Size 2 & Size 14 Try On The Same Outfits From H&M's Sustainable Line

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Just a reminder: We filmed this a months ago :) Hope you enjoy!
Size 2 & Size 14 to try on the same outfits from H&M's Conscious Collection !! What will fit? What won't? Let's get our try-on on! What was your favorite outfit?
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27 mars 2020




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Commentaires 80
lisbug Il y a 2 mois
Hi cute friends. Hope you enjoy today's video. Excited to FINALLY share it with you. Here's hoping we get to shoot one of these together again soon. Stay safe! xoox
Abby Martin
Abby Martin Il y a mois
After the virus y’all should try Tobi
Julia Mcadam
Julia Mcadam Il y a 2 mois
Msgm it’s the corona virus
Gillian Nichole
Gillian Nichole Il y a 2 mois
@Max Headrum In the description box she states this was filmed over a month ago.
Roxi Lee
Roxi Lee Il y a 2 mois
lisbug love you 2 together. Oh so fun !🥰
Max Headrum
Max Headrum Il y a 2 mois
I'm sorry but you're not 6 ft apart ! Play it safe in our covid-19 days
Catherine Meyer
Catherine Meyer Il y a 43 minutes
H&M only recycles 10% of the donated clothes. They’re not sustainable at all. It’s just greenwashing....
Klara J
Klara J Il y a 4 jours
Lisa gives me major Kristen Belle energy
KyawZin Oo
KyawZin Oo Il y a 5 jours
Talking angela's voice.
Ilvia Dicmane
Ilvia Dicmane Il y a 6 jours
Size 2? I don't think that you are a stick. You are definately a size 6 or 8.. And I have never heard of a size 0. Is there -2 as well?
prerna nataraj
prerna nataraj Il y a 6 jours
Um guys the h and m sustainable line uses only sustainable tags ,nothing else with that is sustainable. NOT THE FABRIC ,NOT THE MAKING, JUST THE TAG.Unless theh explicitly state it.
Listen here Sweaty🌺🌺
ok, but pants with no stretch that fit just right give you the best ass, stretch pants can for the first few wears, especially the cheaper ones but after a few months it's not the same. jeans with no stretch give you an ass with longevity
biscuit kookie
biscuit kookie Il y a 9 jours
Instagram badie she said.... Looking like a soccer mom.
Abril Guido
Abril Guido Il y a 11 jours
Everyone please watch HASAN MINHAG's PATRIOT ACT (the episode on fast fashion) on Netflix. Help STOP GREENWASHING. Have a good day.
LittleBirdieASMR Il y a 11 jours
They used to (or maybe still do) make a skirt out of the polka dot sweater (same material), and I have it and still wear it, 4+ years later, and it's one of my favorites. I stopped shopping fast fashion awhile ago, but I've held onto a few good quality pieces and surprisingly that was one of them. It's wonderful for when it's a little chilly out.
Lydia Grace
Lydia Grace Il y a 14 jours
Workout bodysuit= (dance/gymnastics) leotard
Nel Il y a 17 jours
I freaking love Sierra's voice, it's so nice. Fun video!
Meghan_ Shew
Meghan_ Shew Il y a 28 jours
The beige polka dot sweater might work if you get it oversized? Cause the way it clinges is weird so maybe if it's giant the. It won't look so funny???
Lili Kawaii
Lili Kawaii Il y a 28 jours
As a true size 0 I cannot shop there, they have obviously vanity sizing. A size 0 there fits me like a 4 no joke, would be nice if sizing was regulated tbh. Luckily now I only thrift and alter my clothes to fit me, would recommend that over buying shitty quality and fitting clothes.
Kenzie Smith
Kenzie Smith Il y a mois
The last time I watched one of her videos is when she and Shane broke up
Ash Molko
Ash Molko Il y a mois
what the hell I have that orange dress and I love it :D :D :D
Hilary Anne
Hilary Anne Il y a mois
they give it a 7 and say they hate it :') so me
Michelle Forsyth
Michelle Forsyth Il y a mois
I used to work for H&M. They told us they wanted to be fully sustainable by 2021. They (say) they use recycled fabrics - I assume they have it everywhere but in Australia there is an initiative where you can bring in a bag or old clothes/fabrics and we send them off to be washed and recycled, and we would give the customers 15% off one item. Probs some other stuff but I quit two years ago hahs
Chelsea Volcjak
Chelsea Volcjak Il y a mois
I actually like the wash on the first pair of jeans. Cameras can be a little off when it comes to detail & color though, but generally, I like lighter washes wayyyy better. Besides black denim, dark jeans fucking bother me.
Christina Bodnar
Christina Bodnar Il y a mois
I don't know if anyone here has watched Patriot Act on Netflix but it showed how that orange dress is literally nothing near sustainable. The wool they used is sustainable yes, but that dress has like 10% wool in it....just shows how big fashion brands are green washing their products :/
Emi Il y a mois
Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson Il y a mois
The jeans don’t have any stretch because elastane isn’t biodegradable 👍
Emma Brashear
Emma Brashear Il y a mois
H&m did change their sizing. They shifted everything to more accurately fit the average woman or some bullshit
Stephanie K
Stephanie K Il y a mois
American sizes are so strange like wtf is size 2 ? We have 6, 8, 10, 12 etc I say your 2 would be like a 10?
Shaina Shumway
Shaina Shumway Il y a mois
UK 4 US 2, UK 6 US 8, etc
Laura Is Temporary
Laura Is Temporary Il y a mois
Burnt red/orange looks amazing on you lisa. "not my colour", what the heck. liees
kelly naz
kelly naz Il y a mois
I'm confused, can someone tell me brands that aren't fast fashion and not like 100 quid for jeans...
Kandis Powell
Kandis Powell Il y a mois
I don't think she is a size 14...
Јелена Јариќ
If that is Size 14, which is UK size 16, than the US has taken vanity sizing to a wjole new level. That would be at least size 20 in Europe.
bst Meg
bst Meg Il y a mois
I look like Lisa yet an a size 10. Sizes are just weird
ShutUpAeryn Il y a mois
bst Meg lisa is petite (under 5’4 I believe) also ppl can have similar body structures but larger measurements. Im sure if you met irl you would be able to understand better. All my friends are petite and while they’re not all as thin as I am they can still fit a 0-00 while I couldn’t even zip a pair of that size jeans.
ruinsofanebula Il y a mois
as a man that works for h&m. its a legit branding that h&m adsorbed, its just called conscious because we cant brand it "anorexic n obese" ;)
World Erica
World Erica Il y a mois
She keeps liking the skinny one how good it looks on her cuz subconsciously she thinks skinny looks better, the giant clothes just look like a blanket. But both clothes aren't looking very nice either ways, maybe if she exercises and eats healthier, size 8 or 10 might also look cute .I don't see any cuts in size 14 XXL size . Yea whatever not all clothes are good in all sizes
Cheers! 진아 이야.♥
Can you put a poll on each outfit to vote for if the oufti looks better on either of you of if it fits both ? :D
Bertine Bj
Bertine Bj Il y a mois
LOL the black suit pants I had to size up 2 sizes
grimmsterification Il y a mois
moral of the story.....DON'T BE A SIZE 14
ShutUpAeryn Il y a mois
grimmsterification or don’t shop at h&m, not even if youre bigger, just don’t in general.
Christine Van
Christine Van Il y a mois
liz looks like michelle williams!
Riely Sanke
Riely Sanke Il y a mois
Sierras body life rally discussed me I was eating and watching this video and I had to stop eating when I saw her try on the dress I wanted to gag
Dylan Halstead
Dylan Halstead Il y a mois
hi just a couple of things: we did recently update our sizing to become more size inclusive and cater to all sizes. also our conscious brand is also newer so it’s not a huge collection. we have this program called ico where you can donate any unwanted clothing or fabrics of any sort and you get a 15% off coupon that never expires and we actually use the clothing your donate to create our sustainable fashion line!
Darkkcat94 Il y a mois
I swear it's like she doesn't understand that natural fibers tends not to be all that stretchy and that the plastic in your clothes isn't great for the environment and that's what makes your clothes so stretchy. I have allergies 2 most synthetic fibers and shopping is such a pain for me. And also a lot of expensive Brands still don't pay their employees crap either. I think it's an overall industry problem
T Il y a mois
I swear, you guys could make an entire channel dedicated to these types of videos, and I would watch every single one.
Christin Emanuelsson
I will never understand HM sizing.. I ordered a pair of pants in the size 42.. my sister, who is a 38, couldn't even get them past her bum.. like what For all you non European people ; a 42 is a size 10, and a 38 is a size 8
ShutUpAeryn Il y a mois
Christin Emanuelsson whats weird tho is that it happens the other way around with this brand as well, I bought a pair of pants that were 32’s or 34’s knowing they were supposed to be oversized in the legs, but they had an elastic band that would *not* stop falling down. Its like they’re telling bigger people to lose weight to fit into their clothing and smaller people the opposite. No thanks, I’ll stick with my levi’s and consignment shops.
misses elise
misses elise Il y a mois
“work out body suit” DID YOU MEAN A LEOTARD ????
bst Meg
bst Meg Il y a mois
misses elise no leotards are lined , it’s all the same thing just named different with slight fabric differences
Michelle Huff
Michelle Huff Il y a mois
Speaking as a chubby girl myself, the girl on the right is no way a 14. Looks more like an 18/20. I’m bigger than her so...
Christian Pedersen
Christian Pedersen Il y a mois
Help an old man out. Just what are sustainable clothes?
Erin Knowles
Erin Knowles Il y a mois
Does anyone else think Lisa looks like a clone of Michelle Williams??
Amber Frazier
Amber Frazier Il y a mois
Vanity sizing is a huge issue. Depending on where I shop I wear from an xs to a L.
KryptiiK Il y a mois
yes the size 14 isnt gunna look as good as the size 4. its not even a funny video or anything. Skinny vs fat what looks better? skinny. everyday. people need to stop pretending fat people are good looking at all. "+sized models" is a fucking joke statement in itself
VampItUpManchester Chrissie
Why don’t you both try clothes on from a real sustainable green brand?
VampItUpManchester Chrissie
I remember in the late 90’s (I think it was then because I went shopping with my Mum) Top Shop and H&M came out with the first ‘sustainable’ fashion lines from high street chain shops. They even gave out free tote bags made from recycled plastic which WAS cool. The range was tiny (and was for tiny people) and was dearer than actual sustainable companies clothing. Then they both went back to fast fashion and not giving a sh!t - until it’s become fashionable again obv.
Ronald Morrison
Ronald Morrison Il y a mois
Size 14 can get it!!!
Suzy Manville
Suzy Manville Il y a mois
For as tiny as you are, miss size 2/xxs, those tops make you look big. Talk about unflattering!
Karla Vreš
Karla Vreš Il y a mois
I love both of you, but... H&M is a Scandinavian brand, and I feel like we're forgetting that here. Their styles are unique to what's popular to wear in Sweden for example, where the company is based. Oversized sweaters - very popular. Long, tight dresses in thick material - also very popular. Pants might just be a straight flop, but I feel like we have to acknowledge the purpose of some of these styles. ;)
milena da cruz
milena da cruz Il y a mois
Just in case you guys didn't know already, manufacturers have to wash denim over and over and over and over to make soft- which obviously take a lot of water. Water conservation may be why the pants aren't as soft as expected
Ronald Glover
Ronald Glover Il y a mois
Your skinny friend set you up. The larger girl is beautiful and I love her shape. None of these clothes flatter her and I think it was intentional.
ShutUpAeryn Il y a mois
Ronald Glover or just bad brand practice, tried this with my mom, same thing happened.
Meg Ortiz
Meg Ortiz Il y a mois
This stuff isn’t sustainable and especially not that orange dress. It’s just called sustainable because it’s part wool. But that part is only 4% of that dress. 96% terrible. The word sustainable really means nothing. It’s like food being called “all natural”. It has no legal definition.
K9 Blue Boi 206
K9 Blue Boi 206 Il y a mois
The thick beauty is fine as fuck😍😍
Scandi Snowgirl
Scandi Snowgirl Il y a mois
I actually got the first top in grey for Christmas and I'm plus size. In the right size and styled right, it is hella cute
Kory Espittia
Kory Espittia Il y a mois
I loved the workout pants! You both look great 💕
Cheryl Wiens
Cheryl Wiens Il y a mois
Honestly, I love the first outfit (jeans and sweater top) on Sierra.
Mari741s Il y a mois
I feel like that red 'bodycon-like' dress would have been so much better on Lis if the dress was blue!
inmydarkesthour 22
inmydarkesthour 22 Il y a mois
No way she is a size 14...more like 18
Sarah Sarah
Sarah Sarah Il y a mois
So a UK size 6 and 18??
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Il y a mois
The polka dot sweater has dolman sleeves, they’re supposed to be wider at the armpit. Looked cute on both of you!
Kelsey Kruk
Kelsey Kruk Il y a 2 mois
Loved this
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Il y a mois
go ahead, that's up to you, but please do proper research before praising a line like this because it's actually lowkey worse than lines that don't pretend to be sustainable.
Lich Il y a 2 mois
Wait wait wait, you should've worn the trainer suit ON TOP of the pants
Kat Il y a 2 mois
More like a size 22.
kelly naz
kelly naz Il y a mois
it's American sizes
notconvincedgranny Il y a 2 mois
Sorry, not sorry - that dress was great! Both color and style.
Andrea Cunningham
Andrea Cunningham Il y a 2 mois
Hey Lisa live ur videos u e giving me Chelsea Handler vibes
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Il y a 2 mois
I love the fashion videos. But just so y’all know h&m definitely isn’t sustainable. They’re just greenwashing to hop on the trend 🤷🏻‍♀️
hailey grey
hailey grey Il y a 2 mois
Sustainable shouldn't = ugly 😭(& ill fitting)
Kate Alianiello
Kate Alianiello Il y a 2 mois
The yellow body suit looked so good on both of you
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Il y a 2 mois
am on disability and live off of less than $1000 canadian dollars a month (less than the cost of most places rent) and stores like this are the only way I can afford clothes at al
Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez Il y a 2 mois
Sierra’s belly is looking HUGE. She’s not even curvy now just fat.
Irelynd Henry
Irelynd Henry Il y a 2 mois
“A sports bodysuit sounds like something literally straight from Hell”
Melissa McGregor
Melissa McGregor Il y a 2 mois
Sierra looked quite uncomfortable in most of those outfits ☹️
Brenda Youngblood
Brenda Youngblood Il y a 2 mois
I buy my clothes for comfort and keep them until they wear out. I don't follow fads.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Il y a 2 mois
If y’all want a size in the middle I’ll be your size 8 middle girl! Lol
Sandyandi Il y a 2 mois
If you had led out with that workout outfit, I would have hated it. But after the other stuff, I kinda liked it too.
Sandyandi Il y a 2 mois
@Soinas Doyi What does this have to do with anything I said? You clearly put your comment in the wrong place, but STOP size shaming.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Il y a 2 mois
You're not a size 2... Models are size 2 bro
Ana Nikodijevic
Ana Nikodijevic Il y a 2 mois
You look adorable :)
Ace Ramsey
Ace Ramsey Il y a 2 mois
you look like Hillary Duff
ZombieGoddessxi Il y a 2 mois
Lisa that dress actually looks good! Girl buy some fabric dye and fix that color!
Duck Il y a 2 mois
Their sustainable line isn't sustainable it's just greenwashed. Feel like you guys have been around on the internet long enough to know what this term means and, if not, there are plenty of resources that real talk you should have already looked at if you want to put forward that you care about sustainability. If you want to continue buying fast fashion then go ahead, that's up to you, but please do proper research before praising a line like this because it's actually lowkey worse than lines that don't pretend to be sustainable.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Il y a 2 mois
Sierra: "Feels really nice, they're really itchy..." You're trying so hard to be nice and like it. Girl, if it's itchy, it doesn't feel nice!
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