STUNNING PILOTS!!! Aerologic Boeing 777F ULTIMATE COCKPIT MOVIE to LEJ [AirClips full flight series]
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First Officer Cris is seen perfectly piloting his huge Boeing 777F and in fact it was AirClips bringing him there! Don't believe it? It's true! Being a B737 pilot he watched the full cockpit movies on Captain Rikard and his Lufthansa Cargo B777F crew and Chris decided he wanted to fly that thing - now watch how cool he succeeded! was exclusively invited to have an eye on the pilots of German cargo specialist Aerologic, a joint venture subsidiary airline of Lufthansa Cargo and DHL.
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15 mars 2019




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Commentaires 100
andr27 Il y a 6 jours
thats how it is like being a German. Imagine what you can achieve living in shitholes, like eastern europe or russia or africa
hassocks1206 Il y a 7 jours
I really enjoyed this video. They make it look so easy when it is not. Congratulations.
David T
David T Il y a 8 jours
The black sensor between the pitot tubes is that an angle of attack sensor by chance ?
Margaret Manzer
Margaret Manzer Il y a 12 jours
Excellent video and crew. I cannot get over how busy it is on the flight deck. Ex is Capt on 380, I loved asking him questions. Happy Birthday!!! Very professional... great video! Safe travels.✈️
N4ch0 6
N4ch0 6 Il y a 14 jours
what is the song name?
Jeremy Burtis
Jeremy Burtis Il y a 14 jours
777 is incredible to fly!
Michael John Dennis
Michael John Dennis Il y a 20 jours
I wonder how Covid 19 has impacted the aviation industry, will only the bigger airlines survive now? Before all of this happened, Ireland’s national carrier Aer Lingus “Shamrock” (which I believe is owned by a Spanish/German company) had ordered some Airbus A350’s to replace its ageing A330 fleet for long range flights and they still have Aer Lingus Commuter (Stobart Air/Aer Arann) that was running turboprop aircraft to replace their Airbus A320’s & A321’s on Ireland, U.K. and European routes
David Sturgess
David Sturgess Il y a 21 jour
Thank you very much guys 🤝🙏🏼
silvia livick
silvia livick Il y a 24 jours
So question ❓ how do they get they do another run or what.
Captain Zeppos
Captain Zeppos Il y a 29 jours
Fantastic video. Also carrying cargo is 1000 times better than carrying passengers. Cargo will never complain.
King Kong04
King Kong04 Il y a mois
I was really impressed by the captain's words: if the times are bad to become a pilot and to be hired, then times will change at some point. You just have to stick to it. Especially during the pandemic, these are very motivating words. I'm 16 and I'm doing next year my Abitur. My dream is to become a pilot, and I hope that the way leading there will soon be possible again. I will definitely try my best to get there.
Nobon Malbo
Nobon Malbo Il y a mois
Saju Mohan
Saju Mohan Il y a mois
Beautiful briefing, experience, all about B777 freighter.. wonderful captain and first officer 👌👌
nepo001 Il y a mois
that was a perfect teamwork, I like it
blue000 Il y a mois
Great stories from both pilots, really relate too the first officers story. Thanks guys.
Jim Holder
Jim Holder Il y a mois
Great pilots, great flight! Many thanks!
Miso Kimiti
Miso Kimiti Il y a mois
Can we please get the First Officers Instagram?
Darren Toms
Darren Toms Il y a mois
That was 1:58:05 of sheer enjoyment, quite a lot of education and some enjoyable laughs. Thank you sirs! 🙂
George Mad
George Mad Il y a mois
Proud for both i feel like first officer but due to lack of money for atpl i had to join maritime academy (4yrs) to study something i dont like + ill have to work for years to be able to afford atpl and then i ll be pretty much in a place that the whole possible career would be lost so not a single chance of piloting 777 but im glad he made it at least and for the captain that flew for the airforce
Nelly Nilawati
Nelly Nilawati Il y a mois
❄️😷 From Indonesia Nitizen hadir 🤓 ❤️🤍 🛩💺 Safe flight 🛫 👨🏼‍✈️🧑‍✈️ gaesssssssssss ⛄️ Greting from Holland ✈️ ❤️🤍💙 🇳🇱 ☃️
Pritam Maity
Pritam Maity Il y a mois
where the flight from Bengaluru
Alexander Davidson
Alexander Davidson Il y a mois
An FO that wears a Brietling and a Capt that wears a Garmin...
Ichinin Il y a mois
Honestly, I'd love to fly rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong.
2anothercountry Il y a 2 mois
Cute first officer!
J Patrick Gamble aka The Realm Walker
These past few days I have been enjoying the films on channel, and I want to give my much gracious thanks in posting these. I have always wanted to become a pilot or work on the flight crew, and these videos I have enjoyed watching. Again thank you for having this here. Il y a 28 jours
Apologies for my late reply and thank you so much for your nice comment!!!
Jacob Philip
Jacob Philip Il y a 2 mois
Defund The Left
Defund The Left Il y a 2 mois
The FO is a motivation for me.
Indranil Chakrabarty
Indranil Chakrabarty Il y a 2 mois
Excellent. Love that crew area. Cosy and nice.
André Finken
André Finken Il y a 2 mois
Both havey sympathic Types. I enjoyed the ride much
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov Il y a 2 mois
This was great, but they could have the NAV and NG displays so we can actually see the different Mode changes, speeds and etc. Great footage nevertheless! :))
Suri Menon
Suri Menon Il y a 2 mois
Brilliant.... ONLY LOVE and Passion for your profession... One can ACHIEVE THIS Status and Position... Always a SAFE LANDING... Captains... 🙏
Lance Say
Lance Say Il y a 2 mois
i was going to skip this vid and said, f-it, let see this clip; love cameras set-up. this vid turned out to be one of the best on the net bc i love how the pilots went into how they became pilots. always love when a plane flys into those beautiful clouds. could you possibly put one of your camera facing the clouds without the small screens below it. thank you for this vid.
Roger Morris
Roger Morris Il y a 2 mois
777 pilots ALWAYS mention the size of their engines! 😂
Jansons Feng
Jansons Feng Il y a 2 mois
Really like the talk about their personal histories. Very impressive and encouraging. I remember there's a sentence in the trailer of "Living in the age of airplanes", it's "Sometimes, it's hard to say what's right in front of us". What to do is know what we like and try hard.
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed Il y a 2 mois
Awesome video. Looks like life of a long haul Cargo Pilot is easy compared to Passenger Pilot with the same pleasure of enjoying flying. Professional and entertaining crew. Good job with this video.
Eli Yudkevich
Eli Yudkevich Il y a 2 mois
Marxx Mann87
Marxx Mann87 Il y a 2 mois
It looks like they made the triple 7 less complicated to fly than the 747
manifest humble
manifest humble Il y a 3 mois
Thank you so much to both of you for this super in-depth details of everything you have mentioned on this Video. Much appreciated
MO 03:57 AM, 23.11.2020., 48. YL-V2K, Latvia, Cēsis.
mehmet kaygısız
mehmet kaygısız Il y a 3 mois
Wow! james hetfield is using Boeing-777. Incredible.
monteellis13 Il y a 3 mois
No fight on RT in Bangalore for taxi. Lucky day
Michael Ciccone
Michael Ciccone Il y a 4 mois
My father used to. Work at JFK New York city
Michael Ciccone
Michael Ciccone Il y a 4 mois
I would love to move the pedals 2 pedels. On take offs+ landings...must be awesome!
Pravin Baliga
Pravin Baliga Il y a 4 mois
Bravo... one of the best flight videos I have seen so far. Really enjoyed the conversations, the detailed explanations, tour of the aircraft. etc, it was almost like being there with you guys. So nice to hear your stories and words of encouragement for others who would like to follow in your footsteps. Wishing you an awesome flight career, safe travels and all the very best!!! Thanks.
Deleta Otovic
Deleta Otovic Il y a 4 mois
Very nice cocpit
Christos Panopoulos
Christos Panopoulos Il y a 4 mois
Nice pilots
Brad sparks
Brad sparks Il y a 4 mois
1:19:00 Just listen no matter where you are if you have a drive for this carrer just listen!
ctx Il y a 4 mois
FO better than Shia Lebouf: 'just do it!' :D no honestly how he was able to presevere is insane and he deserves all good things life throws at him. I will not be able to do that and it will haunt me in the end :D
Jordan XD06
Jordan XD06 Il y a 4 mois
Capitain Rikard, Crew & Chris, it so amazing, and how professionals you guys are, look so relaxed. And God bless you all and your families. And I love German people. And by the way I been in Munich for holiday, I have really enjoyed the beautiful City. From London and Portugal 🇵🇹🙏🏽🙏🏽👍👍💖💖💖💖
Jean Walker
Jean Walker Il y a 5 mois
Love these guys, I could listen to them all day long very interesting guys. Thank you. ❤️🇬🇧
Case Il y a 5 mois
Two very cool pilots. Very professional, but also obviously not taking themselves too seriously and, most importantly, enjoying their work. So great to see.
Ma S
Ma S Il y a 5 mois
How cool, these German pilots 😂😎😊
Martin-Éric Racine
Martin-Éric Racine Il y a 5 mois
I really like Iceman's story. High School drop-out who trained as a technician and earned his PPL on the side. Kudos!
saurabh sharma
saurabh sharma Il y a 5 mois
Other side of the radio is definitely a INDIAN👍
Lopa mudrachitha
Lopa mudrachitha Il y a 5 mois
Awesome well explain
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas Il y a 5 mois
Very well filmed
Steve Williams
Steve Williams Il y a 5 mois
Super guys. Both extremely well versed in their occupations and very, very personable. Wish they had some sort of an "extra" job for me to do in the plane. I know I would love speaking with them and learning from them, in addition to enjoying their great personalities. I missed their names, so have to remember to go back to the beginning and "acquaint" myself with them. lol
Julio James
Julio James Il y a 6 mois
Great flight crew. Smooth, Automatic, excellent confidence in each other. Cohesion on top. Thanks
Danny Gains
Danny Gains Il y a 6 mois
Great video. 👍💥🔥👊✌️🇬🇧”
Rampras Vm
Rampras Vm Il y a 6 mois
I'm 36 years old. Can I start afresh my career in any of the aviation industry?
Paul Il y a 6 mois
Who knows: You might have flown a load of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong HAHAHAHAHA. Great video.
Lpkendo Lol
Lpkendo Lol Il y a 6 mois
Gracias excelente vuelo y vídeo lo saluda charley desde colonbia
nozrfuka Il y a 6 mois
Finaly a Breitling on a person who deserves to wear one
The Great Hadoken
The Great Hadoken Il y a 6 mois
It looked to me like the guy at 17:32 wanted a hug, and you didn't give him one you monster.
Among Ann's
Among Ann's Il y a 6 mois
Really enjoyable video!! Great video, i find it very interesting!
jekanyika Il y a 6 mois
Watching this while I wait for MFS
soora sumanth
soora sumanth Il y a 6 mois
The ultimate video for a day in a pilots life..never seen such video with this much amount of briefing 💯💯
air Il y a 6 mois
i will be sitting in that seat one day.
A R Il y a 6 mois
Awesome Really enjoyed this video
Aa A
Aa A Il y a 7 mois
For some reason when I started watching this video captions were turned on, the moment the Captain said his name at 0:20 the captions were "My name is REVOLUTION BURGER" I must admit that is the most epic name I've ever heard.
Donkey Balls
Donkey Balls Il y a 7 mois
What do you prefer Boring 737 or Airbus A320
Bibaswan Chakma
Bibaswan Chakma Il y a 7 mois
this is somewhere in india. i can hear the atc saying "namashkar" (equivalent to hello)
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Il y a 7 mois
Can you tell me what are the requirements for the cargo attendant or cameraman job. I will definitely look forward to any opportunity on any aircraft, in any airline, on any route in the world. and off course any schedule. And as far as that Top Gun joke is concerned I remember it like yesterday. That was really funny.
Crazy Life
Crazy Life Il y a 7 mois
I love it.. I like pilot... ✈ what is the criteria to became a pilot. Can anybody tell me.
Zeeshan Ijaz
Zeeshan Ijaz Il y a 9 mois
Brilliant video. Great inspiration for would be pilots
KK KK Il y a 9 mois
Good job both of you are great dear sir 👍👍👍👍 I also wanna become Pilot as a hobby Thank you
Alejandro Silverio
Alejandro Silverio Il y a 9 mois
Andy Togo
Andy Togo Il y a 9 mois
Awesome. Thank you for sharing great video.
Harry Jakobsen
Harry Jakobsen Il y a 9 mois
Chris? Safety Card dreams. Cheera from Honduras!!
Euro Guy 85
Euro Guy 85 Il y a 9 mois
Bangalore to Liepzieg, how many adidas & nike jerseys and other gear do you think were in cargo area?
Ben McCrea
Ben McCrea Il y a 9 mois
Awesome video by the way. Loved it!
Jacqueline Marie
Jacqueline Marie Il y a 9 mois
Great time on this flight with you both... hearing your stories.... When I was a little girl my dad was in the RCAF....electronics and radar tech...groundcrew his older uncle also... went around the world in a Hercules when i was a baby...and when I was little at the airshow on the base he told me the big plane was asleep in the i would go with him to see....then when i was about 13...he changed up and after 14 yrs in the military took his half pension and entered university...and retired after his studies... anthropology.... Anyway, It would be an improvement if those who lead nations or aspire to be head of state... experienced the discipline, responsibilities and team work of the pilot! You guys are pretty cool...the travel, the calculations...the gears...and the amazing machines you pilot through the goddamn air! Side note: Teachers teach...but pilots FLY!
Chad Whisnant
Chad Whisnant Il y a 10 mois
A lot less of the cargo flown on these aircraft will be flown out of China in the future. A lot more will be flown into that country, however. Great vid. I am only half-way through and enjoying it quite a lot.
Airforce 5
Airforce 5 Il y a 10 mois
Please do this on fedex ATR72
Sule Durham
Sule Durham Il y a 10 mois
Very nice video. I really liked the exchange in the cockpit and the description of the control in the that takes place with the Pilot and Copilot...
Take a stride or Step aside
A 737 fuselage is 2 feet 3 inches larger than a 777 engine nacelle
Rakesh Gurung
Rakesh Gurung Il y a 10 mois
captain was generous enough to explain so much !
Chirana Gheorghita Eugeniu Theodor
You do not announce V1 and not hand on accel of pilot taking off after V1?
Eyad R
Eyad R Il y a 10 mois
the best flying house lol
Alvaro Gaitan
Alvaro Gaitan Il y a 10 mois
good job good dreams Mr co-pilot you number one you numero uno and good pilot tips nice team
kiteflyer Il y a 10 mois
Thank you for sharing your journey and bringing the joys of flying. 2 really handsome guys enjoying their Job, flying, doing what they enjoy.
Ted Church
Ted Church Il y a 10 mois
What a wonderful couple of guys these two are. Great humour and I watched every minute of this with total fascination. Thank you to you both for an amazing experience!! Cheers Ted
Sensation4Aviation Il y a 10 mois
You have no idea how much I relate to that copilot I’m 18 and I’m quite literally in the same shoes he was seeing that gave me so much hope thank you so much for this video.
Jackson H
Jackson H Il y a 10 mois
I was inspired by the co pilot Chris
Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor Il y a 10 mois
when you love what you do it becomes easy to be the best you can be, I have the same navitimer with the croc band, nice watch.
Brooklynn Norris
Brooklynn Norris Il y a 10 mois
This is incredible! So amazing. Really makes me want to fly. Everytime I've gone I loved it so much!! Thank you for this great video!!!
William Domb
William Domb Il y a 10 mois
Was copilot HAND-flying the approach? Seemed like an awful lot of aileron activity. Or was he just hanging on as the autopilot did all that?
Subin Varghese
Subin Varghese Il y a 10 mois
Superb clip. It is just too engrossing. One of the cleanest and professional flight clips seen so far. Thanks for this beautiful experience.
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