Snow Tha Product - I Dont Wanna Leave Remix (Official Music Video)

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Video by: Woke Productions
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13 mars 2017




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Commentaires 80
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Jose M
Jose M Il y a 6 jours
Soy tu amigo i can rap
Jose M
Jose M Il y a 6 jours
A you ok
oussama 11
oussama 11 Il y a 12 jours
Come to algerie
Kelvin Applegate
Kelvin Applegate Il y a 16 jours
Ma you don't need Auto tune! You can actually spit. Leave that to the Migos, and the other babies that don't know how.
Ale Flores
Ale Flores Il y a 18 jours
Mis respetos 👏👏
Claudia Saw
Claudia Saw Il y a 5 heures
Claudia Saw
Claudia Saw Il y a 5 heures
Esa la mejor cancion
Viktor J
Viktor J Il y a 5 heures
TopGunRS Il y a 5 heures
this shit is fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claudia Saw
Claudia Saw Il y a jour
Berat-15 Il y a 3 jours
Ok. But like, respect.
Davit Gevorkiani
Davit Gevorkiani Il y a 7 jours
She is who should be on top charts, not some hoes )
Tony Medina
Tony Medina Il y a 8 jours
Viva Snow thee product
Tarek Zizo
Tarek Zizo Il y a 9 jours
لراه هنا يخبط جام ندوخوهم ❤😂
oumaima lover
oumaima lover Il y a 9 jours
abdo games
abdo games Il y a 9 jours
هههههههههههههه واعره لي عربي يبان هنا يلاه ههههههه
3p!c-F4!l Il y a 10 jours
whats the Original Song from The First Part not the spanish part I need the Full Song
franco perez
franco perez Il y a 10 jours
Que impresionante, el mejor flow femenino que he visto jamás
Mohamad abo taim
Mohamad abo taim Il y a 11 jours
Very good your voice cool 😘
merel janssen
merel janssen Il y a 11 jours
2020 anyone? This shit still fire be honest
LEX ELAINE Il y a 12 jours
Lola Duran
Lola Duran Il y a 13 jours
yo sé que no es la música dónde la hisiste con nata y Ovi pero dijiste ven para acá México pendejo y yo digo que pendeja estás tu
Marie Mccormick
Marie Mccormick Il y a 14 jours
Omg Queen of Rap!!! Holy shit!!!! Tearing it up!!!! Gosh she is coming in like a tsunami on bitches!!!! 💪🏻👈🏻🤛🏻
Kazuhiko Yuki Tsuyoshi
Kazuhiko Yuki Tsuyoshi Il y a 14 jours
would someone try to translate please?thanks in advance!
Léo Pires
Léo Pires Il y a 14 jours
She is so beautiful
LION Il y a 17 jours
U should do a song with 6ix9in 🔥😍
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller Il y a 17 jours
i think she is the BEST rapper ever!!!!! :)
SCR CRIA777 Il y a 18 jours
Ndeye Magatte Mbaye
Ndeye Magatte Mbaye Il y a 20 jours
Alaa Mohamed
Alaa Mohamed Il y a 21 jour
طب اللى جاى من فيديو سوسكا يخبط لايك
Real Trolling
Real Trolling Il y a 24 jours
1:45 ..... .....
Hossam_mourad_sy Il y a 25 jours
Fuckin nice Rapp.♥
GADER GAMER EYO Il y a 25 jours
Ow snow tha product love you
Amer FL
Amer FL Il y a 25 jours
واش اسمها هادي
Akash pandey
Akash pandey Il y a 25 jours
Man this girl respect
Dakota Coursey
Dakota Coursey Il y a 26 jours
Yo she rapped so fast in that second verse I didnt even know what she was saying! Damn!!!! 🔥
Oliver Sykes
Oliver Sykes Il y a 26 jours
When she starts rapping ... I felt that 🤯
hala asma
hala asma Il y a 27 jours
Angel Lecona
Angel Lecona Il y a 28 jours
Like 2020 viva la fuckin Mexicana 🇲🇽 😎👍
José Andrés Merino
José Andrés Merino Il y a 28 jours
When you are from Spain but you know what is flow
Diana Cimpan
Diana Cimpan Il y a 28 jours
, 😍
Your Momma
Your Momma Il y a mois
Ur beautiful n real wit it
turtle king
turtle king Il y a mois
d#ddddamn she fine asf... I'll be yo side biiish straight up
علي علي
علي علي Il y a mois
موش مره غمبله يا ناس 😂😂
Wishaninja Wood
Wishaninja Wood Il y a mois
All I know is I don't wanna leave this vid cause she is, Beautiful as life itself!!! MY LORD!
Richy Rich
Richy Rich Il y a mois
Still listening on June 2020 anyone?🔥
Luis Mejía Fuertes
Puro fuego 💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sam Soares
Sam Soares Il y a mois
Quando rima em outra língua tmb fica joia💥🔥🔥
Rap killer
Rap killer Il y a mois
La Neta
La Neta Il y a mois
The Mexican m&m female version.
Jinismy Bae92
Jinismy Bae92 Il y a mois
2020 anyone?
You Can
You Can Il y a mois
What you think
Jerry banks
Jerry banks Il y a mois
Our marketing services puts you in the right direction. Order from us today you won't be disappointed.
DEYTHAN Il y a mois
noooooo que bomba atómica es esta mujer fkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Laine La
Laine La Il y a mois
Dodo Dodo
Dodo Dodo Il y a mois
وراهم شعب المليون ونص يبينو رواحم
T A C H999
T A C H999 Il y a mois
Bent stati 7sen mnek 😂😂😂😂
Jinking Il y a mois
just gonna replay 100 million times 0:00
Danaya Alvarado
Danaya Alvarado Il y a mois
Yu under rated over stressed under paid do anything but jus don’t quit
MegaAetherCrazy Il y a mois
I’ll leave a trace about quarantine in these comments😐 it’s finally over and I hope I won’t write much on this subject😑
Whitish Label
Whitish Label Il y a mois
Allen Owens
Allen Owens Il y a mois
Snows voice is amazing,
Enzo Socci
Enzo Socci Il y a mois
blessed por la rima de julieta venegas, una bestia esta mina
vibe_higherxo Il y a mois
I can't believe I never hit like 🤦🤦🤦 sorry snow
magno souza Santos
magno souza Santos Il y a mois
Top ❤✌👍
Luísmyy The Australian
Ok me enamore d esta mexicana
NoT mE
NoT mE Il y a mois
0:56-1:07 i literally got so hyped i threw my phone now i had to buy another 😢
Jr Car
Jr Car Il y a mois
Honey ur not only FINE AF!! BUT ONCE I HEARD THEN SAW U I WAS SPRUNG/HOOKED! UR A SAVAGE BEAST & THAT'S SO SEXY! u go girl! U thro urself lol te avientas chula que bella eres! Keep up the fantastic good work viva mexico chingatha madre! Yea! I love u ! Ur a BEAST MAMI! wow wtf! I love ur style and im ur #1fan lol i never thought id leave a comment no matter wat well ..ur my first one & dam proud! Usted sigale mami!
Lost Cheesecake
Lost Cheesecake Il y a mois
"How the fuck a bitch this pretty rap that fire, I'm a diamond in the rough and bitches can't top fire" 🙌
ziko la〆akrot
ziko la〆akrot Il y a mois
في ليبيين زعما ؟؟؟؟ 🤣🤣🇱🇾🇱🇾🇱🇾
ziko la〆akrot
ziko la〆akrot Il y a mois
Koussai Djellab
Koussai Djellab Il y a mois
بابابا قوة 😍👊 Respect from Alg
Gaurav Gaur
Gaurav Gaur Il y a mois
Em sleeping on her?
Yahya Neissi
Yahya Neissi Il y a mois
WOow Bombe 🙆🏻‍♂️🗣the beste Voice in world 🌍
Coreone 9
Coreone 9 Il y a mois
who said your pretty
brad hunt
brad hunt Il y a mois
Teach me Spanish beautiful.!.!
cara the foullint
cara the foullint Il y a mois
de naziii, muy bueno tu flow breoooo
ReveS Il y a mois
en la quarntina
Izzy Hollenbeck
Izzy Hollenbeck Il y a mois
Bro that switch up was cold I loved that spanish verse the
Liv T
Liv T Il y a mois
🤨My sister wanted me to look up hashtag sister so i came here so she, d have a future
soulblade Il y a mois
Simple and yet absolutely dope 😯 🔥
Destiny Deserves
Destiny Deserves Il y a mois
Im ready to come to Kali...
Gee Perez
Gee Perez Il y a mois
😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Im in love lookin ass
mekdadp diop
mekdadp diop Il y a mois
Sohanur Rahman
Sohanur Rahman Il y a mois
I declare Snow Tha Product as Goddess Of Hip-Hop.
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