Snow Tha Product - Doing Fine [Music Video]

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Directed by Daniel Czernilofsky




12 mars 2014




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Commentaires 80
Hey!! 😁👋 I just dropped a NEW song & music video yesterday -> 📢📢 DONT MISS my "GOIN OFF" TOUR starting in May!! 🎟️Tickets just went on sale! Get them here ->
Joe N Dina Bevins
Joe N Dina Bevins Il y a 29 jours
Joe N Dina Bevins
Joe N Dina Bevins Il y a 29 jours
@badina whitman hey
california dreaming
she is like a latina missy elliot and aaliyah on this particular song , snow i rock with u, great music, i dont know how im just finding out about u, but u definitly deserve mlre recognition and better than a lot of these artists out right now 🔥🔥🔥🔥
William Reid
William Reid Il y a 3 mois
Hey Gretzky LA KINGS was where he got his first " 2000 " goal in a season.
Vittorio Feliciano
Vittorio Feliciano Il y a 3 mois
I wonder if we're related. Seems highly unlikely that there could be 2 completely separate Feliciano families both coming from Cali. 🤔
Love L
Love L Il y a jour
Michael Valentine
Michael Valentine Il y a jour
I HAVE YOUR BACK ! This is Too New Beginnings!!!!!!! ONE WORLD ORDER : LOVE 💗. VIBE HIGHER !
Michael Valentine
Michael Valentine Il y a jour
I Have Never Stopped Listening To Her Majesty On The Mic 🎙: She Is The Truth: VOTE 🗳 SNOW FOR QUEEN 👑 OF UNDERGROUND AND ABOVE GROUND: SHE IS THE COLDEST ,SNOW !
Ashley Flores
Ashley Flores Il y a 2 jours
Can u help me, suicidal is so real rn snow idk what to do
Monica Jayne
Monica Jayne Il y a 3 jours
2020 👍
It is TIME
It is TIME Il y a 5 jours
This is real for real
Shawntai Marie
Shawntai Marie Il y a 5 jours
This will never get old god she's fire!
Meghan Kathleen
Meghan Kathleen Il y a 7 jours
Snow has blown the fuck up
Keara Farnor
Keara Farnor Il y a 7 jours
Still one of my faves. Nobody tops Snow
Amanda Zamora
Amanda Zamora Il y a 10 jours
I love you so much
Josh García
Josh García Il y a 16 jours
Chaparrita talentosa, hermosa, bella mujer
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez Il y a 18 jours
It’s 2020 and its still fire 🔥
Sydney Johnson
Sydney Johnson Il y a 18 jours
This where quarantine brought me-
Blue Sully
Blue Sully Il y a 19 jours
Listening while doing chemo👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️
TheDutchess Grey
TheDutchess Grey Il y a 20 jours
Its Corona virus and I'm still listening to this!
Sound Offense
Sound Offense Il y a 20 jours
i love young snow, hope she comes back to this style
Epic.Mrs.Epic Il y a 20 jours
I still love this song. I heard it probably a year or two ago and I got it on at least 3 playlists. I find myself playing it a lot lately....IDK Snow just has 🔥 songs that also know how to reach you. God Bless her. If you're reading this, you're great too, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Abeer Siddiqui
Abeer Siddiqui Il y a 22 jours
Becky G used to give this vibe.. Now she is changed to fame and commercialism. I had a Dream of Becky G X Snow
Nairobi Tokyo
Nairobi Tokyo Il y a 22 jours
She a part of queen of south
yung Stoner Mom 98
yung Stoner Mom 98 Il y a 23 jours
Been bumping this since it 1st came out💯💙
Dee Runaway
Dee Runaway Il y a 27 jours
Teresa Cienfuegos
Teresa Cienfuegos Il y a 29 jours
Roll with the movement 💪💬 💛💙💚💜❄️
Joe N Dina Bevins
Joe N Dina Bevins Il y a 29 jours
Brittney Hart
Brittney Hart Il y a mois
6/2020 and this song is the anthem of my life! Thank you know
Gypsy Mama’s Circle
Love you snow!!! Thank you!!
cortez lowe
cortez lowe Il y a mois
It could be 2049 or even 3030 and this song will still be a banger forsho
Tazdjess Il y a mois
Oh I had almost forgot about this song you tore this one up like all of them... Damn.....
razi fahd
razi fahd Il y a mois
Bradda Emce Records
Miss old snow
ELHOMS TV Il y a mois
2020 escuchandote nena
Kommon Zense
Kommon Zense Il y a mois
Love & respect Snow 👌
brad hunt
brad hunt Il y a mois
We gon snort a line of blow one day snow 😘
Maria Esther
Maria Esther Il y a mois
When you are underrated af nivel Dios
NWSization Il y a mois
I always heard about her but just now taking time to run through her joints..... she been dope since day one, I see.
Jasmine Mana-ay
Jasmine Mana-ay Il y a mois
Others : nicki minaj Me: snow tha product 🔥🔥🔥
ezescousin14213 Il y a mois
The hook is 🔥
Jkgski18 Il y a mois
My life last year. Nothing but love!! Nothing but Up💞💞💞 💖
Boyington Pablo
Boyington Pablo Il y a mois
Your so cool snow❤😁😏
Dick Tator
Dick Tator Il y a mois
george e
george e Il y a mois
This song will always be 🔥
House Guest
House Guest Il y a mois
Oh and to the 3.6k people who disliked this dont go hating on someone use wish u could be even half as good as rather than hating on snow drop a link in the comments section with a song use have done I guarantee none of use haters could even come close to the talent snow has more to the point why would anyone hate on someone who is clearly making something of themselves
Rico214 Hahagames214
Rico214 Hahagames214 Il y a 2 mois
My favorite song.
!? Il y a 2 mois
two little birds ask me why
Drew Pittman
Drew Pittman Il y a 2 mois
Anthony Angeles
Anthony Angeles Il y a 2 mois
I did notice this girl from Ovi song And still listening how much I lose to know about her
Stevie Ortega
Stevie Ortega Il y a mois
Anthony Angeles same bro! She’s fire y mexicana 😍🇲🇽🔥
Sabrina Jones
Sabrina Jones Il y a 2 mois
I love her music and attitude and everything.
rapper crush
rapper crush Il y a 2 mois
No words only crush on you killer in all raps each and every words no gap like my coments than I call backc
Bitter Sweet gacha
Bitter Sweet gacha Il y a 2 mois
The quite kids brain be like:
Tommy Frederick
Tommy Frederick Il y a 2 mois
LOVE the story of this one. THIS girl. WOW
Taras Mykhalchuk
Taras Mykhalchuk Il y a 2 mois
I knew she's a good girl!
Gabriel Pineda
Gabriel Pineda Il y a 2 mois
The 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss: 1. Snow Tha Product 2. Alexa Bliss
Butterfly Princess
Butterfly Princess Il y a mois
He might be in love with her ❣️❣️❣️she’s beautiful 😍💋
Gabriel Pineda
Gabriel Pineda Il y a 2 mois
Female wrestler in WWE
jose reyes
jose reyes Il y a 2 mois
alexa bliss ? who is she ?
Erica LaVette
Erica LaVette Il y a 2 mois
I'm doinnn fine 😔😘
Ramon Saldivar
Ramon Saldivar Il y a 2 mois
Dan Sherlock
Dan Sherlock Il y a 2 mois
Good time to get vibes right. One of the best concerts that I have been to. Detroit
Kush Bluntz
Kush Bluntz Il y a 2 mois
Still bumping this banger 6 years later
Delia Allen
Delia Allen Il y a 2 mois
Get it Girl!
Dady H
Dady H Il y a 2 mois
Snow Tha Product I like you🥰🥰
Keely Holland
Keely Holland Il y a 2 mois
SkylenceKnives Il y a 3 mois
Damn, look how far you have come snow... Been vibing with your music forever now. Vibe higher🤙🔥
Darren Thompson
Darren Thompson Il y a 3 mois
I think ur cute😎🦋🙄
Daniel Fuckyou
Daniel Fuckyou Il y a 3 mois
JOKER Gaming
JOKER Gaming Il y a 3 mois
2020\4/3. This song will stay in my heart for ever who like me
kristy Kelly
kristy Kelly Il y a 3 mois
What I do what I do u got it I got it cause I'm doin mostly fine
idalecio vieira
idalecio vieira Il y a 3 mois
Girl, I didn't really know you were like that, very heavy.....5dope
MARISOL TORRES Il y a 3 mois
Great !!! Much loveeeeee snowww
Crysta Crochets
Crysta Crochets Il y a 3 mois
Still a jam
kayanni lonii
kayanni lonii Il y a 3 mois
I love you snowthaproduct 😘💃🏻🥰😍❤️
Tyana Musrasrik
Tyana Musrasrik Il y a 3 mois
Still keep coming back to this song😭
Who is listening in 2❤️20
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Il y a 3 mois
Awesome song!
Hamza Disco
Hamza Disco Il y a 3 mois
James Welch
James Welch Il y a 3 mois
Doing fine is definitely one of my favorites; Snow reminds me of Aaliyah "street but sweet." In doing fine she not only showcases her rap skills but also her amazing singing voice as well. Thank you Snow!
Kelvin Areizaga V
Kelvin Areizaga V Il y a 3 mois
Started listening to your music recently, you dope af
LEX ELAINE Il y a 3 mois
f r e e b i r d
f r e e b i r d Il y a 3 mois
super hot and she pronounces words you can understand! not made up gibberish for a rhyme
Ricardo Il y a 3 mois
She is so underrated it’s not even funny.
lynlee marshall
lynlee marshall Il y a 3 mois
2020 still listening to this song
Matthew Culver
Matthew Culver Il y a 3 mois
Crystall Mechelle Banks 2010
I actually saw that bike at walmart
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