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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Who's most to blame for the Cowboys' Week 6 loss?
Will Scott
Will Scott Il y a 19 jours
The cowboys
Seattle’s Favorite Fan
Seattle’s Favorite Fan Il y a 27 jours
Jason Garret and Dak Presscott
Alvaro Vargas bang-wutang
How dare you say measly Beasley Beasley was a beast crucial to the offense I can't believe they let him go. He was money on 3rd Downs
Brian Anzalone
Brian Anzalone Il y a mois
Elwood Riley
Elwood Riley Il y a 4 jours
Accident waiting to happen
Christian Backmon
Christian Backmon Il y a 8 jours
4 weeks later he’s throwing away Zeke’s Jersey 😂
Jordan Truce
Jordan Truce Il y a 16 jours
Skip was about to cry... lmao. Love Shannon, always talking the truth😂
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Il y a 18 jours
Look at Dax’s QBR! ‘Nuff said! No, look at the teams the Cowboys have played. 2-6 Giants that have given up 124 pts 1-7 Redskins that have given up 195 pts 0-7 Dolphins that have given up 238 pts 1-6 Jets that have given up 185 pts 4-4 Eagles that have given up 199 pts
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Il y a 18 jours
Granted, the Patriots have played also played against bad teams too.
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Il y a 18 jours
Skip, if you keep saying the Cowboys will go to the Super Bowl, eventually you might be right. Of course, that’s when they’ll face the undefeated Browns. I can promise you, the Cowboys will NEVER get close to going to the Super Bowl with Jason Garrett. They probably won’t have much of a chance anymore with Jerry Jones as they owner.
Gansta Kermit
Gansta Kermit Il y a 23 jours
5:32 skip heated
Matthew Levin
Matthew Levin Il y a 24 jours
It wasn't Dak's fault. It is coaching.
Hell Raizah
Hell Raizah Il y a 24 jours
skip. ..😂 it's painful to watch at this point. everybody waits for this clip just to see u cry and be delusional
Matrix55 Il y a mois
I love Shannon
TaliBan Goon
TaliBan Goon Il y a mois
8:39 “to your point” ☠️⚰️⚰️⚰️ 11:57 “ohhh just let em play” ☠️⚰️⚰️⚰️ 12:27 “we gotta get the cowboys outta here”☠️⚰️⚰️⚰️ -Skip “mhmm” sayless aka drip to my shoe 👟
Travis Eckard
Travis Eckard Il y a mois
Chip is a cowboys tool 😂
Jay Sandoval
Jay Sandoval Il y a mois
Not every loss is on a QB. .. low football IQ ppl always use that excuse
Keith Stone
Keith Stone Il y a mois
To be fair the Eagles got the shaft with officials last Sunday also..Skip doesn't mention that..I love ya, Skip, but open your eyes.
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson Il y a mois
"He's not smart enough!!!" -Skip Bayless Skip insulted this man's intelligence, smh
Cre Il y a mois
Shannon roasting Skip 🤣😂
Juan Vigil
Juan Vigil Il y a mois
EL PARANDERO Il y a mois
I'm a big Cowboys fan ... but I gotta agree with shannon ... we should go out and get teddy Bridgewater ... come o. MR JONES ... time for a change .... Daks had his chance ... I'm not convinced
JKon Il y a mois
Skip does realize Cedrick Wilson was an amazing WR at Boise State from 2016-2017, right??? He states he is a 'special teamer' (though he is a WR of course by position), and makes the claim that he is only in the game because "he" (the Cowboys) is down 2 WRs... Allen Lazard was in the game on MNF for the Packers only because they were down 3-4 WRs, so WTF is Skip talking about, this actually irritates me for whatever reason after watching it 50 times lol.
6!XXX Il y a mois
Stop crying, Skip!!
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock Il y a mois
Hey skip u want some cheese with that wine!!!!!
G. Patrice Pulley
G. Patrice Pulley Il y a mois
Skip and the Cowgirls make a great couple.
Brandon Napper
Brandon Napper Il y a mois
Why don’t they show the plays they are discussing they could easily add the video to the lower bottom of the screen or something come on now
Jeremy Wardrip
Jeremy Wardrip Il y a mois
Cowboys fan but Shannon is 100 % right.
Typical LEGO
Typical LEGO Il y a mois
Bro dak prescott is so overrated
Jack Blade
Jack Blade Il y a mois
QBR not translating to wins...😂
Max Palmer
Max Palmer Il y a mois
Skip is having a fit !!!
saigonbond Il y a mois
Skip has more lame excuses than Trump.
Nameless Chaos Alliance
Omg skip lmao... "All time best warrior performance, you've ever seen." Lmaooooo Eagles beat the Pat's in the Super Bowl with a back up qb, a banged up o-line, their best wr was playing with a effed up shoulder... Even that was a better warrior performance and even that isn't the greatest warrior performance ever lol. You older then me Skip, you know what I'm talking about.
addictedtochaos Il y a mois
Dak is not the guy to get the Cowboys to a Super Bowl.
eksentrysyti Il y a mois
All I'm really hearing now is that the NFC East is trash. Well, isn't it like this nearly every year? The division winner usually is one of the weakest teams in the NFC. Almost never gets a first round bye. I'll point out though, that the only times Tom Brady loses in the Super Bowl is when the team that comes out of the NFC is from the East (Giants in '07, '11 and Eagles in '17).
Mike Wall
Mike Wall Il y a mois
Skips a joke
• Sçørpįø •
Rn I’m kinda sad to be a Cowboys fan 😂
freein2339 Il y a mois
These guys are so funny....
JKon Il y a mois
My god is this hilarious or what???!!! I love it from 10:20 when Shannon tries to reason and tries to hold back the laughter.... Everybody, just watch Shannon's facial reactions when Skip loses it!!!
Dro Montana
Dro Montana Il y a mois
My quarterback is better than yours..... *JIMMY GAROPPOLO* *>* -dak prescott-
mmmodafoca Il y a mois
warrior mentallity..against a winless team.. i mean you can say that if you faced New england, but not a winless team. come on now.
Dominic Leines
Dominic Leines Il y a mois
This is why people hate cowgirl fans ...(skip)
Jeffrey Russell
Jeffrey Russell Il y a mois
All time warrior performance: Skip knowing he's defeated and his team sucks and he gets back up and defends his team with nonsense.
Sid May
Sid May Il y a mois
Damn is skip going to cry
Sid May
Sid May Il y a mois
Lmaooooo, I have been waiting all week for this! Who Dat
Lisa Fields
Lisa Fields Il y a mois
Skip needs to stop approaching the game through the eyes of a fan if he is gonna be a professional, he makes himself look really uneducated.
Q Il y a mois
Can we vote Skip out of sports media?
Boomhauer Il y a mois
Now you begging 😂😂😂
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Il y a mois
Finally, skip and shannon got around to talking about the Cowboys. Now if they could just start talking about Lebron. 😴😴😴
COREY Stephen
COREY Stephen Il y a mois
Shannon, I really feel for you. Skip is absolutely killing the credibility of your show with his biases. Hope you find a better venue. Skip, only losers blame referees. How about being good enough to not have to rely on a call against the worst team in football. It’s getting pathetic man.
YaBoyAdrian51 Il y a mois
I can’t stand skip get him outta there already
Byron Payne
Byron Payne Il y a mois
They are making excuses for Dak like they did for Romo... Damn Cowboy fans
Byron Payne
Byron Payne Il y a mois
SF played with their all pro LT and up and coming RT and STILL WON
Bray Forte
Bray Forte Il y a mois
Skip is laughable. This man embarrasses himself every time he opens his mouth.
Albert McRae
Albert McRae Il y a mois
Good job Skip.. Lol
Sokar Il y a mois
He just sounds like a whiny child not getting his way. Plus his favorite stat, QBR, isn’t even liked by most ACTUAL football players and coaches...
waffleman Il y a mois
It was pathetic. The Cowboys are overrated. When Brett Maher is plays like the best player on your team there are problems.
Michael Waters
Michael Waters Il y a mois
Skip was doing a lot of crying
Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart Il y a mois
Skip sounds CRAZY! Who cares about QBR? Fans only cares about Wins not losses or qbr. What will you say Skip if Dallas lose to Philadelphia? You're coming UNHINGED!
The Irishpanic
The Irishpanic Il y a mois
Is skip crying?
Francisco Cazarez
Francisco Cazarez Il y a mois
Maybe score more first half points? Bad QB play in thr first half lost the game.
Josh Rabinovich
Josh Rabinovich Il y a mois
Bro dak sucks dude you lost to the freaking jets. Who cares about QBR if you can’t win against the 0-4 jets. Pathetic
VicZX6R Il y a mois
Cowgirls suck! They Lose to philly
VicZX6R Il y a mois
Anytime Cowboys fan win they think they're going to the Superbowl 😊🤣😂
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