Silhouette Chronicles - Part 1: Blast from the Past

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It is time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE in the 1992 Oldsmobile Silhouette!
This retro van was headed for the crusher when the owner called me up and asked if I wanted it for free...
Well, I have a soft spot for cool old vans, so let's see if this sleek time machine is worth saving...




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Mikey Il y a 7 mois
At least that thing has a 3800. These vans came with a crap TBI 3.1 as the base engine.
Garth Clark
Garth Clark Il y a 8 mois
I'd have to agree about the old cars just put a smile on your face. Even the late 1980's fuel injected vehicles do as the systems were simple. Today's vehicles have the engine systems tied to so many other systems in the vehicle its almost as if the drunken sailor designed them.
Anthony Rebock
Anthony Rebock Il y a 9 mois
Afriend had one of these...GM wasprobably going against toyota'z bubble bullet minivan at thetime.
Jared Strehlein
Jared Strehlein Il y a 10 mois
Blast from the past again. I remember in 1996 doing routine maintenance on vans or similar GM engines. Awesome to see the old girl running.
A Physics Professor
A Physics Professor Il y a 10 mois
I'm tearing up. Back in college/graduate school I had a 1990 Buick Skylark. I had to dump it because the trunk rusted out and the shocks fell off. It had the Oldsmobile Tech 4 engine. It had 2.5L of awesome 30 MPG on the highway power. Cast iron heft. Change the oil and rotate the tires. Only weak spot I found was the transmission. I had it rebuilt at ~90k miles for $650 at an equally awesome transmission shop in Wisconsin. If I had grown up in the south instead of the great white north I might still have that car.
James Fox
James Fox Il y a 10 mois
Very cool trick swapping those plug wires. I would not have even thought of it...till now! Thanks!
Travis Morris
Travis Morris Il y a 10 mois
They made superchargers for those engines.....
Garcansdad Il y a 10 mois
I just worked on a '77 Corvette. Old school stuff rules! Alternator stator and air conditioning problems - all fixed.
Radio Rescue
Radio Rescue Il y a 10 mois
Those vans are way cool! Good to see one get fixed.Those are almost all gone from the road.
Harry Dague
Harry Dague Il y a 10 mois
I have one of these now runs ok
Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry Il y a 10 mois
I believe that thing still has a three speed automatic
Lao Han Tun
Lao Han Tun Il y a 10 mois reigned American roads well in 1940 to 1970 pretty those to last....
James Nasto
James Nasto Il y a 10 mois
Fiberglass dust buster, this one belongs in the dust bin. Love those GM ignition switches, they’re the same on every GM car and are the favorite of many a lock smith.
David Hollfelder
David Hollfelder Il y a 10 mois
Serpentine idler and/or tensioner pulley dry and trying to seize up?
SATAMAN Schmidt Il y a 10 mois
Well Ivan you know how I'd typically respond to this: "SEND THAT PIG TO THE CRUSHER." However since this vehicle has the best V6 engine ever made (the sacred Buick 3800) I give it my blessing. My new Hyundai is great but I do miss my 3800 Grand Prix. Put the factory supercharger on this baby and you'll be burning rubber and dumping all of the Jap junk you normally drive.
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
The Buick 3800 drivetrain and the non rusted body were the two biggest factors that made me decide to give it a chance 😉
HeroPureLove Il y a 10 mois
I like your style
AintPC Il y a 10 mois
How does swapping plug wires necessarily condemn the coil when the ECM has a set firing order? So by swapping 1 and 4 you had #4 firing in the #1 position and vice-versa, in other words at the wrong time in the firing order. Coil 4 was dead and coil 1 was trying to fire cylinder 4 but at the wrong time. I'd expect to see both 1 and 4 as weak cylinders. Am I missing something?
Mike Chiodetti
Mike Chiodetti Il y a 10 mois
On to part 2
Niamh Healy
Niamh Healy Il y a 10 mois
Great job Ivan! I love old cars too 👍♥️
*YES, LOVE MY '89* 😍 *COMPLETELY drain trans at radiator, QUICK shutdown when it spits.* *Drop pan, new filter & fluid. Add in a can of Sea Foam Trans Tune.* *It will free a sticking valve body and solenoids.*
roadkill5333 Il y a 10 mois
My Silhouette wasn't that old, but I still had to junk it because of the 3400 l.i.m. gasket debacle, the headlights were so bad you couldn't tell if they were on or not in complete darkness, and they leaked so bad that you couldn't drive it in the rain without 3 sets of replacement headlight bulbs!! Other than that, I LOVED MINE, TOO! I had a power passenger side sliding rear door. A manual drivers side sliding door! Dual middle row captains chairs (easily removable to haul larger items, or my ex-wife) and a removable third row seat! Onboard air compressor with auto ride leveling! (Also a great feature when hauling the ex)! I wished it had two swinging rear doors, instead of the one piece lift up arrangement!! That made loading and unloading an experience in brain surgery!! It rode like a race car, not a mini van (never mind that I had the extra wide wheels and tires from a 97 Monte Carlo on it)! I once blew the head gaskets, and during the fix, I found some UNUSUAL CRACKING in the block where the head studs mounted!! After another year of driving around, I never had a minutes problem out of the block cracks!! And I used it for work, putting more miles on it than ounces on a freight train!! No one would buy it for a decent price, so I went to one of those title loan places, and got a huge title loan on my looker!! I went back after a couple months, and let them have it!! It still looked good!! Boy did I miss it! And they told me they sold it for a little more than another place offered me for it, originally!! That was offered before I got almost double that in the title loan!!! Lol I borrowed 1600, they sold it for 775. Someone else offered me 750, once!! Everyone else was below 600! I got more than my money's worth out of my Olds Silhouette!! I even let it go with the Monte Carlo wheels!! I let the monte go to scrap with the plain old steel wheels, and no hub caps!!
The Huguenot
The Huguenot Il y a 10 mois
I was waiting for a video from you that has BLM and Integrator lol. Finally some ALDL action
just life
just life Il y a 10 mois
Awesome old cars are the best the style is like old music or time capsule
GS Il y a 10 mois
If you check the trans fluid by wiping the dipstck on that belt you might solve both issues at the same time
throttle bottle
throttle bottle Il y a 10 mois
Welding Junkie
Welding Junkie Il y a 10 mois
I thought for sure same issue I’m fixing for a customer ... i have an older freestar with a stripped out pump shaft and torque converter I need to do for a customer, will only shift into gear sometimes...I’ll upload it to my channel Thanks for sharing ... jay
Random GearHead
Random GearHead Il y a 10 mois
90s cars are the best
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
100% AGREE!
Michael mobil auto diagnostics and auto repair
I wonder what would happen on the weak cylinder counter if you had more than 1cylinder missing?
five speed ash
five speed ash Il y a 10 mois
The engine has to be cold for the trans to slip. My 00 impala had the same problem (which is actually one reason why I just parted it out). Usually it only did it on cold mornings, and if you floored it it would slam into gear, or it would go with 5 mins of engine warm up. It also had a hard shift from 1st to 2nd. 4t65e. There's one helpful vid on youtube, it is an internal problem, but the good side of it is you can get to it from the driver side wheel well with the trans still in the car.
Ghetto Wagon
Ghetto Wagon Il y a 10 mois
I dunno why they even scrap cars these days when all they are worth is $200 for something heavy. $200 bucks is nothing!
Baxrok2 Il y a 10 mois
"this thing might be drive-able" haha Well said Ivan. What I like is that it sounds like a real car when you start it up!
Big Rockk
Big Rockk Il y a 10 mois
Tranny in a 1978 Nova I once owned did the exact same thing, had the fluid changed and drove it for many more years without a problem. Best guess from people with more knowledge than myself was that the seals were getting hard not allowing enough pressure to build on the clutches unless it was revved up. New fluid softened the seals and I was good to go. All just a guess but the fluid change did cure the problem.
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Nice! That's coming up in Part 3 ;)
Paul1958R Il y a 10 mois
Ivan, Its the Cadillac of minivans: God bless Paul
Michael O
Michael O Il y a 10 mois
The DFI/TFI(depending on which school you went to) Module on that vintage GM's were notorious for failing as were the coil towers themselves! Fingers crossed for Ivan for the 'Tranny' 🤭
wysetech2000 Il y a 10 mois
I love those old vans. They made me a pile of money repairing them.
charles. stewart
charles. stewart Il y a 10 mois
Oh you Lucky Bastard lvan , l wish l could get a free van may be l should fly over and take it from you lol , oh........ l forgot the steering wheel is on the wrong side ha ha ha , cheers from charlie , Melbourne , Australia . ps Enjoy it while l cry :(
Hayward's Automotive
Hayward's Automotive Il y a 10 mois
A lot of the transmission issues back then are caused by dirty transmission filters and caused delays going into gear so that'd be the first thing I'd do is pull the pan down and see what the filter looks like or check your line pressure, servo pressure, etc. before you take the pan off. Pump trying to suck fluid thru a dirty filter creates aerated fluid, pressure issues and when you start revving it up and it decides to drop into gear it's parts breakage time especially bands & servo pistons. They also used to delay going into gear until they ran for a few minutes and the transmission fluid started warming up. Winter was where most issues would pop up early in the AM. Old worn out seals don't like the cold!
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Yup cold winter mornings this thing won't move for 10 minutes!
Zone B
Zone B Il y a 10 mois
Hell yeah!!! You are the man for saving this piece of joy
armando nika
armando nika Il y a 10 mois
Old is gold!
UncleMarks DIY Automotive Fix it channel
Yep, was thinking the cylinder swap a good coil/cyl double check. Wonder if the misfire causing trans shift issues? Have to see if shift issue is gone for good with coil fix. Those have the longest dash ever! Don’t drop something on that dash while driving and hope to retrieve it until a full stop, and a long arm! Been there, done that!
Roxanne Abbott
Roxanne Abbott Il y a 10 mois
My friend Ralph told me to put a bar of soap on squeaky belt, this was in the 80's!
Tired old mechanic
Tired old mechanic Il y a 10 mois
It's depressing to see this being called an old car. Some friends had one and are sorry they didn't keep it.
nowr2run Il y a 10 mois
Silhouette Chronicles, LMFAO, great title & diag. as usual sir Ivan. Thanks for using the Verus.
New Level Auto
New Level Auto Il y a 10 mois
Ahhh yes , the old misfire on a GM 3.8 . Isn't that how you fellas suckered me into making videos ? 😑
roadkill5333 Il y a 10 mois
I thought it had something to do with a gallon of Russian vodka, some picture with an ugly woman (or a sheep, depending on who's telling the story) and a weekly reminder of who still has the proof in s secret location! Aren't you glad you started making videos??
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Michael O
Michael O Il y a 10 mois
I remember that video with Eric & Ivan! 🤭
Smitty Smithsonite
Smitty Smithsonite Il y a 10 mois
Nice score there, Ivan! Will get you down the road another 200k. 😎 I hear that, Ivan - my next "new" vehicle will be built before 1994. 😉 No problems lately with the '86 Grand Marquis, or the '93 Volvo 940 ... but my '07 Silverado, after waiting 8 weeks for a new differential at 97k miles, plus another week for a couple ring gear bolts, decided to become a no crank yesterday, with MULTIPLE communication codes! I swear I can't win with this toilet! If it's not one thing, it's another! I hit the key to start multiple times, and eventually it fired, and was totally fine. Going to be a fun one. 😞 ABS light also remained on after I cleared the code from it! Goofy EBCM. Found a TSB on that issue. I just let it sit until everything went to sleep, and came back later. That got the stupid out of the module. I should just sell it and get a '68 GMC! What a sad state of affairs the auto industry is in today ... 🤢
Smitty Smithsonite
Smitty Smithsonite Il y a 10 mois
@Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics - Oh you have no idea. Right out of the gate with 40 miles on the clock, the brakes pulsated on the test drive. Then the door trim fell off when I got back! I should've walked away right then. I could write an entire manual on the issues I've had with this turd, and I haven't even hit 100k yet!! Tranny or engine is next ... 🤢
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Wow your Silverado sounds like a Lemon lol
Adam Trombino
Adam Trombino Il y a 10 mois
Old school Snapper Red Brick would really work well on that ol gal! I thankfully kept mine just for such occasions. ( my OTC is terrible with OBD1 ) And yes, working on the older stuff can certainly be refreshing.! Enjoy!
akachuck99 Il y a 10 mois
Awesome video. I love to own a cool van like that. Btw nice socks lol
William Fowler
William Fowler Il y a 10 mois
I remember when these came out. They had a Sci Fi look about them!
James The New Normal
James The New Normal Il y a 10 mois
I got burned by this on a buick when Cylinder 1-2 coil didn't fire and I bought a coil, it ended up being the ICM.
James The New Normal
James The New Normal Il y a 10 mois
I got burned by this on a buick when Cylinder 1-2 coil didn't fire and I bought a coil, it ended up being the ICM.
george bonney90
george bonney90 Il y a 10 mois
Very cool 😎
The adventures of Javier 86
I sold my 03 clk 320 for a down payment on a new honda CRV. Last week the battery went bad on it.a brand new car!!!😣😣😣😣 But i added a 99 dakota (got it for free,needed a clutch) and a 99 old cars for sure. My 02 Hyundai accent is nearing 300k miles. Will never sell the cucarracha (cockroach).
Djentyman Il y a 10 mois
This truly isn’t PHAD if there isn’t any bonus footage
Jack Patteeuw
Jack Patteeuw Il y a 10 mois
Before you "put that vehicle on the road", you need to do a good inspection of the under side. Make sure that all of the points where the front cradle bolt in are solid. Same with shocks and springs in the rear. Check brake lines and fuel lines for excessive corrosion.
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Yup already did that. Looks almost mint, especially for its age! Even the original brake lines are somehow holding up haha
walter xyz643
walter xyz643 Il y a 10 mois
yes old cars do put a smile on your face.
Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Lawrence Il y a 10 mois
I had a similar olds with 3.4 and it was one of the best on the road vehicles I ever owned. Wish mine would have had 3.8. Those were about bulletproof. Nice drive Ivan!
Tom Lewis
Tom Lewis Il y a 10 mois
Bravo for saving this old-timer. I'll bet you would draw a crowd with it at a car show.
animalcorvair Il y a 10 mois
had a coil go bad on our 95 transport these vans are tough
Kevin Byrne
Kevin Byrne Il y a 10 mois
Why is the sky blue? Are you still in Pennsylvania -- land of perpetually overcast skies?
Roger Shoaf
Roger Shoaf Il y a 10 mois
Because he is working in the daytime. Lately hehas been working at night.
Kellys Peppers
Kellys Peppers Il y a 10 mois
Ivan, yup the old Silhouette, I always liked the looks of that van. There was a lot on the roads at one time and then they went poof, all gone.
lasegundaenmienda gmail
I agree with you. Looks like a Toyota previa! I enjoy the videos with the mercury and the Mazda as well
Arthur Fricchione
Arthur Fricchione Il y a 10 mois
Ivan enjoy the sunshine good quick video so far. LoL ❤️Ivan swapping 1 and 4 wouldn't that give you a problem also with a misfire condition? What am I missing? Am I wrong.
Arthur Fricchione
Arthur Fricchione Il y a 10 mois
@Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics Thanks Ivan I should have known that. God refresher info. I learn something with every one of your videos. Much appreciate the quick response.👍
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Waste Spark system; #1 and #4 both fire at the same time, once per crankshaft revolution :)
willefixit Il y a 10 mois
make a good loner car.
Otis PL
Otis PL Il y a 10 mois
A Rev-Up-Tune-Up and a "Good Old-Fashion Neutral Drop" will fix it right up. :-0
wyattoneable Il y a 10 mois
Older cars do have a way of making me smile, you said it.
gto 55
gto 55 Il y a 10 mois
Well done Ivan, thx for sharing.
Cuba's Automotive
Cuba's Automotive Il y a 10 mois
Old cars DEFINITELY put a smile on my face! I totally prefer them to most newer stuff. Quick & dirty!! Great vid Ivan! Looking forward to seeing more on this old girl!
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Plenty more to come ;)
FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden
Just splice the #1 and #4 Plug wires together!
Feeney's Mechanical
Feeney's Mechanical Il y a 10 mois
Awesome video ivan. You need a 5.5 mm socket. 1/4 inch drive. For those screws on that coil
Michael O
Michael O Il y a 10 mois
I thought they were 7mm on that vintage(same size as the plug/harness)?! GM (Holden over here) didn't change to the smaller style until around 98 from memory🤔
Shawny D
Shawny D Il y a 10 mois
The Dust Buster Van ! HA HA HA I worked at the dealer when they were new. I use to keep spares of those coils off junkyard engines. Is it a 440 4-speed or a 125 3-speed, either way did you let it warm up enough get working right ? Usually the 3.8's had a 4-speed.
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Yup first year they came out I think...
Shawny D
Shawny D Il y a 10 mois
huh, forgot they use them that long ago. good luck fixin' up the APV van !
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
4T60-E 4-speed ;)
Willie Gillie
Willie Gillie Il y a 10 mois
Transmission control solenoid is a common problem from what I’ve read. Also leaky pressure lines rubber hose fittings may leak. The best thing to do is drive it and see how it shifts through all the gears. Especially after it warms up
Pops021056 Il y a 10 mois
If you want to keep it . In the State of Pa. Any vehicle over 25 years old you can register it as antique, that means no more emission or inspection nor registration just one time . Insurance is only $75.00 per year. I did that with my 90 F150.
Michael O
Michael O Il y a 10 mois
@Pops021056 don't think I'd make the swim across the Pacific, let alone with a dozen cars! 🤭
Pops021056 Il y a 10 mois
@Michael O maybe you should move to our state and enjoy the benefits
Michael O
Michael O Il y a 10 mois
How do you guys get away with calling anything 25yo an Antique?! Over here we can register our 'older' cars 30yo or over as 'Classic' or 'Vintage' (I think they refer to it as SIV in the Paperwork from memory) & we're only allowed to drive them a maximum of 15km radius from home unless going on a 'Club Run'. We also have to join a Car Club, be a financial member & participate in a minimum of 3 gazetted Club Runs per year in order to maintain this Registration🤔
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Yup I have antique plates on my '89 Mazda MPV!
Mark J. Mantilla
Mark J. Mantilla Il y a 10 mois
Hey, I'm still interested if you decide to sell 👼
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
I'll keep that in mind, Mark!
Richard Gill
Richard Gill Il y a 10 mois
👍👍looks like the 3.3 liter. Can't wait to see the trans issue. Gotta love the Silhouette, Lumina APV,and Pontiac Transport. I remember reading a article that bank robbers love using them vehicles for their heists and get aways. The trans is a 440 T-4.
Richard Gill
Richard Gill Il y a 10 mois
@Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics right
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Nope it's the legendary Buick 3.8 V6 torque monster! One of the reasons I decided to give it a chance :)
opl500 Il y a 10 mois
It's a GM minivan. There's nothing cool about it. Shove a rollcage in it and race it in 24hrsoflemons.
Billy Yoder
Billy Yoder Il y a 10 mois
Thank you Ivan. Good job. Have a blessed and safe week.
Julia M
Julia M Il y a 10 mois
Common issue,intake manifold gaskets leak
Juan Alberto Diaz
Juan Alberto Diaz Il y a 10 mois
i can see smoke coming out
2 AM
2 AM Il y a 10 mois
smoke aka wisps of raw power
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
haha no way I'm changing anything on Bank's BURIED under the cowl!
Richard Gill
Richard Gill Il y a 10 mois
Looks like a valve cover gasket on bank 1.
Colin Guthrie
Colin Guthrie Il y a 10 mois
On the trans, change the fluid and filter. Filter clogs up easy on those making it a delayed engagement.
Colin Guthrie
Colin Guthrie Il y a 10 mois
@Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics I have ran into that issue on GM transaxle transmissions before. Filter plugs up not getting a good prime on the system. Terry at Verns transmission also told me about it. He owns and has ran the shop for over 30 years.
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Jusb1066 Il y a 10 mois
old school torque converter, super old oil needs changingl, low on oil, kickdown cable badly adjusted or vacuum pipe leak,, thats all there is
Jusb1066 Il y a 10 mois
once you fix the headlining its good for another 27 years!
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