Stephen King on "The Outsider" and where he gets his story ideas

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Stephen King, the so-called "king of horror," has published more than 50 best-selling titles over the past 44 years. His latest, "The Outsider," explores the idea of being in two places at the same time. King joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss what sparked the idea for his new novel and the themes he explores in it.
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22 mai 2018




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Commentaires 288
Jayne Arys
Jayne Arys Il y a 3 jours
If you "really" grow in God's ways, you will have the opposite ideas. This is a fact. Jesus never promoted anything close to this stuff. Just answering her question. Shooting the messenger never changes the facts.
Danari Prieto
Danari Prieto Il y a 8 jours
Am I the only one who see a lot of tension and indirect comments towards each other?
Frank playlist
Frank playlist Il y a 16 jours
Frank playlist
Frank playlist Il y a 16 jours
Mistah Unknown
Mistah Unknown Il y a 19 jours
The last minute of this interview just gave me an idea. Thank you, King.
Cr00ked T33th
Cr00ked T33th Il y a 24 jours
It goes to show that when a book is adapted into a show almost 2 years after it was published then you the book was THAT good.
NadedasPeany Il y a 29 jours
The outsider was the first english book i bought ... I‘m german but I‘ll try to read it in the original language ... fingers crossed 😅
Abdulla Alyaqoob
Abdulla Alyaqoob Il y a mois
TrangPak2 Il y a mois
He called the one lady next to Gayle a fox in his new book. That's so cute lol
Paul Lorenzini
Paul Lorenzini Il y a 2 mois
How do you feel about pubic schools, dear Steve? no reply, as I expected.
Moi Même
Moi Même Il y a 2 mois
I just finished the book. Good story, poor Spanish. Just to get it straight: it is "el hombre del saco" not "el hombre con saco". And it is "el Coco" not "el "Cuco". I mean, it is good to get inspiration in foreign cultures, and it should not be that difficult to get the spelling right...
Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill Il y a 2 mois
How is it that Stephen King still has an amazing head of hair at 71 years old?
KingCakeFace Il y a 2 mois
This book was so good. It was hard to put down. I really enjoyed it.
Pegi Robinson
Pegi Robinson Il y a 3 mois
Watch Pegi Robinson's NDE's Part 1 &2. Then make a movie from my memoir The Will of a Wildflower. :)
Bandito Il y a 3 mois
book is awesome,maybe end is little rushed ,maybe if there was couple more pages,its would be 5/5 stars ,like this is 4,5/5 !
Patrick McCutcheon
Patrick McCutcheon Il y a 4 mois
I've only read a little of this book so far, but does it remind anybody else of his book The Dark Half?
Michael Allen
Michael Allen Il y a 4 mois
Charlie Rose, anyone? Everyone has these type of thoughts, King simply pursues the idea to answer (or not) questions about human nature in literary form. .
Manahil rose
Manahil rose Il y a 4 mois
Rl stine and stephen king should write a book together
gth1234890 Il y a 4 mois
Gail is annoying
Ham Hill
Ham Hill Il y a 4 mois
Is it me or does Stephen King looks like Bob Lazar?
Peaceful Dusk
Peaceful Dusk Il y a 4 mois
I could see that...
Spiro Nikita Ielivitch
Langoliers is the best..
wolfgirl Il y a 5 mois
I don’t know how, but I want Stephen king and Neil Gaiman work together!
Aranza suarez
Aranza suarez Il y a 5 mois
Roy Batty
Roy Batty Il y a 6 mois
What a stupid open question. Let's all go home. But I read The Outsider and sad but I couldn't finish it. The TommyKnockers was his best for me.
Alejandra Scorcia
Alejandra Scorcia Il y a 6 mois
John Lee
John Lee Il y a 6 mois
Why do CBS always ask him the same questions? Every interview
Mistah Unknown
Mistah Unknown Il y a 19 jours
@John Lee What was your childhood like?
Anthony Rodriguex
Anthony Rodriguex Il y a 6 mois
There’s too many victims of society who will never be retributed in order for Professor King to ever have to stop clacking at the black typewriter after all the very non identification of the specific perpetrators in sufferers of the felonies is all the more reason to come up with psychological excuses for the supernatural in that non clear part of the mind when trauma started and the bad dreams don’t really stop .
Leon Khunane Madihlaba
Zodiac killer wasn't found perhaps they should start looking at his direction. It's just a suggestion.
Brian Umsteadt
Brian Umsteadt Il y a 6 mois
Oddly enough, one of his books that really frightened me was Gerald's Game. I didn't find It scary so much as I did disturbing. A lot of his other books I find more sad than anything, especially the early ones: Carrie, The Shining, Firestarter, Cujo, Bag of Bones, and Pet Semetary. Those books were tragic - especially Cujo.
Eric Borders
Eric Borders Il y a 7 mois
The best that ever did it
Jens K
Jens K Il y a 7 mois
So kinda like the Russian collusion story according to the leftist media?
a lunar moon and stars
3:37 not only is he the KING of horror he's the king of fitness too
a lunar moon and stars
This woman needs to read, she's calling him the so called king of horror
Nailgut101 Il y a 7 mois
If I were to pick a favorite book from him, id pick Cujo
Gino Benavides
Gino Benavides Il y a 8 mois
What he never mentioned though is that the Sam Pebbles character was based on himself.
Anthony Prince
Anthony Prince Il y a 8 mois
Who from Winder Georgia. This filming taken place
PewDiePie 2 /Shorts
PewDiePie 2 /Shorts Il y a 8 mois
Joseph Greenhorn
Joseph Greenhorn Il y a 8 mois
i really liked Sleeping Beauties
Dudensky Il y a 8 mois
It's all about identity theft. Case closed. Not that good of a crime story, mr. King. I expected more.
Wiz Ahmad
Wiz Ahmad Il y a 8 mois
It is liking and living in the literature world. He enjoys his writing career a lot.
Alan Scouser
Alan Scouser Il y a 8 mois
As a published horror writer myself, I salute this man. He is an absolute genius at what he does.
Brian Shawkey
Brian Shawkey Il y a 9 mois
He's always so interesting to listen to. Seems like such a friendly man!
Songo Songiewicz
Songo Songiewicz Il y a 9 mois
white dress lady, so hot body
Wes McGee
Wes McGee Il y a 9 mois
I pretty much stopped reading him years ago after the Dark Tower. I've sporadically read one or two but ceased to be impressed, irrespective of his extreme leftist beliefs.
Blain Rinehart
Blain Rinehart Il y a 9 mois
You can read an excerpt of The Outsider for free:
B Sa
B Sa Il y a 9 mois
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this MAN!!!!!!!! My favorite author!!!
Abdulrahman Algilani
Abdulrahman Algilani Il y a 9 mois
I like how he's civil when deflecting silly, tasteless comments about his childhood. Does he need to be a victim as a child to be creative with horror?
Hplekk18 Il y a 9 mois
Why does gayle look half her age
Garrison2112 Il y a 9 mois
I have that book and it's is gruesome
Vishnu Il y a 10 mois
You can see King go 😑😑😑😑 at the childhood question
Connz starkey
Connz starkey Il y a 10 mois
Stephen King is the best author ever
Victor Segura
Victor Segura Il y a 11 mois
Did she say so called yes he is THE GREATEST
Christopher Michael Fuller
I love those steven King books. Each novel is like a pecuniary lawsuit and a half. reader gets to set his own action. ----Mr. Joubert-Canty-Mcclain
Mister Justice
Mister Justice Il y a 11 mois
I just stole this book from Barns and Noble earlier. Looking forward to reading it.
JACKZN Il y a 3 mois
Your a bum.
DeepFried FoogleFan
DeepFried FoogleFan Il y a 11 mois
There's more to this man that meets the eye.
Varis Svärd
Varis Svärd Il y a an
Finished this novel today. I have huge respect for this man and his writing skills, but this book was only 2 out of 5 in my opinion. Sorry. To little action and too much background noise. Did enjoy only some parts from this book. But it's just my opinion. You should stil read it and make your own conclusion. :)
hiram hacklesworth
That question's easy for King these days. Answer: From my last ten books. Unlikely spoiler alert: The boogeyman done it. Again. But not without treating us to the usual embedded condescending left wing lecturing... a thing most of us who read fiction for entertainment go to to escape.
Jeovanny Medina
Jeovanny Medina Il y a 10 mois
Then go read some interesting Right Wing writers...oh right, there aren't any!
David Cadwallader
The Outsider was totally lame. Time for King to call it a career.
hiram hacklesworth
Robbie Jr
Robbie Jr Il y a an
A great writer but the guy looks like a damm mutant. Rs
Midgard Eagle
Midgard Eagle Il y a an
"Pillar of the community is arrested for doing something horrible and community wrestles with it" is a wonderful idea for a book, actually. Could've been the premise of the whole book if he just dove deeper into it, it didn't really need the whole supernatural/outsider/mexican wrestling women cuckoo monster arc.
Angry Girl
Angry Girl Il y a an
These people are so stupid on CBS. Everyone I mean everyone has a dark side. If your a creator ideas need to flow and you get ideas from everyday life and your own experiences, if you had a life. What is it about people trying justify their so called normalcy? Nothing is normal in life at all we live in constant koas. People create difficulties everyday. Don Henley once said an interview our creativity comes from our dark side. Kings ideas are no different, but it makes very unique.
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