Scary landing: British Airways A320 go-around in stormy weather (Brussels Airport)

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On November 20, 2016, a powerful storm hit the English Channel, causing hurricane force winds in Belgium. I was onboard this British Airways Airbus A320 flight, which tried to land at the height of the storm. It was the scariest landing in my life. Have you ever experienced a scary moment on a plane? Leave a comment ...



20 nov. 2016




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flapsto60 Il y a jour
That looks like a Windshear Go event. When you experience negative windshear and the EGPWS shouts at you WINDSHEAR WINDSHEAR you execute a Go Around, don't move the Flaps or Landing Gear and point towards the sky. The fact that the slats didn't move for quite a while is telling me that they had a Windshear event and went around. Go arounds are just a pain in the butt....but Windshear is a bit more serious.
OmGaming94 Il y a 7 jours
Not scary I would've loved that
victor Pena
victor Pena Il y a 9 jours
I had forgotten until you reminded me, this was with 30+ years of flying for business. I was headed home one evening (Austin. TX) from Nashville, TN. I was to change planes in Dallas, no big deal. As we were coming into Dallas we were advised a nasty cold front was arriving over Dallas kicking up some humongous thunderstorms. The pilot was told to circle the field cause the winds were bad! (Windshear) We circled for ~45 min then the pilot advised we were running low on fuel so we turned to Houston, TX raced the cold front, landed, refueled then took off back into the storms for Dallas again! Something told me, "Screw this!!", I deplaned in Houston, got my bags and rented a car for a shared ride with another guy to Austin. All the years, the only time I purposefully got off a plane, because of weather. Yes, an extremely bumpy, thrashing night time flight in a thunderstorm is NOT fun.😫
oceanfroggie Il y a 17 jours
That's not scary. Just a routine go around. Cross winds, wind sheer and turbulence on the approach are a normal part of the weather in this part of the world.
Dopey Gang
Dopey Gang Il y a 23 jours
Giving explanation of go around and also writing scary landing for clicks
SqiddyGamez 1205
SqiddyGamez 1205 Il y a 26 jours
Yes... that is pretty stormy weather
Tanmay Il y a 26 jours
RYANAIR:We dont know how but u cannot take a go around,ude reverse thrust and turn off the engine we will fall right on the runway Pilot:Ok sir
Mike12522 Il y a 29 jours
the Luxury Travel Expert - If this was the scariest landing you've had in your life, you sure haven't flown much at all .................
Linda-Marie Sohlberg
Last summer I was on a B767 to Gran Canaria from Stockholm (Sweden) and as we approached Las Palmas airport it was strong winds over the atlantic and the plane went up & down side to side shaking. My kids were scared and I prayed for a good landing. Scary for us and we are not frequent flyers.
Elise Lawless
Elise Lawless Il y a mois
This happened to me while approaching Spain it was a bumpy approach Ryanair 🙄
peterbutter1235 Gaming
The worst moment i had n a plane is they ran out of chips
DerRobMann (R.T. West)
First time for me in rough weather in 1983, age 33, San Diego to Salt Lake City. Strong winds, March storm coming off Wasatch Mountains. Pilot had everyone strapped down hard 75 miles out. Last plane to land before airport closed. Bumpy approach and landing. Guy next to me white knuckled. Told me this was going to be bad. We used every inch of the runway. Then, told me he was a small plane pilot and from Salt Lake City. 3rd plane out when airport flights resumed (less than 2 hours) and on to Kansas City. Pilot announced it would be rough. Climbed to about 2500 feet bumpy, then dropped about 300 to 500 feet. No longer a rookie, I almost got religion. All good after climbing the mountain range, the front of which looked about as friendly as the Iron Curtain or the Berlin Wall. Few days later, cloudy, gray, cold, back at KC airport for return to San Diego. Go in bar to kill time (mostly). Boarding call. Finally look out. De-icing plane with about 4 inches of snow already on ground. Uneventful after takeoff to home, apartment in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Change to baggy shorts, Blind Melons bar logo and cut off sleeved sweatshirt . In-line blade to favorite bar and club at the beach. There be monsters East of Interstate 5 I tell a disbelieving group of surfers. I decide we should to do shots with our beers. Buy a round. That's my story. Saludos, desde Colonia Centro Histórico, Puebla, México, DerRobMann sends... envía...
Your a pussy. 62mph isnt what i would call heavy winds. Grow a pair.
Krystle White
Krystle White Il y a mois
Scary part to follow........
Nope Il y a mois
I once fell inside the washroom of the plane while going to Toronto because of the turbulence 😂
the liar king
the liar king Il y a mois
was in a go round at luton once, was a quiet plane for 20 mins before we got landed, also had a few turbulant landings like this, not very pleasant.
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso Il y a mois
Yea I was going back to Rome from Barcelona on RyanAir. He didn’t do a go around he just said fuck it and tried to land 😂
Leonardo Almeida
Leonardo Almeida Il y a mois
Why do apllause??? Have this doubt...
bugalaman Il y a mois
I hate all of the dumb shits that clap while still traveling at 100+ KTS. You're not safe until the plane is parked at the gate and the seatbelt sign is turned off.
R G Il y a mois
they say flying is safer than why dont we clap when we get to our destination safe when we driving?
Terri Shepherd
Terri Shepherd Il y a mois
Strong winds I can hear the wind pushing back the plane
Satish Jaiswal
Satish Jaiswal Il y a 2 mois
Sad to see hundreds of these incredible crews will lose their jobs in 2020.
Hotelogence Gaming
Hotelogence Gaming Il y a 2 mois
Wow very scary
Mark McLaughlin
Mark McLaughlin Il y a 2 mois
Ho hum....whatever....scary? What storm??? I think he came in too fast and had to abort because he would have run out of runway.
Team Mezmer
Team Mezmer Il y a 2 mois
I know right
Waylith Il y a 2 mois
Not my perspective, but i encountered someone sitting next to me one a plane that had their first time flying. We ran into turbulence, and they hugged eachother and started crying. I told them it was normal, and they took a second before calming down again. Poor girls
Waylith Il y a 2 mois
I was on a plane once, on the seats near the wings. It was extremely foggy outside, and we soon ran into turbulence. The plane also rolled (not a bank) to the side a little rough, and when i looked out, i saw just a red light barely in the foggy weather... but that was just the navigation lights and an unstable takeoff due to something i dont know about, since i didnt know as much about aviation at that age. My sister aldo started crying btw, cause she, and probably almost everyone else on the plane thought it was crashing
Cardinal Red
Cardinal Red Il y a 2 mois
Great video. I was on a flight from Washington DC (actually Dulles airport in Virginia) non-stop to Los Angeles. When we approached California it was night time. The Santa Ana winds were violent out of the mountains toward the coast. We flew at very low altitude (you could see people in their swimming pools). The plane bucked and bounced and the wings swung back and forth. The city lights seemed to go on forever. We dropped like a rock onto the runway at LAX, bounced up then down twice. It was the worst landing of my life. I caught another plane to San Diego from there and it flew south over the Pacific. The landing in San Diego was bumpy, but nothing like LA was.
Alex et ses poissons
Alex et ses poissons Il y a 2 mois
My scariest moment on a plane would be on my flight from Plattsburgh to Orlando and since it was winter, there was a big snow storm ans the whole runway was iced but also I was in the back of the plane and I think I was on a DC-9 or 10 because of the engines on the side of the tail but anyway does engines made a weird buzzing sound! I was terrified
Alex et ses poissons
Alex et ses poissons Il y a 2 mois
Probably but I am not sure
Thorstyracon Il y a 2 mois
Lucky now I want to be in that plane and are you sure it wasn’t an .md-80
Thierry Ratsizehena
Thierry Ratsizehena Il y a 2 mois
It was 3 years ago. A340 Air Mauritius from MRU to TNR. Very bad weather in TNR, heavy rain and thunderstorm. The plane attempted to land but it failed (we could see the runway just below us). Runway got flooded. Second attempt was the good one.
YouSail Channel
YouSail Channel Il y a 2 mois
Scaring for what? Bullshit
John Romano
John Romano Il y a 2 mois
Boring landing
Luis Manuel
Luis Manuel Il y a 2 mois
This pilots are really the best.
Güven Can Öztürk
Güven Can Öztürk Il y a 2 mois
if this is your scariest flight then you are a lucky one.
Mr.smith. Il y a 2 mois
Peoples:im soo scared at turbulance Pilots: first time?
George Reynolds
George Reynolds Il y a 2 mois
What was scary? And where is the "stormy weather"? Just look at the clouds, it's a fairly normal day for Europe! The "expert" in luxury travel has never experienced bad weather, it seems. Thumbs down!
Tony Good
Tony Good Il y a 2 mois
You just wasted 5 mins of my life....... and I earn $7000 an hour.
Gail Mariage
Gail Mariage Il y a 2 mois
I was on a place that aborted the landing this past Monday in Baltimore, and it was terrifying. It happened during a thunderstorm. We went around and made a smooth landing about 15 minutes later. So scary. We also clapped vigorously when we landed :)
Robert McWilliams
Robert McWilliams Il y a 2 mois
Where's the scary part?
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja Il y a 2 mois
Ryanair: geez, that was a soft landing!
mnpopeye Il y a 2 mois
The gales of November...
K D Il y a 2 mois
Whinnying little bitch!
bobby ray of the family smith
What was scary about this?? Nothing happened at all click bait crap
Ikram Tech
Ikram Tech Il y a 2 mois
Excellent landing captain 👮 of British air lines and thanks to co poilot
Jona Schwarzlose
Jona Schwarzlose Il y a 2 mois
The Pilot of my flight must be go around , because another airplane must do an emergenezy landing.
YEETMAN5656 Il y a 2 mois
You can always go around, if it don’t look right coming down.
Serkan Çakıroğlu
Serkan Çakıroğlu Il y a 3 mois
Lol lame
Vinicius Bortolini
Vinicius Bortolini Il y a 3 mois
What´s scary about it?
Oscar E
Oscar E Il y a 3 mois
Brussels and stormy and rainy weather. Yes that's definitely true
Barnaby Ambrose
Barnaby Ambrose Il y a 3 mois
Yeh great video great piloting. You can tell they are really battling the winds there. As anyone who’s flown to Gibraltar this can be a very challenging landing too.
Please don't feed the animals
Approach wasn't stable, pilot executed a go around . Perfectly safe landing.
Rocco Il y a 3 mois
Thank you for saying scary instead of dangerous :)
rolly doucet
rolly doucet Il y a 4 mois
I once landed at Atlanta on an A320 during a violent storm in 1980. Stewardesses were falling in the isle, loose stuff was flying around in the plane. It was rough but we got safely on the ground, thanks to the expertise of the pilots. I didn't have enough time to get scared. A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Now that scared me, but I'm past it now. I still love to travel by air.
BruKn0ws Il y a 4 mois
Believe it or not my scariest landing was in Brussels as well. Never been to Madeira though...
Dextrorsum 2020
Dextrorsum 2020 Il y a 4 mois
Lots of fun!!!
efesair Il y a 4 mois
It was a good landing. Ok, flightdeck had to work but nothing really scary. Well done!
Ideoform Sun
Ideoform Sun Il y a 4 mois
I was very scared of flying as a teenager. So I learned how to fly a plane. I never got my license, but I did fly with my instructor. Now when I fly it's less scary. I think it's the unknown that is the worst. And the lack of control. You have to trust your pilot, the traffic controller, and air mechanics explicitly. Well, and God.
the Luxury Travel Expert
I agree!
Ideoform Sun
Ideoform Sun Il y a 4 mois
Ok, so landing during a hurricane? Very risky. The airport should have closed.
Ideoform Sun
Ideoform Sun Il y a 4 mois
This makes me think that all planes need to be designed with more maneuverability.
Philip Hornisch
Philip Hornisch Il y a 4 mois
Once i was on an air new zealand 777-200 from HKG to AKL and a passenger smoked in a lavatory. We were over the pacific ocean and I woke up to some flight attendants running trough the cabin, with fire extinguishers in their hands, because the passenger threw the cigarett into the trashbin and it caught fire. This was really scary.
underwaterbubbles Il y a 4 mois
Strong winds but the second attempt look like a formality. Me and my wife were coming back from holiday and landing at Gatwick when we saw a row of fire tenders with their blue lights flashing as we came into land and then we had a very hard landing so i think those vehicles were actually waiting for us. Luckily everything went ok.
Tim Wilson Sharifi
Tim Wilson Sharifi Il y a 4 mois
Having been crew for 43 years, this is not right. Buses get cancelled. Trains get cancelled. Boats get cancelled. Aircraft continue to fly. Rough weather and bad turbulence are almost an everyday occurrence and I've finally given up flying. It got to the point where I would check the forecast the day before duty, worrying about what weather conditions I'd face. It may be safe, but it's terrifying for passengers, not forgetting the crew.
Denis Veit
Denis Veit Il y a 4 mois
Thats not scary, thats fun!
chithra jayakumar
chithra jayakumar Il y a 4 mois
Go arounds are pretty normal
Purple Gacha man
Purple Gacha man Il y a 4 mois
One time I was flying spirit and the plane dropped
PIAZANO Il y a 4 mois
i was on a dc10 from dallas to san francisco,an hour or 2 dont really remember but the left engine caught fire it was a big fire you could see the flames and everything,everyone in the plane was screaming and panicking but i was just 12 years old i dident really care i was more amazed by the fire and how the pilots took control of this and landing easy in phoenix,i remember hearing some people saying they wernt going to fly that they were going to take the bus the rest of the way.i made it home safe but took a few hours to get on a differnt plane to this day i wonder if the people that took the bus ever made it. the plane was an american DC10 i believe not to sure. i did get my wings from the pilots though.
Muhammad zeriabali
Muhammad zeriabali Il y a 4 mois
I was flying in Pia from Dubai to Islamabad suddenly the both engines stoped during extreme bad weather with rain and hail . I was scared if the plane was going to crash. After 15 minutes the engine started. During landing there was a horrible storm. The plane was 2 year old 777-300er
Fabian Il y a 4 mois
You can always go around
lee harvey
lee harvey Il y a 4 mois
I've never flown but i would have done a bit in my briefs!!!!
Manny L
Manny L Il y a 4 mois
Those are the fun landings. 😉
steve stokes
steve stokes Il y a 4 mois
I was on a flight once, and the turbulence was so bad that the autopilot bailed out !
adnan lqt
adnan lqt Il y a 4 mois
Sharjah to Islamabad VIA Air May 15 2014. The flight was smooth until we entered Islamabad. Suddenly turbulence took over in the middle of the descent. And for the next 10-15 minutes it stayed like that. So much that I wished the plane's wheels to touch the ground doesn't matter the consequences. Then prior to touching the ground it became somewhat stable and finally the plane landed safely. No claps. People were calm same as a normal flight. It had rained and the weather was cloudy. About 15 minutes before some flights were diverted to Lahore.
ThomasFan 2002
ThomasFan 2002 Il y a 4 mois
Scariest plane moment of my life was back in December 2013 I was on the with my parents and brother and when we were going to land the storm was horrible, the plane was bouncing up and down everyone was laughing, but I wasn’t!
Skeptic Cat
Skeptic Cat Il y a 4 mois
When does the scary part begin?
Ronald Cuie II
Ronald Cuie II Il y a 4 mois
Was in an a3919 as or continental airlines, flew into a tropical depression, a319 was tossed around pretty bad on approach into Philadelphia from San Francisco, was finally over the runway from the east, pilot had to do a go around. The was that a319 shot straight back up into the air with it's little thin roll royce's engines, it move. Still accelerated as well. Very powerful aircraft🙂
StickMeSucka Il y a 4 mois
I never understand clapping when you hit the ground, the plane still hasn't stopped?...
hans Miller
hans Miller Il y a 4 mois
I am scared to death when have to step on a plane. But thanks to your, and some other flight channels, I try to fight my frightening! THANK YOU FOR THAT! It really is helpful! Always have a quiet and safe flight! By heart!
Ahmet Il y a 4 mois
I know what you feel. When we approach for Hatay Airport the pilot cant land the plane. There is severe turbulence and crosswind. We go around and land at the nearest city
Alex P
Alex P Il y a 4 mois
Your pilot's performed a spectacular job in every way. Of course, BA has some of the best pilots in the world. You were in the best of hands. In reality, the more you learn about flying the more confident and relaxed you become. The problem is that over confidence and demand to get there quickly is often the reasons for aircraft accidents. Retired MD-11 PIC
ali irani
ali irani Il y a 4 mois
Do you think you had a scary landing......! you saw Nothing.....
Niklas Enblom
Niklas Enblom Il y a 4 mois
Last year I was flying to my native country of Sweden on a Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A330-343. We were about a half an hour into the flight out of Newark, New Jersey when we hit a major air pocket. Captain got on the PA system and told the cabin crew to sit down and to delay dinner service. Luckily, no one was hurt because we all had our seatbelts on. It did take us by surprise though.
madmaxxxxxxxxxx Il y a 4 mois
Do the same flight on an A319 and you will never fly again.
Paul Mueller
Paul Mueller Il y a 4 mois
Bruh that was just a routine go around and turbulence wasent even that bad
Iconoclast Il y a 4 mois
Why do some arseholes clap when the plane lands?
steviegdoeslife Il y a 4 mois
So cheesy everyone clapping lol!
Taylor Il y a 4 mois
My scariest moment ever flying was tripping in the middle of the seats on my way to the bathroom
Paul Walker
Paul Walker Il y a 4 mois
rough landing winds there...go around was warranted.
Graham Maguire
Graham Maguire Il y a 4 mois
Times like this I wish I was an entrepreneur and invented rapid wash and dry underwear machines !!!!!!
GuitarsAre LikeStupid
GuitarsAre LikeStupid Il y a 4 mois
Pan Am 747 in 1984 over the North Atlantic. For about an hour, heading back to the US from Heathrow; At our cruising altitude, there was clear air turbulence so bad that overhead bins were spitting out their contents, cabin phones were jumping off the hooks and the wings were flapping like a nervous pelican's.
Tom Ekberg
Tom Ekberg Il y a 4 mois
"Routine" flight Cincinnati to Newark. One hr delay circling Pittsbg then 1 HR delay circling Harrisburg then unscheduled stop in Philly to pick up fuel. On way to Newark snowing so bad I couldn't see out the window.on final approach just about to touch down airport closed due to no visibilty. Entire flight scary 5 and a half hrs
Gary Walker
Gary Walker Il y a 4 mois
Scary landing ,what scary landing ,I came into Manchester once in a sleet and hail storm that lasted all way from English channel and plane struck by lightning ,never saw the ground till 10ft from landing ,plane blown all over ,thought we would all die
Joe Schizoid
Joe Schizoid Il y a 4 mois
Beautiful countryside
arnoldskit Il y a 4 mois
People clapping because they are stil alive !...LMFAO!
Juan Ignacio Folletl
Juan Ignacio Folletl Il y a 14 jours
In third world countries, like mine, people clap after every single landing, even with clear sky and a smooth flight...
bar10 ml
bar10 ml Il y a 4 mois
I would have been very uneasy and having to endure the turbulence again way too much.
Blayne Douglas
Blayne Douglas Il y a 4 mois
What a complete waste of 5:39. Scary...🤣 Whatever!🤣🤣🤣
R N Il y a 4 mois
Still waiting for the scary part 🤔
Abstract Painter
Abstract Painter Il y a 4 mois
I guess you had to be there
Janice Taylor
Janice Taylor Il y a 4 mois
2017 February I was coming from Jamaica, when we got about 10 miles from JFK airport in New York,the wind started to toss the plane around like how you would see wind blow plastic bags all over the place. I thought I was going to meet my maker that day. It was very scary.
Davison Horst
Davison Horst Il y a 4 mois
There are loads of You Tube Videos depicting inflight problems and eventual crashes caused by those problems. It's amazing how many things can go wrong with a plane and even with some pilots who cannot handle relatively simple problems. Air travel is probably the safest means of travel. But, it can also be a harrowing experience when things don't go as they should. After all as a passenger you are virtually helpless and rely on the two individuals up front who know that you are relying on them.
Gillian Tracy
Gillian Tracy Il y a 4 mois
Great video! Windy day handled professionally! Cheers!
465marko Il y a 4 mois
Oh, my! Scary biscuits! God bless those men and their flying machines.