Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max - Which One to Get?

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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max - Design, Display, Camera, Performance, Battery & more!
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Commentaires 80
ZONEofTECH Il y a mois
Enter the Galaxy Buds+ Giveaway: 1. Subscribe 2. Follow on Instagram @ZONEofTECH 3. Leave a comment with your Instagram handle & also let me know which color of the Galaxy Buds+ do you want to win! Winner gets picked on March the 12th and annouced on Instagram! Good luck! 😁
Ayush Jain
Ayush Jain Il y a 25 jours
Already subscribed, pressed bell icon and followed Instagram My insta handle is @ayushjain12800 I would love to have black galaxy buds+
Tyler Jacobsen
Tyler Jacobsen Il y a 26 jours
I would like white @tylerjac98
Zuri Castillo
Zuri Castillo Il y a 27 jours
@piterzuryel White please 😁
Eri Jauregui
Eri Jauregui Il y a mois
Instagram: @eriphoria Would love blue buds πŸ₯°πŸ˜ thank you so much for the informative videos!
Jordan Mcbride
Jordan Mcbride Il y a mois
Black is for me. @j_boogie_13
Febin Joel
Febin Joel Il y a 14 jours
Dude ur channel 'zone of tech' is so good
Sanjay Gurung
Sanjay Gurung Il y a 22 jours
Pricing Here in India Samsung S20 Ultra Is cheaper than Iphone 11 pro base model 😁
Ayush Jain
Ayush Jain Il y a 25 jours
Instagram Id- @ayushjain12800 Black color looks amazing
Bobby Hz
Bobby Hz Il y a 26 jours
Bobby.hz. black. Thx for the comparisons
Ridhwan Rusdie
Ridhwan Rusdie Il y a mois
instagram- kaitokid___ colour black
Ujggt Gzutj
Ujggt Gzutj Il y a mois
The s20 has also a FaceID
Dark Blade
Dark Blade Il y a mois black I feel like Samsung stepped up since the s10 5g last year
Charles Carlson
Charles Carlson Il y a mois
You know, overall, it seems like integration of various ecosystem components is the biggest driver of usefulness. Having a bunch of disconnected semi-integrated devices simply increases complexity. It’s ironic that Bill Gates strongly advocated that software would trump hardware, and that net worked better with similarity and standardization, and that Windows was basically the embodiment of that vision. Basically, that’s how Apple wins the day. Yes there can be a lot of innovation out there, but it’s really about how it is all put together.
Saif Ahmad
Saif Ahmad Il y a mois
Instagram Handle : @saifniazy Color : Black Please Please Please I Subscribed
Karel Stastny
Karel Stastny Il y a mois
Interesting.... iphone pro max cost more than samsung s20 ultra in my contry.... iphone pro max 1750€ (512Gb ) and s20 ultra (512gb) 1600€
Karel Stastny
Karel Stastny Il y a mois
Or : 11pro max 64gb 1320€ and s20 ultra 128Gb 1400 , but 64Gb is useless for my....
Wolfie the gamer
Wolfie the gamer Il y a mois
The black ones
MaVi DeNiZ
MaVi DeNiZ Il y a mois
Instagram: a.mii3 I'd like to win the black ones Congratulations for 1m subscribers in advance πŸ’™πŸ’œ
Felix Il y a mois
Instagram: Amazing__pictures
Athil Sahhar
Athil Sahhar Il y a mois
S20 ultra is a clear winner
Vincent Wouters
Vincent Wouters Il y a mois
Instagram: vincent_wtrs Colour: Black!
Samuel Cooper
Samuel Cooper Il y a mois
I would love the black ones and my Instagram is icemoney2015
Morris Cucchi
Morris Cucchi Il y a mois
My Instagram Id is morrisek.1999 The blue ones look beautiful, so I think I’m gonna trust them
Michael Heath
Michael Heath Il y a mois
Mate, you need to make sure your your unused apps don't run in the background. 30% is a lot to lose at night time, even with out optimising background usage. Since Google introduced doze mode I use only a about 5 % at night.
Moses Banuelos
Moses Banuelos Il y a mois
Forget everyone who Likes Samsung
cherukuri jaswanth
cherukuri jaswanth Il y a mois
I don't know why u complain notch on iPhone can u show me a face unlock with having security as apple on the earth?
Shriman Rai
Shriman Rai Il y a mois
Good review
ali hirji
ali hirji Il y a mois
You're cool I want the black one
Aghhh amazing phonesssss
Lorenzo Washington
Lorenzo Washington Il y a mois
The 11 pro Max can barely beat the S10+ let alone this beast.
Noctis Veltrox
Noctis Veltrox Il y a mois
Instagram: cristian02189 I'd love to have the black ones
Aamir Bedi
Aamir Bedi Il y a mois
Does it respectably fit in the pocket?
Aamir Bedi
Aamir Bedi Il y a mois
Does it respectably fit in the pocket?
eli wolfe
eli wolfe Il y a mois
My birthday is on March 13 and it would be awesome to own the white ones
Ben Nord
Ben Nord Il y a mois
If ur laptop cost less then 1400 dollars u need an upgrade 16:05
James Colquitt
James Colquitt Il y a mois
I don’t think it’s fair to compare the 11pro with the new 2020 Samsung phone when the iPhone 2020 phone isn’t out yet I’m a Apple fan all the way love my 11pro
Revondo Ricketts
Revondo Ricketts Il y a mois
Samsung S20 Ultra has the most powerful camera setup in my opinion and am dying to get my hands on one Insta: revondoricketts I like the blue galaxy buds+ , it's a very epic colour
lavelle woods
lavelle woods Il y a mois
This is actually a good comparison, Samsung's S20 ultra is there "11th" phone in this line. We have iphone 11 and now iphone 11 "pro max" just like Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 "ultra" iPhone just jumped the gun on launching there 11 pro max. When iphone comes out with the 12 then Samsung will also have a "12" that will launch shortly after. Both are great phones so fan boy with any of them.
Thierno Souleymane Beavogui Koma
ThiernoSBK black earbuds pls :)
Halim Kareem
Halim Kareem Il y a mois
Instagram handle: _h.kareem_ I want the black ones. I think they are the classiest ones.
Mahita Tazmeen
Mahita Tazmeen Il y a mois
The s20 ultra is obviously better than the iPhone 11 pro max
Manolis_16096 Il y a mois
Am i the only one that doesnt care for the iPhone notch? I like that to he honest, i probably prefer it than no notch at all, it kinda makes the phone beautiful Also the Samsung S20 shouldn’t be compared to the iPhone 11, it should be compared to the iPhone 12 as they will be both 2020 devices.
MangoRaptor Il y a mois
Heyyy @IyaazMango is my instagram
ENZO SILVA Il y a mois
Need those buds, asap!!! @enzo_silva
Khalid Paul A. Galang
i Like iphone 11 Pro Max
Jay Rald Napoles
Jay Rald Napoles Il y a mois
And now it clear to us about their differences and type of performance, very well thanks πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š
Troy Mezzanotte
Troy Mezzanotte Il y a mois
I realize the galaxy 20 is the more feature phone, but I am a loyal iPhone person. I will be upgrading to the iPhone 12+ Max was and I’m looking forward to it coming out. Thank you for your great channel. I really enjoy it. It’s nice to watch/listen to you as you have so much knowledge and speak/share it so well. Keep it up. I’m definitely a fan of you.
Mario Fuentes
Mario Fuentes Il y a mois
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'd love to win those buds to match my note 10Plus. I would really appreciate it. Blessings with your channel πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ keep up the good work @classic_w_style
reypunk1000 Il y a mois
I would like the blue one , look fantastic and I like blue colour I hope to win the Galaxy buds! Thx . Inst : reypunk
mark anthony
mark anthony Il y a mois
Markredsolocupdavidson black galaxy buds
Mandyyy Il y a mois
Instagram: mendi_ptrvc I would like the white ones 😬😬
cRaZ BoY
cRaZ BoY Il y a mois
A phone that came out and 2019 vs a phone that came out in 2020 hmmm🧐...... I think you should just wait for Apple to come out with the iphone12. Then apple with crush galaxy
Splash Duke 07
Splash Duke 07 Il y a mois
They still both the latest flagships from both companies so they are comparable
Ferbeldeyberb Il y a mois
Pointless as you dont have both phones yet.
LASER Sharp Il y a mois
Can you include s10 in comparison too
LASER Sharp Il y a mois
Red I want.
Dusan Jovanovic
Dusan Jovanovic Il y a mois
Hahahahah what a question of course buy s20 ultra
softykoala Il y a mois
i love both samsung and iphone, having used an iphone se and now on a note 9 (for the past 2 years), im going to switch to an iphone 11 at the end of the month, my only problem(s) with samsung comes from the poor software support. their phones stop getting good updates after about a half year, whereas iphone still updates their iphone 7 even up to recent iOS 13, also another problem that ive for some reason always have had with samsung is the battery, its amazing, but doesnt compare to the iphone, even though the iphone 11 pro only has a lower milliamp battery than the Samsung because of apples great optimization, it lasts longer, but comes with the cost of losing the ability to have your own customization, which honestly, i dont have a problem with, i dont really change my android phones much, i like it how it is, honestly, when it comes to apple vs samsung, i say they both definitely have many pros and many costs, making it balanced for both. i dont have a problem with any of the phones apple or samsung make, tbh yeah apple doesnt change their design much, but when youre using a phone who really cares? if it works, it works, i dont understand why people cant just stop being so biased and try liking both, even if its not their type of phone. no offense to anyone who prefers one over the other.
Enxoo Il y a mois
Insta: enxomucaj Black
SPecOPs Il y a mois
Hoping to win the black color... 1:1 ,000,000 chance... @itay_malikh
Allen LLeshi
Allen LLeshi Il y a mois
Iphone phones have to much radiation
sean curry
sean curry Il y a mois
I would like the black galaxy buds. Seanryan_89 on Instagram
Jenny Afonso
Jenny Afonso Il y a mois
Instagram: afonso jenny
Arias Huntley
Arias Huntley Il y a mois
One does not simply only buy one of these phones, its neither, or both.
Jurgen Ballhysa
Jurgen Ballhysa Il y a mois
Ig: jurgenballhysa...and i would love the blue ones πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
Elijah Relucio
Elijah Relucio Il y a mois
Bruh who needs to zoom in that much..
Maan Brai
Maan Brai Il y a mois
Too Awesome video really appreciate thank you. I love the Black Buds please !! IG: mannrai2k75
metallica fan2005
metallica fan2005 Il y a mois
Prochorus Rai
Prochorus Rai Il y a mois
Such a fantastic video thumbs up !! IG: kanxarai2018
Christian Glimada
Christian Glimada Il y a mois
What phone do you use?
Charles Acasio
Charles Acasio Il y a mois
Insta: shawarmito Black
Lindokuhle Ngobese
Lindokuhle Ngobese Il y a mois
Instagram: mthokozisildelwa Blue Galaxy Buds😍
Leslie Vargas
Leslie Vargas Il y a mois
Blue Galaxy Buds because they are such a nice color
Chur Bros
Chur Bros Il y a mois
Keep in mind s20 ultra is newer and more expensive not hate though love s20
KiDiZ איזי
yooo!!! Instagram: @kidiz.14 and all black colorway for the Buds+ please.
MaiKai Makena
MaiKai Makena Il y a mois
Why don’t you think Samsung in order to be competitive would want to support their devices for as long as Apple. It would makes sense to invest in an Apple phone because of the device support. What are your thoughts perhaps a video would be a great topic. Just seems like good business to me.
Scott Suiter
Scott Suiter Il y a mois
The biggest reason I switched years ago from Samsung to IPhone is the ecosystem. IOS working with all devices and sharing info between devices. MAC, Watch, IPad, Phone, etc... Samsung still hasn’t figured that out.
Offline Panda
Offline Panda Il y a mois
Black pair please
Angel Herrera
Angel Herrera Il y a mois
angel145234 insta
Angel Herrera
Angel Herrera Il y a mois
A S Il y a mois
I wish the camera hole was in the corner... if it was I’d upgrade from iPhone X to this Samsung phone... and I’m a HUGE Apple fan who switched from the Samsung galaxy S3 to iPhone and have been loyal to all Apple products ever since. Samsung wiped away the competition this year for sure
Muhammad Aminu
Muhammad Aminu Il y a mois
el_ameen__ πŸ€—
Chase DaGreat
Chase DaGreat Il y a mois
Never a iPhone...
Yazmin Guevara
Yazmin Guevara Il y a mois
My insta is @yazminyeye and the color white would be nice 😊
jesus cruz
jesus cruz Il y a mois
_jcruz10_ black!
Vtec Verb
Vtec Verb Il y a mois
Apple= not stonks Apple is going to try to do better by adding more cameras
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