Hobbit
A Hobbit Il y a mois
When she got the pan in the hoop like that, I gasped out loud 😂
PokerJoker811 Il y a mois
So clearly, at some time during the production of this series, Alex or a senior member of the production team recieved a phone call from a relative saying "I'm going to be out of the country in a few weeks, could you please look after my daughter".
Fin Miles Reid
Fin Miles Reid Il y a mois
@PokerJoker811 ah, yeah I was 50/50 on her being his daughter, thanks for confirming! Nell and Alex were just both very connected and calm, seemed to have a special bond all the same :)
PokerJoker811 Il y a mois
@Fin Miles Reid Last I heard, Alex has no daughters, only three sons. Young kids will sometimes just call a bigger person "Mom" or "Dad" because they don't know better. Autistic teens I've worked with have called teachers that before.
Fin Miles Reid
Fin Miles Reid Il y a mois
I thought she was Alex’s daughter cuz she says “bye daddy”?
Grant Andrews
Grant Andrews Il y a mois
Ian is tough to watch.
The Brown Lantern
The Brown Lantern Il y a mois
😬geez lou was reeeealy close to bailing off the stage tripping on a hoop
cannibalbananas Il y a mois
Love that all of Lou's toddler ideas were definitely not age appropriate 😂😂😂
Mark A
Mark A Il y a mois
33:50 he was in it then he left it. No points for anyone.
Jeanelle Il y a mois
That toddler is so well spoken and adooooorable, oh my god. By far the cutest task of all time! And Paul doing all this with one arm really makes it all the more impressive that he manages to do okay considering. I really like this series so far.
Eliza S
Eliza S Il y a mois
Lou’s experience is every girl in a group project who would like to plan, and Ian is every guy whose response was to interrupt, take charge, and ruin everything.
MarioVSCulex Il y a 9 jours
@BizzaroHunter They weren't gonna win shit, bro, the others had three people, the barrels and more on/in the hammock lol. More importantly though, I just rewatched that part and the book fell right before or at the latest right as Ian said to not put stuff on one side. In fact, it looks like he said it BECAUSE he noticed the book falling and was like "oh shit, we should not have done that". Also, the reason they were being so hectic in the first place was because they knew they had no time left, which was NOT because of Lou but because Ian was being a bitch for 7 minutes straight. But thanks for your weak attempt at mansplaining, big guy, I'm sure your daddy's proud of you.
BizzaroHunter Il y a mois
Did Ian really, and I quote, "ruin everything" when it was in fact Lou who got them disqualified? They very well could have still won the task if Lou wasn't continuing to stack stuff on the same side, in spite of Ian telling them very explicitly to not keep putting stuff on that side.
Natalie E
Natalie E Il y a mois
Absolutely noticed that, so frustrating lol
Natalie E
Natalie E Il y a mois
@Igor not the input we needed. She's right.
Barbara Il y a mois
Honestly I'm too bossy for that experience myself, but remember Liza Tarbuck hopping? It was a such a shame the boys got points for that!
Lillian B.
Lillian B. Il y a mois
Ian: That... wasn't pleasant for me to watch.
jk Il y a mois
Alex talking to little Nell is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time 😍
dunbar9finger Il y a mois
For those who threw the roll, why not tie down the toilet paper with string or a rubber band before you throw it to keep it from unravelling? First thing I thought of.
HamsterMaster8 Il y a mois
This might just be my favourite episode of task master
Julie Nicole
Julie Nicole Il y a mois
The hammock task made me really dislike Ian he’s just too competitive and that is annoying.
RoanStone Il y a 24 jours
@Eclectic Jon 101 think back to when he wore that jumpsuit and then was super uncomfortable for the rest of the episode. I think he is impulsive and then regrets it. Same as some of us.
Eclectic Jon 101
Eclectic Jon 101 Il y a mois
He didn't like himself much when he watched it back.
David Andre
David Andre Il y a mois
Maybe it's not even like he's competitive, it looks like he want attention and he's trying to be funny
Julie Nicole
Julie Nicole Il y a mois
Is Nell one of Alex children?
ODBrennan Il y a mois
Paul’s shirt is really cool
Eijzman Il y a mois
30:07 So much respect for Lou keeping her composure. Not many people would have been able to sacrifice themselve for their team that way.
Treka Double
Treka Double Il y a mois
I am fascinated honestly by the difference in mentality. I am from Switzerland, one of the bilingual german-french regions and a rural area. I live in a city but it is a very small city and it is the "capital" of the region. We are quite honest, direct and a bit rough in the way we talk. The way he behaved was not nice but he didn't tell any insult so this would have not been a big deal at all here. When we have to play with someone who behaves like that, what we do is ignore that person and do our thing until that person calms down. And if that person's behaviour is preventing us from winning, no big deal, we loose and that teaches that person a lesson. The way we see it here, there are situations where it's not worth losing energy with someone else's shit, so if nothing important is at stake just let it flow. It's also usual to put people in their place by using dry humour and irony, that can work on some people. My family on my mother's side is particularly good at this. It is often impossible to know if my mom is being serious or not because she is able to speak with irony for several minutes while keeping a straight face and using a perfectly normal tone.