SHORT RIB Pho! & BEST Burger in Seattle???

Mikey Chen
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Went exploring in around my apt and in Seattle finally :-) started off with Dong Ting Chun a hunan restaurant serving authentically delicious Chinese food. Then headed into Seattle to eat at a Malay.
#seattle #pho #burger
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11 juil. 2019

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Commentaires 1 448
Sabby S
Sabby S Il y a 15 minutes
"I guess it's a good way to get my protein!" Lol it's always about food with him!!! Lol 🤣🤣🤣🦗🦟🦋🦗🦟🦋
206camborambo Il y a 53 minutes
Hey mike, would you like to try my moms authentic cambodian food but my favorites! I notice your in seattle so if you have any chance or willing let me know, im 20 mins away from seattle and its the 3rd biggest of Cambodian immigrants in the usa.
not cool
not cool Il y a heure
I agree with Mike when he said that costumer service isn’t priority as long as the food is good. I have never been able to understand why people are SO TOUCHY about their waitress not smiling enough or not refilling their water enough.
Jacques Thibodeaux
Jacques Thibodeaux Il y a 5 heures
Seattle is sunny for 1/2 June, July, August, and the first two weeks in September. Just wait, you will get plenty of clouds and drizzle. It doesn't really rain hard very often. It's more of a constant mist. Seattle is technically in the rain shadow of the Olympics. If you want heavy rain, you have to go to the coast or places outside of the rain shadow. Olympia on south has heavier rain. The best thing about Seattle is all the culture. There are festivals every month. You should check out the cultural festivals at the Seattle Center (there's food): Also, you need to check out Uwajimaya in the International District.
Big A
Big A Il y a 5 heures
Go eat at tipsy cow it’s close to rtc and has really good burgers
Joe Austin
Joe Austin Il y a 6 heures
hey mikey try IL Corvo
Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee Il y a 8 heures
Welcome to Redmond! I live so close by that's so cool! Try Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot (all you can eat). Although you will probably put them out of business with how much you can eat!
Dapne Tamayo
Dapne Tamayo Il y a 8 heures
Hey Mikey Welcome to Seattle :) If you love Pho I'm sure you will absolutely love the pho that they have in the Pho Viet Anh restaurant! I go there all the time, try it, you will definitely love it. Close to Seattle Center 372 Roy St Seattle WA 98109, hope I see you there later :) :) I always order the beef soup steak and fatty flank 😋😋😋 They have a very good Chili Oil!!!
Julianne Anderson
Julianne Anderson Il y a 10 heures
Welcome to Redmond!! Best place for foodies! We had a very hot/dry spring, summer will be a little wetter than normal. Take it from someone born and raised in the area. Also, best burger is Stack 571 in Bothell. Give it a try!
Avi Singh
Avi Singh Il y a 11 heures
You need to come to Vancouver, BC
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Il y a 12 heures
Why did you move to Seattle? What happened to your beautiful forest house? Seattle is home to my favorite comedy, Frasier.
No Comment
No Comment Il y a 13 heures
Ok but why did the eggplant come in a grinder?!
Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen Il y a 13 heures
Why did you move to Seattle?
Stephanie Il y a 14 heures
His so cute💗
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Il y a 12 heures
Omg live stream with Mike? YES!
Chris Casey
Chris Casey Il y a 14 heures
Welcome 2 the city man. Hope 2 see more Seattle videos.
Vincent Ma
Vincent Ma Il y a 19 heures
Mikey, Bring back food challenges. I want to see you eat your guts out. Lol
Jordan Orecklin
Jordan Orecklin Il y a 21 heure
Mike I know this awesome gym you should go to
Jordan Orecklin
Jordan Orecklin Il y a 21 heure
I live in Redmond Washington
OriginStarPlayer Il y a 23 heures
In n out is one of the worst burger restaurants in existence, dead burgers, dead fries, dead sauces.
tr3prom Il y a jour
Hey mikey.. Can you try The Halal Guys in Seattle and see how it compares to the one in NY?
jjmBisoy Il y a jour
Around 6:03 minutes mikey transformed into Stitch once again.. where is Lilo by the way?
Mani Mani
Mani Mani Il y a jour
If you ever find yourself near the area of Tacoma you should hit up a place called Vien Dong Restaurant. You will not be disappointed !
Johnnie Bee
Johnnie Bee Il y a jour
Those dishes around 3:30 to 4:30 look like the best food I've ever seen
Nick Vuitton
Nick Vuitton Il y a jour
Goto City Teriyaki In Seattle. Highly recommended
Nick Vuitton
Nick Vuitton Il y a jour
Leopard Bra Brado follow me on Instagram @0101nick
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado Il y a jour
Kleinochsenfurter Il y a jour
I love peach iced tea and dislike the raspberry. I kind of figured the raspberry coke wouldn't be as good.
HtownP Il y a jour
Man U make pho seem like a dream! What was ur favorite pho shop in Houston tx? Love ur videos
1991danielle Il y a jour
mikey cooked the whole portion ravioli for himself from the family package hello fresh, that was a huge portion! did you finish it amazes me how you can eat so much^)
David Kearns
David Kearns Il y a jour
Eat at a Malay what? 😁
I C Il y a jour
I want that pho in my life... =(
I C Il y a jour
Omg live stream with Mike? YES!
I C Il y a jour
Why did you move to Seattle? What happened to your beautiful forest house? Seattle is home to my favorite comedy, Frasier.
Moon_Bones Il y a 31 minute
It was haunted 👻
xXIMPULSEXx Il y a jour
I am convinced that Mikey Chen is a decendant of Goku. All he does is eat workout and sleep lol
Sheila Harris
Sheila Harris Il y a jour
You need to try out Tsukushinbo! Some of the best fish and seafood/sushi around! They are only open for dinner so I recommend making a reservation ahead of time :)
Chanel Anna Nguyen
Chanel Anna Nguyen Il y a jour
Rhys Il y a jour
If you want a good burger, I'd recommend trying the Red Mill. They're a little place but the burgers are fantastic.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Il y a jour
Pho Bac is my favorite pho place in seattle! Did you know they are the first pho place to open in seattle?
Lily Tan
Lily Tan Il y a jour
Hey Mikey! Come to Boston & make a video please! We have tonnssss of good food around here, and awesome places to explore. Our Chinatown is small but has a handful of amazing restaurants. There's also always lots of new food places popping up due to recent development. ^_^
Bob Herron
Bob Herron Il y a jour
Can you go to Boeing Museum Restraunt please Mikey
Dubstep Monsta
Dubstep Monsta Il y a jour
Do a collab with hellthyjunkfood
ClimbingFlea8XboxOne/Proflames Gaming
You should visit the crossroads mall food court in Bellevue it has all the ethnic restaurants and it’s a 10 minute drive from Redmond
lori miyamoto
lori miyamoto Il y a jour
Have you been to Pho King good restaurant in auburn ca?
less kiss
less kiss Il y a 2 jours
You have to try red mill it’s the best burger in Seattle.
FormostPanda Il y a 2 jours
That was no where near the best hamburger in Seattle. There are probably a hundred places better. The one you had looked like they took it out of the freezer and into the microwave.
MyTea Died
MyTea Died Il y a 2 jours
Sam Vue
Sam Vue Il y a 2 jours
So of all places to live why did you choose Seattle??
Erika Guzman
Erika Guzman Il y a 2 jours
That short rib pho is amazing! I live near that restaurant and my friend had a similar reaction of excitement when they first announced it on their menu 6 months ago! Also, if you want some good tacos, there's a place near that Dick's called Tacos Chuki's. it's worthwhile :)
Jan Post
Jan Post Il y a 2 jours
Mike, what did you do with the home you bought in N.Y.?
Matt Moorhead
Matt Moorhead Il y a 2 jours
Well enjoy the homeless horde and be sure to watch every step you take you'll be dodging needles and used condoms everywhere. 10:30 you about to get robbed.
saintdiego89 Il y a 2 jours
Seattle Fish Guys is very good
saintdiego89 Il y a 2 jours
Pecos Pitt BBQ. In the SoDo district
Cynthia N.
Cynthia N. Il y a 2 jours
Welcome to WA!! :) check out foods near UW and international district. Also they have a happy lemon in Bellevue square if you miss it.
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