Stephen King Multiverse Explained

Daniel Greene
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Stephen King has been quietly building one of the greatest fantasy universes the genre has ever seen. Let's talk about King's work!
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20 juin 2019




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Daniel Greene
Daniel Greene Il y a 4 mois
What’s your favorite Stephen King Multiverse crossover??
Daniel jimenez
Daniel jimenez Il y a 22 heures
@Illian Tear Spoiler Alert : I was very surprise when Father C. SHowed up in the Dark Towers, in fact, it's the first crossoever I ever noticed, salem's lot being the second book I've ever read by SK
David Underwood
David Underwood Il y a 3 jours
There's an online game that has gunslinger as a playable class, it's moto is"I do not aim with my eye, he who aims with his eye has forgotten the face of his father...." It has the whole gunslinger credo!
thy video maker
thy video maker Il y a 3 jours
The body and it
Madyson Reed
Madyson Reed Il y a 3 jours
It and Mr. Mercedes
David Underwood
David Underwood Il y a 5 jours
Hunter Winslow
Hunter Winslow Il y a 14 heures
Hunter Winslow
Hunter Winslow Il y a 14 heures
What a genius. How does he keep track of it all?
Daniel Grayson's Mom
Daniel Grayson's Mom Il y a 21 heure
4:12 please do, with spoilers.
Mochi Time
Mochi Time Il y a 2 jours
Carrie and The shinning are my favorite
Sean Cain
Sean Cain Il y a 2 jours
Insomnia and Dark Tower book 7.
Ezra McCelleis
Ezra McCelleis Il y a 4 jours
IT and 11/22/63
Madyson Reed
Madyson Reed Il y a 5 jours
Steven King looks scarier than his characters
Tauqueisha Chester
Tauqueisha Chester Il y a 3 jours
pat stout
pat stout Il y a 6 jours
the Langoliers though
Tiny Rogerts
Tiny Rogerts Il y a 6 jours
Is Langoliers part of this universe?
Sebastian Arnold
Sebastian Arnold Il y a 6 jours
Ok. My favorite crossover is between Misery and The Shining. They both take place near the city, Sidewinder. That being said coming up is a theory I came up with so spoilers for Doctor sleep, Misery, The Shining, and a reference you to Pet Semetary. Ok so basically after Danny burned down the hotel from the shining “the spirits” (I know they’re not spirits but I explaining them is hard) just hung out around the remains of the Overlook Hotel, that’s stated in Doctor sleep. So I believe that the spirits caused the car crash that lead Paul (the main character of Misery) to be taken care of Annie. The “spirits” of the hotel are trying to get Paul similarly to how they got Danny and they’re trying to do this because he has the shining. He’s incredibly intelligent and hes able to predict stuff before they happen like Annie getting home also has a vivid imagination. Even the way that Jack and Annie speak is similar when they’re angry but Annie having more distinct ways of speaking. Like how Annie calls Paul a Dirty Birdie, Jack calls Danny a Sick Pup and says for him to take his medicine. I feel like this is possible to some extent and it’s shown that places like the hotel can influence places outside their nearby location like how the pet semetary can influence plane tickets.
Sebastian Arnold
Sebastian Arnold Il y a 6 jours
Please tell me if there’s any grammar mistakes or stuff I should add if you ever see this.
And I run
And I run Il y a 8 jours
Has Stephen King himself said anything about the interconnectedness?
Kory Toombs
Kory Toombs Il y a 8 jours
Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings are also part of his universe. (Mentioned in the Dark Tower series.)
The Movie Cuhnt
The Movie Cuhnt Il y a 9 jours
I love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Raptorrex65 Il y a 9 jours
Tommy knockers connects to IT, firestarter, pet s, cojo and the mist. Most are vary obvious but a couple are not.
Gregory Swift
Gregory Swift Il y a 9 jours
Is that why Jack Nicholson had that Rita Hayworth poster in the Shining. And it said Brooks was here on the rafter.
Peggy Winters-Stevens
Peggy Winters-Stevens Il y a 9 jours
Quite a bit includes people walking in and out of different multiverse including Hearts in Atantis, the Langoliers, the shining, Salems lot....on and on. The Dark tower and The Stand are very close with Hearts in Atlants and "Missing Dog" in it will open your eyes. Must not forget Fire Starter which also has ties in a way with hearts in Atlantis .....they almost all touch. I never liked the Regulators or the one the came out about the same time. Too violent. Oh watch rose red and kingdom hospital. They are awesome tv mini series!!!
Tom Perez
Tom Perez Il y a 12 jours
DANIEL come on mention of through the eyes of the dragon
Sheile Esteves
Sheile Esteves Il y a 12 jours
I Love stephen king's books. Um fim Brasil and I find your Chanel today.
Flubber Bucketz
Flubber Bucketz Il y a 13 jours
It and the Dark Tower series
PorkFrog Il y a 13 jours
Misery and Gerald's Game has a weird connection
PorkFrog Il y a 10 jours
@Noa Sundqvist I think it's Gerald's Game and another one, something about a little girl and a well...murder/molestation I think, but it was definitely GG and another book....the years go by....
Noa Sundqvist
Noa Sundqvist Il y a 10 jours
Which is?
PorkFrog Il y a 13 jours
The Dead Zone has a fantastic funny ending...King is always good at hooking you in but fairly low batting average at endings...Salem's Lot's ending was dope, but DZ....that was something
Collin Tomlinson
Collin Tomlinson Il y a 13 jours
It, and insomnia
dedmeet11 Il y a 14 jours
Hearts in Atlantis and The Dark Tower Series
Jason Wildasin
Jason Wildasin Il y a 15 jours
Not only do all stephen kings books exist in this multi-verse, but our earth does (keystone earth) and all other fiction. Roland deschain is based on arthurian legend, which is fiction in our world. there is also a lot about other fictional works in the dark tower, ie. the emerald city in wizard and glass, the fact that wolves of the calla is based off of seven samurai, harry potter sniches being a thing, etc. Basically, every possible fictional universe, as well as our own non-ffictional universe, exists in the king meta-universe. Stephen king is the man-- he has managed to merge every known fictional universe with our own real universe seamlessly through the dark tower. All things serve the beam. Say thankee sai.
PD Doling
PD Doling Il y a 16 jours
Good video but how can you not even mention Insomnia?!?! Which then crosses with King's most magnificent work & arguably one of the best Gothic Horror/Ghost stories ever, Bag of Bones.
ADM TheBlank
ADM TheBlank Il y a 16 jours
I think he has “ka” in The Institute, his most recent book which means it should be connected(?)
PD Doling
PD Doling Il y a 16 jours
It's very connected, think through Everything's Eventual & then into Dark Tower.
Tundra Blue
Tundra Blue Il y a 16 jours
Love the overlap between It and The Shining, but was very surprised when I realized that It, The Stand, 1922, Children of the Corn and The Last Rung on the Ladder were connected 😁
mike maceda
mike maceda Il y a 16 jours
*I like turtles* - lol that one kid I almost forgot about. 😂
Deano Il y a 16 jours
“Explained” , nope just more confused.
Shana Flannigan
Shana Flannigan Il y a 18 jours
Maybe the concept of the Turtle came from that Native American story about how the World was sitting on the back of a Turtle. It's pretty neat. Also in Maine there are the Mic-mak indians. (Probably not the right spelling) But I know he mentions them in Pet Semetery. So maybe it's based on Native American stuff. I know this because I have Mic-mak in my family tree from being half Cajun. They had territory that extended from North America into Canada. Which are where the Cajuns came from in Nova Scotia. (Used to be called Acadiana) It's mentioned that it's a Mic-mak burial ground in Pet Semetery.
Joseph May
Joseph May Il y a 18 jours
The bill Hodges trilogy and the outsider
Star Monroe
Star Monroe Il y a 19 jours
I figured out that Stephen King's stories were all somehow connected a while back. And, I haven't even read any of his books. I've just watched a bunch of his movies. Love Stephen King!
Elizabeth lussier
Elizabeth lussier Il y a 19 jours
I 'd read a lot if not all of Stephen King book's ... My favorite one ( and his too!!!) Lisey's story... I just love his narrative voice!
LittleRetroBoy6 Il y a 19 jours
pet sematrerty linked to IT and Cujo
Robrou 19
Robrou 19 Il y a 20 jours
There’s so many but I thought the link between Dolores Claiborne and Gerald’s Game was pretty Special.....
Danielle Green
Danielle Green Il y a 20 jours
I’m a HUGE King fan and read most of his more popular books when I was younger. The Stand, Misery, the Green Mile... and a bunch more. But I didn’t even notice many of the references to each other! Other than that (SPOILER?) the main character from Green Mile had the shine and the wife from Pet Semetary drives past the exit for Salem’s Lot. Now I feel like I have to go back and re-read them!
Noe Rosalez
Noe Rosalez Il y a 21 jour
And I left a dislike
Rennanjr1313 Orozco
Rennanjr1313 Orozco Il y a 21 jour
Im drunk af this was great rn!
Nicholas Desjardins
Nicholas Desjardins Il y a 22 jours
Unpopular Opinion: The Shining 'aint as good as everyone hypes it up to be. IT on the other hand...
CriscoTM theGamer
CriscoTM theGamer Il y a 23 jours
*"A Madness of Reference," or "Old Maid TM with Walter"* Sometimes, revenge or a lowly vendetta can happen along and abracadavra. Never, the knave, and never conspire, to the eye of the hellishly negative horrors. Sometimes a copy is never as slight as the feeling you get by bending it lightly. Often, a joke is never told funnier than by telling it softly to yolks and to smokers. Nothing is funner as Old Maid TM with Walter! (Sometimes it is "more fun" or sometimes it's "funner" but never will Walter become a gunslinger.)
Karen L
Karen L Il y a 23 jours
My favorite stephen King audio books are IT, From a Buick 8, Doctor sleep, the outsider, Mr. Mercedes, the talsme, and the black house. I haven't finished the black house yet. So far it's good. The audio books are the best way to take all the information in. You can find the audio books on CD, audible app or your local library. Sometimes the library has audio books online through there website.
JZPH Quevas
JZPH Quevas Il y a 23 jours
Help! Im new to SK novels. Where do i start? And what do they mean when they said SK novels are connected? Dark Tower is the place of all evil right? Help i just need a guidance. I have lots of questions too. How each novels connected? Do characters or settings from an SK novel made an appearance on other novel too? Do they get to work each other to resolve the problem/
Alexis Mendez
Alexis Mendez Il y a 23 jours
i think a good crossover is Dolores Claiborne and Geralds Game when Dolores can see visions of a young Jessie under a similar solar eclipse
Damian Kirkwood
Damian Kirkwood Il y a 23 jours
salems lot and the stand
ymir Il y a 23 jours
its more close to marvel and dc's comic multiverse, now I don't know who did it first but, I'm pretty sure the marvel and dc multiverse is a lot larger in size. now when it comes the share universe aspect king did it way better in my opinion
Russel Strawmire
Russel Strawmire Il y a 24 jours
I love when one of the thugs were sentenced to the Shawshank State Prison in It. I geeked the fuck out
Melissa Loyd
Melissa Loyd Il y a 24 jours
Elizabeth Goble
Elizabeth Goble Il y a 24 jours
I found an app called All Timelines with the reading order for the multiverse, right around the time my mom gave me her Stephen king collection. So, I plan to start reading them in order next month and I'm so excited.
Mario Quade
Mario Quade Il y a 24 jours
4:48 St. Elsewhere. That universe bascially encompasses all of fiction.
Lost in Iowa
Lost in Iowa Il y a 24 jours
I loved the Regulators and Desperation books. It was awesome how each has the same characters in it. Just awesome.
Tiff Targaryen
Tiff Targaryen Il y a 25 jours
no respect to stephen king but the photo you used at 0:42 he looks like a dr seuss character haha, thanks for video. i needed this. ive decided to give him a bigger chance
Brittany Jenkins
Brittany Jenkins Il y a 25 jours
I just finished my first King book, “11/22/63,” and I’m going to dive into “IT” next. Thanks for this video!
Brittany Jenkins
Brittany Jenkins Il y a 24 jours
SkeeterYeeter 69 Thanks! I’ve heard of it. 😂
SkeeterYeeter 69
SkeeterYeeter 69 Il y a 24 jours
It's a good read, watch out for anything that's very uhh u know odd. And I don't care if u want spoilers but u really really and I can't stress this enough, need to watch out for the child orgy in the sewers, it is highly disturbing and descriptive and if you think u mastered the weird time travel aspect, we'll it's about to get weirder
Cide Il y a 25 jours
Awesome video, hilarious as well 😂😂
parKb5 Il y a 26 jours
It’s funny that since moving to Japan, no one knows who Stephen King is here. They only know his movies, but again, they weren’t aware that they were based on books by Stephen King.
Cash Tripp
Cash Tripp Il y a 26 jours
Except dragonlance though weighing in at 200 books.
They could easily do a cinematic universe at this point, but a lot of these stories got wasted with shitty films lately, like The Dark Tower
Sergio Santa Cruz
Sergio Santa Cruz Il y a 26 jours
The dark tower series and Salem’s lot 😎
Kavian Darkain
Kavian Darkain Il y a 26 jours
In highshool, they would call me "Steven King Jr.".... For what I wrote. I still write "within the same Multiverse" I created. If I remember correctly, H.P. LOVECRAFT created a Multiverse of his own creation as well..
Alfonso Payan
Alfonso Payan Il y a 27 jours
Please 4:12 do a vid with aaaaaall
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