Stephen King interview (1993)

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Stephen King shares his admiration for "Dracula," why he thinks people are drawn to horror, what makes a good film adaptation, and the favorite way he's killed a character.
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24 mai 2016




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Manufacturing Intellect
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simon edwards
simon edwards Il y a 3 jours
Stephen King: I’m a much better writer than I am a talker” - man I could listen to him talk all day and night (especially at night :-) )
realbeckfan Il y a 7 jours
King and Hitchcock The Kings of suspense King # 1
Chris C
Chris C Il y a 8 jours
I believe Kubrick was telling the secret story of filming the moon landing and blending it into the shining. Only thing that makes sense to me
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins Il y a 11 jours
In 1993, I was 13 and asked for Nightmares and Dreamscapes for Christmas! 😂😂 You know they got a hell of a band!
melekey Il y a 16 jours
What a fag 😂
TheBrabon1 Il y a 22 jours
the stories in nightmares and dreamscapes werent that hard to find if you bought mens mags from the 70s like many kids, i snuck into my dad's stash and between looking at the pics, i checked out the short stories i read king before i knew who king was....and spent a ton of time going back through the mags to find more stories by the guy...little did i know that a lot of them were written under different names
stephanie Parker
stephanie Parker Il y a mois
The Shining my favorite film
Henrik Ekberg
Henrik Ekberg Il y a mois
"Fiction is a lie... but Good Fiction is the truth inside a lie" I'll remember that quote, Mr King
dereksmallsuk Il y a mois
SalemKid Il y a mois
he should have tried to make charlie rose madder!
Stephen Ryan
Stephen Ryan Il y a mois
9:06 Had he said it a year later people would have been very confused!
Mike Trainor
Mike Trainor Il y a 2 mois
Living legend
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell Il y a 2 mois
Create and enable a selfless act. Be yourself. Both worthy of praise.
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell Il y a 2 mois
What a load of pish.
David Kristian
David Kristian Il y a 2 mois
I can count on one hand the number of people I have admired since my childhood. Stephen King is one of them. Reading his non-fiction work (Danse Macabre, On Writing, etc.) and hearing him speak in interviews is inspiring.
Valiko Il y a 2 mois
Stephen King best of the best. Good fiction is the truth inside the lie.
Xacto Guru
Xacto Guru Il y a 2 mois
Sincerely, there are so many of Mr. King's works that SHOULD be TV series based directly on the books. None of this Under the Dome stretching it out to get more seasons shit...Start each series with a definite beginning and end and just let it take the time it needs to get from A to B. Video entertainment is in it's golden age right now...this is a no-brainer!
You're a faux bram stoker so scram the shows over
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl Il y a 2 mois
It, The Shining, and 11/22/63 were sure good. His interviews today are just like this but also with everything he’s written since
willfade 79
willfade 79 Il y a 2 mois
Stephen King has been an inspiration to me since I was just a young girl in my pre-teens. I used to "borrow" my stepdad's Stephen King books and stay up late reading them, terrified to go to sleep without a light on. Stephen inspired me to become a writer. I can thank my being published to a course I took on writing specifically for publication and Stephen King's book "On Writing: A Memoir to the Craft." For years, I've had an idea for a horror and my ultimate dream would be to present my idea to Stephen King himself and have him write it, but I know he'd most likely tell me that it's a good idea and I should write it! This is an excellent interview. Thank you for sharing. 🌹🌹🌹
Bart Tare
Bart Tare Il y a 2 mois
It's odd how people of great talent always discount the multigenerational nature of their gift. Clearly, King's mother and father were writers, certainly more so than anyone in my family. So, it's pretty clear that some (or more than some) of King's motivation to write came from his own family, whether he realizes it or not.
Anton Boludo
Anton Boludo Il y a 2 mois
Room 217 ;-)
Jack Hook
Jack Hook Il y a 2 mois
This truly was a great video. Very articulate, informational, and entertaining. This video definitely won over my subscription.
Doug styles
Doug styles Il y a 2 mois
Those who voted thumbs down have forgotten the face of their fathers.
Doug styles
Doug styles Il y a 2 mois
Mythos Polybius
Mythos Polybius Il y a 2 mois
The jealousy dripped off Rose as he constantly redirected the conversation back to wealth and critical review. Jesus.
Betnoclaim Il y a 2 mois
Interviewer is very annoying. Why the constant interruption?
World Coming Down 5779
"We begin with Stevie King, the Drag King". - "He has no penis". #Transvestigation
Cj T
Cj T Il y a 2 mois
Great interview. I was drawn to it after having just finished Doctor Sleep (I was 70 or so pages from the end and couldn’t put it down until the climax) and wanted to hear some of his pearls of wisdom. Get a little more of his steam.
Jaime Villarreal
Jaime Villarreal Il y a 2 mois
Boy, was he wrong about Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. It might have failed at the box office, but it did not fail in the long run. When the miniseries The Shining came out, now that failed... Big time.
Jimvanhise Il y a 2 mois
My impression of Kubrick's The Shining is that he never finished reading the book because the last half of the movie is completely different from the book. The fact that Kubrick killed off Halloran showed that he had no understanding of how important that character was to the story. He just went for a cheap shock effect. The film just unravels. The mini-series is much better at telling the story but the child actor who played Danny in the TV mini-series is not very good whereas the boy who played Danny in Kubrick's film was perfect.
Grant Wiley Esq.
Grant Wiley Esq. Il y a 2 mois
The best ever. Certainly the most diverse..
Patrick Coston
Patrick Coston Il y a 2 mois
23:41 He says Gerald's Game and Dolores Claiborne are straight novels with no supernatural element. That's a lie. The two are connected via the same solar eclipse where a character from each novel makes a psychic connection to the other. Since this type of mind power has not been proven scientifically, it must be classified as supernatural for now. Stephen King likes to define the supernatural as a scientific phenomenon, rather than from spirits, ghosts, gods, etc.
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly Il y a 2 mois
Has he gone into AA at the time of interview? Just curious.
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly Il y a mois
@Dwight Schrute awesome! I didn't know that he got clean & sober until I read The Dark Tower. I'm wondering if he'd be my sponsor! 😉 I'm really happy for him; Steven King is my favorite author.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Il y a mois
Yes, he was three years clean at this point.
Bernd Krautmeister
Bernd Krautmeister Il y a 2 mois
King is a pretty cool guy.
lightning bolt
lightning bolt Il y a 2 mois
rose is a romantic
teppolundgren Il y a 2 mois
I think the reason why horror, western and adventure novels aren't seen as serious literature by the intelligentsia, is that they quite often deal with what's considered childish things. People are usually socially expected to grow up and leave their fear of the dark behind, or stop trying to daydream so much and get a good job. That's what's considered serious. Unfortunately, nothing is quite that simple. And dismissing entire literary genres because they bring up associations with childhood in some people, is failing to recognize the sheer skill it takes to write ANY kind of book well. It's possible to compose a restaurant menu so beautifully that it'll make people cry, so I don't see why the actual writing should take a backseat to whatever it's written on or about. Just as with music, as long as it speaks to you, it's good for you. It doesn't matter how academically recognized it is if you don't move in academical circles. A successful novel is the one that you like, regardless if you're the only one.
Tony Noto
Tony Noto Il y a 2 mois
The Shining was amazing.
Bill Main
Bill Main Il y a 2 mois
Steve’s doctor neighbor sees him coming across the street and just slowly draws the shades now.
Jeremy Harris
Jeremy Harris Il y a 2 mois
I like King more than Lovecraft.
afromaniacle Il y a 2 mois
And just think gunslinger up to the wastes was released at this point wizard and glass was still in the works :O
Alter Ego
Alter Ego Il y a 2 mois
He could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence.
Major Seven
Major Seven Il y a 2 mois
King is a little blue carrot with a nib of ultramarine spak.
Nautilus1972 Il y a 2 mois
31:48 He wrote Rage and later on had it pulled from publication. He basically laid the plot for school shootings.
Nautilus1972 Il y a 2 mois
26:28 David Bowie wrote lyrics that way ...
Nautilus1972 Il y a 2 mois
22:25 Hence The Bachman Books .. .which were very successful.
Nautilus1972 Il y a 2 mois
The Stand is a classic.
Nautilus1972 Il y a 2 mois
Yet his work that is adored by most, The Green Mile and(Rita Hayworth and) The Shawshank Redemption .. have nothing to do with Horror. There was nothing really horrific in Stand By Me (The Body).
Kyle Little
Kyle Little Il y a 2 mois
Wait wait wait the shinning' was a failure????? 😮😧
Fermin Amaya
Fermin Amaya Il y a 2 mois
king still Jealous of Kubricks interpretation of the shining.
Fermin Amaya
Fermin Amaya Il y a 5 jours
@Ace good one.
Ace Il y a 2 mois
Yeah, I´m sure a miltimillionaire ubersuccessful writer, still going strong, is jealous of a dead dude. Both the movie and the book is great. King have never said the film is bad either, only that it´s a poor interpretation ignoring the core of the book completely.