'Superman dive' at finishing line gives university athlete dramatic win in 400m hurdles

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University track star Infinite Tucker clinched victory in the 400m hurdles by performing a 'Superman dive' over the finishing line during an athletics meeting in Arkansas.
Tucker, who attends Texas A&M, played down his dramatic victory over teammate Robert Grant saying: 'I saw my [mother] at the finish, and I jumped to give her a hug. And that's all it is.'
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13 mai 2019

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Commentaires 15 127
Agustin Calderon
Agustin Calderon Il y a 37 minutes
When you wife want to see who's texting you and you realize the cell phone is in the coffee table and you jump to take it first. 😭😅🤣
Hero Super
Hero Super Il y a 54 minutes
that's legal ?
Daler Ahyrof
Daler Ahyrof Il y a 2 heures
ставти лайк за красивий победа
gap nod
gap nod Il y a 2 heures
Flying without wings, I like it!
Barber Bass
Barber Bass Il y a 2 heures
Вот что надо делать чтоб добиться своего цели
Ирик Южный Урал
Россия снова Впереди!!! 2019 ))) всем добра и мира!!!🏃
こだ Il y a 3 heures
hen ko
hen ko Il y a 3 heures
"how bad do you want it?"
So Tell
So Tell Il y a 3 heures
Victor armando salgado sepulveda
Nothing to be impresive, black people broken rules, how ever.
Jimbert Codera
Jimbert Codera Il y a 6 heures
101% IQ 😚👇
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones Il y a 7 heures
Coach: Make sure you lay it all out there tonight. Runner:
廖本田 Il y a 7 heures
Laxman Vemula
Laxman Vemula Il y a 9 heures
His answer was not funny it is all about his hardwork and perseverance to his work
Shidesh Patil
Shidesh Patil Il y a 9 heures
He thought that there is sweeming pool ahed....
simran sandhu
simran sandhu Il y a 9 heures
nothing but the truth
nothing but the truth Il y a 9 heures
Gotta be one of the fastest grossing youtube videos ever. Over 20m views in less than a week..
Noobmaster69 Il y a 11 heures
this dude is running at 2084 😂😂😂
Ryan Pearsall
Ryan Pearsall Il y a 12 heures
I'm still confused about about what I just saw.. A tall athletic guy with a sprinters body similar to Usain Bolt's.. desperately superman diving across the finish line to edge out over a white guy looking like he should be competing in 10k races.. Maybe that's what was the reason why he dove ;) Kinda hilarious his teammate went down also, almost like he was was afraid he was going to out efforted and possibly he might get better style points for tucking and rolling instead of the face plant approach.. LoL..
Anthony Marchan
Anthony Marchan Il y a 12 heures
¿Alguien que hable español? Jshshshs :v
panggop jio
panggop jio Il y a 12 heures
Dear "The Guardian": where is the dramatic point in this news???
Asis Doank
Asis Doank Il y a 13 heures
Hhhhhhh... Amezing..
james elliott
james elliott Il y a 13 heures
Isn't that cheating?
Al Seenarine
Al Seenarine Il y a 14 heures
No way,he should have been disqualified, he didn't run to the finishing line
TheTradesmen Il y a 14 heures
When did John Breznk start doing SEC Track & Field interviews? 😂
The Twitch Watcher
The Twitch Watcher Il y a 14 heures
"how bad do you want it?"
zaxSrbija Il y a 15 heures
thats the diference beatvin who just run and who realy wants to win.
Harry Steele
Harry Steele Il y a 16 heures
🤩The WINNER... with road rash.🤨
The King of How To's
The King of How To's Il y a 16 heures
Typical MAMA' BOY!! Had to cheat by flying/jumping at the end, rather than to win like a MAN. MGTOW!!!
ShunTheWaker Il y a 17 heures
Gaza Strip
Gaza Strip Il y a 17 heures
Need to ban this diving in running it cheating
Reynaldo   Lechuga
Reynaldo Lechuga Il y a 18 heures
That’s cheating!!!
12345 Il y a 18 heures
Американцы вы все лохи. Кто нибудь меня понял?
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Il y a 20 heures
Superman 👍👌✌💪✋
mohamad jafari
mohamad jafari Il y a 21 heure
ای مارمولک.اول شدی
Lwando Tyalulwandle
Lwando Tyalulwandle Il y a 21 heure
That's cheating bro
Inactive Il y a 21 heure
When all said and done, the small white guy was fast lol
j jln
j jln Il y a 21 heure
New trick for the Olympics
Blacksheep 69
Blacksheep 69 Il y a 21 heure
That's when a Trinidadian wants it. Dive boy.
Psychic Bubblegum Man
Psychic Bubblegum Man Il y a 21 heure
Cheated sorry
mrlovalova Il y a 23 heures
Dear "The Guardian": where is the dramatic point in this news???
Feather Tail
Feather Tail Il y a 23 heures
When you are tryna escape from school
Praveen Rathour
Praveen Rathour Il y a jour
he is like modi PM of wants to win every huuk or by beter know
Praveen Rathour
Praveen Rathour Il y a 20 heures
teddy roth Teri maa ki chut ...ab sab semaz mai aa jaye gaa
Praveen Rathour
Praveen Rathour Il y a 20 heures
teddy roth 1 say 1 chutiyaa hao duniyaa mai
Praveen Rathour
Praveen Rathour Il y a 20 heures
teddy roth modi bhaket hai naa
teddy roth
teddy roth Il y a 20 heures
nobody know's what you are talking about
syou syou
syou syou Il y a jour
subrat mallick
subrat mallick Il y a jour
el Piolín RD Santos
E subido nuevos video a mi canal dale lose😂
Piter Wayong
Piter Wayong Il y a jour
1st man: i wont loss 2nd man: wtf man😲 3rd man: .....
rekda Brak
rekda Brak Il y a jour
Владимир Неизвестный
FB Kensar HD
FB Kensar HD Il y a jour
He was already ahead.. You cannot dive faster than you run.. without external assistance.
nedvlt Il y a jour
Awsome way to finish
キャベツ太郎 Il y a jour
SuperMario9988777 Il y a jour
Хитрожопый нигер)
Lee Chips
Lee Chips Il y a jour
I thought this was click bate at first. Glad to see this is the real thing
Jhonnier Dubel Londoño Cardona
His feet got stuck and he threw himself into the pool. 🏊‍♂️.
シャツアロハ Il y a jour
Gabriel Ribeiro
Gabriel Ribeiro Il y a jour
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews Il y a jour
Talk about going flat out!
Grant Clouse
Grant Clouse Il y a jour
So basically I had to cheat to win! No harm no foul right? Well played sir!
Papa Sals
Papa Sals Il y a jour
Psych Il y a jour
Guys welcome to today's video. Let's just jump into it ...
А второй то чо упал?)
Jay Sanders
Jay Sanders Il y a jour
disqualified!!! at least should of been!!!
ゆうき Il y a jour
GцэЯяэЯО ваяяiа
Vine a buscar un comentario en español y solo veo el mio :(
slewofdamascus Il y a jour
it's called effort. Something Americans appreciate.
Mr Andy
Mr Andy Il y a jour
wow amazing
munching cherry
munching cherry Il y a jour
He already one
grimreeper Il y a jour
When the coach says leave all on the line...he took it literally...knees; elbows and sweat and tears...
ponypower8 Il y a jour
That's legal??
Carolina Padilla
Carolina Padilla Il y a jour
Mangas de gringooos jaja
An Archy
An Archy Il y a jour
Why is white man faking a fall after he sees black man dive?
Евгений Марцинюк
Просто он очень сильно хотел победить. :) А вы попробуйте повторить за ним! ;)
jonny apollo
jonny apollo Il y a jour
Only a black guy would do this. White guys run to the tape
Adam Khadshiev
Adam Khadshiev Il y a jour
Should have Done a Dive roll
James Mathew
James Mathew Il y a jour
Ibn Johnson
Ibn Johnson Il y a jour
Raju Girase
Raju Girase Il y a jour
Rudi Ramadhani
Rudi Ramadhani Il y a jour
hahahah Superman black
Never Lucky m8
Never Lucky m8 Il y a jour
Uses legs to run, judges count hands. Me: So if we use our hands to place the football in the goal, we get a point.
Lethylian Flowde
Lethylian Flowde Il y a jour
Actually he was about to trip so he decided to just jump it out....
賴勝龍 Il y a jour
wow superman !
Matt Clegg
Matt Clegg Il y a jour
Weird hug
James Bogucheski
James Bogucheski Il y a 2 jours
It looks like he tripped at the last moment. It looks like he was going to win either way.
Ernesto Barroso
Ernesto Barroso Il y a 2 jours
RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)
He had him beat anyway. A bow would have been sufficient
Hawky loly
Hawky loly Il y a 2 jours
I can see that he almost trip and he decided to jump
vergil 123
vergil 123 Il y a 2 jours
He finished with love.
Romi Hermansyah
Romi Hermansyah Il y a 2 jours
Ampe segitu nya
My Place
My Place Il y a 2 jours
Chingiz Jambulatov
Chingiz Jambulatov Il y a 2 jours
Linh HT
Linh HT Il y a 2 jours
Chico Skimoni
Chico Skimoni Il y a 2 jours
Yankees are gonna take him now.
offMaster25 Il y a 2 jours
He won?
Aryan Rocking
Aryan Rocking Il y a 2 jours
Did he win?
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