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SPIRIT (From Disney's "The Lion King") · Beyoncé
℗ 2019 Walt Disney Records, under license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music
Released on: 2019-07-10
Composer, Lyricist: Timothy McKenzie
Background Vocal, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Programmer, Producer: Labrinth
Background Vocal, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Programmer, Producer: ILYA
Composer, Lyricist: Ilya Salmanzadeh
Drums, Misc. Prod.: Derek Dixie
Percussion, Assistant Engineer: Jeremy Lertola
Piano: Jeff Lorber
Strings: David Fleming
Background Vocal: Jamal Moore
Background Vocal: Maurice Smith
Background Vocal: Jerome Wayne a/k/a J Rome
Background Vocal: Derrick Charles
Background Vocal: Donald Paige a/k/a DeP
Background Vocal: George Young
Background Vocal: Vernon Burris
Background Vocal: TJ Wilkins
Background Vocal: Andre Washington
Background Vocal: Mabvuto Carpenter
Background Vocal: Jason Morales
Background Vocal: Johnny Gilmore
Background Vocal: Stevie Notes
Background Vocal: Marcus Eldridge
Background Vocal: Edward Lawson
Background Vocal: Steve Epting
Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Stuart White
Recording Engineer: Daniel Pampuri
Recording Engineer: Lester Mendoza
Assistant Engineer: Cory Bice
Assistant Engineer: Sam Holland
Assistant Engineer: Andrea Roberts
Assistant Engineer: Steven Xai
Mastering Engineer: Colin Leonard
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10 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 7 455
Marc Santiago
Marc Santiago Il y a jour
This is the perfect song for Sunset Shimmer!☀️❤️
Kamaria The lioness
Kamaria The lioness Il y a 5 jours
I watched the movie and this was my fave song in the whole movie!
jeremie petit
jeremie petit Il y a 6 jours
this song just ruined the movie
Maria Luiza Proca
Maria Luiza Proca Il y a 11 jours
Hello! I know you see a lot of messages like that, but I did a video of 3 Type of Singers Mood. You're opinion it's important for me, that's why I'm asking you to let me known what you think about it. Thank you, wish you a pleasant journey ❤️
Watermelon FoxDoggii
Watermelon FoxDoggii Il y a 12 jours
Don’t mind me just a a person named jamiyah b passin through
RocK God
RocK God Il y a 18 jours
The hardest Beyoncé song ever
Anaya Parks
Anaya Parks Il y a 19 jours
This song inspires me to do gymnastics and give me strength
Amelia Il y a 19 jours
This is my favourite song! Thank you, Beyoncé!
Nloveru Il y a 19 jours
By far (!) the worst part of the movie.
SheWolf Warrior
SheWolf Warrior Il y a 20 jours
I kind of wish they didn’t play this when Simba was coming back, it didn’t make the scene seem as powerful as it was in the 1994 movie
Dr. Ratchet / Jenna Allen
tamara bailey
tamara bailey Il y a 22 jours
This sounds like a gospel song.
Beatrice J
Beatrice J Il y a 23 jours
Post lyrics someone
Joygianna Johnson
Joygianna Johnson Il y a 28 jours
Can’t stop listening to this sonnngg❤️❤️❤️
Renata Anniejane Rebecca Amethyst Arnold
Beyonce is definitely undoubtedly one of the best, most special celebrities ever: she can dance she can act and her voice is phenomenal
Renata Anniejane Rebecca Amethyst Arnold
This song gives me the chills. I can also imagine a lovely contemporary dance being done to it
Queen uwu
Queen uwu Il y a mois
Don't you think that Beyoncé's voice is little bit deeper than before? :DD I love it so much wtf
Alicia Nyblade
Alicia Nyblade Il y a mois
Firstly, this song is out of place with the others. What makes the original film so great is it conveys its spiritual message without pandering to any particular religion. The divine should be visible to all in nature. Secondly, they put in this obvious fishing-for-an-Oscar song instead of including "Shadowland" from the Broadway stage show? REALLY?
Gabriel Matesanz
Gabriel Matesanz Il y a mois
Should have more likes
Akira's gaming world
omg i dont under stand afrikan langige but WELL JOB KEEP ,IT UP AND GET THAT MONEY HONEY
Jadan K.
Jadan K. Il y a mois
I know this is random but this is the last song I’ll probably listen to bc I’m about to kill myself soon. I have nothing else to live for and I’m tired. I feel like I’ve failed in life. I don’t want attention which is why I won’t mention my name or anything & so I thought I’d put this amongst billions & trillions of FRvid comments to get lost in them. I’ve tried every other option but I don’t feel I belong here. I feel so bad for my mom god pls. I just want better. I want relief. I pray that god has mercy on my soul bc I only mean well & I don’t know what else to do. I pray that god doesn’t punish me for what I’m about to do. Im 19 and doing the best I can mentally & physically. I didn’t mean to type this much. Btw I love this song sm. I cried the first time I heard it. It actually makes me feel like I’ll be ok one day. Maybe after I’m dead I can rest finally. I wasn’t one of those lucky ones.
Flávia Mendonça
Flávia Mendonça Il y a mois
Cantar de mais 😍
magic unicorns 122010
I love this song
June Rabba
June Rabba Il y a mois
I really cry cus these voices and Beyoncé’s voice are making me have a good time in theater while I watch Lion King 👑I felt like I was blown away and I have goosebumps on my hands....❤️👌🏽😊😊🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Brenee French
Brenee French Il y a mois
Beyonce is a gift
Brenee French
Brenee French Il y a mois
Love this song
Brenee French
Brenee French Il y a mois
Love this son
itsme harley
itsme harley Il y a mois
andrew larsen
andrew larsen Il y a mois
I love great spirit song from brother Bear better, because I Love phil collins and I puffer great spirit song then this one.
Dante' Taylor
Dante' Taylor Il y a mois
It's just crazy that my number one favorite female artist is freaking in my number one favorite disney movie!!! It just feels good to be alive!!!😆😆😆🔥🔥🔥🙌
MESSIAS Fernandes
MESSIAS Fernandes Il y a mois
Eu quero ser igual a Beyoncé na forma de talento❤
Po Omega
Po Omega Il y a mois
I am actually happy they edited that music
Małgorzata Woroch
Małgorzata Woroch Il y a mois
swietne zdjecie beyonce oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala beyonce
Andotiana Andriamampianina
TaDeja Brinkley
TaDeja Brinkley Il y a mois
I love beyonce her voice is amazing i love how they got her to play nala in lion king
Dry Nuudle
Dry Nuudle Il y a mois
This song is so beautiful along with Beyoncé’s beautiful voice. Beyoncé has talent no one else has🙏🏽 And you can tell she didn’t use a lot of auto tune like everyone else
Gabriel Frias
Gabriel Frias Il y a mois
Beautiful song,,, does not fit with the movie. I felt disconnected... would of liked he lives in you with real African instrumentals and vocals....
Gerardo Il y a mois
*Labrinth from LSD did good here*
ForJustice1324 Il y a mois
Bow down to Queen of the Pride Lands.
michael Haczynskyj
michael Haczynskyj Il y a mois
I like this so g but I really enjoy the new Elton John one
SpiriT Ya
SpiriT Ya Il y a mois
Well, I I am a Spiritist - Nikita! I am glad to acquaintance! Ask for the help if that
SpiriT Ya
SpiriT Ya Il y a mois
Thanks a lot for Spirit . I am SpiriT N...Ko... :))) Optionally, you can specify TRUE if you want an approximate match or FALSE if you want an exact match of the return value. Signifie vous de moi entendaient quand même ou l'information vous est arrivée. Sur mes intentions et notre humain la cause commune. Il est agréable de faire connaissance - Nikita;) j'aime votre oeuvre. Il était agréable de recevoir la marque l'allusion, notamment de vous :-)))
Mekhi Daniel
Mekhi Daniel Il y a mois
Omg this is so amazing 🦁 king 🤴🏿
K&M squad Life
K&M squad Life Il y a mois
I love this song from her and it was in the movie 😩😩💖💖
Matthew White
Matthew White Il y a mois
This song is so powerful!
Genny Vlogs
Genny Vlogs Il y a mois
My 1,000th time listening to this song 🔥
Jojo GodChild
Jojo GodChild Il y a 2 mois
Pacho 1581
Pacho 1581 Il y a 2 mois
This song represent my inner spirit!!! 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
Leide Katlen Pereira
Leide Katlen Pereira Il y a 2 mois
Essa música não sai da cabeça!!! DIVA BEYONCE
GianiV_Games Il y a 2 mois
am i the only who thinks that this song doesnt fit in the movie?
Joci Grier
Joci Grier Il y a 2 mois
For the 4.1k who unliked this song I would love no know your reasons🧐 this is such an amazing song. It’s been a tough time for me lately and when I heard first heard this song I was like “wow” “there’s so much more to life than what I’m going after” absolutely godly and powerful. Beyoncé has a voice that no one else ever will. It’s amazing that the human body can display such an amazing sound.
Moriah Angel Nakai we are Lambily TSOSIE Tanaka
4.1 k. people normani lovers that dislike video.. frick her new dang son motivation.. norMANi will never Bey Beyonce
Revisões Renan
Revisões Renan Il y a 2 mois
Queeeeeenn!! I love you!! 👑👑👑👑❤️🔥
Gigi  Banks
Gigi Banks Il y a 2 mois
brings me to tears every time.
Naomi Spence
Naomi Spence Il y a 2 mois
Chloe Mahoney
Chloe Mahoney Il y a 2 mois
YOU do nala so well 😍🦁
duckky dolittle
duckky dolittle Il y a 2 mois
when the miracles happen
Umbra The Raptor
Umbra The Raptor Il y a 2 mois
If Beyoncé doesn’t voice Sandstorm in the Warrior Cats movie then what’s the fuckin point
Rebeca Beck
Rebeca Beck Il y a 2 mois
Música linda, inspiração!
Ultr0n1x Il y a 2 mois
Who else thought Nala in the pic was just Beyoncé’s hair 🤣🤣?
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