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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Is Tom Brady to blame for New England's struggles on offense?
David R
David R Il y a 6 mois
@Dean Erler Not Sure what ur saying fool The CHEATRIOTS r the luckiest cheating team in NFL history I have done my homework I am not ignorant to their cheating ways any1 who thinks they don't cheat those fanfools would b ignorant & if ur 1 of them than ur ignorant too 😆
bangsdagong Il y a 6 mois
@Dean Erler cmon maaan, shannon always makes more sense!! skip is a girl. you cant see that?
Dean Erler
Dean Erler Il y a 6 mois
@Derek Jones right😒
Dean Erler
Dean Erler Il y a 6 mois
@Carter Mc guys were getting open in 2010
Dean Erler
Dean Erler Il y a 6 mois
@Bellmane 45 they shouldn't watch football because they don't understand the game
CR3 4
CR3 4 Il y a 6 mois
Brady has been in decline for the last 2 seasons. It's just more noticeable this season without Gronk to bail him out when they need a play. Tom is rushing his passes and that's the primary reason the timing is off with his WR's. Even with Julian his timing has been off. Tom looks like he's playing scared this year. As soon as the pass rush is within 5 yards of him he's diving to the ground or throwing the ball to ghosts. This should be the final season we see Tom Brady playing football. If another team signs him they're just throwing away money.
starzandearth Il y a 7 mois
You guys always be doubting this man. I don't trust your opinions but I do trust actual NFL players. Ain't nobody saying Tom's done and nobody's saying Tom Brady is not the man for the job. Stay doubting him and he's going to win a Super Bowl again.
Iyzlo Kenobi
Iyzlo Kenobi Il y a 7 mois
They had gronk
kim blauvelt
kim blauvelt Il y a 7 mois
I listened tp Shannon just yesterday, 7'12'2019 say that Brady is throwing balls to his receivers but that the receivers are not on the same page as Brady. He said that Brady has got the talent but he hasnàt had time to develop a relationship with his receivers which is costing their offensiv e production. Shannon in this video is saying that Bradyàs play is costing NE. Well, what is it_ You can't have it both ways man!! Fact is Shannon hates Brady with a passion and no matter what Brady does Shannon will be down on him. If Brady plays a great game Shannon has something to say about how he had all the protection or the defnese played bad. If Brady plays what seems like a bad game it is all his fault. Shannon, Brady has mostly all new players around him year in and year out. That is a problem with any qb. Somehow Brady has been able to get around that obstacle like no other. This year he is unable to work his magic. Get off his back!!!
Mc LOVIN Il y a 7 mois
Jayden R
Jayden R Il y a 7 mois
I got the chief's 33- 20
Olive Augustin
Olive Augustin Il y a 7 mois
Yup!! Shannon Sharp THINKS!!! Opinions are not facts and we have proof!!
John Wiggins
John Wiggins Il y a 7 mois
Tom Brady could be retired, and skip would still be saying he is the best qb in the league
Lola Lopez
Lola Lopez Il y a 7 mois
Im so tired of Tom Brady and the Patriots. Actually, I can't stand them. But, i think we are writing him off too quickly. Watch....
Orlando Padilla
Orlando Padilla Il y a 7 mois
NE might lose this weekend.
ricecakejohnson Il y a 7 mois
Shannon talking about he likes to be honest when it comes to talking about players, so what about all the "lack" of weapons TB has, and what about all the drops balls from his receivers? Shannon dont wanna bring those up.
TheRedneckSage Il y a 7 mois
I agree with skip but I have really come to love Shannon Sharpe. I am from the south too but have lived in cali and lost my accent. Shannon's makes me miss home.
Sitranine Il y a 7 mois
These people never learn. It doesn't matter what you think or say. Brady is going to prove you wrong and run DEEP into the playoffs.
Markus Patients
Markus Patients Il y a 7 mois
Time for Tom Brady to take a seat and Drew Bledsoe to get back his starting QB role...
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello Il y a 7 mois
I think the Patriots are holding back Tom Brady
Chris O'Reilly
Chris O'Reilly Il y a 7 mois
Nobody: Jenny: HmOkIntristing.
Jeffrey Chives
Jeffrey Chives Il y a 7 mois
Why Shannon can’t say “I’m concerned for Tom Brady he doesn’t have anybody to throw too which isn’t necessarily good for his age” nah Shannon just wants to hate 😂
Todd Vincent
Todd Vincent Il y a 7 mois
Let it go shady Shannon. You just can't give props to THE GREAT WHITE HOPE can you. You can't wash this man's jock.
scuti Il y a 7 mois
They keep talking about the old NE from a year ago and 2 years ago. But Lamar was so bad last playoff game vs the chargers. But this year he's MVP. Keep counting on the past like the cowboys that'll get u far
Chayce Quintana
Chayce Quintana Il y a 7 mois
Hes gonna sit here and say the patriots wr core is worse than the 49ers? 😂
Keaton. Shaw
Keaton. Shaw Il y a 7 mois
Baltimore Ravens Receivers dont scare people either.
Chimou Il y a 7 mois
Media: Brady in decline! Common sense: No o-line and rookie receivers
Rungy Il y a 7 mois
Tom is behaving the way Dan Marino did in his twilight years...grumpy old man Tom...he had a guy wide open in the end zone, he held that ball and then hurled it into the stands, everyone else in the NFL is "getting it done" NICE TO HAVE THE SOFTEST SCHEDULE IN THE NFL ....INN'T IT
Oscar Il y a 7 mois
Thank you Skip and Shannon for making football exciting and funny at the same time. 😁👍
laMar Horton
laMar Horton Il y a 7 mois
Once u say hes washed ......hes shows up. Smart not to say hes washed.
Malcolm Little
Malcolm Little Il y a 7 mois
They need to start showing us the clip when skip say's it
Dezire Mercy
Dezire Mercy Il y a 7 mois
Skip is so pathetic always making excuses for Brady. His receiving core hasn’t changed much they literally lost Gronk. Who was good don’t get me wrong but if Tom is the “Goat” he won’t need a 6’6” behemoth to throw to. He’s supposed to Make everyone better around him. But starting taking away his weapons and we’ll see how good he really is. He is not the Goat and never will be.
Jason Bembry
Jason Bembry Il y a 7 mois
Skip get emotional with Tom Brady Dallas Cowboys San Antonio Spurs
Dean Erler
Dean Erler Il y a 6 mois
and Shannon Sharp is one of the biggest Brady haters out there
kathy Johson
kathy Johson Il y a 7 mois
Perhaps, but Im not so sure
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance Il y a 7 mois
Our Patriots HAD Antoinio Brown and Josh Gordon!!!
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance Il y a 7 mois
Now maybe if they ran a QB sneak on 4TH AND INCHES,it could've been a different game!!
Garrett Payne
Garrett Payne Il y a 7 mois
Here’s the thing, is Brady the best in the league? No. Is he top 10? Idk, maybe. The numbers don’t support it but aside from like Russel Wilson who is a god, most of the other top 10 have some serious weapons on the outside. Now yes, it used to be TB12 could do it all himself. 3-10 years ago you could give him anyone and they’d be looking just fine. Those days are over. Brady has now descended from the heavens and is now mortal. Much like many of the better qbs in the league today, he needs weapons to be a threat. We’re so used to just giving him nameless receivers, for the most part but yea we had Gronkowski which is no joke, and he’s a baller. Not so anymore. I really haven’t seen anyone bring this up. Has he gotten worse? Yea, he has. Is he doodoo like the numbers indicate? No, he just is expected to be exactly who he’s always been and that’s not gonna fly. People think like this bc of his recent super bowl wins and he was over 40 for them so he should still be able to do it but nah man he needs some weapons. God forbid AB didn’t act a fool and he been with us this whole time. I imagine it would be a whole different story. It’s sad to see TB12 on the slow descent to not-greatness but Father Time always wins
Susan Klimaszewski
Susan Klimaszewski Il y a 7 mois
He's washed up
Richard Clark
Richard Clark Il y a 7 mois
You Shannon are far from expert info on Brady. Brady has 2 rookie wide receivers with little playing time on the field, of which can you tell of another NFL quarterback that has a weaker wide receiver core than Brady. Brady has with also a very bad running core that has been a problem ALL year !
:BULLET: Il y a 7 mois
Yes, Tom is 42 years old. Yes, he isn't quite the same because he is 2 years old. But look at who he's throwing to! These guys are not good enough (besides White and Edleman) to be on a Championship team. He is not to blame here. If he had AB, Josh Gordon, and Gronk we'd be talking about how there isn't a team in the NFL that could stop the Patriots.
TonyHamilton Ck
TonyHamilton Ck Il y a 7 mois
Lets focus on the Bengals
akosh1976 Il y a 7 mois
TonyHamilton Ck so what u saying we shouldn’t even care about the KC game and just give it to them???;)
Calvin Darrington
Calvin Darrington Il y a 7 mois
Play 2 bad games they say Tom is “losing his touch”. Lmao 🤣 We shall see
Dark Nightmares
Dark Nightmares Il y a 7 mois
The pats are having 1 bad season and all of a sudden that erases the fact that they have 6 rings?
Juice Jones
Juice Jones Il y a 7 mois
Zero credit given to the Texans smh
Antonio Camargo
Antonio Camargo Il y a 7 mois
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance Il y a 7 mois
Hello, Humans. "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." -Niccolo Machiavelli TERRANCE OUT
Milk Duds
Milk Duds Il y a 7 mois
*Sulking outside of stadium* Anyone got tickets?
J Hart
J Hart Il y a 7 mois
Why do you think Brady wanted Antonio Brown so much? They have fewer playmakers at receiver than in the past. Brady might be losing some edge also, but really missing a deep threat
Sergio Autozone
Sergio Autozone Il y a 7 mois
Last year was 11 5 and won super bowl
Sergio Autozone
Sergio Autozone Il y a 7 mois
Not Tom is receiving team dropping the balll man
Stephen Calhoun
Stephen Calhoun Il y a 7 mois
Skip doesn't care about numbers that don't speak to his narrative.
JD87 Il y a 7 mois
Holding them back from what exactly at 10-2 record.6 Super Bowl championships out of nine appearances what exactly is he holding the patrons back from again when Tom Brady retires the patriots are finished
BoxBlox Il y a 7 mois
He's like 41 what do you expect
Rahul Yalamanchili
Rahul Yalamanchili Il y a 7 mois
shut the up
Amadou Roukayatou
Amadou Roukayatou Il y a 7 mois
John Hatchel
John Hatchel Il y a 7 mois
Aaron Rodgers has always been better than Brady.Even Brady knows it.
-- Il y a 7 mois
Absolute garbage. No respect for the GOAT
zach sabri
zach sabri Il y a 7 mois
Patriots 2020 Superbowl champs
Kevin W. Brown
Kevin W. Brown Il y a 7 mois
anybody should be an expert on mediocrity it is Shannon his career was very mediocre and they have him talkin about such a great quarterback in the way he does because he has a personal agenda
gerard savoie
gerard savoie Il y a 7 mois
It's hilarious how they constantly contradict themselves.Skip.."He has no one to throw to,it's not his fault." Skip.."Brady could take 3 people from the stands and turn them into superstars." hilarious.Someone please explain to me why New England went 10 years without a superbowl..if Tom Brady is the reason they win!
Deborah Nadolski
Deborah Nadolski Il y a 7 mois
Brady is way worse this year than last year. There is NO comparison. The Texans let Brady score at the end because the Pats were out of time outs! Plain and simple,
Camaro 1968
Camaro 1968 Il y a 7 mois
It’s 100% not Brady’s fault...looks at almost every 3rd down he was rushed and sacked, nobody got open, WR’s running the wrong routes and he threw a ton of balls away so he wouldn’t turn the ball over on turnovers
Food For Thought
Food For Thought Il y a 7 mois
Jenny is always glaring at Shannon and gloating when his his team loses or he’s wrong, however, typically looking Skip adoringly.
Soundamite Il y a 7 mois
Tom Brady has great receivers and running backs. Edelman, Sanu, James White, and Sony Michel. Please stop giving this man excuses. When Matt Ryan had Sanu people called him a weapon, now no one even acknowledge that he’s still a weapon to make Brady look good.
rainman11 Il y a 7 mois
Edelman and Sanu are more wr 2s than they are 1s. You forgot to mention Matt Ryan also has Julio which forces teams to double cover him and makes it easier for guys like Sanu. Pats don’t have an elite wr like that can stretch the field. Also Michel is a bust for the pick they got him at. He’s no Alvin kamara, and is suffering this year because the oline can’t block due to all the injuries. James white is a good pass catching rb but their wr core is so bad that he’s their number 2 wr right now! When your rb is the 2nd best wr on the team, that should tell you how bad the talent at wr really is!
Renujan Kanagaratnam
Renujan Kanagaratnam Il y a 7 mois
Spice melon poop....
blacklite911 Il y a 7 mois
It’s hard to say Brady is the main concern when they rank 5th in dropped passes. Come on Shannon. There was one play where he rolled out the pocket and pointed at the receiver to run go up the sideline. The receiver looked confused and reacted late af. Apart of it is him for sure but the biggest thing is they can’t get open, they drop passes and they aren’t on the same page.
Sirius Mind
Sirius Mind Il y a 7 mois
Tom Brady ran Garoppolo and the Patriots future right out New England. One mans stubborn refusal to step away graciously and while on top can and does usually ruin empires and dynasties. Tom Brady is selfish Manning was selfish Favre was selfish Warner was selfish Time for Kraft to pull the trigger
rainman11 Il y a 7 mois
Stupid take, you act like the Pats have been trash since Jimmy G left when all they’ve done since is go to 3 straight Super Bowls! Not to mention the Pats are 10-2 this year and your saying Brady is ruining the dynasty? The main issue here is the lack of talent at the skill positions. They got no deep threat to stretch the field. Belichick knows this which is why he signed AB despite all the baggage that came with him. AB is gone now, Belichick got rid of Gordon for whatever reason, traded Demaryius Thomas as well, and only gets Sanu in return that’s not enough especially when the oline can’t block and the run game is non existent.
Pro Tough
Pro Tough Il y a 7 mois
There is more to the patriots lacking this season than just tom brady... but i do agree i think tom has to play a different style right now but its hard with his recievers... once we traded thomas earlier in the season i knew this would happen you cant be getting rid of players like that so early in the season then we let go of BROWN AND GORDON... Injuries, our kicker and offense is hurting us but we are far from out, we can still knock out anyone from going to the playoffs and superbowl... once we get our team back and healthy after this bengals game we should be alright. I dont care what happens this season as long as that stupid bandwagon ravens team dont win the superbowl... this has been a crazy season but if pats dont win it all i hope the seahawks or saints do.
Batfan 559
Batfan 559 Il y a 7 mois
Its not ur turn yet.....
#extreme Il y a 7 mois
Tom Brady is fine .
Joe W.
Joe W. Il y a 7 mois
Its the pats own fault tom has no weapons. They never sign anybody good, they just try to skate by with average players. It doesn't work anymore with all the talent on teams now. That dynasty is over!
Cannabis healz
Cannabis healz Il y a 7 mois
yea yea yea everyone seen when the back up came in. hope brady retires and then will see. if brady had player that can catch and fight for the ball it might be better and how about getting open. brady keeps them in the game or it could have been a lot worse.
Scott Ledin
Scott Ledin Il y a 7 mois
if he wants to play till 45, he and the patriots know it will be for Miami.
R SS Il y a 7 mois
Shannon does the same thing for Lebron. They both are fanboys.
Bellmane 45
Bellmane 45 Il y a 7 mois
Wish we still had Gordon
Moetown Il y a 7 mois
Shannon “it’s not your turn” sharpe
Angxl 2g
Angxl 2g Il y a 7 mois
Brady will be aight
Mister Clutch
Mister Clutch Il y a 7 mois
I wish they would show the replays that Skip asks them to run back.
Joshua Farmer
Joshua Farmer Il y a 7 mois
Does anyone realize that the first drive against the ravens Hopkins was tackled to force an incompletion everyone saw including the television judge ? And that influenced the whole game the Texans played against the ravens ? Does anyone else realize on the final drive against the panthers Watson was ripped down by his facemask ? And it wasn’t called ..: does anyone else realize he lost the opener to a 60 yard field goal because he came back and won too quickly ? Oh and by the way the only game he’s ever lost by one score was to the ravens .... and he’s 20 and 6 since he joined the Texans as a quarterback
Joshua Farmer
Joshua Farmer Il y a 7 mois
He put the defense in harms way once and they scored 4 touchdowns ... when will you start acknowledging the Texans Shannon
Big J
Big J Il y a 7 mois
The whole damn team is mediocre!! This is why he should of retired, because when your numbers decline a little bit the media jumps on you. He's been good for so long that some of these guys can't wait to jump on him.
an a
an a Il y a 7 mois
You can’t even count the Patriots late scoring , the Texans D gave up because they knew the game was over.
Big J
Big J Il y a 7 mois
LMAO so we're worried about a team that's 10-2, FOH!!
ckneasel Il y a 7 mois
Skip’s love affair with Brady is absurd...
Dean Erler
Dean Erler Il y a 6 mois
Shannon's jealousy and hatred of tom brady is even more absurd. what did Brady ever do to him?
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