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Sweet performing "Blockbuster" on BBC's Top Of The Pops in 1973.
The song was written by Mike Chapman & Nicky Chinn and produced by Phil Wainman
The single was originally released in 1973.
This version features the original line-up.
Brian Connolly - lead vocals
Andy Scott - guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Priest - bass, vocals
Mick Tucker - drums, percussion, vocals
Single Chart Positions:
Great Britain: 1
Germany: 1
Austria: 1
Denmark: 1
Ireland: 1
Netherlands: 1
New Zealand: 1
Switzerland: 3
Norway: 3
South Africa: 7
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3 déc. 2014




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Commentaires 594
Cap'n Peanut B. Crunch
Cap'n Peanut B. Crunch Il y a 5 jours
That falsetto makes this version better than the studio cut.
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly Il y a 9 jours
R.I.P. Brian Connolly. Still listening in 2020!
Klaus Massler
Klaus Massler Il y a 14 jours
Was für eine peinliche Playbackveranstaltung das damals war!
Watt Do You See ?
Watt Do You See ? Il y a 15 jours
he said he was taking his son for 40th bday... that dont look like a man doooo it ?....doyng.. ping...doyng... Bravo pity we cudnt see his chip stack
D33Lux Il y a 16 jours
Fubar brought me here.
Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds Il y a 18 jours
A utter classic
Bladethekill vansuddig
Bladethekill vansuddig Il y a 23 jours
Meine leben und mein ganzer stolz durch mein papa hab die original Schallplatte von denn alls Erbe und bin stolz drauf werd die nie weg geben das is alles was mir ma bleibt von mein papa
TR6Telos Il y a mois
val doolican was cun, current, no wonder my parents hated me.
HELLO! Thank you for making this song for me! I was born in 1973 in the USSR with the title The Empress of the Land of a thousand candles. I'm the TSARS BRIDE and the heiress of the TSAR NIKOLAY II, Empress Alexandra Fedorovna Romanova and their V chidlren! I'm also the heiress for the revolutionary names LENIN and STALIN, that are made from my biological grandmothers name AKULINA EMELIYANOVNA ZELENINA-SVECHINA in 1901-1912. I'm heiress for the House "33" on Chernishevskaya street in Serpuhov (1948-1966), that in 1967 inspired the restourant "33" in DISNEYLAND, in the USA. My grandmothers house "33" is famous as "The House of a kitchen children", from the law about the education "About the kitchen children education", that was signed by the TSAR ALEXANDER III in 1887. The kitchen chidlren are my mother NINA and my uncle VALERIY. Their mother, my grandmother TAMARA was a cook in Serpuhov in the USSR. I see fans of my book and film "LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI" in this video! SWEET! Thank you very much! The tiger on the costume of the lead singer - is inspired by my father's Petr Nikitovich Svechin's zodiac. He was born in 1938 in the USSR, the year of the tiger. My father is also inspired the name for the TYATYA VULCANO in my IV Kuril islands KHIS! I would love to say "Hello!" to the band and their fans! Here is my news:
Fred Virtuoso
Fred Virtuoso Il y a mois
the glam feminine look didn't help them much
1978TVP Il y a 2 mois
ain't they fucked up completely? swastika (steve's left arm) at 00:01:14 and then so (blurred all). and andy's third leg at 00:01:34, gosh. notin but adore.
Autisticated Fox
Autisticated Fox Il y a 2 mois
When you're looking for the closet Blockbuster left so you can turn in your 18 years overdue copy of Cats & Dogs for VHS.
TheWhocrazy Il y a 2 mois
Several questions here. What is the song about? How did they make that Erie siren sound at the start of the song?
nichola law
nichola law Il y a 2 mois
Merry Christmas everyone 🎄
Ein Google Nutzer
Ein Google Nutzer Il y a 2 mois
Sweet = Best Band for Ever
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony Il y a 2 mois
they ripped off Bowie's "Jean Genie"!
Foxy-On-the-Run Il y a 2 mois
@Joe Anthony I'm not denying that at ALL, did you read the article I linked in the other reply? But the sentence YOU wrote implies , actually, it just outright says Sweet "ripped off" Bowie..which isn't the case, the songs came out in such a short space of each other, the reality is it was probably just a coincidence..with both of them basically using the famous riff , having the songs come out within only a week or two of each other (on the same label even) And Sweet reaching number one and Bowie number 2. So yeah i am being defensive, unless you care to change the way you worded your initial comment. Sweet always had to, and still has to , fight for respect and commenting "they ripped off Bowie's Jean Genie" is a shitty thing to say when it is so false.
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony Il y a 2 mois
@Foxy-On-the-Run Are you trying to tell me that basic-blues-riff, used by many artists in many various ways, is not similar to "Jean Genie", which came out within a year of each other? I'm not saying I have a problem with it, it just IS. Don't get all defensive over nothing.
Foxy-On-the-Run Il y a 2 mois
Foxy-On-the-Run Il y a 2 mois
no , they didn't ..look up the story..don't make lazy assumptions.
Irummia 08
Irummia 08 Il y a 3 mois
Steve's expressions are unique. What a spectacular and charismatic guy!
Jane Guest
Jane Guest Il y a 3 mois
Fabulous 💖
David Bright
David Bright Il y a 3 mois
OK, anyone sing Bowie's Jean Genie along with this riff -- Sweet kept Bowie off the #1 spot in Jan 1973 with this. Those were the days when nobody sued anyone else for obvious theft!! Great times.....
Foxy-On-the-Run Il y a 2 mois
Carmen Rutsatz
Carmen Rutsatz Il y a 3 mois
Estou apaixonada por esta banda!!! Descobri só agora!!!!
John G
John G Il y a 3 mois
Which translates to. I'm in love with this band !!! I found out just now !!!!
Deidre Belle
Deidre Belle Il y a 3 mois
The most beautiful straight men in the world in one room. Bless them all❤️
Donovan's Den of Games
Maybe Steve Priest was told he can't dress and wear make up like a clown anymore after this performance
Barry Gazey
Barry Gazey Il y a 4 mois
Great band. Shame the technology made them mime instead of being live. Just take a look at Andy trying to play with acres of trimmings hung around his fretboard. Still. Money in the bank and true to the times.... Luvvem...
steve hewitt
steve hewitt Il y a 4 mois
So good. I was mad on these.
Svein Sigurd Gismarvik
In 1974 BBC didnt play the record " Turn it down", because of the lyrics " for God sake"...
Svein Sigurd Gismarvik
Turn that sirene up!!
Queen Cnut
Queen Cnut Il y a 4 mois
Steve cracks me totally up! I miss this kind of droll fun-poking in music. Glam was really a fun period!
Blues Boy
Blues Boy Il y a 4 mois
A small Jean Genie snuck off to the city Strung out on lasers and slash-back blazers Ate all your razors while pulling the waiters.......OH WAIT, WRONG SONG!!!
Denise Waghorn
Denise Waghorn Il y a 4 mois
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Il y a 4 mois
I love Steve's hair!!!
Hellrayzer Rayne
Hellrayzer Rayne Il y a 5 mois
This one is hilarious 😂
Al Kaput
Al Kaput Il y a 5 mois
Fuzzing out the Swastika on Steve's arm. How fucking petty. If it offends, put your thumb over it. Too many offended arseholes these days.
MrOmareffendy Il y a 5 mois
imagine what people would say about steve priest outfit..if that show was recorded today instead of 1973...
Esteban Rincon
Esteban Rincon Il y a mois
They'd say "that's a WWI helmet, not one from WWII" LOL
david Felix
david Felix Il y a 5 mois
same beat as jean genie by David Bowie.
David Bell
David Bell Il y a 5 mois
Love Sweet RIP Brian and Mick
Wendy E J
Wendy E J Il y a 5 mois
and how innovative....Brian wearing gloves long before MJ came up with the idea
Mooch 514
Mooch 514 Il y a 5 mois
I like sweet...but this is a bit weird
David Coram
David Coram Il y a 5 mois
Think I spotted Big Daddy in the crowd!
The Last Guitar Hero
The Last Guitar Hero Il y a 5 mois
Steve Priest's bit to camera is totally iconic
Tony Mate Generation 60's
My primary school reminiscences... Great to listen to still!👍🏻🤘🏻
taxpayer here
taxpayer here Il y a 5 mois
Anyone know whats getting blurred out in Steve's area? Inquiring minds want to know.
Josh Brooks
Josh Brooks Il y a 5 mois
taxpayer here he was wearing a German police uniform with a swastika armband
Geil, 👁️🙏😘❤️🤗
davidebor Il y a 6 mois
The swastica and the Stevie Priest's Hitler moustache as well as other images when he appears are censored.
nostril hair extensions considerable by now.
Roger Arve Vigulf
Roger Arve Vigulf Il y a 6 mois
I assume their hits year was 1973-75?
Badass Dan
Badass Dan Il y a 6 mois
Steve looking confusingly sexy
Harry Cooke
Harry Cooke Il y a 6 mois
Bloody classic
Jacques Hughes
Jacques Hughes Il y a 6 mois
Duh duh duh duh duh duh ............Jean Genie.
Your Name Here
Your Name Here Il y a 6 mois
Never seen so much gold lamé,glitter, make up and high heels out side the MACY'S Women's dept.... 😜
max maxel
max maxel Il y a 6 mois
Best Music
PV PROD Il y a 7 mois
Hey we've got a cool indie song for you : "Tomorrow's Earth". Long, weird, green, soft, and French ! Hope you can play or share it ! God bless, PV
Zoroaster Il y a 7 mois
Sounds as good at 1.2X speed ...
Kevin OBrien
Kevin OBrien Il y a 7 mois
Kevin OBrien
Kevin OBrien Il y a 7 mois
One of the greatest ROCK bands around in the 70s. Very underaged, great drummer!
Gerard Jerry
Gerard Jerry Il y a 7 mois
Great Echo effects !
garethbramley1 Il y a 8 mois
These were the days. A well-deserved No.1.
Jay Potter
Jay Potter Il y a 8 mois
I was born in 75, this song was in 1973
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews Il y a 8 mois
AWESOME there will never be a band even close ❤️
Vanmuysen Alex
Vanmuysen Alex Il y a 8 mois
Annalyn Dobson
Annalyn Dobson Il y a 8 mois
This must have been a great Christmas