Scary landing: British Airways A320 go-around in stormy weather (Brussels Airport)

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On November 20, 2016, a powerful storm hit the English Channel, causing hurricane force winds in Belgium. I was onboard this British Airways Airbus A320 flight, which tried to land at the height of the storm. It was the scariest landing in my life. Have you ever experienced a scary moment on a plane? Leave a comment ...



20 nov. 2016




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NobleStar Lion
NobleStar Lion Il y a 6 jours
Nothing is scarier than when your plane experienced a sudden micro burst 30000 ft in the air in stormy weather.
Black_Void Xxx
Black_Void Xxx Il y a 26 jours
One time I was flying on Singapore airlines from Manchester Airport to Texas Houston, and in the middle of the flight over the Atlantic Ocean we hit some terrible, I mean terrible turbulence. It was so bad many people around me started to scream and cry! Although, I knew it would be all ok I was panicking like mad! I think the plane dropped a few hundred feet as well because there was a HUGE drop in the turbulence!
amir omar
amir omar Il y a mois
Pilots don’t accept insulting them..
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor Il y a mois
I was on a plane to Cuba, the winds were bad and I thought the plane was going down. I collapsed when we landed. My legs went jelly . I had to buy medication for the return flight to knock me out. I was so scared.
Jerry Traveler
Jerry Traveler Il y a mois
I bet the Pilots were covered in sweat.It looks like they had their hands full.This past summer I was coming back from New York City.As we got close to Savannah the pilots came on and said we could not land in Savannah due to a Bad Thunderstorm.He said we were going to circle the airport.There were 4 other planes doing the same thing.Than in a few minutes the Captain came back and said if we cannot land in 30 minutes we would have to fly to Augusta.So we were doing circles.There was so much pressure on the plane that you could see the walls moving.The plane cracked and groaned.I had 2 Gulf Stream Pilots sitting beside.They had a very worried on their face.That is when I asked them what they thought. They leaned over to me and said the plane should not be making these noises.And that the storm system had exellmy low pressure system.They said it was highly usual not to land in a plane in a storm.They then started texting people.I was like Ok today my day to die.It got to 30 minutes the Captain came on and said they had approval to land.He said thank goodness the plane was under stress and we would have to fly to get out of it.As we departed the plane the Captain was standing outside of the cockpit soaking wet with sweat.He shook everyone hands and thanked us.I looked at him and said worse you have ever seen,.he said yes.He said the pressure was so low and it made the plane a nightmare to fly.I told him I watch the walls move back and forth.he said trust me I heard them.It was a monster storm that hit.Lots of damage on the ground had 2 tornado hit close by.
Alfie’s Flight videos
Had one the other day, we went around because of high wind but when we came back in we landed very very hard. It was a Thomas cook A320-214 btw
cellogirl11RW Il y a 2 mois
A landing in 60mph winds at Sea-Tac Airport. That was definitely a white-knuckled ride! 😂
Abdel Tassi
Abdel Tassi Il y a 2 mois
I have just experienced a stormy wheather landing and i was looking for cheer up but this is really scary comparing to what i have just experienced
Philip Vels
Philip Vels Il y a 3 mois
I always find clapping to be so cringe
Shaun and Sarah Jane Reviews
Great video, we do cruise reviews, however I love aircraft and flying. Thanks fort sharing this
Charles Hines
Charles Hines Il y a 3 mois
I remember one time on our landing I was sitting near the window and as we landed I seen the right wing dip and almost hit the ground! It was about foot or two from the ground scared the crap out of me! But that was not the worst one. I was in a 4 seater plane when the pilot put that plane in a nose dive!! Even though he was a friend of mine and did it on purpose it still scared the crap out of me more like my lunch. I was so sick I had an upset stomach for three days!
Andrew Wian
Andrew Wian Il y a 3 mois
Stupid clapping.. 😂 lol
Namey's Stuff n' Vlogs
In 2019 i landed with a tui dreamliner in kos and we didnt know where the runway was because it was night even at the window seat, and bang we landed... As a kid i experienced loads :/ BUT I LOVE EM
Namey's Stuff n' Vlogs
In 2018 or 17 i had a more frightening, in lithuania AND luton.. With ryanair it was a whole plane shaking with the hardest landing of my life, this is so cool video
Orlando Williams
Orlando Williams Il y a 3 mois
I was on a plane and once I called in the bomb squad because my balloon flew away Scariest moment of my life
CPU Pulse
CPU Pulse Il y a 4 mois
I missed the scary part. Don't ever go up in a Cessna single engine, Icon A5, hell any small single engine plane if you thought that was scary. Those birds are like riding in a Cadillac compared to a Cessna. By the way Go Arounds are normal, happens all the time.
Khoran Allah-Bey
Khoran Allah-Bey Il y a 4 mois
PrincessKait1 Il y a 4 mois
The airport near my house is notorious for go-arounds in the winter, because the runway is so icy. My coworker coming back from a business trip one time had the plane try FIVE TIMES, backing off last second each time before turning around and going back to Chicago, where the flight originated, because of the combination of snow, wind, and ice on the runway. The airline then put everyone on a bus and sent them back up via a 9 hour bus ride.
JERRYinCHS Il y a 4 mois
Turbulent...sure. At some point the aircraft exceeded the stable approach criteria and the flight crew did what was needed- a go around. It ended well so hats off to the crew. Thanks for the video.
Red Herring
Red Herring Il y a 4 mois
I was on an SAA flight from Durban to Joburg. All fine til we get to Jozi. Come down very low nearly about to land then do a go around. But f%$king steep! And at such an angle to the right that my head and body were leaning into the empty seat next to me and the bloke in the next seat had his head and body in the aisle at a near lie down position. I looked at the flight attendant for reassurance thinking hes probably been through this tons of times before so he'll be calm and that will make me feel better. Haha no! Guys jaw was clenched and his knuckles were bone white which was scary because he was a black dude. Long story short.... as we came in to land there was a plane on the runway that shouldn't have been there hence the go around. I've never sweated so much in my life. I got off the plane, went to the nearest bathroom and cried for a solid 10 min. Called my husband in tears because I didnt want to get onto my next flight in an hours time. Pretty funny now but not so at the time😂
Adam Siadokovic
Adam Siadokovic Il y a 5 mois
Croatian airlines struck by lightning 2014
David A.G
David A.G Il y a 5 mois
Well you’ve must of been some pretty nice flights because that was nothing lol just a go around and tiny bit of turbulence
Christopher Pericolosi
I used to be a flight attendant and the scariest landing for me was a run from STL to ORD, the weather was absolutely frightening, the entire hours flight was frought with turbulence, so much so that we couldnt even get drinks out. Upon landing approach, the plane (a 717) dipped to the left, almost grazing the ground. People screamed, babies cried, old people farted. It was terrible!!! Longest cleanup ive ever performed!!!!
Dominik PlaysRBX
Dominik PlaysRBX Il y a 5 mois
Not enough toilet papet
Alicia B-G
Alicia B-G Il y a 5 mois
What I don't understand is why were airplanes flying in hurricane-force winds (or gusts)!
bitlikethat Il y a 5 mois
Video was ruined by the clapping.
Anh Hoang
Anh Hoang Il y a 5 mois
Ah hell no, THEY clapped
Sam Tosh
Sam Tosh Il y a 5 mois
ROBLOX PRO GAMER Il y a 5 mois
I'm scared hights and I am scared when that is an engine failed
Crumpooz Il y a 5 mois
I will never understand that clapping on the landing! I mean, it´s the pilot´s fucking job to get this thing on the ground! You wouldn´t applaud the bus driver when he arrives at the station!
Merv Clarke
Merv Clarke Il y a 5 mois
Why the fuck do people clap for???? I do my job no one claps for me.
Roots Melaninplus
Roots Melaninplus Il y a 5 mois
What was that scary on this video ? Can any one explain?
GamingFever Il y a 6 mois
My scary moment was a lot of turbulence lol
Capiz Flier
Capiz Flier Il y a 6 mois
LOL this is NOT even close to being scary. Sorry dude but this, to me, ain't scary at all.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Il y a 6 mois
Wow That A Scary Crosswind RightThere
MJA6995 Il y a 6 mois
1988 Southwest Airlines 737-200 landing in Albuquerque New Mexico in high cross winds...............bounced on the runway 3 times before landing
Mxywd _
Mxywd _ Il y a 6 mois
Such a buttery landing
Herman A
Herman A Il y a 6 mois
If my flight gets sketchy, I lay 15 milligrams of valium over however many cocktails I've consumed to that point, usually between 3-5.
Nathan Swanson
Nathan Swanson Il y a 6 mois
I’d say the scariest time I’ve been on a plane was in MCO (orlando) arriving at DTW (Detroit). So we were about to clear for takeoff but then all of a sudden they just bring the plane back to the gate, and then the pilots make an announcement saying “Orlando is currently under a ground stop right now due to the weather here” (basically a ground stop is when any flights are not allowed to depart or and flights coming into the area were not allowed to land because mostly of weather issues) so then like 30 minutes later the weather gets worse. The clouds are dark grey and were almost black. So they were planned to fly out east into the Atlantic Ocean to escape the thunderstorm rolling in, but the scariest thing was the takeoff. First as soon as it started, the plane started shaking up and down over and over and it scared the living he*l out of me, then the plane is getting into the air, it’s still shaking, and when I looked out the window, it looked like the plane was gonna come back down and crash because it didn’t look like it would make it up in the air as much. But as soon as we make it to Detroit like 2 hours late (Landing at about 4PM EST) the weather was beautiful. 80 degrees and sunny skies. Home sweet home.
S H Il y a 6 mois
I like when people clap after landings. They just clap too early.
Joey Wagz
Joey Wagz Il y a 6 mois
My scarest ride was on a delta and the plane stalled two times but at the end we had a great and buttery landing
Karl Sandin
Karl Sandin Il y a 5 mois
Joey Wagz it didn’t stall. Bullshit
GEO GEORGE Il y a 6 mois
Being a pilot in emirates it's usual...
Bibi Amena Zaneera
Bibi Amena Zaneera Il y a 6 mois
August Il y a 7 mois
you fucking cry baby lol
Am Il y a 7 mois
last time I heard passengers clapping was in the 90s
mdb831 Il y a 7 mois
I see Speedbird doing a good job as usual, making sure the snowflakes are not too scared :)
Boeing 737
Boeing 737 Il y a 7 mois
World Mapper
World Mapper Il y a 7 mois
ATC Yes? We have a problem Engine failure? No. Ryanair plane Oh sh*t! Ground team! Yes? Close airport Why Ryanair plane! Oh sh*t!
Rowan Scott
Rowan Scott Il y a 7 mois
good landing though
HiOn Maiden
HiOn Maiden Il y a 7 mois
Had a go-around in a 737 landing at Gibraltar, caused by a combined crosswind and down draught coming of the Rock, differently squeaky bum time.
Paul Kostiak
Paul Kostiak Il y a 7 mois
One of the hardest airports in the world to land at because of the winds.
SAMIDH P Il y a 7 mois
I was.flying from Kolkata to Andaman island at 2012 and because of bad weather flight couldn't land and returned back to Kolkata airport but while trying to land at airport the approaches were so scary and while trying to land flight was going through air bumps and sudden height drops
Queef Queen
Queef Queen Il y a 7 mois
Yes flying from seattle to arizona during a monsoon. Almost touched down then pulled up and did that twice. Fucking scary
steve grainger
steve grainger Il y a 7 mois
things like this are the reason i do not fly.
Roy Pel
Roy Pel Il y a 7 mois
Nothing scary about either approach
Space Divine Peace
Space Divine Peace Il y a 7 mois
Now people should know that how fearless pilots are. Not a easy task.
Robert L.
Robert L. Il y a 7 mois
Elizabeth Ann ferrario
Yes we took off from Tunisia in a sand storm we had three abandoned take offs we turned around and took off on the fourth attempt the whole plane shook it was terrifying ! My husband refused to fly again the following year I got him a days course at Manchester airport fly with confidence course and yes I was very surprised we booked a holiday he wasn’t happy he refused to eat and drink from Manchester to Cyprus but coming home he was fine and no issues since ! But I love to fly and do internal hops from Manchester to London but that day in Tunisia I thought we were going to die , I never told him I was just as terrified ! It was just awful
Kurt Pascall
Kurt Pascall Il y a 7 mois
I had an similar experience flying into Miami International on an American Airlines B767 and we were tossed the pilot did not do a go around and we landed at an angle...that was very scary..
Jonathan J
Jonathan J Il y a 8 mois
Once flying on a 747 from Montreal to London the plane's hydraulics failed right after take off and they had to dump fuel and make an emergency landing back at the airport and there were no air brakes so we came in super hard and fast. Quite a scary experience and it happened on a night flight which always seems to make that stuff worse.
Jonathan J
Jonathan J Il y a 8 mois
Had quite a bumpy landing on an overseas flight from Toronto landing at Gatwick. It was unnerving at the time.
jroar123 Il y a 8 mois
I was on a plane once and all they had was Heineken. Now that was a scary flight!