Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Our first 24 hours

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Samsung officially revealed the Galaxy Z Flip -- a 6.7-inch phone that, like the Razr, folded in half. But Samsung managed to come up with an "Ultra-Thin Glass" that made its folding screen sturdier than alternatives we've seen.
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Commentaires 80
riley busse
riley busse Il y a mois
Play Pokémon leaf green on it gba emulator
Ultimo Il y a mois
A "vindictive" phone? Ok..I'm done
Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstrong Il y a mois
OMG shes pretty , smart and I love the way she enunciated her words! Beautiful English for a change!
Brandon Ralston
Brandon Ralston Il y a mois
After viewing this vid I believe we finally got the folding phone technology right. But of course... we shall see. Hopefully this phone will hold up after experiencing real world conditions (and temps) for at least a year.
Terrio Lancer
Terrio Lancer Il y a mois
I paid more attention to you more than Galaxy Z Flip
jaspiq Il y a mois
where is the jaw
Richie lovy
Richie lovy Il y a mois
This tech reviewer is so bias, she is the only one not impressed by the camera on this phone! That's why I don't listen to some of these people because they hide the truth from you. I saw a camera test between the z flip and iPhone 11 pro and the z flip took better pictures in some scenarios. It has top notch camera.
muhammed Kasim
muhammed Kasim Il y a mois
I'm thinking that it isn't glass more feel like plastic
R S Il y a mois
Don't fall for it! The Galaxy Z Flip has a PLASTIC screen! Samsung lied their asses off. JerryRigEverything did a video on it.
MarchOf TheLorex
MarchOf TheLorex Il y a mois
Exactly how smart do you need to be to understand that making something big small but still keeping it big when you need to use it but small when you need to transport it is great. Something is really wrong out here in the world.
S Simona
S Simona Il y a mois
There was a test for the screen saying it is plastic for Samsung - true? What happens if sand come between the screens and cool test (winter weather close and open ) can you do one of that please?
Noah Lear
Noah Lear Il y a mois
It's already been proven the "glass" is actually mostly plastic (it's glass-tic) and it scratches just like plastic
hyun lee
hyun lee Il y a mois
same phone, same reviews
Daniele Greco
Daniele Greco Il y a mois
Didn't see all the video but I'm curious to know if they mentioned that the screen is not glass and gets scratched with just finger nails
MrBarosxp Il y a mois
"Ultra thin glass" - meaning fckn plastic
Grey Tiger
Grey Tiger Il y a mois
Glass is glass and glass breaks. This however is not.
Kodie Morales
Kodie Morales Il y a mois
“Thin Glass” lol check out Jerry’s vid about it lol😂
Js Y
Js Y Il y a mois
It is still vulnerable on scratches but when you compare the screen with other foldable phone you will understand what samsung meant. While razr and other foldable phones feel like plastic zflip feels just like glass phone.
X G Il y a mois
he only scratched the polymer layer above the glass layer.
Aaron Means IV
Aaron Means IV Il y a mois
Exactly...that glass scratches from you blowing on it lol
chelsea7xhf Il y a mois
my 2021 wish phone, Z Flip with S20 ultra camera and price!
Sebastian Il y a mois
Ull Literally Be Flipping Them Off...If No Longer Desiring To Speak To Them Anymore...😃😃
Sebastian Il y a mois
The Best Of Both Worlds...A Very Large~Non Sissy Mary Sized Display~In A Flip Phone Factor...Too Bloody Overpriced...But Reviewed But A Painfully Supercute Tech Girl...LOVE Ur Hair And Bangs...💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🎂🍰🧁🍨🍧🍦🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
Steven Luckey
Steven Luckey Il y a mois
I rarely comment, but I felt compelled to say that this is an excellent breakdown! Nice work!
Andre Espinel
Andre Espinel Il y a mois
I like folding phones but I'm gonna wait till the technology is perfected
Luzivalde Tavares Fernandes
Amazing Phone, i wish this Phone
howtobebasic 2
howtobebasic 2 Il y a mois
flip phones are making a comeback.
Aman Patel
Aman Patel Il y a mois
You're wrong. The Z Flip has the same Wide and Ultra wide sensors that the Galaxy S10 series have.
Jules Michael
Jules Michael Il y a mois
Beware the screen is NOT glass, JerryRigEverything scratched it with his fingernail and it scratched at level 2, not level 6 as glass would do. Don't be fooled. See his video.
Kingketo Windsor Royal
As iff. The glass is there.
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior Il y a mois
That glass... Isn't glass, it's still plastic. Watch Jerry rig.
besi art
besi art Il y a mois
try to scratch it with your fingernail..........hard
fanaticofutube Il y a mois
Samsung should implement a mirror feature so chicks could use the split screen feature to put on makeup like a compact...hahhaha
Haywood Jablome
Haywood Jablome Il y a mois
How many hours will it take to figure out its a plastic screen not glass ?
TommyTom21 Il y a mois
Haywood Jablome Probably a long time since the phone is always closed when you’re no using it so scratches would be rare.
Mark Robins
Mark Robins Il y a mois
Clearly she hasn’t watched the tear down videos. It’s about as durable as the Razr plastic screen. It’s basically nano glass coated.
B A H R R T Il y a mois
I would get one, but not for what Samsung wants for it.
MegasXaos Il y a mois
"The Galaxy fold's 6.4" front screen is too small"... meanwhile in 2017 "The Apple iPhone 8's 4.7" screen is just perfect for the hand"
Marc Ianachi
Marc Ianachi Il y a mois
Ahh. The glorious insights of Engadget. Recommending people to use their thumb with basically full pressure on the screen when closing the device. Look at JerryRigEverythings latest video. The screen on the Z Flip behaves identically to the folds plastic screen because, all marketing aside, it is still plastic. I could complain way more about the stupid argument that angrily hanging up on somebody by closing a device can be described as satisfying. A lot of other stuff is also very questionable considering just how little time they had with the device. Maybe just refrain in future from doing 24 hour impression videos. It loooks reviewish but is actually worth even less than a hands-on. At least a hands-on is shorter and the journalist can be excused for not having had the time to check the marketing claims.
House Iilac
House Iilac Il y a mois
I am watching this with my galaxy folder 2. The king of foldable phones.
Android Opensource
Android Opensource Il y a mois
Why call it flexible glass when it isn't glass?
mobious01 Il y a mois
Its cool but thanks to zack im not buying it because the screen is still plastic
Daniel Bukowski
Daniel Bukowski Il y a mois
It’s not Glas, if you can scratch with a Finger!!! Such a bullcrap like always Samsung
Hugo de la Rosa Jimenez
Watching this after watching JerryRigEverything show this phone’s screen is NOT glass.
Matthew Fortunato
Matthew Fortunato Il y a mois
I'm scared with her nails lol
Nub RBX Il y a mois
Flip phones made by samsung : Z fold
👨🏻‍💻 Il y a mois
One that creepy personal moment when she said “flip out” is creepy... two I see the gigantic crease in every freakin’ shot! Maybe someone should invent a way to fold her dinner plate face in half so she has a neck 😂😂😂
tolust Il y a mois
Watching this on my demo LG flip phone that will be announced next month.. this LG is a game changer and much, much better flip phone
Kami O
Kami O Il y a mois
My only concern woth this phone is the lackluster battery life it may produce and longevity over time. With that being said, i think this is miles better then the galaxy fold with a lot of that having to do with the upgrade to ultra thin glass. The plastic in the fold is a deal breaker for me not to mention the wide majority of apps that are not made for the fold aspect ratio where as the flip , being that it still mimics modern day size smartphone, will have a lot more compatibility with current apps
AlphaDream Il y a mois
this girl sucksssssssss
AlphaDream Il y a mois
@bearded rider hahah
bearded rider
bearded rider Il y a mois
In my dreams she does
Giniel Villacote
Giniel Villacote Il y a mois
Toallpoints West
Toallpoints West Il y a mois
Suddenly I have the need to end a conversation in a "vindictive" snap close!! Lol! Love it!
Mrc Vctr
Mrc Vctr Il y a mois
Hey, its the GBA SP.
Terrio Lancer
Terrio Lancer Il y a mois
What's the SP means?
Tim Stifler
Tim Stifler Il y a mois
Samsung copies this design from iPhone 6 plus
jumbeaux1 Il y a mois
No choice but to now clean your handbag from breadcrumbs, Ms Low. :).
crazyRyoga Il y a mois
The crease on the Samsung looks reallly more evident than on the Motorola at 1:26 . Even at 7:44 with a front view you can notice it.
Sotiris Nikolaidis
Sotiris Nikolaidis Il y a mois
You are so pretty
Robson Siebel
Robson Siebel Il y a mois
Can't wait for the Galaxy Flip 2
2020 Il y a mois
I want one bad but not $2k bad
Seeyay Il y a mois
Vertical and horizontal flip phones are the future.
What's up 44566 Golden
Apple is dead RIP
Luxmi N
Luxmi N Il y a 23 jours
@GregW _7 the apple fans will prob flip out and throw their money at it
GregW _7
GregW _7 Il y a mois
Give it 6 years and apple will release the "worlds first foldable phone"
brown bobby
brown bobby Il y a mois
Moto is a joke developed by chinese
Rizki Pratama
Rizki Pratama Il y a mois
Did Samsung ever use word revolutionary on foldable device so far?
WL Chek
WL Chek Il y a mois
Inspired by Apple Bendgate.
Arnob Dey Sarker
Arnob Dey Sarker Il y a mois
Motorola Razr has snapdragon 710*
Morgan Sinclair
Morgan Sinclair Il y a mois
Lmao isn't that processor like 3 yrs old
Slytoki Il y a mois
You look dashing, Miss Low. 😏
2020 sucks
2020 sucks Il y a mois
At least you can still snap the phone in half and throw it in the dumpster to evade the authorities like they do in movies.
Darrion S
Darrion S Il y a mois
Watching This On My Galaxy Fold, The King Of Foldables! The Z Is Cool But It Just Takes A Regular Phone And Folds It In Half. The Galaxy Fold Actually Has Multiple Use Cases And Functionality Vs The Clamshell Design.
Nganea Nangammbi
Nganea Nangammbi Il y a mois
This video awkwardly made me fall in love with this flip phone
Roman Štefkovič
Roman Štefkovič Il y a mois
It also made me fall in love with Cherlynn
boxsterviper Il y a mois
RIP Apple
Free Speech
Free Speech Il y a mois
samsung is stuck. terrible. We need micro micro gears with few light diffuse technique to make it like there is no gap
Louis Mariano
Louis Mariano Il y a mois
Whyzner Campbell
Whyzner Campbell Il y a mois
No, Does it Have Mono Speakers.
Donna Smith
Donna Smith Il y a mois
Love it ❤️
Ingwie Phoenix
Ingwie Phoenix Il y a mois
Really liked this video. Maybe aopinionated, but a lot of great points being brought up, great comparsions being made. And man, this is a great presenter! Smooth voice, just the right speed and quite nice to look at. Yes, this does have a bit of importance. Do you enjoy looking at an ugly mess of a video? :p So yes, really good video and convinced me of the strengths of zeh fleep. :)
Tk Ho
Tk Ho Il y a mois
Z flip : I flip Razr : I flop Me : I broke
R J Il y a 25 jours
So, you want cookie now?
President Trump
President Trump Il y a mois
Thomps 00
Thomps 00 Il y a mois
Sheeps: I phone
awkc 63
awkc 63 Il y a mois
The camera software is the same that's in the Note 10 says Ice Universe. Secondly, isn't it using the Snapdragon 855+?
Cameron Bailey
Cameron Bailey Il y a mois
king spartann
king spartann Il y a mois
I'm gona show off with baby in gold
Mai O' Nerds
Mai O' Nerds Il y a mois
People: The front display for the fold is not so useful. Motorola: Haha Z flip: Alow to introduce myself.
Austin Fey
Austin Fey Il y a mois
WOW! The new Nintendo DS looks awesome!!!
Raggedy Exynos
Raggedy Exynos Il y a mois
@Austin Fey nice
Austin Fey
Austin Fey Il y a mois
@Raggedy Exynos Introducing, the brand new Gameboy Advance SP Classic. Coming to you on 4/20/2020 at $169.
Raggedy Exynos
Raggedy Exynos Il y a mois
gameboy advance SP
Alex D'Cruz
Alex D'Cruz Il y a mois
Great review
eldrin mejia
eldrin mejia Il y a mois
Im good. Apple wins
Mr T
Mr T Il y a mois
Wins at what? Oh, able to sell the same phone each yr to itards
bearded rider
bearded rider Il y a mois
Bummer. Stay in the dumpster then. ✌
Tk Ho
Tk Ho Il y a mois
Raymond Il y a mois
Ronnie DiMaio
Ronnie DiMaio Il y a mois
I like this better than the Fold They could make an extra long version that's the size of a normal phone folded
Mr2pint Il y a mois
I agree that hinge is far too strong it needs to be more flimsy
Hikaru Matsuura
Hikaru Matsuura Il y a mois
It seems to Japanese old cellphone.
Jaime Oviedo
Jaime Oviedo Il y a mois
I think I have every Z phone video out there. Can't wait for my Thom Browne edition
brown bobby
brown bobby Il y a mois
Shut won't
Banglaz Bless
Banglaz Bless Il y a mois
@The Dead Traveler The thom brown edition that cost $2400.
The Dead Traveler
The Dead Traveler Il y a mois