Switches are Clicky; Here's Why

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Click clack I was taken aback. Wonderin’ ‘bout those switches of light, yeah.
Let’s find out what the point is of all that clacking, shall we?
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Science et technologie



11 août 2019




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Commentaires 4 424
João Marcos
João Marcos Il y a 13 minutes
I sometimes hold one part of the switch and press the other so it doesn't click when it moves. Guess I'm not doing that anymore.
patdthomas Il y a 17 heures
I don't know if they still exist, but I remember 40 years ago or so there were silent switches available. I believe they were mercury switches which utilized the same principal as old timey thermostats.
Stephen Sparks
Stephen Sparks Il y a 21 heure
Instant favorite of all time list!
mercmoe234 Il y a jour
I have a couple of those really hard to switch lights in my house
Alkaris Il y a jour
In comparisons to electrical sockets from US and UK, the UK electrical sockets are way more safer than the US sockets by far. It's a somewhat perfect design for complete safety, meaning you won't get an electro shock from turning a switch on or off. In addition to these safety measures you also get socket covers to put over the electrical outputs to prevent kids or anything from getting in there and trying to electrocute themselves. I say UK plugs are the best of their design because each and every appliance carries their own fuse so they don't trip the circuit breaker, its cheaper and more efficient that most appliances sold in other countries that don't employ the same kind of setup in their appliances. Because if the fuse happens to break, you can just take it out and replace it in that appliance by pulling the little plastic tab that you see on the plugs themselves to reveal a pill sized fuse, buying a small pack of fuses from your local hardware store is about as cheap as ₤5. If you try to plugin an appliance without a fuse in them they simply will not turn on. In addition to other safety measures for electrical sockets, if you take a UK power strip you can't electrocute yourself because of a safety prong keeps the shutters closed, and also prevents people from sticking their fingers in there and electrocuting themselves. So long as the top prong, the earthed prong of a plug is inserted as it goes into the socket it will safely unlock the shutters so the plug can make a connection , and you can hear a solid click sound as you insert a plug, and thats the sound of the safety shutters opening and closing.
lazy mations
lazy mations Il y a jour
But when a device uses a Transformer it still can arc when in socket
Wesley223332 Il y a jour
For 240v connections for welders/plasma cutters or other machines, the switches are usually called hammers because the "click" is closed to bashing a hammer on a metal table.
Main A
Main A Il y a jour
5:06 this is the most terrifying piece of Hardware since death cables.
Ryan Michel
Ryan Michel Il y a jour
Can we get a slo-mo on those unpluggings in the opening??
Garry Il y a jour
Imagine having Cherry MX blue light switches
Chicken Flaver
Chicken Flaver Il y a jour
So blind people know it's on
Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson Il y a jour
You should talk about how 120 is more dangerous than 220 volts, as 220 is more “in rythum” with our heart
Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson Il y a jour
Somewhat safely lmao
TwoAwesome564 Il y a jour
Here I am 2 am on school night watching why swiches are clicky
Kadiea Navales
Kadiea Navales Il y a jour
Nothing's a perfect insulator.... Pure Water: *exists* Hold on just a sec...
Andrew L.
Andrew L. Il y a jour
I worked for 7 years for a power company, 3 different departments, the transmission part, with power lines and glass, silicon insulators, the operation part with substations and big breakers with oil, and the protection department with the little relay to coordinate why street circuits automatically turn back on, or not. BTW huge 230kV breakers use compressed air to blow away the voltaic arc inside the switch part, so they open the circuit internally, with SF6 and a blow of air, then externally. I can tell, the land shakes with a loud boom when they are operated.
Chunk Il y a jour
Is there anywhere you can get those old clacky style switches, I love them
Jeremiah Bullfrog
Jeremiah Bullfrog Il y a jour
It takes tremendous skill to turn a mundane subject into something interesting, and you sir, have achieved that!
Ikkandor Il y a jour
I really want your shirt! What's it say in full?
Alan Daters
Alan Daters Il y a jour
Mercury switches - no click and no arc. They should be good for 4 more minutes! Of course there also are switches which are more likely to produce an "ouch" sound.
HenryTheHoover Il y a jour
Uk plug gang aint no one getting shocked
DNB Il y a jour
The switch for my Christmas tree is so bad that when I make it arc it smells like burnt electronics.
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Il y a 2 jours
4:34 so what you're saying... is space is the perfect insulator...
SumPatti Official
SumPatti Official Il y a 2 jours
at my house all the light switches are the bad ones
Dániel Bedrossian
Dániel Bedrossian Il y a 2 jours
Ahh I spotted a nice soldering iron on your shelf-background, it's a Weller!
Daniel Stephenson
Daniel Stephenson Il y a 2 jours
2:04 The conjoined twins were traumatised by their visit to Robot Disney World...
Jonkree Il y a 2 jours
1:55 I accidentally shocked myself enough that I felt that...
Kickassman 4
Kickassman 4 Il y a 2 jours
There is some level of Childish tendencies. "(Warning)" Please don't do this. I had my Auto play on and I decided to listen to this guy out. This guy is way to excited to Plug and Unplug. as you see in this Diagram (
Whiffling Tit
Whiffling Tit Il y a 2 jours
I love my clicky blue cherry switch keyboard, but I'm switching to a quieter brown cherry soon in favor of having a quieter keyboard that still has that satisfying tactile clicky feeling.
SapphireFlame Il y a 2 jours
So that's why lightswitches buzz when held at midpoint.
D Zuke
D Zuke Il y a 2 jours
Ooooooooh, electric sparks...
Dodge Williams
Dodge Williams Il y a 2 jours
came for clicking noises, stayed for accidental lessons in arc welding
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Il y a 3 jours
UK Viewer here, how come the US plug sockets don't have switches on them?
Der ohne Namen
Der ohne Namen Il y a 3 jours
Those sparks doesnt appear in european outlets
Falcrist Il y a 3 jours
4:33 *_"Nothing is a perfect insulator"_* Actually, if you want to get REALLY technical, "Nothing" (as in, empty space) isn't a perfect insulator either.
Falcrist Il y a jour
@Kadiea Navales 1) USGS is the one who said distilled water was pure. According to you, that's a more reputable resource than wikipedia. 2) Pure water has ions in it. You're thinking of deionized water. 3) Deionized water ALSO has a dialectric strength, and therefor a breakdown voltage where current will flow. 4) Electricity can flow through empty space. It does not require a medium, much less one with ions. And stop telling me I don't know how electricity works when you don't even understand dialectric strength. I have a combined EE/Physics degree.
Kadiea Navales
Kadiea Navales Il y a jour
@Falcrist I don't think you understand how electricity works. For one you're under the false assumption that distilled water is pure water as that's what all your links are referring to. Electricity can only flow when there's a flow of electrons or ions present in the medium. Pure water doesn't have electrolytic substances and neither hydrogen or oxygen have d or f orbitals in which electrons may pass through. Maybe if YOU read a textbook you'd understand that basic concept that distilled water ISN'T pure water
Falcrist Il y a jour
Or you could google "Dialectric strength of pure water"
Falcrist Il y a jour
Or you could check here:;jsessionid=0ED0FDEA069773F1E8620D50E4B1CA97?sequence=1
Falcrist Il y a jour
@Kadiea Navales I mean... you could open a textbook too, but I'm certainly not going to assume you have one of those. If you don't like wikipedia, check out the "CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics". And going by USGS, distilled water is considered "pure": "Water that would be considered "pure" would be distilled water (water condensed from steam) and deionized water (used in laboratories)"
Yoonseong Do
Yoonseong Do Il y a 3 jours
I do silent switching intentionally sometimes to not wake people up in the room
DB-47 Il y a 3 jours
Some older trams like Czechoslovakian Tatra T3 / T3SU(CS) have line contactor, that makes noticeable clack sound when turning on and even louder when breaking higher current (60 - 540A (750 A max when overcurrent trips contactor instantly) at 600 V DC). Newer trams are fully solid state but still have line contactor as backup beacuse lowering pantograph under overcurrent would cause huge electric arc
chris d
chris d Il y a 3 jours
Well its 4:40 in tge morning and i learned something new and totally usless to me lmao
Mob Il y a 3 jours
9:49 when I was 6 Years old, I used to do that and somehow the damn thing short circuited and my house's main room was lit on fire
Defensive Wounds
Defensive Wounds Il y a 3 jours
14:42 - this reminds me of when I am setting up mics for my drumkit and other equipment for my band! lol
Ollie Bonugli
Ollie Bonugli Il y a jour
Reminds me of putting acoustic foam up in a small room when my drums are already set up lol
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