Serious Drama Crossing the Pacific, Part 2! [Ep39]

The Sailing Family
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Sailing alone across an ocean is never easy, but in Part 2 of our voyage we encounter more than our fair share of troubles...
ABOUT US: We are a family of five sailing around the world on our "dream boat," a performance catamaran named "Archer."
Ten years ago, before kids, we sailed a Lagoon 380 named "Honeymoon" halfway around the world to Sydney, Australia. Along the way we shared our experiences with family and friends via FRvid, and by happenstance created one of the earliest sailing channels still posting. We also realized what an incredible experience we were having and that someday we wanted to do it again, only this time with our kids.
OUR BOAT is a Ferrari red Outremer 51 performance cruising catamaran. We chose this boat as it has been specifically designed for the purpose of blue-water sailing. It was designed and built to withstand the stress of "sailing multiple times around the world safely and in comfort." And yes, she's nice on the eyes too.
OUR ROUTE has taken us from the Boston/Cape Cod area of the United States down to the Caribbean and then through the Panama Canal. At the time of posting this we have dealt with the Coronavirus lock down in New Zealand and are now cruising again in Australia.
PLEASE COMMENT!: As a "family channel," we are required to actively monitor all comments, but we still want to hear from you. Tell us what you think!
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20 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Marc Bloch
Marc Bloch Il y a 9 jours
Point Nemo is the furthest away from land ......but you are a close second
Texas Crusade
Texas Crusade Il y a 13 jours
Do you come across military vessels much?
Texas Crusade
Texas Crusade Il y a 13 jours
@The Sailing Family oh ok. Please stay safe out there.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 13 jours
Not very often. More so in the Caribbean, but we didn't see any on our South Pacific run.
Dj Boogieboy
Dj Boogieboy Il y a 15 jours
I would of been in full panic mode!🤷🏼‍♂️
William Simmons
William Simmons Il y a 20 jours
I don’t have a clue cause when he said reef I thought “they’re gonna sink”.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 20 jours
Ha. Never thought of that! But no, when we reduce the sail are we call it “reefing.” 😂
Allan Fifield
Allan Fifield Il y a 21 jour
11:32 Guess it's the drain. But it doesn't drain as much as fill up the boat with water.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 21 jour
It's a necessary evil. We've had it flood about four times in two years.
Michael Holliday
Michael Holliday Il y a 21 jour
Lice eggs (Nits) are sticky, dandruff is flaky. Louse are not that dark. Real Sea lice are marine ectoparasites and are nothing like what you have. When people speak about getting bit by sea lice it is really Jelly Fish larvae and they are getting stung not bit. A Cell Phone make a great magnifying glass. To look at your insect, open your camera, set to the highest zoom and focus on the insect. It is much easier to do research on the insect once you have a good view of it.
Travelsparksme Il y a 22 jours
Why didn’t the 3rd kid get shaved??
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 22 jours
His hair is too amazing.
Justin Fufun
Justin Fufun Il y a 22 jours
I guess those horses weren't so wonderful after all.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 22 jours
We looked into that! Horses don’t carry lice, so not sure!
Fred Read
Fred Read Il y a 22 jours
Man, you guys are flying! Do you have a pilots license? Ha. I hit near 200 mile days on my mono, Cal 2-46. But that was isolated and rare. You guys are doing it every day! Sorry about the radar. I sailed a decade or so with no radar or chart plotter. Heck, no gps. Had to use a sextant. That being said, today I will be the first not to want to give up any of these. I bought one of the first GPS units ever at a boat show. Special price for a box that gave you two numbers and not all day either. We got a bargain price of $2600 for this black box. Would be more like $5K today. And now you can buy one for under a hundred! Oh! And I love this conversation. ‘See kids, we are now further from land than anywhere else on earth! ‘. ‘Is that our laser? That’s our laser!’ Ha ha. I love kids! You guys are doing great. And fast!
Fred Read
Fred Read Il y a 22 jours
@The Sailing Family My pleasure. Will subscribe.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 22 jours
We give you a lot of credit for sailing before GPS. Arriving near land in the dark would be mortifying. Thanks for sharing - and watching!
debbie collins
debbie collins Il y a 23 jours
Oh my what an adventure! I totally feel so sorry for Elizabeth. She is still smiling instead of crying but I think I would have cried. I am so happy I found your channel and love watching your videos.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 23 jours
Thank you so much!
Jessica Naser
Jessica Naser Il y a 23 jours
Omg... frog and toad book. LOVE THEM😍🥰 They were my favorite books in grade school. Then I read some to my kids. I really like the boat and where the 2 boys sleep would be where I would want to sleep. What a trip lots of issues but just like everything in life.....Never a dull moment.
Tommy Petraglia
Tommy Petraglia Il y a 24 jours
Caulk the sht out of it. I think they call it Point Nemo. Even further than the Space Station orbiting 177 miles up
Nuria Prats
Nuria Prats Il y a 24 jours
We also sail and couple of summers my kids had lices on board I don’t really know where they got them, cause they spend all day on the water. In the ocean? In Spain when the weather gets warm kids get them in school. 😩😩😩😩
Team Seabus
Team Seabus Il y a 24 jours
Beautiful famili. Kongratulacjon. Beatyful
Mark Pieczonka
Mark Pieczonka Il y a 26 jours
You're an amazing Dad and sailor. I took my 3 kids for a year from Canada to the Bahamas when they were young like your kids. Best year of our lives. I wish we had the finances to go further at the time. But still dreaming of going with my adult kids. Lol
rjr 4949
rjr 4949 Il y a 27 jours
That water in the bilge is just enough to prevent dust accumulation....
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Il y a 27 jours
Head lice that is unreal how can that be?
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 27 jours
Must have picked them up in the Galapagos somehow!
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Il y a 27 jours
How about real Maple Syrup
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Il y a 27 jours
When are we going to get there Dad?
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Il y a 27 jours
That looks like a pretty cheap hatch. I would not want one like that at all.
John 427
John 427 Il y a 27 jours
Shave all heads.
John 427
John 427 Il y a 27 jours
Why doesn't the Llama want your drama?
John 427
John 427 Il y a 27 jours
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 27 jours
Who wants Drama!?!? 😂
Bill Roberts
Bill Roberts Il y a 27 jours
One "easy" treatment for head lice- shave everybody's head! Throw cutting, lice and nits overboard. Use clean pillowcases- etc.
Andy B
Andy B Il y a 27 jours
Wow! Just found your channel to add to my sailing interests. Lovely family. Want to get my ASA license and get my family promoted from lake life to blue water life. Open to suggestions how to do it. As of Jan 2021, I’m looking for first week course. Chime in and tell me where. My teenage boys to join me.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 27 jours
My parents learned on a lake - lake St Clair. We all flew to Florida for a week of ASA courses and then chartered a boat in the BVIs (check out We were hooked! You can do it!
Solo Skipper
Solo Skipper Il y a 27 jours
Over 3000 shipping containers hit the ocean in the past 3 months......sleep well
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 27 jours
1sheinz Il y a 28 jours
Kids sleeping on deck...scared sh@#^#s of hatch blowing in and being drowned in their sleep! CHEERS Steve h.
BLLZ DP Il y a 28 jours
The boat should be named Aurelius because you are stoic my man.
Scott Hodges
Scott Hodges Il y a 28 jours
Try plenty of undiluted hair conditioner onto dry hair and massage into scalp,put a plastic bag over the hair like a shower cap this will stop the conditioner dripping down the face,leave it on for a half hour or longer and the lice will be smothered,rinse off and all will be good Cheers
J W Il y a 29 jours
Great video! New subscriber here!
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 27 jours
Thanks for subbing!
Monk LoHan
Monk LoHan Il y a 29 jours
That sky at 13:21 is just beautiful.
shae brown
shae brown Il y a 29 jours
Lice eggs white/lice brown
Jamie Whitman
Jamie Whitman Il y a 29 jours
The Astronauts on the ISS are closer to you at that point
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 29 jours
Isn’t that ridiculous?!?! Crazy.
WestUCoog Il y a 29 jours
Flex Seal!
CG Il y a 29 jours
I think Point Nemo is actually the furthest point from land .........
B L Il y a 29 jours
Spin tac on furler.
Tim Jenne
Tim Jenne Il y a mois
I know this is way late, but the handles are not right, the bar that connects across to prevent accidental opening is not set correctly. @5:46 you can see the 8 o'clock handle is supposed to be up in the slot in the bar. so that one is loose potentially causing a twist in the hatch.
fhhsvnggbh Il y a mois
Also shop vacs work well for lice btw
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a 29 jours
Never thought of that!
fhhsvnggbh Il y a mois
So, not a sailor, wish i was, but re ropes chafing. couldnt you just make up some socks to put over the areas where it rubs?? Re the hatch leaks, exactly what i would of done. Seal it, with silicon or black window silastic, suction till set. Here on land i always keep conveyor rubber sheets, really useful for so much stuff. Ie non slip mats etc etc. And its easy to store ie use it as a floor mat till you need it. I actually keep a whole heap in my car as a trunk liner, if it hails i grab it out and cover the car/ solar panels. Itd probably be a pretty effective seal for that hatch too. Just cut with a knife, slip it in the hole and seal with silicon. You could also use it to make a one way flapper valve on the drain. Ie if a wave forces it up it flaps shut against the grating and seals. But again not a sailor. Love the videos!
snapstring Il y a mois
You have an awesome family. 👍
Reynald Néron
Reynald Néron Il y a mois
You keep repeating "the farthest spot on the planet from land". That spot is called "Point Nemo" (yes, feel free to ask wikipedia). The coordinates for that point are S48° 52′ 32″ , W123° 23′ 33″ O. As you are S 6° 16' W115°31 when you cross your halfway line, the point Nemo is way further south than your location half way between the Galapagos and the Marquesas. It is about 2500 n.m. from your location, SSW. (it is somewhere between Chile and New Zealand). So I understand you are trying to raise the drama effect to increase the buzz of your videos, but every time you state that, you sound like Donald Trump. Don't be a Trump. ;)
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Well, okay, yes. Technically you may be right. We we were at the second or third furthest point! :)
andrea spinoglio
andrea spinoglio Il y a mois
Nice! Will dome Guys. I like the family atmosphere you have on board. Please could you share your experience with the hydro generator I see at your stern? Safe navigation. And best Regards
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
The Watt and Sea hydrogenerator is fantastic. We have learned the racing version is better on boats that surf (as we can break the slower propeller when we surf), but once we hit ten knots it pumps in the power. We sail all night and it keeps us charged and we don’t need a generator. Huge win!
SIgaming Il y a mois
yup shave that head, exactly what i did when the kids came home from school with lice. though i had all girls
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Il y a mois
That is a "Tack", not a clew
J D Il y a mois
How long it took to sail across the Pacific ocean? How did you dump your gray and black tanks?
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Just like the cruise ships, we dump our grey water in the open ocean. There is no alternative, and at that interval it is not bad for the environment. It’s near shore that it becomes an issue. Good question!
Jose Caudillo
Jose Caudillo Il y a mois
I like your hat go Tigers , go blue
Rachel Bishop
Rachel Bishop Il y a mois
Mouth wash? Vinegar? Cooking oil? All of these with a ziploc and towel on their heads for a while should at least help some.
the bear 65
the bear 65 Il y a mois
wow a sailing family/so kool.
David Hightower
David Hightower Il y a mois
You had everything you needed to kill the lice onboard. Diesel fuel motor oil cooking oil. They may like dirty hair but they can't breathe in oil. Let it sit for 20 minutes and wash it out.
Holly Markham
Holly Markham Il y a mois
A thick deep conditioner placed on the hair and left for a minimum of an hour (I left it on for 8 hours) and then comb out the nits (eggs)! My 3 year old with thin curly long hair has had them 3 times! We had a nurse who is a professional lice remover give us the conditioner tip after the 2nd infestation and it worked like a charm! Bonus was soft healthy hair! We used Aussie 3 minute miracle!
GodOfReality Il y a mois
Gonna subscribe just because you're the only other person than myself I know of who uses "drama llama" lol
mike alexander
mike alexander Il y a mois
first time I have watched your adventure.....what a lovely story.....why has dad not got the army cut.....thanks for sharing
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Welcome aboard! Dad's been in the corporate world for too long and likes his rebellious hair. It doesn't last. :)
Komer West
Komer West Il y a mois
Who's bright idea was it to put a hatch in that location? Pretty stupid idea when you think of it.
Rachel Kolar
Rachel Kolar Il y a mois
Flex seal spray bud. It’s an amazing product.
Adan Martinez
Adan Martinez Il y a mois
I’m no sailor but just from watching other cruiser channels I’m wondering if your sails equipment is breaking down because of how fast your going? I never see the other catamaran boats going as fast as your going. Just an observation. Thanks for sharing.
Adan Martinez
Adan Martinez Il y a mois
@The Sailing Family Hi again. Have to retract my observation. Just saw Keith’s video over at Sailing Zatara and he just so happen to be making a video comparing both of your boats! I didn’t realize their were different classes of catamarans. He says yours is a performance Cat and his would be considered an expedition Cat. That explains why you were going so much faster! Thanks again for sharing.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
It could be. But really it's just part of sailing. Most boats will have the same issues, especially in such a long crossing. It's a long way to go!
Leopardsgowild Il y a mois
I really liked this video def in for your family adventure!
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
More to come!
Bob Bates
Bob Bates Il y a mois
which if any episode tells what year make model of boat that is you have ?
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
It's a 2014 Outremer 51. Check out our website for loads more info at
Mike Silver
Mike Silver Il y a mois
Man, i must say - this french catamarans have bad quality. Fountain Peugeot, Lagoon, Outremer - all have bad quality. It looks like France cant produce anymore good catamarans and cars. Sad.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
I don’t agree that all are the same, but I do agree that all French boats with the CE mandates emergency hatches made by Goiet are a serious safety risk. Sometimes the boats are great, but it’s the equipment installed that’s poor.
luis neto
luis neto Il y a mois
White are the eggs. Lice is black (brown ish)
Dan Newitt
Dan Newitt Il y a mois
LICE...... mayonaise mixed with vinegar, is a natural fix. Mix together and use it like shampoo comb through the hair with a very fine comb. then wash out. Do this 3 times in 3 day intervals.
Geezergamers Il y a mois
Lice can be treated at sea with oil. Olive oil or other skin safe oils are fine. Wash the hair, dry it, coat with oil liberally. Let it set for an hour then comb it out with the finest tooth comb you have. You can repeat this daily for 3 or more days watching for any skin reaction. Bedding, caps, pillows will all need to be washed as well. I am sure you're all probably experts of these critters now.
Dersu Uzala
Dersu Uzala Il y a mois
Wait a minute! How couldn't I discover your channel before? It's maybe the oldest sailing channel (almost 12 years now since the first video uploaded) and I could not find it bfore! I subscribed your channel now.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Welcome aboard!!!
MrJhchrist Il y a mois
Those hatches have sunk more than one boat... past time for mandatory recalls methinks. They were pretty obviously terrible ideas from the beginning and they have proven themselves to be terrible practices in the real world. Glad you didn't die.
Olaf K
Olaf K Il y a mois
7:40 the nearest land is a few miles under the boat. 😎
Em Conlon
Em Conlon Il y a mois
Hi guys! I remember playing 4 square w/ u guys at CCA!
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
We miss CCA!!!
Bernard Baudouin
Bernard Baudouin Il y a mois
Good vidéo thank you ......seems you are having fun ......
Faith Star
Faith Star Il y a mois
My husband and I just started watching your channel and love watching your adventures with your family! Elizabeth- you are such a lovely person and great mama to your boys. They are such fun kids- you are blessed.
David Paddock
David Paddock Il y a mois
Lice are brown Liz 🇦🇺
DocuMetrics, Inc.
DocuMetrics, Inc. Il y a mois
Treat lice with olive oil. Use a fine comb to remove all eggs or they'll come back.
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton Il y a mois
Simple green cleaner, 10 percent in water. Spray on anything. Apply green directly on yourself full strength. Usually on lower legs and feet. Worked every time. Spray on sheets and bedding. On couches and chairs, let dry, all set. We had outside cats who would bring fleas in the hose. Green worked great
trapman2000 Il y a mois
We are in the middle of the ocean, we have many systems on the boat failing, "LETS MAKE PANCAKES!!" I love it!!! Calm seas never made a seasoned sailor!!! Best of luck, you all are awesome!!
John 427
John 427 Il y a 27 jours
Yeah, I think living on water in a little building isn't going to be drama free
redbovine Il y a mois
If its the same area im thinking about. At the right time the closest other humans to you would be the astronauts in orbit on the space station.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Yes. I read that. That’s insane!
Sailing Catamaran Diving Adventures
never understand why CE rules insist you have a hatch at water level, crazy
Andy Blyth
Andy Blyth Il y a 27 jours
@Mike Silver I don't know about cats, never having sailed in them. But when we crossed oceans on yachts much bigger we always put the storm shutters on the portholes, and they weren't at sea level either.
Mike Silver
Mike Silver Il y a mois
They was afraid of catamaran roll over and people die in trap, cause in 80s and 90s monohull fanboys tell everybody that cats constantly rollover. Actually there should be no "window" and no hatch.
Carol Goergens
Carol Goergens Il y a mois
Ha I knew once in quarantine more videos would come
Steve Hart
Steve Hart Il y a mois
Sorry. Sailing Zatara
Steve Hart
Steve Hart Il y a mois
Hi there. Bad luck, but that is sailing. How is Brisbane? Have just seen you on Sailing Zaharia.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
We’re in Southport with them. All is well!
Malene Zylstra
Malene Zylstra Il y a mois
I think your Serious dramas are really just minor inconveniences. You don’t need a radar and you had a spare spinnaker and you could have repaired the D if you really needed it...
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
It’s fun to be an armchair captain. Not as fun when it’s your boat taking on water in the middle of the ocean. Just say’n...
Mitchell Barnow
Mitchell Barnow Il y a mois
The ocean is so vast it’s incredible!
Mitchell Barnow
Mitchell Barnow Il y a mois
I’m watching this video because you safely made it to land with internet in order to post this fantastic video!
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Nashville tljc
Nashville tljc Il y a mois
Shave their heads. Best way to get rid of it. They’re boys- they won’t care.
Dave Brown
Dave Brown Il y a mois
that thing in zip lock bag is a nit!
Dave Brown
Dave Brown Il y a mois
use them small fishies n squid as bait for fishing the kids will love it!
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens Il y a mois
Full on dreds , could you not smile , great Dad moment..
jdoggs08753 Il y a mois
HOW DO U GET LICE @ SEA??...NO offense...getting lice DOES NOT mean ur dirty(keeping lice does)...a200 medicine worked well when i was in military....ANYTIME when living in veryclose quarters lice are a possibility😣 good luck...maybe vinigar or something?
jdoggs08753 Il y a mois
Except that dreds are pretty disgusting...probably a haven for an infestation😒
B B Il y a mois
As a die hard Zatara follower i saw their last episode and saw Archer now i have to go back and watch from the start. Yippee
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
shane villis
shane villis Il y a mois
Hey guys, hear you made it to Australia through Zatara vid. Are you planning a trip down the East Coast?? We live near Newcastle NSW. If you happen to stop around Port Stephens/Newcastle/Lake Maquarie, would like to stop by for a visit and say hello. And would be good to see how Archer's holding up after her repairs.
shane villis
shane villis Il y a mois
@The Sailing Family For sure, would like that,just need to keep an eye out lol
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Yes, we will be there next month. Let’s meet up!
Andrew Sauber
Andrew Sauber Il y a mois
You need to carry a few tubes of underwater epoxy. Perfect for the window seal
luis neto
luis neto Il y a mois
@hugh dickson 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂
hugh dickson
hugh dickson Il y a mois
Thought you were going to say for the lice lol
A Cooper
A Cooper Il y a mois
Makes my head itch!
STI Il y a mois
Lice is a pain to get rid of. Good move cutting the boys hair but what about the Captains hair? 😃
Rasheed Masthan
Rasheed Masthan Il y a mois
Nice ♥️👍
Helen Bell
Helen Bell Il y a mois
tea tree oil will kill the lice. it was one of the basic supplies on our boat. wash hair daily and rinse with tea tree oil in the water.
Фома Физрук
Интересное видео ! Так понимаю это семья - муж, жена и их дети и они путешествуют на парусном катамаране. Судя по видео они добрые, весёлые и позитивные люди их взаимоотношения мне нравятся . Съёмки видео мне очень понравились. Желаю Вам Счастья добрые люди ! С наилучшими пожеланиями из России из города Уфа.
William D
William D Il y a mois
Wait, wait, wait. I just saw you guys yesterday playing catch with Zatara heading towards Australia. 😅
The32spence32 Il y a mois
@The Sailing Family I saw Keith scratching his Your living my dream... fantastic...still trying to convince my wife to sell the house and the kids...ect subscriber...
William D
William D Il y a mois
@The Sailing Family Please include that footage as well. I love it when two YT sailing families get together. Some people may say you two (and others) are competing for YT views but I disagree. I watch (ahem) Watch 'em All. Sorry, I've been on a Metallica kick this week. Fair winds!
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Haha. Yes, we are a little behind Zatara in our posts. But we’re looking to catch up quick with videos each week. Should be a good ride!
Adam Mackay
Adam Mackay Il y a mois
Saw Archer is parked in the Gold Coast Broadwater at the moment and looking good. Are you guys in Aus for a while?
Adam Mackay
Adam Mackay Il y a mois
@The Sailing Family welcome, have a great time!
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Yes, we just arrived! Should be in country at least six months. Very excited!
Gavin Marshall
Gavin Marshall Il y a mois
Saw Archer anchored on the Broadwater. Welcome to Australia 😁
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Thank you! Come say hi!
Viaaz Il y a mois
You guys should come over to the Marshall Islands..
Viaaz Il y a mois
@The Sailing Family Why not.. There is a yacht club here in majuro. But with the covid 19 I'm not sure guys. Maybe wait till boarders a open.
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Can we?!?!
BarracudaHawk Il y a mois
Seems odd doesn’t it that the sinking of these cats depends on just 3 or 4 dodgy looking plastic locking catches. I believe lagoon now seal those hatches but place a smash axe by each one. Great vids btw
Sailing Zatara
Sailing Zatara Il y a mois
“Not sure if it’s dandruff or eggs” 🤢
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
Abdullah Dimion
Abdullah Dimion Il y a mois
I remember first time my kids got lice, felt like a bad parent. But then realized thats just kids. Lol.
Todd Allen
Todd Allen Il y a mois
The good thing about Lice is all the kids get a Haircut...
goolug Il y a mois
Very impressed with your MacGyver hatch solution, but I can’t stop thinking if there was a better way if dealing with that leak. Would you do the GoPro trick again or do you think there’s a better solution now that some time has passed?
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Il y a mois
That’s a good question. Given how successful the suction cup was at helping seal the gasket we would do that again, but if it got worse we would drill a small hole in it and pull a line through with a knot on the outside. That would really let us pull it tight, but obviously add a leak point. All that matters though is that you don’t lose the hatch. That’s how these boats sink (happened to a cruiser off Africa recently). Very sad.