Space Engineers - S2E35 'Worming Through The Mountain'

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Intro designed by community member Moosiblé.
MWO Soundpack made by Haven Kendrick:




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Commentaires 34
Lex Gronchi
Lex Gronchi Il y a mois
what mod do you use to rename pistons, projectors and other things directly? thank you
Mallory SF
Mallory SF Il y a mois
Haha, so relatable! I've been working on a mountain base for a long time. Facing all the weight problems. Here, my mega-drill with stabilizer wheels, instant weld of a tunnel and refineries that turn stone to plates and other yummies. Although I think the block limit of the world won't let me build something grand. It would be awful to have this leviathan tunnel and then get a death lag before I add any halls and labs and train system. But that preview, man! I was like "wth? How did he get my saves?! Oh! It's another fellow drill-man" XD
Alex Hudson
Alex Hudson Il y a mois
Shouldn't any self-respecting piston drill-rig come with an emergency shutdown timer block (stops drills, pistons, turns off other timers) ?
Immortal Crusader
Immortal Crusader Il y a mois
Do a survival series with yhe objectives of 1. Building a small automated fleet 2. Building a huge ground base 3. Building a huge space station 4. Colonize another planet And have another player from other side of map spawn drones in randomly to probe the plannet and eliminate all life forms
Kons37 Flyingreapper
How do you get your drills so smooth? Mine just slowly start going downwards
Stoicus Il y a mois
Hello, thanks for your videos. I've found that with grids more on the large side, and not even as large as your works here, I could save on simspeed using these mods: Block Optimizer by Elsephire to replace long lines and square sections of armor blocks with a single block: when replacing even a few 10x10 sets of armor block with a single one the block count falls a lot, though note that it's not perfect as there are no intermediate construction models. And OCD Armored Floor Conveyors v1 by Xero, or More Conveyors by Mafoo, to replace long sections of conveyor tubes with a single long conveyor block. Though you could be interested. And thanks again!
JOEY Il y a mois
This construction project has been going on almost a whole month now and there is barely any superstructure being built. Are you unionized or something? I’d like to speak with a supervisor this is ridiculous!
Jared T
Jared T Il y a mois
Man, I so want to write a quick script to run that thing.
Bob Blanston
Bob Blanston Il y a mois
Looks like an ok basic start for the inch worm. So much more work to actually get this to work in survival. Good Luck
Kociole Q
Kociole Q Il y a mois
I guess You celebrated lunching the ship ritual with bottles of hydrogen instead of champagne :)
Michael Oakes
Michael Oakes Il y a mois
I couldn't help but notice that in the main hangar section, it's kinda hard to see the opening through the ceiling. It's mainly the lack of a crossbar that lets you see it, and the upper ceiling is so dark that those crossbars are barely visible. Might I suggest changing the color of the lights surrounding that tunnel, for contrast? That would give you a good marker of where the tunnel is.
Mike Whitaker
Mike Whitaker Il y a mois
anyone else had issues with the ingame build planner overriding easy inventory.... pretty sure mine is since i dont get the easy inventory messages when i pull parts...
olpizl Il y a mois
Why would you want the pistons to retract so slowly? 6 minutes of just wasted time.
startide Il y a mois
I was wondering the same, can't you change their speed with the timer block actions ?
Lars Boeter
Lars Boeter Il y a mois
I've had the same problem yesterday build and repair picked up my hydrogen and it turned into oxygen bottles might be a bug
Nicole Parent
Nicole Parent Il y a mois
*Chanting*: WORM!! WORM!! WORM!! WORM!!
Sion Il y a mois
*@Kanajashi* If you can programmatically change the piston speed, you can about half the tunnel time, if you set it to max-speed for retracting.
Sion Il y a mois
*@Kanajashi* 23:36 Can't you add a hologram to the worm, so it projects it's own track. Project it from one of the "feets" when that foot is locked, so it's not moving relative to the ground. (use the "retraction-time" to extend the track, that's a good time, because you know the relative position of the front foot at that time).
MaktheMad Il y a mois
Sion yeah I was thinking that would be the best way to do it :). The only drawback I could see is that projectors are REALLY fickle when it comes to placement. Especially since the worm is floating in connectors. It may not line up properly.
Sion Il y a mois
@MaktheMad The thing is that it's only activated when it stands still, when it's moving it's turned off.
MaktheMad Il y a mois
Because as it's moving, the projection will move. And as the projection moves, the automatic builder would create the same block over and over. It would never create the connection block. Hard to explain without pictures :D
toh ping Tiang
toh ping Tiang Il y a mois
Search under Bottle instead of hydrogen or oxygen
0623kaboom Il y a mois
why not put your projector on your rear worm then you move the bp along with the build and it will always be exactly in the same spot ... also if you put a bare bones set of 4 wheels on pistons once the worm gets to the end you can move it to the next one and not have to rebuild it yet again ...
1:06 spoooky 👻
The Garage Gamer
The Garage Gamer Il y a mois
Would be interesting to see if removing that much voxel will effect performance, if it doesn't then I have some serious plans for my survival save.
The Garage Gamer
The Garage Gamer Il y a mois
@0623kaboom yeah I was more talking about a local game on my local computer.
0623kaboom Il y a mois
it depends on the server ... the better the server the longer it takes for the voxel destruction to be a problem ...
Magpie James
Magpie James Il y a mois
You're on a planet with a breathable atmosphere, so why are you carrying oxygen bottles?
3rd Cain
3rd Cain Il y a mois
that way he always has the same amount of "basic carry weight" on him and doesnt have to think about stuff like "oh i need O² since im going outside in space now" - less stuff to worry about and less math to do. Like he builds something in that amount on earth and cant build the same amount of it in space cuz the bottles take away the 2 internals he needs for the last one. hope i could explain it, im bad a this
Nicole Parent
Nicole Parent Il y a mois
Is O2 or Hydrogen for the flight?? He might use it for flight
DasIllu Il y a mois
The outside air is a bit smelly.
Ramboly75 Firstblood
Rip lol 👍
Mike Gursky
Mike Gursky Il y a mois
what you should do is set up drill and fills underneath your build and repairs and have them turned on during the rear end retract cycle to create your finished tunnel dimensions. you could also put a projector there to run during that same time to build your tunnel structure. this will maximize those wasted six minutes of downtime
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 Il y a mois
20:10 should have had the retract speed be higher
Inmoraa Il y a mois
was about to say, why don't you put a projector on the worm?
Bigcheese West
Bigcheese West Il y a mois
For the color of the hanger is blue and black
Faulkenburgs Il y a mois
Anyone here remember when captain jars played space engineers?
LuckyWig Il y a mois
The Rogue Wolf
The Rogue Wolf Il y a mois
So we're not gonna talk about that noise at 30:32 ?
llljustcallhimDave Il y a mois
That's the sound of the projector turning on
Bigrignohio Il y a mois
Currently watching and have reached the timer setup section. Personally I would have a few seconds between the locking of one connector and unlocking the other. Be interesting to see what happens. Edit: Huh. No drop whatsoever. I expected it may have dropped a few cm each step. Guess not.
Mark O
Mark O Il y a mois
"That went [deathbeep] smoothly." I laughed so hard i spilled my coffee on me! :D
CedGames Il y a mois
llljustcallhimDave Il y a mois
I had to laugh at that also , made me think "At least I'm not the only one to do that sort of thing." My first death was flying into a tree at 100m/s
The Rogue Wolf
The Rogue Wolf Il y a mois
That's our Kana.
Devon Carney
Devon Carney Il y a mois
Hey you should build a dreadnaut landing pad
Devon Carney
Devon Carney Il y a mois
@Nicole Parent thanks
Nicole Parent
Nicole Parent Il y a mois
*Dreadnaught Sorry had to correct it
Mrwein Il y a mois
I like! Keep it up! Would you like to be FRvid friends? :]
Drew Davidson
Drew Davidson Il y a mois
didnt u ask that on the last video.....twice? u that desperate for a fwiend?lol