STOP wasting your life (2019)

Prince Ea
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Before You Waste Your Life Watch This. Time is limited and its Time to Go After the Life You Always Wanted.
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Directed, edited, produced, cast and colored by
Dr. BluePinch Muck (@spencersharp7)
Music By Hannah Parrott (@h_parrottmusic)
Visual Aging Graphics by
Hodja Berlev (Maketrix)
Neema Sadeghi
Make up:
Mana Afshar
Shaina Paulson
John McCarthy
Danielle King
Brian Benson
Robert Evans
Alexander Bruckner
Javier Rivas
Gabbie Concha
Tom Plumey
Chris Q Yong
Knutt Lingmann
Sélynne Silver
Gaffer: Sebastien Nuta
Key Grip: Adrian Nieto
Best Boy Electric: Nasser Akkari
Best Boy Grip: Michael Proa
Swing: Chris Van Lieshout
1st AC: Connor Lambert
2nd AC: Kourosh Farhangi
Steadicam Operator: Chris Loh
Set Design: Jessica Garrison




10 juin 2019

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Commentaires 17 015
Prince Ea
Prince Ea Il y a 15 jours
THANKS for Tuning in guys! Let me know in the comments...How did this video make you feel?!
Ethan Gaming Soda
Ethan Gaming Soda Il y a 9 jours
Nizamettin CINDIK
Nizamettin CINDIK Il y a 9 jours
@Alberto Diego Chisilevich why do you think so?
Alberto Diego Chisilevich
I like your videos but this one was just....useless.
Nizamettin CINDIK
Nizamettin CINDIK Il y a 9 jours
Will you let me voice you over in my language, Turkish, so that they can understand your message clearer. (Our people do not like reading subs)
hamza TYSEN
hamza TYSEN Il y a 9 jours
August Vagn
August Vagn Il y a minute
I love u Allah
I love u Allah Il y a 3 minutes
2:02 that’s deeeeeeeep
Ivana Sorrells
Ivana Sorrells Il y a 4 minutes
This was put together so well! The setting and the editing made it entertaining and made me want to watch it and listen to it
Maleeha Haroon
Maleeha Haroon Il y a 5 minutes
who else got this randomly from recommended??..
Nina Herged
Nina Herged Il y a 7 minutes
Just wow
wasd Il y a 7 minutes
that made me glad was that it wasn't any commercial
Kira Greens
Kira Greens Il y a 8 minutes
This ain't no Fortnite
MikeGamingHD Il y a 8 minutes
Just Aria
Just Aria Il y a 9 minutes
Hmm... Ok sir
kan Il y a 10 minutes
When i heard that 8 billionaire are together richer than 3.6 billion people,then i knew that the whole system is wrong
Yuci Il y a 11 minutes
Okay, now, I like this man and his videos.
Rydz The One
Rydz The One Il y a 12 minutes
All the talk is good but I have to work to earn money to survive, I wish I could win the lottery and then be happy but this is life, life is unfair, you can't always get what you want, the job you dreamed of. Just be happy for what you've got, friends family and be grateful because there is always people in worst conditions than you. Yeah I'm in the part of the video that says meet a girl, start a family and then be happy but you have to be happy with yourself and your life first...
Lama Kheir
Lama Kheir Il y a 17 minutes
you’re amazing..
/RoastMe 6̶9̶
/RoastMe 6̶9̶ Il y a 18 minutes
Brothers and sisters I think we came here because of the FRvid algorithm
zephir Alarcon
zephir Alarcon Il y a 19 minutes
Guess i'll die very soon then...
Mr. Paulino
Mr. Paulino Il y a 22 minutes
This is true. I hate when people brag about how many years they did in college or how many hours they work or how long they've been working. It's like okay? You're still a slave. You're only in the position to brag if you don't have a boss, and even then you're only a temporary being on this earth and will end up in the same place as everyone else. Even the laziest and the poorest people you look down on. Humble yourself and focus on being happy now for yourself and not for society's expectations.
ちも Il y a 26 minutes
i don't what i want to do after finished college...
Dmtr Il y a 26 minutes
Gled to see there is someone that even with million follower is still able to spread this kind of messages. Long live prince
Donkey loves Shrek
Donkey loves Shrek Il y a 30 minutes
You need to be a new president of the world that has to be a thing
Garret Roland
Garret Roland Il y a 32 minutes
but yeah 7 is lucky cuz i am 7th not the christ still you lie he get's slap you steal he get's stabed i go too jail you smoke the word who r u nothing not even forth this video 7 true honesty happy.
G Roland
G Roland Il y a 34 minutes
let's just say yeah's what if i was the man 666 would you even care no you will work and hurt me cuz of the knigger sex cause course abuse.
G Roland
G Roland Il y a 35 minutes
facebook twitter Instagram fallowing myspace subscribing youtube twitch the bible joeb.
Garret Roland
Garret Roland Il y a 35 minutes
facebook twitter Instagram fallowing myspace subscribing youtube twitch the bible joeb.
garret roland
garret roland Il y a 35 minutes
facebook twitter Instagram fallowing myspace subscribing youtube twitch the bible joeb.
Matteo Di Pietro
Matteo Di Pietro Il y a 36 minutes
I wish the best thing for you man
garret roland
garret roland Il y a 37 minutes
for this is where i understand for is worth for any chance of pride & joy.
Matteo Di Pietro
Matteo Di Pietro Il y a 37 minutes
You are a gold man
XxTheManxX Il y a 41 minute
I... Am... Shock
Hyouhaku B
Hyouhaku B Il y a 42 minutes
Watching this would be a waste too, wouldn't?
christian niwak
christian niwak Il y a 42 minutes
The new OBAMA
Dor Cohen
Dor Cohen Il y a 42 minutes
Fuck it dude
Hotaru R.
Hotaru R. Il y a 43 minutes
Excelente video
M.S.A Il y a 46 minutes
Ik this comment won't get to the top but if u see this spread this video to everyone!
Tab_tris tab_tris
Tab_tris tab_tris Il y a 53 minutes
Basil Il y a 55 minutes
6:53 Lmao the sound came literally while i'm playing GTA and i thought i actually died in the game
Kylea Brown
Kylea Brown Il y a heure
Pls run for president we need a better one
Strictly Communications
Prince Ea: Be Happy Depression: " I'm back bitch"
Gamer.Views x
Gamer.Views x Il y a heure
God bless be happy God brought you here❤️
Mg 9099
Mg 9099 Il y a heure
Why am i every day afraid of dieing young cause of a heart attack or sth like that
JACOB J Il y a heure
OMG! Soo good video 👍
JOACHIM Il y a heure
I don't know how to be happy. I don't have good memories, not even one. I don't know if dying will be better
Cookiés Il y a heure
Too bad that the generations that are going to come wont experience a nice world
Kavi Patel
Kavi Patel Il y a heure
Sad.... but it’s the truth
99Things Il y a heure
Crap video
Max Lox
Max Lox Il y a heure
Here since some of the earliest videos and always enjoy your content
Rowan Graphic
Rowan Graphic Il y a heure
But if u don't work u don't get money to be happy... sooo the happiness how much costs???!?!? The anwer is ur life... This is the society, to be happy u must have money and be sad 😞
Spryzen Warrior
Spryzen Warrior Il y a heure
RIP etika
Strzała Il y a heure
Szczęscie to też iluzja i środek do manipulacji człowiekiem celem życia nie jest szczescie szczescie to tylko używaka jaką faszeruje nas natura żeby nami manipulować
DARK FOREST Il y a heure
If you are happy, you are alive! 👏👏👏
levi Hamaili
levi Hamaili Il y a heure
No one can bring you true happiness except Allah this life is nothing but a testing place....
levi Hamaili
levi Hamaili Il y a heure
No one can bring you true happiness except Allah this life is nothing but a testing place
Sebastián Mingrone
Sebastián Mingrone Il y a heure
Como haces para trabajar en un lugar donde seas feliz en argentina. Si aca tenes q agradecer q tenes trabajo y no sos un desempleado. Y para colmo esta lleno de velezolanos q pobres le pagan una miseria y se aprovechan de su situacion
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Il y a heure
Were fucking enslaved by money
Sanahii Hatake
Sanahii Hatake Il y a heure
You should be president.. but not just of America.. Why can't you just be the president of the whole world lmao
lina berzina
lina berzina Il y a heure
Maybe thats why i have bad grades be cause im not happy 😔
Vinod Vishwakarma
Vinod Vishwakarma Il y a heure
I realy appreciate after watching this video
hassna day hassna
hassna day hassna Il y a heure
Wow your so perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Senni Il y a heure
While I have doining everything I ever wanted to do in my life, then I’ll be happy...
instagram egon_07
instagram egon_07 Il y a heure
evry singel video by Prince Ea feels like a poem
1 J
1 J Il y a heure
Life is not fortnite...(laughing hard 😂)
Santasthought TV
Santasthought TV Il y a heure
Why are you still telling us to subscribe after 4 millions subscribers? You think I will be happy not having subscribers or not having money to buy camera so I can start my own content ? No I won’t be happy @princeEa
Colton Il y a heure
i thought its a rap lol
MJX ART Il y a heure
I literally got goosebumps 🔥 inspirational video🤙🏻
xd lol
xd lol Il y a heure
its so cool pleas make more you are the best
Challuy Il y a heure
He must be 120
Izumi TaeHyung
Izumi TaeHyung Il y a heure
NEMAZAFIJu Il y a heure
Motivation video we have to watch it every day ..... Bro you motivated me to the ,,good life’’
Jeth Villarama
Jeth Villarama Il y a 2 heures
Prince AE: Be happy 14 years old girls: *watches Billie Eilish*
Payton Il y a 2 heures
Prince EA brings the heat again🔥🔥
Kuba M-S
Kuba M-S Il y a 2 heures
That was great ! Prince Ea for president !
Sacky Tumble
Sacky Tumble Il y a 2 heures
You never know how much time you have until it’s nearly up
Datz Nasty
Datz Nasty Il y a 2 heures
1:15 CJ
Rowan Mistry
Rowan Mistry Il y a 2 heures
Coincidence? *I think not*
Twarsss Il y a 2 heures
This this video change my life 😍
grfff3 Il y a 2 heures
There's the problem of not knowing what you want too
Eliot BL4ZE STRIKER Il y a 2 heures
Dude wow
Mario Aguirre
Mario Aguirre Il y a 2 heures
Hello, I suffered a myocardial infarction in March of this year, the result of intense work stress I had, my life was a torture and I had no aspirations. This terrible pain happened to me and it caused my life to have a 360 degree turn, I turned to see my family and I knew from there that they are my support, now I want to be happy, I want to enjoy your company because I could not have been here, God wants me here and it will be to see beautiful things and he will let me fulfill what I wanted to be since I was a child .... happy!
Fusion Il y a 2 heures
This content is the content I want too see on FRvid!
The RedGamerGuy
The RedGamerGuy Il y a 2 heures
All in favor of Prince EA president 2020 like this comment
stevek Il y a 2 heures
Scheiß Artikel 13
Scheiß Artikel 13 Il y a 2 heures
This changed my life
May Son
May Son Il y a 2 heures
“Stop trusting motivational speakers” *gives a motivational speech* Idk what to do now....
Ken il guerriero
Ken il guerriero Il y a 2 heures
Prince Ea, are *you* happy?
Leax Community
Leax Community Il y a 2 heures
This was.... Just beautiful..
Kapsel Il y a 2 heures
That's crazy
Aka Smith
Aka Smith Il y a 2 heures
German Ranesh
German Ranesh Il y a 2 heures
UNITRICKZ Il y a 2 heures
Nyc bro.. true.. love from ind
Alice Il y a 2 heures
Titel: don’t waste your life Me: No I don’t think I will
Jorge Alejandro Luna
Jorge Alejandro Luna Il y a 2 heures
Thanks Prince, some time we need to hear about things that we know as well
Owlakazam Il y a 2 heures
I stopped watching once i heard fortnite. 3:33 btw, don't fall in the same pit I did
Mylan_fRc Il y a 3 heures
Wow. Just wow.
MR. Marsu
MR. Marsu Il y a 3 heures
Wow😳 im super motivated to go move outside...
Tenjrou Il y a 3 heures
I'm going to share this to Facebook
Abhijeet Kaku
Abhijeet Kaku Il y a 3 heures
Honestly, i m like jae...
Tozan HD
Tozan HD Il y a 3 heures
Gilbert Patterson
Gilbert Patterson Il y a 3 heures
Great video you are a well of spiritual, Inspirational goodness. And I appreciate your wealth of knowledge and How you you spread it. Look out for me I will be expressing my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and knowledge soon. You are a blessing to so many. Keep it up. GWBD.
Edna Mode
Edna Mode Il y a 3 heures
My dad has a job that he doesn't like, but he's getting a new job, and our whole family is happy for him 😁