Stephen A. & Max disagree on Tom Brady’s GOAT status if he wins Super Bowl LV | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears debate whether Tom Brady will be the greatest winner in sports if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.
#FirstTake #NFL
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5 févr. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Rob Austin
Rob Austin Il y a 7 heures
Brady is the modern day GOAT of team sports
Jason pennerman
Jason pennerman Il y a 3 jours
Max just snapped 😳
Philip Clock
Philip Clock Il y a 7 jours
My no. 1 pick starting a football team: Elway.
D Het
D Het Il y a 8 jours
Peyton manning is the greatest QB of all time. 2 time champ, 4 appearances Broke the single season touchdown record, twice. Manning is the standard. Brady has had some pretty phenomenal defenses over the years that beat manning and the indianapolis defense were less constitent to put it blunt
Samnao Sirisukarn
Samnao Sirisukarn Il y a 9 jours
Marcus schooled Max 😂✌️
Nyda Bellefleur
Nyda Bellefleur Il y a 10 jours
Who is here when tom brady forces Mahomet and the chiefs to walk the plank. Brady is better than Jordan as the greatest winner because brady did what Jordan never done, win his 7th ring.
Todd McIntosh
Todd McIntosh Il y a 10 jours
The comparisons: Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, LeBron James The reality: MJ only went 6 times in a short span of ‘91-98, and couldn’t do it again on another team. Credibility is earned by putting yourself into situations to prove your a champion, even more so when your competition is multiplied or hardened. You don’t GAIN credibility by ONLY making it to 6 finals over 15 years, and they’re not even sudden death lol Even Lebron has gone to the finals more often over a longer period of time AND on different teams. In fact, IF he had won each of his appearances, as we all know he is the common denominator for his teams appearances despite how it pains me to admit, he would have nearly tied Bill Russel’s feat of winning 11. And Russell played in the 50’s-60’s when nba was fledgling and to be fair, fledgling sports teams with little money or notoriety means weak competition. LeBron has seen the finals as often as Brady, but with half the championships to show for it. These two are contemporaries as well, so any ‘tougher competition’ argument is out the window. But the bigger point is that lebron has the talent in a talent pool exponentially greater than Russell would have experienced, and STILL put himself into a situation to mirror exactly what Russell did. The NFL has been around 30 years longer than the nba and NO ONE in the NFL has duplicated what Brady has done, and Brady’s not repeating what anyone else has already done. The fact that such lengthy dominance in early football is non-existent in comparison to Bill Russell’s basketball dominance should alone be a testament to the difficulty to reaching the Super Bowl, let alone TEN times over a TWENTY year period of consistent winning and on different teams at that. NFL has more coaches per team, more players meaning more moving cogs and more holes/injuries to exploit, vs just really 8/9 players on an nba team. Brady, like LeBron, is the common denominator for championships. And shove your stats arguments because ain’t no stats quarterback pulling conference titles or super bowls wins like Brady. And the ‘he hasn’t won them all’ argument makes sense in tennis, but not in football when we’re talking one man on a team of 53 with 16 coaches, no one is superhuman. Only Brady has the wins, the appearances, the consistency over the longest period of time on multiple teams with the best, the fastest, the strongest, the smartest competition that has yet existed. There is no argument, across the board of team sports, BRADY IS THE GOAT The TRUE GOAT: Tom Brady
AStCG 89
AStCG 89 Il y a 10 jours
Max you changed it- Fate of the universe was Lebron
PunchUp not LeftRight Its a ClassWar WakeUp
Jordan lost to the Pistons 3 years in a row during conference semis and finals! Shouldn't those 3 conference losses be much worse than Brady's 3 Superbowl losses?
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Il y a 12 jours
Tom Brady is the GOAT. No question about it
Sam Il y a 13 jours
Jordan got nothing on Pelé.
tarquin bullocks
tarquin bullocks Il y a 14 jours
Kellerman still hurting from saying Brady was going to, "fall off a cliff." Does Brady now top Jordan? Discuss...
Aaron Il y a 14 jours
Dosen't matter what they say comparing Brady to Jordan is all subjective they play 2 totally different sports. Take Marcus Spears argument that its harder to win in Football. That's totally his opinion thats not based in facts whatsoever so all of this is subjective its impossible to compare Football to Basketball apples to oranges.
claw320 Il y a 14 jours
Extremely hard to compare Football to Basketball. Football is far MORE of a team effort because of lots of more players on the team. Therefore, it's hard to measure the exact contribution made by any 1 player. One single person can't carry the team. Basketball is far more suitable for making "1 man army" arguments and saying Michael Jordan single-handedly made his team win when it really mattered through the sheer force of his will. Beyond a doubt though Tom Brady IS the GOAT of Football and there is monumental amount of factual evidence to support that belief. On the other hand, a reasonable argument can be made saying Lebron James is GOAT of basketball and not Jordon. It might be fair to construct an argument that Brady is GOAT of all team sports since he is more "peerless" in his sport and that Labron and Jordan have peers ( each other ). There is no other football player like Brady, but there is another basketball player like Labron and Jordan ( each other )
Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy Il y a 14 jours
Saying Jordan is unbeatable in the finals is such a bad argument for him being the GOAT. Did he only play in those 6 seasons??? Brady was already arguably the GOAT athlete, this chip puts him over any others.
Spencer Davey
Spencer Davey Il y a 14 jours
Most championships in nfl history case closed Brady is the GOAT of sports
AestheticsisLife Il y a 14 jours
If you deny Brady goat status 99.9% chance you’re probably a loser in life
Cat Mario 22
Cat Mario 22 Il y a 15 jours
elecguy Il y a 15 jours
Michael Jordan chose to be marketed, some choose not to be. Nike, Warner Brothers, McDonald's. is he more, globally recognized; yes, is he an unbelievable, clutch athlete; yes. I would bet my life, Patrick Mahomes never wins 7 super bowls. Is he amazing; yes. my son loves the new guy! After Brady came back to beat Atlanta, it put him on a different level of being great. Even his boy Mark Wahlberg was leaving the stadium. Kellerman is a Brady hater, well join the club of others dude, no problem. Loved Drew Bledsoe, and now, who is this clown taking his place....turned out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to New England and for the NFL too. Just ask Robert Kraft's bank account. I'm moving to Tampa
Qhimico Asesino
Qhimico Asesino Il y a 15 jours
Max Kellerman is lost in the sauce and needs to get off of Jordan’s jock strap!!! Jordan is 6 for 6 in NBA championships in a great 15 year NBA career that includes playing with the Bulls and lastly the Wizards and he got beat by the legend Koby Bryant. Tom Brady has played since 2000 and has won 7 championships which includes one with the Buccaneers as a 43 year old and he beat the new young bull on the block Patrick Mahomes!!! It is what it is Brady is the all time sports Goat until someone outdoes his record!!!
David Howell
David Howell Il y a 15 jours
Max Kellerman is the weakest male of all time.
Bornagain Hooligan
Bornagain Hooligan Il y a 15 jours
Max Kellerman is just another Brady hater who knows nothing about football. That clown shouldn’t be commenting on anything other than boxing.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Il y a 15 jours
Joe Montana is the GOAT 4-0 in the Super Bowl Won 2 of them without Jerry Rice 127.8 record passer rating in SB 122 passes without an INT in SB (also a record) Brady Lost to Eli Manning Lost to Eli Manning again Lost to career backup Nick Foles Tuck Rule First year Drew Bledsoe won the AFC Championship Game and Brady started SB Matt Cassel went 11-5 System QB carried by elite defenses
imus maximus
imus maximus Il y a 16 jours
Brady will go for the 8 sb rings, just like Manny Pacquiao 8th division world boxing champion . You wait and watch. Haters crying out loud.
Aaron Partridge
Aaron Partridge Il y a 16 jours
Kellerman and his huge athletic brain hasn't got an fn clue. Jordan was surrounded by stars,I love m.j., but fax is fax. He had pippen, grant, paxson, rodman AAAAAAND he only had to lift or carry four guys at any given moment plus, Brady brings 21+teammates up every fn Sunday AND,you can't tell me if you gave Brady a best of seven to win the S.B. He comes out on top every mfin time.PERIOD. KELLERMAN COULDN'T EVEN LIFT BRADY'S JOCK TO GET A WHIFF. GTFOH
Marc D
Marc D Il y a 16 jours
Johnny Unitas ... so disrespected...
Sossara'ce TV
Sossara'ce TV Il y a 16 jours
I said the same in comments on Eli and guess what Max surprisingly speaks on the crypt tonight for Brady 3:37
Sossara'ce TV
Sossara'ce TV Il y a 16 jours
He can't be better then jordens record because jorden never lost in the finals Brady loss to Eli 2 times😏 So don't compare nice try
Sossara'ce TV
Sossara'ce TV Il y a 16 jours
Tom Bradys great his crypt tonight Eli Manning 😭😁☠️😈 Tom would have 9 instead of 7🤣
Omar Il y a 16 jours
Ronaldo or Messi
6lime OD
6lime OD Il y a 16 jours
Max is the dumbest pundit ever
Wilson Kwong
Wilson Kwong Il y a 16 jours
Michael Jordan, to me is the GOAT in team sports.
Adam Donohoe
Adam Donohoe Il y a 16 jours
Modern era goat no one ever hear of ronaldo or Messi?
Noman Ghiasy
Noman Ghiasy Il y a 16 jours
These guy thinks Basketball and Football the only sports???
ellmuffin Il y a 16 jours
MJ played on both sides of the ball
Johnboy Il y a 16 jours
*The fact that the Super Bowl is an ultra high pressure, make it or break it ONE GAME championship contest, not a 7 game series... plus age factor, number of Championship wins, multiple team Championships with prospective multiple dynasties, and pulling double duty as leader on the field and in team management as well, gives “greatest” status to Brady, over Jordan*
Smoka Slim
Smoka Slim Il y a 16 jours
Kellermans a Fear peddler
Robb Robb
Robb Robb Il y a 16 jours
Max is an Idiot
PaulGreen11 Il y a 17 jours
TOP 10 GREATEST LIVING AMERICANS #1: Tom Brady #2: Barack Obama #3: Willie Nelson #4: LeBron James #5: Dave Chappelle #6: Dolly Parton #7: Bill Murray #8: Bernie Sanders #9: Jerry Seinfeld #10: Gen. Colin Powell
people's champ
people's champ Il y a 17 jours
2036 son: mahomes is a beast and a goat me: boy go youtube tom brady
Zardoz Il y a 17 jours
Tom G.O.A.T. Brady
Almeo Sy
Almeo Sy Il y a 17 jours
I can’t be the only one who was waiting for max to say IGUODALA! 😂😂😂
Jim Roebuck
Jim Roebuck Il y a 17 jours
I feel sorry for Max. He’s just Stephen A’s stooge. Stick to boxing Max. You’re always wrong on everything else.
Diesel Hale
Diesel Hale Il y a 17 jours
Stephen A will never let a white athlete be the GOAT! It has to Jordan, Russell... or another black athlete of course.
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson Il y a 17 jours
3:44 Michael Jordan is the goat!
imcoolwith that
imcoolwith that Il y a 17 jours
america is NOT the world Max.. cristiano ronaldo and messi are both greater than jordan
iW34Rglasses00 Il y a 17 jours
If Mj doesnt retire he goes 6- 2 in the finals and gets destroyed by the rockets just saying.
Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce Il y a 17 jours
Tom Brady is the Michael Jordan of football. :P
Erik Merrill
Erik Merrill Il y a 17 jours
I'd just like to point out that it's so much easier to lose a Super Bowl than an NBA finals. You have to lose 4 games to lose a finals and only 1 to lose a Super Bowl. Big difference.
Vince Schier
Vince Schier Il y a 17 jours
Maxine Kellermin would say that Sidney Moncrief is more of GOAT than TB12 if their were any black people within earshot. Stephen As eyeroll says it all.
BigSmoothy Il y a 17 jours
Tom Brady needs no acknowledgment as the G.O.A.T.....its who second that might need it now.
nim shetty
nim shetty Il y a 17 jours
What If I told you last 22 years 5 guys have been in 21 Super Bowl ??? Brady 10, Manning 4, Ray lewis 2, Big Ben 3and Mahomes 2.. UNBELIAVABLE 20-1 AFC Exception Bucs vs raiders
kissmyaass1 Il y a 17 jours
How is Brady not the greatest ever. Winning the Super Bowl again with a totally different team.
Stephen A every time someone speaks to him: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson Il y a 17 jours
Tom Brady already just beat and won against the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes.
William Lagasse
William Lagasse Il y a 17 jours
Im sure Messi or Ronaldo might argue this...The NFL isnt the "world sport" soccer is.
kenny dawson
kenny dawson Il y a 17 jours
Give The Man His Proper Respect G.O.A.T.!! Do you need him to win another Superbowl it's coming!!
Fabio Editz
Fabio Editz Il y a 17 jours
Who’s here after Brady had a makeout session with his son?
J Ok
J Ok Il y a 17 jours
what about when they lost to Magic?
Cory's Life
Cory's Life Il y a 17 jours
You all never mention Bobby Orr..
IYPITWL Il y a 17 jours
Selling shoes doesnt make you great. Jordan went to baseball during his dominant era. He can't be the goat. Now look at Brady: he has a hof career in his 40s.
David Newberry
David Newberry Il y a 17 jours
7 SB rings vs 6 rings for Jordan. No doubt it's Brady.
Joe Cap
Joe Cap Il y a 17 jours
Max is a Brady hater and always wrong.
Brett Jones
Brett Jones Il y a 17 jours
The 6-0 arguement is stupid Jordan isnt undefeated he played a lot more than 6 years and getting to the championship game its part of winning it
Mike Owen
Mike Owen Il y a 17 jours
Brady.. gretzky...Jordan. gems 4 sure
Mike Owen
Mike Owen Il y a 17 jours
Oppressed blacks with green smoothies ????
Kevin Cool
Kevin Cool Il y a 17 jours
One thing is certain: Tom Brady is better at his job than Max is at his.
Dakar Brown
Dakar Brown Il y a 17 jours
7 rings
Travis Powers
Travis Powers Il y a 17 jours
Brady has been to 10 Superbowls, won 7 of them, and out of those 7 wins been awarded the MVP. Dude nobody comes close.
Eric Kdawg
Eric Kdawg Il y a 17 jours
They are told to disagree and u know espn would never tell Max to dispute against Jordan and Stephen dispute Brady 😂 ESPCNN has become such a woke joke
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Il y a 17 jours
Tom Brady is the GOAT
Don J
Don J Il y a 17 jours
You can't be goat if you cheated in several superbowls
jason st john
jason st john Il y a 17 jours
Whenever Jordan had a chance he never he made it to the finals every year? Oh wait he didn't have a chance any of the times he lost in the playoffs.
jason st john
jason st john Il y a 15 jours
@Patrick Bateman Stating that everyone gives Jordan and Montana credit for being undefeated in championship play but ignore their losses in conference championships.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Il y a 15 jours
So Brady won every year? He's been in the league 20 plus years and has 7. That argument is pointless
jason st john
jason st john Il y a 17 jours
Funny how we credit the defense for the reasons Brady won some superbowls but we don't blame the defense 100% for his 3 losses.
Oscar Ibarra
Oscar Ibarra Il y a 17 jours
Tom Brady = GOAT!!!
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming Il y a 18 jours
Max acts like Jordan only payed 6 years honestly
RoyalMotion Il y a 18 jours
That hole with the long hair needs to go
Mitchell Talley
Mitchell Talley Il y a 18 jours
Tom Brady The Goat. Patrick Mahomes wears mask Tom Brady where's Super Bowl rings
Benny White
Benny White Il y a 18 jours
No, Jordan is not the biggest band b/c he was a winner, that aspect is b/c he was the best salesman.
FreedomAin'tFree Il y a 18 jours
Ply Boys
Ply Boys Il y a 18 jours
MAx just want to get that N-word pass with praising MJ..
Cairo Dayz
Cairo Dayz Il y a 18 jours
Um, apparently this guy has never heard of Cristiano Ronaldo's brand when saying Jordan has the biggest brand in the world. SMH.
Dan Il y a 18 jours
Let this sink in: Tom Brady has more super bowl rings than ANY team. Steelers and Patriots have 6 super bowl rings. Tom Brady has 7 super bowl rings.
Amy Ochoa
Amy Ochoa Il y a 18 jours
I'm sorry did MJ take the Wizards to the finals? 3:30 Tom Brady is the GOAT.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Il y a 15 jours
You're a moron bringing that up lol. You're acting like Brady won all by himself in Tampa
Justin Gullick
Justin Gullick Il y a 18 jours
Lmao sportscenter is so clever.... let’s have the white man go against Tom Brady and the black man go with the white man
John Matrix
John Matrix Il y a 18 jours
Marcus Spears is a insightful commentator. Just saying.
eh idek
eh idek Il y a 18 jours
Jake Richard
Jake Richard Il y a 18 jours
Somehow not making it to a championship is better than getting there in losing in Max's pea brain.
Lona Miki
Lona Miki Il y a 18 jours
Lionel messi and Ronaldo don't exist in American eyes😂
QDibie Il y a 18 jours
How many rings will Tom Brady end up with when retiring?
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Il y a 18 jours
Anton Chigurh(Tom Brady) shoots Carson Wells(Patrick Mahomes) as the phone rings. Anton picks up the ringing phone, And Nick Wright(Llewelyn) ask's "Is Carson Wells(Patrick Mahomes) there? Anton Chigurh replies "Not in the sense that YOU mean... LMFAO!!!!!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Il y a 18 jours
I don't know how Stephen A. can say that Jordan's 6 titles are better than Russell's 11 nba titles and also one Olympic and two NCAA titles, for a total of 14 titles in 14 years. Maybe he doesn't know what he's talking about?
Ben Luke
Ben Luke Il y a 18 jours
Again, american sports
G .M.
G .M. Il y a 18 jours
I'm sorry but what's so special about tom bradys career being considered one if the greatest in all sports. I'm not a fan of American football, but from what I see the quarter back doesnt do much compared to others on the team. He doesnt really get hit, when the ball switches sides he diesnt even play and gets full rested like of course hes gonna last that long!! If he were in any other position he wouldn't. He just has to throw the ball and most of the times not get tackled and when he does it's a light tackle
lesmo whomever
lesmo whomever Il y a 18 jours
I see many of you can be sold anything. There is no GOAT in any sport. Anyone who didn't know the outcome of this game before it was played doesn't know what business is. I cared not to watch. Boring!
Vinyl MASSacre
Vinyl MASSacre Il y a 18 jours
Bird knock Jordans out in the first round every time until he retired football is 22 on 22 it's a little harder than five-on-five I think. with tackling. only Rodman did that
JAY R DA STAR Il y a 18 jours
Jordan loss how many playoff games . Nba isn’t one and done .
Massinissa Numidi
Massinissa Numidi Il y a 18 jours
I guess that TB12 must go to the moon to convince the doubters.
gowtham sagar
gowtham sagar Il y a 18 jours
Bunch of triggered idiots.