Spider-Man Cast on Spoilers & Avengers: Endgame

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Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders & Jacob Batalon talk about the crazy success of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, Zendaya helping Tom with Instagram, how they handled spoilers, and shooting the funeral scene in Avengers: Endgame.
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Spider-Man Cast on Spoilers & Avengers: Endgame




10 mai 2019

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Commentaires 8 823
king glitcher
king glitcher Il y a 30 minutes
I want that cookie...
Dee StyPayHorSon
Dee StyPayHorSon Il y a 6 heures
I was watching this like "something's missing" and then I realized that RDJ isn't there... I'm a horrible, mean person but I would trade Jake, Zendaya, Cobie and Jacob for RDJ to be there with Tom instead.
Shamyl Othman
Shamyl Othman Il y a 8 heures
I didn't know Kingpin appears in Far From Home.
Verde the Star Warrior
Verde the Star Warrior Il y a 12 heures
Tom: Wait, why do we have to look so sad if we're at a wedding? Shouldn't we be happy? Russo: Just trust us on this one, okay?
Marc Ardant
Marc Ardant Il y a 15 heures
God cobbie smulder is old !!!
*Matthew Noneya*
*Matthew Noneya* Il y a 17 heures
The villain did not talk at all, he was to the next of Zendaya and didn't say a word.
Ulaş Çetin
Ulaş Çetin Il y a jour
What's Robin Scherbatsky doin' over here?
Vampire OP
Vampire OP Il y a jour
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown Il y a jour
Icesipper Il y a jour
*Who noticed Jacob had something in his mouth*
Astra TheGuardian
Astra TheGuardian Il y a jour
Has everyone seen Avengers end game? Audience:Yeah woo! Me:*Slowly backs away*
Nickel M
Nickel M Il y a jour
That guy playing Ned is way too old to play a highschooler
LEGEND GAMER Il y a jour
5:32 Russo Brother's Ninja technique to stop Spoiler-Man
eleana Il y a 2 jours
“why then are you still in highschool” *E X A C T L Y*
Gabriella Nelfien
Gabriella Nelfien Il y a 2 jours
Tom Holland is cute,but actually just want to see Jake Gyllenhaal here
Jerry Osborne
Jerry Osborne Il y a 2 jours
Toms a mini rdj
Dong Banaag
Dong Banaag Il y a 2 jours
Andrea- Why Tom thinks it was a wedding but Tony and Pepper have there wedding before infinity war🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂
grammargoddess888 Il y a 2 jours
Is nobody going to talk about how they mentioned a major spoiler?! I know the movie's been out a few weeks now, but man that seems soon....?
A Ess
A Ess Il y a 2 jours
Did Jimmy have that cookie?
Olivia Webster
Olivia Webster Il y a 2 jours
can we all take a minute to appreciate how hilariously adorable Zendaya's reaction to tom's wedding remark is
greendayfecer Il y a 2 jours
I just need bloopers at the end of far from home. Just so I can see Jacob say “peter we have to save blacked out line.” 😂
suja sathish
suja sathish Il y a 2 jours
Jade dint get to say anything. Rip💔
Unicorn Life
Unicorn Life Il y a 2 jours
Who cares about the show... Please talk Tom..I could hear it aaaaaaaall day🤤
favchanel01 Il y a 3 jours
How come Jimmy never asked Jake anything??
Lil mochi
Lil mochi Il y a 3 jours
zendaya's laugh is what keeps me alive, so adorable
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye Il y a 3 jours
。ぢあな Il y a 3 jours
4:29 ME just ME.😭😂
Makena Lue
Makena Lue Il y a 3 jours
So does Zendaya have a last name?
Beast21 Matoka
Beast21 Matoka Il y a 3 jours
Teen beach
Teen Guide to WI
Teen Guide to WI Il y a 3 jours
5:34 5:34 5:34 5:34 5:34 5:34 5:34 5:34 5:34 You’ll thank me later
james song
james song Il y a 3 jours
5:33 “I was told it was a wedding.”
LindseyStudios Il y a 3 jours
Zendaya is so beautifullll
É Motta ta?
É Motta ta? Il y a 3 jours
5:36 HAHAHAHAHAHAH of course, you give all the spoils
É Motta ta?
É Motta ta? Il y a 3 jours
tom trying not spoil is the best HAHAHAHA
Saâd Bk
Saâd Bk Il y a 3 jours
Jimmy Kimmel, you will never have that cookie.
Saâd Bk
Saâd Bk Il y a 3 jours
"When you shot that, that movie hadn't evencome out yet." Ladies and gentlemen, here is Dumbass Kimmel.
Hayden Jacobs
Hayden Jacobs Il y a 3 jours
All of y’all there reading this right now do you not read the other comment that I posted after the previous comment. Because there are Endgame spoilers.
Lee GaryB
Lee GaryB Il y a 4 jours
This is basically 8 minutes of Tom being tortured because he knows every time he opened his mouth he risked spoiling something
Hayden Jacobs
Hayden Jacobs Il y a 4 jours
My brother cried for 30 minutes straight after seeing Tony Stark die, don’t laugh!
Angel Martell
Angel Martell Il y a 4 jours
Every spider man movie suqs!
Eliza The Geeky Girl
Eliza The Geeky Girl Il y a 4 jours
It sounds like Tom's accent is slipping in and out of his natural accent and Peter's accent. It's messing me up, man.
Nora G
Nora G Il y a 4 jours
Lol.. I’m 35 and and I’ve never uploaded a story on my IG story... don’t know how to do that! But it’s worse for Tom Holland because he’s younger !😆
Janiesa Pizza
Janiesa Pizza Il y a 4 jours
they are still in high school because they all (most of them anyways) faded away and missed those 5 years of there life which is why when everyone comes back they’re confused and decide to live their life where they left off to not cause chaos. plus it would be difficult to place everyone 5 years ahead without the knowledge that they should’ve learned in the years they were gone. 😊
pattithestranger Il y a 4 jours
I was wondering about the high school thing right after I saw endgame... how do they justify that? or have they already?
Blueyy _
Blueyy _ Il y a 4 jours
Damn that cookie look good 😂
Vignesh Sr
Vignesh Sr Il y a 4 jours
Jacob battalon fan here 😄
stella samuelsen
stella samuelsen Il y a 4 jours
Tom: *does anything* Me: *words cannot express how much I love this person*
Infinitize It
Infinitize It Il y a 4 jours
Infinitize It
Infinitize It Il y a 4 jours
Zendaya is so done with tom LMAO
David Bellemare
David Bellemare Il y a 5 jours
Ayyy I live in Connecticut
Ian Avery
Ian Avery Il y a 5 jours
3:59 you can see Jake's face just crumble into laughter.
nour khouri
nour khouri Il y a 5 jours
cobie and Jacob are so underrated
Louis Vuitton Von
Louis Vuitton Von Il y a 5 jours
It may 9 a long way from July!!
mochiloki Il y a 5 jours
Views: 6969607 Perfectly balanced, as all things should be...
John Reese
John Reese Il y a 5 jours
I didn't realize what they meant until yesterday, when I watched the movie. They are still in high school because they got snapped out of existence and though 5 years passed, they weren't in existence, they came back as they were. So they were still highschool students and went back to highschool to complete it.
Mohammad Eskandari
Mohammad Eskandari Il y a 5 jours
i thought they've invited 5, but only 3 was talking, so why they even bother to invite them? :D
Rahul Talluru
Rahul Talluru Il y a 5 jours
I’m sooo glad I watched endgame before watching any media possible on anything marvel. The efforts theses hosts or any people go to spoil or get spoilers is beyond me. Every single interview begs for spoilers and these guys do their best to deny them. It’s literally happened with every movie.
Marvel Stan3000
Marvel Stan3000 Il y a 5 jours
We’ve turned Peter in to a gen z meme lord and yet Tom struggles uploading a video on instagram 😂
Neelu Jha
Neelu Jha Il y a 3 jours
Omg that is so freaking true!!
Meg Il y a 5 jours
Nobody: Jake Gyllenhaal:
rosedagger 28
rosedagger 28 Il y a 5 jours
i mean... how did they miss that it has been 5 years?..
rinmoy talukdar
rinmoy talukdar Il y a 5 jours
Why the heck is Jake not given attention here? Dude! He is BIG!
Avsky Zyzan
Avsky Zyzan Il y a 6 jours
Why Zendaya is in front of the Jacob? I don’t get it.
Philip Arnesen
Philip Arnesen Il y a 6 jours
Jake´s laugh at 4:00
THE ALPHAWOLF Il y a 6 jours
Why is jimmy ALWAYS getting 6.9 MIL views when I see the vid?
ravindra sadanshiv
ravindra sadanshiv Il y a 6 jours
5:49 he didn't come to his own funeral😅😫sad!!
Naranja Marin Garcia
Naranja Marin Garcia Il y a 6 jours
Tony we miss you 3 thousand 💔💔😭😭
Bruce Il y a 6 jours
Right? I was like why is he going back to highschool, did every single main student character get snapped and they all decided to go back to the same school?
GamingWiz 108
GamingWiz 108 Il y a 6 jours
Jimmy: Are you supposed to say that? Tom: wEll YeS, bUt aCtuaLly nO
Basic nobody
Basic nobody Il y a 6 jours
1:45 Tom: It’s no secret that I’m not good at instagram jimmy:is that not a secret .... Tom: nO
Random Human Being
Random Human Being Il y a 6 jours
Jacob Batalon walking on to this show is me walking into a room.
Ya Ya
Ya Ya Il y a 6 jours
What if Peters friends also got turned to dust, and when Hulk snapped they just got back. That might be why thier still in high school but it's just a theory
Laney Bishop
Laney Bishop Il y a 6 jours
Why does Zendaya look like a hippie
10969 -
10969 - Il y a 7 jours
they are still in high school even after 5 years !? 🤔
Busy Il y a 7 jours
Tom says "hi" Omg spoilers
Manh-Hai Müller
Manh-Hai Müller Il y a 7 jours
Tom Holland is Not controlled by technoligy. I like that fact! Honestly it's nice that He is Not an instagram zombie like a Lot of other actors!
ALI Ahmad
ALI Ahmad Il y a 7 jours
I got you tom at the end the joke about cgi mouth i know you were roasting superman very sneaky tom... sneaky indeed
Danial Il y a 7 jours
Prennt57 G
Prennt57 G Il y a 7 jours
They’re all still in high school because they were all snapped away so when they came back they went back to finish high school
Gd monster
Gd monster Il y a 7 jours
I'm going to spoil endgame Shaggy dies
jay lynne
jay lynne Il y a 7 jours
bc they closed down school for good for those 5 years, it was glorious times XD
Narsing rao
Narsing rao Il y a 7 jours
spiderman after punishing the bad guy "why did i punish him twice"
Mike Girl
Mike Girl Il y a 7 jours
Is it just me or Cobie looks jealous of the other girl?
Vivaan Mehta
Vivaan Mehta Il y a 7 jours
peanut link
peanut link Il y a 8 jours
They’re still the same age as they were 5 years ago so they still should be in high school
MRah Il y a 8 jours
Was anyone else confused as to who that lady was? And then later realised it was Cobie Smulders?
unknown / lazer
unknown / lazer Il y a 8 jours
Wait... Ned was bald the whole spiderman: homecoming Bro the CGI is so real
Abijith Dq
Abijith Dq Il y a 8 jours
I hate the fact that they don't let jake to speak 😭
Nickalosem !!
Nickalosem !! Il y a 8 jours
6:20 that makes no sense, Infinity war has already been out for a year
2718aj Il y a 8 jours
Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal Il y a 8 jours
Tom: I was told it’s a wedding. Zendaya: No one told me to wear black dress.
prior prirose
prior prirose Il y a 8 jours
"i was told it was a wedding" im sorry i laughed so hard same zendaya...same 😂
Kabir Dua
Kabir Dua Il y a 8 jours
Why does Tom look like he’s holding grapes or something in his cheeks
Ean Albe
Ean Albe Il y a 8 jours
He sounds so much like spiderman.
MayuR MakwanA
MayuR MakwanA Il y a 8 jours
LOL in entry scene Tom acted like RDJ...
ElieScissorhand Il y a 8 jours
Cobie!!! ❤️
johanna e. h.
johanna e. h. Il y a 8 jours
I low-key don't understand why it's so funny that they don't tell their actors what they're even making? They didn't even get all the lines? Like that's how you know they treat the film as a sellable product and not a work of art. No actor should have to go into a set unprepared. F spoilers. Give actors the space to do their job.
UrJustBad 0
UrJustBad 0 Il y a 8 jours
This audience is so dead
Erika rongpipi
Erika rongpipi Il y a 8 jours
Cobie Smulders looks stunning❤ damn i miss Robin scherbatsky🌹 like if you have watched how i met your mother.
Jiselle. Zafra
Jiselle. Zafra Il y a 7 jours
Erika rongpipi i think she should’ve ended up with Barney😂😤
Just Kidding
Just Kidding Il y a 8 jours
During this show Marvel:"*He's gonna told that we pranked him,ready the tranqualizing dart*" Snipers:"*Tranqualizing dart ready*"
Dan Witzke
Dan Witzke Il y a 8 jours
I like to go in fresh!
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