Taking Tayler surfing for the first time // beach day with friends

Charly Jordan
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Tayler Holder
Tessa Brooks
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2 nov. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Marbella Burgueno
Marbella Burgueno Il y a jour
l love your boyfriend he was in a episode Kehlani and Taylor kissed
Fallen Devonish
Fallen Devonish Il y a 4 jours
who is the brunnet on the coach at 0:33 and no it is not Tessa brooks
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Il y a 5 jours
Stop smoking
Connor Obrien
Connor Obrien Il y a 10 jours
Can anyone become more perfect 😍
Kaitlyn Cooke
Kaitlyn Cooke Il y a 17 jours
i don’t know if this sounds offensive but im not meaning for it to are the mian twins not allowed to like wear bathing suits or something it it like against there religion idk how to say ut
Libby Easter
Libby Easter Il y a 19 jours
Why does Charlie smoke
June WiLt
June WiLt Il y a 23 jours
Wait charly smokes-
Chars Il y a 26 jours
I have been watching all the videos going backwards from today and they are absolutely cute together!!!
S Grace
S Grace Il y a 26 jours
Love how you spelt Taylor’s name wrong in the title
Nina Budinská
Nina Budinská Il y a 27 jours
2:46 Joeyy Birlemm?
Marianna biba
Marianna biba Il y a 27 jours
Who does sub serf?
Tomonori Kugawa
Tomonori Kugawa Il y a 28 jours
Was that eva
J SAHAJ DHAMAI Il y a mois
You posed this video on my birthday
chivisita Jimenez
chivisita Jimenez Il y a mois
ava is so mean becuse when bremt amdf person kiss she was so maddddddddddd and so what ava donet need brent
David Katz
David Katz Il y a mois
Why do you 🚬
Dominic Cimini
Dominic Cimini Il y a mois
Lmao I live in costa rica
Jackiema George
Jackiema George Il y a mois
Don't smoke
Henry Mahoney
Henry Mahoney Il y a mois
my guy smoke roses is iiterly weed witha rose pedal as the smoke paper. And your trying to stay healthy bruhhh
Kalli Rowe
Kalli Rowe Il y a mois
wow staying safe when ur smoking and drinking
Dilqra marinova
Dilqra marinova Il y a mois
Tisha Mandalia
Tisha Mandalia Il y a mois
Txc thots
Txc thots Il y a mois
4:28 LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆 I'm dying
Exert Il y a mois
Ew she smokes her lungs are prolly black
Prima Murdock
Prima Murdock Il y a mois
Safe my ass
Tide Il y a mois
smoking is such a turnoff
mckayla motie
mckayla motie Il y a mois
Ayaiia Il y a mois
As serious as Covid is, its important to still go out at some point to help cope and keep you sanity in the clear. Just make sure to social distance and wear masks when required.
Maria S
Maria S Il y a 16 jours
Which non of them were doing....
Abigail Abrams
Abigail Abrams Il y a mois
She smokes!?
Windsaint Il y a mois
Smoke 🌹‘s💨
The famous tik tok Squad
Hi Charly probably not going to answer but your amazing and you and Taylor are perfect your always your self and I love u bye
sakura does stuff
sakura does stuff Il y a mois
thats not good to smoke but do what you want
Ultimate Fun
Ultimate Fun Il y a mois
Is that a real cigarette
Abbie Lynch
Abbie Lynch Il y a mois
CHARLIE SMOKES- bruh, I'm livin under a rock!
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez Il y a mois
Eva do you still have a crush on Brent or do you like your boy freind
Isabella Benson
Isabella Benson Il y a mois
tell tayler that my jessica like you
Isabella Benson
Isabella Benson Il y a mois
i bet tayler will get nerves
Ian Samson
Ian Samson Il y a mois
Do you smoke weed
Anya Arora
Anya Arora Il y a mois
*hey I’m blogging here” “I’m SORRY”
its your girl hannah kindacute
Yeah bc smokingweed is staying safe lol
its your girl hannah kindacute
This was just a joke not coming for anyone btw
Meera Il y a mois
loll i agree
Bella Sofie
Bella Sofie Il y a mois beautiful/love you//sex/ . I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre,l
Chloe Maher
Chloe Maher Il y a mois
Why u smoke i am just saying DONT IT KILLS U btw i am only 10 and saying this so..?!but none of my business love your videos ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Fatima Yasir
Fatima Yasir Il y a mois
Hi charly i love you tayler is lucky he has you in his life he needed it becuse he keeps getting heart broken and i know u would not do that to him.
Aisha Van Rentergem
Where is that? Does anyone know a good place to surf? Any country, city...
Lauren Elder
Lauren Elder Il y a mois
is she doing drugs?
Kolbe Kim
Kolbe Kim Il y a mois
lily hejl
lily hejl Il y a mois
Stop smoking
surina sisavath
surina sisavath Il y a mois
are you guy dateing i now you and addison are a ting
Deon Bernard
Deon Bernard Il y a mois
Skye Smith
Skye Smith Il y a mois
u guys r full of shid that clip of “tayler” is literally my homie will
Irene Salazar
Irene Salazar Il y a mois
Chaly pig
Nick Yorgason
Nick Yorgason Il y a mois
My respect went down for her when I saw the cigarette
- Dod0B1rd -
- Dod0B1rd - Il y a mois
Dayum, why u gotta smoke..... literally woulda been more than perfect😩 das for the dope content, awesome vibez🔥🔥🔥
Hendre Ehlers
Hendre Ehlers Il y a mois
Sub to charly
Becky .D
Becky .D Il y a mois
"Ayy, I'm vlogging here."😂💓💓💓💓
Mari Pardi
Mari Pardi Il y a mois
Please stop smoking that will make that so much better
Gorrilazshock LoL
Gorrilazshock LoL Il y a mois
Mofos don’t wear masks?
Vue. Il y a mois
Where the mask!!!!!!
iaj Theodora
iaj Theodora Il y a mois
I can’t to see y’all marry and have kids😍
amanda Il y a mois
Who thinks charly jordan should prank the whole thriller compound saying she is pregnate and see all the reactions it would be so cute if she did this prank tayler gonna be so happy
tracfxs Il y a mois
oh my yess!
Cartoon girl 1
Cartoon girl 1 Il y a mois
OK you guys are so so cute together taylor and charly ❤
Chandler Manuel
Chandler Manuel Il y a mois
Did you get a scholarship for college so you could run for sex traffickers?
Michael W Dagle
Michael W Dagle Il y a mois
LMAO......I had a spammer/scammer on Messenger trying to use this girls pictures.
Sofia Martinez
Sofia Martinez Il y a mois
I loved this video until I saw you smoke like srsly man
Katingka bue
Katingka bue Il y a mois
My wife and I think you guys are super awesome. I'm a subscriber. Lol We missed what beach you guys are surfing at?
Mary Jones
Mary Jones Il y a mois
ljimsey Il y a mois
Ok can we just talk about how kelianne was there but she never went up to her like is every thing ok between you guys?
abi days
abi days Il y a 2 mois
Y’all must loveee covid🥰
Isabel Kraft
Isabel Kraft Il y a 2 mois
Is that cocane just wondering
Prety Malkova
Prety Malkova Il y a 2 mois
FOR *ADULTs* *Only* 18+ 💖 ➡ 👈 click here[18+] I loro stati di salute s'approcher trop rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo vc++ niego tylko z powodu Patryka glowa wsparcia mogà spowodować egzaminu lub wolności vc
Sam Sawdon
Sam Sawdon Il y a 2 mois
love your video look great
reepee Il y a 2 mois
who would think tessa is out here smoking weed on the beach now, what went wrong
Victoria Il y a 2 mois
it’s the way none of them are wearing masks for me 👀
Lily Alexa
Lily Alexa Il y a 2 mois
Her profile pic looks like Lili Reinhart
Emma Healy
Emma Healy Il y a 2 mois
I can’t believe she smokes hope that’s fake
Alejandra Báez
Alejandra Báez Il y a 2 mois
Wtf, she’s consume marihuana ?
claire beatty
claire beatty Il y a 2 mois
Your fuckin gorgeous
Jojo's Spicy ASMR
Jojo's Spicy ASMR Il y a 2 mois
Is the smoking bad or is it good
Jojo's Spicy ASMR
Jojo's Spicy ASMR Il y a 2 mois
I didn't know she smoked
Troy Gaming
Troy Gaming Il y a 2 mois
its_andrea 0313
its_andrea 0313 Il y a 2 mois
Did she just smoke?
imbald Il y a 2 mois
Samantha Ward
Samantha Ward Il y a 2 mois
I love you girls and some times you boys
Samantha Ward
Samantha Ward Il y a 2 mois
have fun surfing
Darci3 Thornton
Darci3 Thornton Il y a 2 mois
She’s flat
Marisa&brookie fan
Marisa&brookie fan Il y a 2 mois
Mickyla Otto
Mickyla Otto Il y a 2 mois
Stop the weed smoking
Jovanna Vilchez
Jovanna Vilchez Il y a 2 mois
Charly gives off genuine energy, you don’t see that anymore...
Mia Solis
Mia Solis Il y a 2 mois
Omg I am from Costa Rica and there ocean is beautiful definitely recommend going I love y’all together too
Lucy Macnair
Lucy Macnair Il y a 2 mois
Is that drugs she’s smokimb
Janelle San Esteban
Janelle San Esteban Il y a 2 mois
Are you a nude model back then?
Raddave Brown
Raddave Brown Il y a 2 mois
Charly high asf😅
FYZER RWBAN Il y a 2 mois
Was that eva
Elma Icmat
Elma Icmat Il y a 2 mois
Ohhh mamiaaaaaa she pretty n sexy so sweeet couple ireally love them they look so happy ❤️❤️❤️
Capri Sweeney
Capri Sweeney Il y a 2 mois
i love you charly
Ducky Yass
Ducky Yass Il y a 2 mois
Debra Young
Debra Young Il y a 2 mois
casually rolls blunt on an ipad
μυρτω 1
μυρτω 1 Il y a 2 mois
Come to Greece 🇬🇷
Christine N
Christine N Il y a 2 mois
Why do you smoke
Kirana Angel
Kirana Angel Il y a 2 mois I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlihttps🍆
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