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There has been an alarming surge in the number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus that causes the illness named by scientists as COVID-19. Health officials are getting increasingly worried. The number of infections worldwide shot up to 60,000 after some 15,000 new cases were reported in just one day. Japan has reported its first death from the virus. And over 250 deaths were recorded on Wednesday alone in the Chinese province of Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak. EU health ministers met in Brussels for talks on Europe's response to the virus. DW spoke with German Health Minister Jens Spahn.

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Commentaires 80
Kirito03060304gaming lol
Kirito03060304gaming lol Il y a 17 jours
if this goes up i will kill for food
One thiccc ole Papi
1:41 bruh ninja turtles
Keegan Nguyen
Keegan Nguyen Il y a mois
I agree with Robert they pretend it’s a ll ok and being handled but it is probably 3 times worse
Michael C
Michael C Il y a mois
Giant meteor 2020!
Raw Power
Raw Power Il y a mois
Knox News
Modern Ekonomist
Modern Ekonomist Il y a mois
what is next after coronavirus?
Brendon Martin
Brendon Martin Il y a mois
The truth,,,,.is we don't know how long it remains outside a host? What????? Not yet determined???
Chou Lo
Chou Lo Il y a mois
Coronavirus it is getting worse all world it is now may be political warning
Kawaii Bunny
Kawaii Bunny Il y a mois
so in a nut shell, they are being left with VERY limited resources and medications and medical care. how lovely.
NjK Il y a mois
Why do you have a news anchor who can't even pronounce the reporters names?
Jon Il y a mois
8.30 The guy is telling you that they don't care at all. FULL BAN From China until it's too late. The CCP Lie, Can't be trusted.
Arris Toddle
Arris Toddle Il y a mois
What about bottling company? Has anyone check to see if it's in the limes?
efuentes2323 Il y a mois
Why haven't they given my boy Mathias a mask!? Stay woke Matthias
Timo GoHard
Timo GoHard Il y a mois
This is the elites agenda. In china they have so many people they can only have 1 baby per family. Its rules because they are over populated. Population control is the only way they can keep the earth fully balanced. So they created this virus and is spreading it everywhere
ChriC Il y a mois
So everyone gets demonetized for uploading videos regarding coronavirus and here we can see that they have three ads in this coronavirus video because they are a news channel.
James Lacey
James Lacey Il y a mois
Welcome the World of Biological weapons, they take a while to get going but, once released into a major population it can really get deep rooted. Especially when the government that owns the weapons lab in Wuhan doesn't want any information released or help in controlling the situation. And with the WHO owning the other lab out of the two they don't want blame pointed their way either. This did not start with bat soup!🤔
peter Il y a mois
Easily solved. Everybody in the whole world stay home for two weeks, the incubation period. We could have a world wide Buffy Marathon. 7 seasons, half a season a day. Quarantine any family who gets a sniffle in that period. You would eliminate a bunch of other diseases also. Ok, im glossing over some complexities but if the situation is not bad enough to spend two weeks trapped with your family, it is probably not time to panic yet.
Ursula Barajas
Ursula Barajas Il y a mois
They are NOT Helping the POOR People of China! 😢
JAM BS Il y a mois
due to how they're reporting as dictated by WHO!
Coiled Steel
Coiled Steel Il y a mois
NO choice but to pull out ALL German, and EU Citizens from China now!
Coiled Steel
Coiled Steel Il y a mois
My God! I'm reminded of Sci-fi plague movies, but this is NO MOVIE! Also @ 1:30 , reminds me of the body scanners in TOTAL RECALL!
Life and True Reviews
“To see the unity in diversity is Yoga - to see the same consciousness in everyone.Whoever realizes that Yoga or union will always love the whole universe as part of his or her own self.”
Hum Il y a mois
It just a flue, unless you have a lung disease you can recover, more than 10 thousand people in China have recovered already, those who died had a lung case. Evil politicians are using this opportunity and spreading fear to controlle us.
Don Johnson
Don Johnson Il y a mois
People are getting lock in with the sick in low Ventilation buildings so the virus is not getting flush out of the buildings because the air is So Stale Fresh air is the answer it is not rocket science How and why this virus is spread just take a look at the cruise ship in Japan it is threw stale air Closed up buildings ships , planes there is a bit of a patten there Summer will slow this Virus down when people start opening up windows and doors And let fresh air flow threw The buildings And give your house or unit a good clean With disinfected The virus is been spread by Educated arrogance the cure comes before prevention
C.M. Ho
C.M. Ho Il y a mois
Anybody who believes the media is a retard.
D Soash
D Soash Il y a mois
That news guy looks so nervous...also this virus is going out of control.
antonio butaru
antonio butaru Il y a mois
naif bctl
naif bctl Il y a mois
2x tested and negative and symptomatic then 3rd test result is positive. Meaning, this current testing method is not reliable and could means that those previews negative in test in different countries might be positive.
mark vietti
mark vietti Il y a mois
funny the people who always have masks on are the ones who always start the diseases
mark vietti
mark vietti Il y a mois
cant imagine what the real numbers are. china never tells the truth
TubeToYou Il y a mois
It’s a culling. They can’t handle a large population and a shrinking economy so they shrink the population, no?
Erdtier Il y a mois
That would only make the problem worse, so no, a naturally occuring virus explains the problem better.
Scorpion Il y a mois
This is the best thing, what can happen to the China. They ruined this world, by economically, now coming the Karma.
Nomadic Brian
Nomadic Brian Il y a mois
These cases are spreading fast. We are constantly reminded of how vulnerable we really are. The complexities of life on Earth. Sending positive thoughts that everyone stays safe.
Aquilla Fleetwood
Aquilla Fleetwood Il y a mois
Turn to Christ! Google, the Northern Cross, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!
Timothy L. ove
Timothy L. ove Il y a mois
Strange, I've heard nothing about that virus being transmitted through products from China.
Jman Il y a mois
dey took our jobs
ong kim
ong kim Il y a mois
Corona virus breeding from the Mathias Bolinger Pharma Company, make you sick to make billions of dollars in profit ..he is not wearing any protecting mask,,he will carry this coronavirus back to ARD Germany to makr more profit...
Jman Il y a mois
use tannnnnninnnnngggggggg beddddddddddds
Thomas Watts
Thomas Watts Il y a mois
Yeah, splain it! Too little action too late.
Aime Bouchard
Aime Bouchard Il y a mois
Canada has lost about 3000 people to the flu this year, what is everyone so afraid of, China loses about 250,000 to the flu every year, this doesn't sound so bad, sounds more like martial law, they are cracking down on dissidents and are making it look like an epidemic, people are wearing masks to hide their faces from the facial recognition in their 5 g network that are in all the cities to implement their social credit system.
Belki Olur
Belki Olur Il y a mois
They had to increase the numbers to make it more believable,because nobody believed the numbers that Chinese government was reporting,who knows x10,x100.
carole gerst
carole gerst Il y a mois
I am afraid to say this but this is what I have heard the coronavirus was a lethal bacteria that was released in a lab was China ready to launch this on us. I hope not but I know China is upset with us because Trump said we could stand on our own two feet we did not need China goods this would not surprise me as why China kept this so secret were they trying to launch this on the United States.
carole gerst
carole gerst Il y a mois
Their president is half crazy!! Was this intended for USA and some of them had accidentally drop a vial of the disease and it went into the air of China and not the United States this is what I've heard is this why they're saying that wet meat market cost it I don't know but I don't trust China and I don't trust Russia
Venkatesan S
Venkatesan S Il y a mois
My simple question is that, in past 17 years, how the new unknown viruses are coming out? How it is possible? We know the epidemics broke out in human history. But how it is possible in very short span, new kind of killing viruses that could be spread out? Human are eating everything in thousands and thousands of years. Pointing out at animal is unacceptable. What may be real fact? What is behind this kind of epidemics in short period of times?
xDefective Il y a mois
Oh don't worry, the virus will just stop
Ngeow Hoi Wan
Ngeow Hoi Wan Il y a mois
We're living in a world of smart things. Everything is getting smart even for viruses and diseases. And how smart are we humans?! We already know that the COVID-19 doesn't immediately show symptoms once they infected a human. And I believe this virus has a sleep/ hibernate mode and it attacks once they had multiplied to a certain amount or has crossed border to another human and also when it is attacked back by an antigen, it can become dormant for a certain amount of time before coming back into attack mode. For those whom we deem cured should be quarantine for about 30 days days and go through a detoxification programme
Imcuban2 Il y a mois
In the USA we have already DNA sequenced the disease is half of the aids virus DNA , the DNA is not normal the Corona virus is w weapon china created the DNA info is online, the USA said there is a bio weapons factory located in Wuhan, The USA says China was trying to create a weapon and it got out of control, the whole thing is created by CHINA !!! The USA is saying you deal with the problem you created ,the USA said its not our problem and I agree 3000. If you get the disease you will die no cure could be days or weeks, there are videos of the government checking for fever if you got the disease there online videos the china government burning bodies in the street, only a few people get cured
Raj Raj
Raj Raj Il y a mois
China is a big liar. Make it worst for the whole world for the infection.
zeituberalas Il y a mois
Dear Xi Jinping, California has 8 cases of the virus. If it spreads, I would not blame China. I would blame Governor Newsom, Dianne Feinstein and other goverment officials who ignore the poor conditions of tens of thousands of homeless Americans. Please, I beg you to tell them to clean up the homeless camps and stop enabling drug use.
WILD MAN Il y a mois
FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.
Sleep strengthens the immune system more than any one single thing. Get 7 or more hours. 5 or less halfs immune system.
Jon Il y a mois
Yeah and Hot water right ? Good luck with man made virus
sanujit roy
sanujit roy Il y a mois
Who is looking into it
FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.
Saturday's score is over 80,000 now.. From 500 a month ago. a 160. fold increase. Some now predict a 3rd of the world will get by the summer. Billions of us..millions dead.
Dombrown1 112906
Dombrown1 112906 Il y a mois
The situation is getting intense... The virus could spread even more dramatically before the vaccine is made in a year. Whole situation had a plague inc vibe to it
ElPocho DelMundo
ElPocho DelMundo Il y a mois
Hello, there is no increase in the number of documented cases, but rather an increase in the number of documented cases reported. Previously, the number of cases was underreported.
lamanchadale Il y a mois
I want to see the race of people outside of China that are infected. There is lots of speculation about the coronavirus being a man made race specific pathogen. Are the infected people outside of China people of Chinese decent or other races? That will at least tell us that the virus IS race specific. Was it an accidental release, or seeded in China by outside forces? I read that Israel released the virus in China, and also another new virus just found in Africa. I just want to know the truth and am not trying to blame anyone. I also read that there is speculation that the CIA released it as well, so I want to know the truth, not speculation.
G Il y a mois
A Sudden 15k jump (for positive cases) supplied by the Chinese Government looks like a *phantom number* and it ONLY make sense IF the gradient for positive cases are steeper *after* the day where CT scanning test method was introduced. CCP Claims: 1) The use of *CT scanners* which are big bulky expensive high powered magnet and 2) also said *test result* can done within few hours using CT scanners. Calculations using *exaggerated scenario* : - London have 300 hospitals for 9m people and in Wuhan with population of 11m = 367 hospitals (assuming Wuhan is as rich as London) - Assume each hospitals in Wuhan own 10x CT scanners and can test 2 hours per patient (very generous figure & Overly exaggerated) meaning they can test 12 patients (per 24h period) x 3670 scanners available = 44040 tested patients per day theoretical max. (for both positive & negative cases). 15000 (positive case) / 44040 = 34% (positive vs negative ratio). This 34% ratio could also applies to whole of Wuhan population of 11m people = 3'850'000 positive cases (max potentially in Wuhan) -15000 (already tested positive) = 3'835'000 awaiting to test positive in Wuhan. So if Wuhan can test 44040 patients within 24 hours using this new CT scan method and so you should see a *surge of positive patients* (steeper gradient) after the day when CT scanning technique was introduced for at least 87 days (3835000 / 44040), assuming ONLY positive potential people cuing up awaiting for CT scans. See the problem here? Even if you manually adjust the positive vs negative ratio to 1% (instead of 34%) i.e. 15'000 positive cases / 15'000 scan per day (where no negatives were selected for testing). Which still means 1% of positive cases for whole of 11m population in Wuhan = 110'000 of positive patients, then you should still see a *surge of positive cases* after the day CT scanning technique was introduced i.e. *steeper gradient of positive cases than before the day CT scan was introduced* . So the 15'000 positive cases from the Chinese Officials is highly questionable (for now). The only explanation why Chinese Officials are adding 15k *phantom* positive cases is to lower the *fatality ratio* i.e. people who got positive VS people who then die from it. Because the fatality ratio (positive vs death ratio) was 2.0% then risen to 2.5% just a day before CCP introduced 15000 phantom positive cases (speculative), which drop back down to 2.2% (as of 13th Feb) For reference: SARS *fatality ratio* = 9.56% (774 deaths vs 8096 positive cases) COVID 19 *fatality ratio* = 2.1% (as of 14th Feb, i.e. if the number can be trusted supplied by the CCP)
David Barnett
David Barnett Il y a mois
Just a thought...Food Grade 32% Hydrogen Peroxide treatments and Ozone Therapies?
S500 Triumph
S500 Triumph Il y a mois
Michael Chartier
Michael Chartier Il y a mois
Chinese eating every type and every part of animals. Should not be considered food for humans is to blame
Damian Il y a mois
All these new cases and yet the Ethiopian Airlines CEO said there is no proof that canceling flights would help contain the virus........Africa is next.
MST3Killa Il y a mois
Oh, and this is why you diversify your imports and why production can't be centralized to one country like it so heavily is with China. It's the exact same reason why so many countries diversified their energy sources to reduce reliance on middle eastern or venezuelan oil...because disruption chances are high and when it happens, supply is put in peril.
MST3Killa Il y a mois
Their tests were worthless, that's why.
Payawe Amicare
Payawe Amicare Il y a mois
Mr.Spahn Can't be taken seriously (generally) but it's good that he is Interested at least
Pisangz Fish On Channel
Time to go fishing...start your engine...lets go to island...get away from crowded ppl...
Tom Waller
Tom Waller Il y a mois
China is accepting medical aid and has appealed to the World for supplies, so let's just knock that bit of anti-Chinese rubbish on the head right now. Co-operation NOT confrontation is what is needed right now from Boris the Brexit and Trump the Buffon. Both populist politicians care more about consolidation of there power base and UK/USA first and screw the rest of the World than the millions of people this pandemic is about to cause. And YES I call this a Pandemic as the 1st case in Africa is now confirmed. Just wait until the World finds out what is going on in Indonesia, Burma and Malaya!
Randall Parr
Randall Parr Il y a mois
I think u r misreporting since the cases havent surged just the method of counting them.
yash gupta
yash gupta Il y a mois
One thought when any eastern country person watch news channel which is of West. " Everyone in that country working is old " Country's age is really high or should one say very less.
Sand Stone
Sand Stone Il y a mois
Quack, quack...
Jeremy Heartriter2.0
This looks like the beginning of the end of human civilization.
da don
da don Il y a mois
Yeah this is what it would look like I am thinking.
dingo23451 Il y a mois
Thank you Corona-chan
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn Il y a mois
I’m glad I don’t live there. I wouldn’t feel safe with his comments
MyIOnU Il y a mois
The CCP was trying to cover up the outbreak has put the whole world in danger.
D J Il y a mois
why isnt the reporter wearing a mask? just curious.
D J Il y a mois
Arwen Bernard theres a camera person and crew most likely
Arwen Bernard
Arwen Bernard Il y a mois
Maybe because he's not talking to anyone and he's staying away from people. From what I understand, you have to be close to a infected person to get it.
Weeding Il y a mois
250 dead? no now its only 150 dead on the 12th feb. the ccp used its incredible power to revive 100 people. look at any official graphs, they seriously changed them to only show 150 dead on the 12th feb. CHINA IS LYING ABOUT THE DEATH NUMBERS AND DOESNT SHY AWAY FORM RETROACTIVELY CHANGING "FACTS".
Sweetlichek Vlog
Sweetlichek Vlog Il y a mois
When I wear surgical mask for my vlog in Guangdong province they call me irresponsible and not careful enough.. This correspondent in Beijing without any mask on.... Is he irresponsible or brave?))
Nadika Hingurugoda
Nadika Hingurugoda Il y a mois
I think China is in state of uncotrolling, spread the infection
jacob apolo
jacob apolo Il y a mois
65k a huge amount of infections.
hasarutoe tensakey
hasarutoe tensakey Il y a mois
Who to say u cant recover and catch it again i mean is that possible
Jack Il y a mois
Beijing news says only three people died
MrKinser01 Il y a mois
they have been fired in the back of the head.